By Clyde Lewis

People are dying at Area 51.
There is proof, but Area 51 does not exist.
How can you die in place called Dreamland?

For years, doctors couldn't figure out why Wally Kasza was coughing all the time. Why the coughs were harsh and pain shattering . His wife Stella witnessed his skin cracking and bleeding, turning their bed sheets red. Doctors turned Wally into a virtual medicine chest giving him all kinds of Antibiotics, decongestants and pills for his pain. His stomach writhed with pain for years. Doctors then found cancer. In his kidneys. Wally died in 1995 at the age of 73. His death is classified. Because he worked at Groom Lake , a facility more notoriously known as AREA-51. Robert Frost, died at 57, A Biopsy showed that his tissues were filled with industrial toxins rarely seen in humans. The result of Toxic wastes that are burned at the Groom lake facility.Workers there from the late 70s through the early 90s say that they would work in Dark clouds of smoke . Inhaling the fumes gave them persistent respiratory distress, cancerous tumors and strange rashes.What is the government's response to these stories? Nothing. The policy is that nothing illegal occurrred at AREA 51 because officially, nothing occurs at AREA 51. The families will not see justice. I remember a show I did about Rachel Nevada, and how the owners of the Little Ale' in would say that they thought that perhaps chemical weapons were being tested, that would make you hallucinate. That some days everything was just beautiful and euphoric. Other days were ugly and many people complained of the feeling of impending doom. Could the government be testing chemicals that don't kill but cause the mind to hallucinate, or induce paranoia? Could this be why people claim that Aliens work at Area-51? Could it be that the strange craft that are seen flying above the range could be seen as Alien when in reality they are man made and look like they are really alien technologies?

RUMOR: Area 51 Has moved to a new Facility located in Green river Utah Area - 6413

It was reported in Popular mechanics that the Groom Lake Facility was moving to Utah. This is a classic case of disinformation during a time when the public was interested in the goings on at the Groom Lake base. The unexpected article no doubt was greatly appreciated by Nellis AFB and particularly those at the remote operating locations at Area -51. The story was reported after a popular mechanics reporter stated that he got near the Area-51 base and no one seemed to care. He was waiting to be apprehended but there were no black Helicopters, No Lincoln County Sheriff vehicles, and no Men in black with guns.

Jim Wilson wrote that the Air Force had abandoned top-secret testing at its once most secret test site..But Jim Wilson apparently didn't know the way to the facility, because according to Area 51 watchers. He went south on the "Mail-Box Road" from Hwy 375, crossed the "Groom Lake Road" and went further south all the way till he encountered an old, poorly maintained wind fence, believing that he had arrived at the back gate of AREA 51, when actually he had arrived at the northeastern boundary of Range 61. When Nothing was happening at Range 61 he figured everyone had moved away to Utah.

The question remains as to why Wilson figured Utah would be the next home for Area 51. The Answer maybe in the timing of the Article. There are a lot of reasons why someone might think that the new facility was moving to Utah.

True Alien Stories of the Highway Patrol

Strange stories made the rounds in the Salt Lake area before the announcement that the area 51 facility was moving to Utah. A lot of them reaching my desk and so I will share them with you. The first one deals with a credible friend of mine who worked for a Salt Lake Trucking firm. The company estimates loads for trucks. We ran into each other while shopping in West Valley City Utah. He knew for some time that I had been an investigator in the Paranormal and decided to share with me a strange story that sounded like a plot from the X-files.

He Told me of some strange cargo that was encased in a cement vault that originated in Arizona that was to go through Nevada to Dayton Ohio. He told me that the strangest part was the cargo was in a refrigerated Truck carrying pizzas. They were detoured however through Utah because of problems with the refrigeration. After their tour through Utah they were told to stop at Dayton and go towards Virginia.

