By Clyde Lewis

Was the late 19th Century a time set aside for a Changing of the gods?
Are Cults the Growing pains of that change?

To members of the Mormon church, Joseph Smith Jr. was a prophet called of God to establish the true church on earth. If he had really been the victim of alien abduction, then the church he founded is based upon what he learned at the hands of an alien being. This revelation, while startling and upsetting to faithful Mormons, may mean that we can learn why aliens have been visiting earth and interfering with humanity. Joseph Smith Jr. had been having troubling visitations by what Smith said was the Angel Moroni. This being visited the young boy many times in his bedroom at night. The testimony of Joseph Smith is remarkable in that it mirrors the stories of the victims of alien abduction today. It is only in the present that this can be examined as such, however there was another known visitation that is not talked about.

It is has been said by the Mormon faithful that “many are called but few are chosen.” If that was the case then, there would have to be others at the same time as the smith encounter claiming the same type of expierience. John Ballou Newbrough makes a claim that rivals that of Joseph Smith with regards to ‘Beings of light or angels” attempting to prepare the world for enlightenment. Does this sound impossible? All down through history there have been countless reports of strange phenomena, of apparitions and hauntings, and of people with inexplicable powers such as clairvoyance and precognition (prophecy) and telepathy, which transcended space and time. But, until recently, the agents commonly held to be responsible for such occurrences were never called space- dwelling entities. They were called demons, devils, ghosts, spirits, angels, virgins, Gods, or simply higher powers. As such, everybody knew about them and most people regularly worshipped and did service to one or more of them even as they do today.

Joseph Smith Jr’s experience is very similar to the alien abduction reports of today. Joseph Smith experienced virtually all the classic indicators of alien abduction. He had unusual dreams like his father, but his encounters continued to increase in intensity until nearly every abduction encounter classification applied. When Joseph prayed in the woods near his home he was engulfed in a beam of light and paralyzed. We now know that it does not take a divine encounter to produce this experience. Since non Mormons would assume that it is very unlikely that God revealed himself to Joseph, particularly in a human form, it is most likely that Joseph was encountering alien beings. An angel appeared at his bedside claiming to be Moroni. Moroni said that the was an ancient Prophet and that he was to translate a book from plates of gold, hidden in a hill near his home. He translated the book with the aid of seer stones known as the urim and thummim. This book was eventually called the Book of Mormon. These events were happening in the 1820’s and Joseph it is said to have been very interested in what we call the paranormal today. Both Joseph Smith and his successor Brigham Young both believed that there was life on other planets, which was pretty bold for men of the 1800’s. Brigham speculated on cool areas of the Sun that could have been inhabited and Smith reportedly thought that there were beings that lived beyond the moon.

Now we go to the year 1870 a morning where John Ballou Newbrough, a dentist went to the home of a friend And told him an unbelievable story He writes:

I had quite an experience about 4 AM this morning. I was sleeping nicely when I felt a hand on my shoulder. A voice said:'Wake up, doctor. Everything is all right. I only want to ask you a question and we will go.' "I rubbed my eyes and saw that the room was lit up with pillars of a soft light very pleasing to the eyes. I saw a number of beautiful spirits or Angels. They did not have wings. The voice said, 'Would you like to perform a mission for Jehovah? ' "I sat up and answered, ' What is the mission so that I may know whether to say yes or no?' "The answer came back, 'Jehovah would like you to live spiritually for ten years. At the end of that time we will come back and tell you what it is we desire, for your body and mind are not sufficiently perceptible now. You must be pure."

"We want you never to kill anything or eat meat, fish, or fowl. Live on nuts, fruit, vegetables. You don't need so much food, as you are too heavy now. . . One other thing is very important. You must help people. Give people who need it, dental help without pay, if they can not pay. By individual charity you change the person's thoughts. They will think of you as a good man and will send out loving thoughts to you. You will need all the love you can get. We do not refer to sexual desires —- let nature take care of that.' "I answered, ' This will be quite a change of living for me. I will let you know.' " 'We already know your answer,' the voice said, 'It will be yes ' Then the lights dimmed and the atmosphere changed back to normal darkness.

Once again we see the typical alien experience, this was not ancient nor was it modern, this was an encounter from the late 1800’s.

Ten years later Newbrough was awakened to find the mysterious lights filling his room. He was asked by the emissaries to buy a typewriter. Newbrough was asked to have fresh paper by the typewriter, and that every morning these beings would return and that he was to write everything they dictate to him. He told them that he did not know how to type, the beings told him that they would help his hands type out the words. Every morning before sunrise from, January 1, 1881 until December 15, 1881, Newbrough wrote at his Sholes typewriter at a speed almost impossible, considering the crudity of this first typewriter. In 1882 the first edition of the book his hands but not his mind had written was published. It was called OAHSPE consists of authentic and official disclosures made for our orientation and guidance by organized space-dwelling entities above us in the hierarchy of life forms. These space-dwelling entities of OAHSPE claim to be, and indeed may very well be, members of a cosmic society older than the earth. Newbrough became interested in what is known as the Paranormal today, and many times, with a friend went on excursions to photograph spirit beings, and interviewed several mediums who could channel spiritual entities.

Now the event of both the Book of Mormon and the OAHSPE arriving are significant because The book of Mormon merely pointed out that there was a group of people who Journeyed from the old world to the new world of the Americas, and that these people settled here long before the birth of Jesus and that Jesus Mission continued from the holy land to the new world after His crucifixion and ressurection. We are taught about ancient civilizations that lived and fought here, and it teaches of divinely inspired prophets who governed their peoples under the direction of what they determined was god.

The Oahspe which also declares divine intervention gives us information about causes and origins, about things, personages, and events, about right and wrong, about space, gravity, and extraterrestrial organizations, and above all, about the continued life of the human spirit and what this really means. The OAHSPE consists of disclosures made for the planets guidance by organized space-dwelling entities above us in the hierarchy of life forms. These space-dwelling entities of OAHSPE claim to be members of a cosmic society older than the earth.

Television Documentaries on the paranormal have asked these questions over and over. “what is the significance of ancient civilizations? Were they highly advanced? Why did they disappear? Where do we find the answers? Did Aliens visit this planet and teach the Egyptians the art of pyramid building? Why is the ancient Egyptian architecture similar in Mexico and South America? Maybe it is time to gain this knowledge so that we can prepare for their arrival again?

So the question is has mankind progressed in spite of the gods, or are we progressing because of them, and are books like the Oahspe and the Book of Mormon given to us by extra terrestrials to help us learn more about the Gods or Cosmic societies that are unseen? Another question is are we ready to change our thinking about the old Gods and are we ready for new ones? Or are they the same gods and are they doing the