My buddy was called on the phone by the Utah Highway Patrol stating that the truck had passed a weigh station without checking in. He Told me that the truck driver was given an envelope that had orders from some military base . What happened later was strange. The Trucker gave the envelope to the Utah Highway Patrol , after which they radioed for assistance. Two Government vehicles pulled up, and then two National Guard helicopters landed in a field across the highway. According to My friend, The Truck had a private escort to Dayton Ohio. The Contents of the cement vault were unknown. He told me that the truck was a private vehicle. Not government issue. His company had to make sure that the load of Pizzas and secret cargo, made it to Dayton and then be emptied and transferred to a truck going to Virginia.. The empty truck was to be taken to Las Vegas Nevada. He told me that he thought that the vault was a casket of some type, and that the pizzas were a cover for some secret cargo leaving from Luke Airforce base, to Nellis to Hill Airforce base, to Wright Patterson. He went as far as to claim the contents of the vault could be Alien.

The Pepsi Generation X-Files

Who drinks Pepsi? Apparently a group of Military guys who work at a facility in the west desert of Utah Called Ditto. Ditto is not on any of the maps Ditto does not exist. I knew a guy who hauled for Pepsi, and when he would make his rounds to Tooele Utah, which is near Michael Army airfield he would make a delivery to gate out in the middle of nowhere. He once asked what was out in the middle of nowhere and he was told it was classified. He then found out through a reliable source that there is an unknown training facility called Ditto which will be preparing for the new X-33 space plane. It is so remote that it is difficult to even get near the facility. There is no proof that the facility exists. All I have is his word. Keep in mind that near this area there is the Tooele Army Depot, Eagle Military range , which is restricted airspace. Dugway Proving Grounds where Chemical weapons are stored and Hill Air Force Base 50 miles due north. With a combination of installations so close, you can see how stories can become urban legends over night. One thing to remember is that even Ditto could be disinformation, that it does not exist. Only in the minds of conspiratorial , and paranoid watchdogs.

Black Helicopters Over Utah

When things look a little odd people will start to squirm. When the Popular Mechanics article hit the news stands Utah newspapers were reporting the oddities as well. This was quite surprising when I thought I was the only one in the Beehive state who was aware of such things. Both the Salt lake Tribune and the Deseret News Reported that The mayor of Green river Utah denied reports that The Area 51 facility was moving to Utah however she did say that she had witnessed one double rotor Black helicopter that had landed there and that Television programs such as Strange universe were doing reports there as well. I had appeared on Strange Universe because of an unrelated Incident in the Logan Utah Area regarding 4 Crop Circles that had appeared in a Wheat Farm near Providence. The first one that was reported, was a natural Phenomenon However, the latest circles were probably made by two Mormon x-missionaries. That did not stop the sightings of Black helicopters in the area and strange clicking and humming sounds that the town was hearing. There were letters in my office regarding the sightings of Black triangles in the Little Mountain Area and rumors from unnamed military listeners to my show that underground runways were being built. I even received an E-mail when the lights over Phoenix were seen, and I had interviewed a good friend of mine about the sightings. It read "Why are you so worried about Arizona, when Area 51 is in your own back yard?" Because I knew it wasn't, and I wasn't about to push the Panic button.

Bizarre Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar told a strange story about what happened to him while working at a facility near Area 51. His story is compelling fiction, and alarming non-fiction. I have been asked many times if I will be talking with Bob Lazar on Ground Zero. I am being patient but Mr. Lazar does not grant many interviews and my contact with him is a very busy investigative reporter himself. The legend about Area 51 can be traced to Mr. Lazar and for those of you unfamiliar with the case here are the crib notes to his story:

Bob Lazar claims to have worked with alien spacecraft at a facility called "Area S-4" at Papoose Dry Lake, south of the known government air base at Area 51, in late 1988 and early 1989. There he says he saw nine flying saucers housed in hangars built into a hillside. Lazar says he had hands-on experience with one of the craft and he can describe its propulsion system in detail. Lazar says he read briefing papers about the alien presence but that he saw no aliens himself aside from a fleeting glimpse of a small figure through a window at the facility. While UFO faithful have been amazed by his stories, many skeptics have said that his claims are unverifiable. Although he has been skeptical about other UFO claims and is willing to submit to a polygraph test. It has been said that he has lied about his education, but not his positions working with secret technologies. If his claims are true then Area 51 could very well be an installation that is used to reverse engineer Extra Terrestrial technology.

Is There A Secret Agenda?

Norio Hayakawa does not believe in a real Alien threat. He believes that our government is using Area-51 as a place to organize a secret staged Extra-terrestrial event to throw the world into a Panic in order to make a "Nazi-Like" New World Order. He believes that there are prosaic explanations to the goings-on at the "mysterious" AREA 51. But it's not that simple. He is not saying that there are no hidden agendas lurking somewhere behind the gates of this "top-secret" area in Nevada, on the contrary, He believes that what is being readied there for a very near-future agenda will affect every single individual., like it or not. He wants to be specific about what has been said about Area 51. In the Process of getting to the truth he states unequivocally that:

1. There seems to be no documented evidence whatsoever to the claims of Bob Lazar on AREA 51 and S-4

2. There seems to be no physical, tangible evidence, furthermore, that there are, or ever have been alien entities or alien-derived technology at AREA 51, or anywhere else, for that matter.

3. There seems to be plenty of circumstantial evidences that the military has been experimenting with highly advanced,unconventional aircraft for many years in that general vicinity in Nevada

4. We must bear in mind that the 'government' in the past has brilliantly created "cover stories" to conceal the real agenda. If worse comes to worse, it can even take hold of and manipulate even the so-called "paranoid" conspiracy theories themselves to confuse and conceal the real agenda.

5. It seems that the so-called "UFO community", whether wittingly or unwittingly has succeeded in the total "mystification" of the entire AREA 51 concept, so much so that the 'government' has begun to manipulate such a belief system of the public as it prepares to go ahead with its own "planned" agenda.

Ultimate Conclusion:
World Unites Against Alien Attack

In conclusion what do we know about Area -51? This article only scratches the surface as to what is happening. We have eyewitness accounts of strange lights in the skies above the test range. We have the testimony of Bob Lazar. Many don't believe his case, but obviously there are many who speculate that sinister activity is going on behind the gates. The cold war is over, which makes people wonder why Area-51 still exists. Norio Hayakawa explains that what we are seeing is an Area where exotic weapons are being developed, but for what purpose? Is our Government preparing for a war with Extra-terrestrials? Or will it all be staged? Is the invasion happening now? Has there been an attempt to share this propaganda to the people, and what has the result been? Is there a revolution in our future that will change our government, and religious beliefs?

Obviously, Lights in the sky and hidden agendas mean nothing without verifiable proof. But think of this, The wall came down and the cold war ended. The walls remain here in the United States. They surround a secret Military Base in Nevada. A base that in the governments eyes does not exist. If it is a government facility then do we have a right to know what goes on there? If it would harm national security , of course not. However the threats and the rumored deaths and the stories of the fantastic are harmful to the country in many respects. If we view our government to be the new enemy. The war is already beginning. Ronald Regan was regarded as a kook for implying that an Alien threat could fire on this planet and that a shield would be needed to protect the Earth. It was called the SDI or Star Wars project. On Thursday April 30th 1998 CNN reported that The Pentagon awarded Seattle's Boeing Co. a $1.6 billion contract to design a system to protect the United States from missile attack. But military officials still haven't decided whether to actually deploy such a system. After Democrat ridicule we are now working on the program, have we been working on it all along? Perhaps. The war may not be over after all. Whether it be an alien threat , or a government takeover. People will be waiting for the first move. All it will take is the right shot to be fired , at the right target. In the meantime we are being held hostage on one of the largest spaceships in the whole universe, planet earth. Where is truth? Who is the unseen enemy? Apparently our government knows, and is preparing for its arrival. Staged or real.


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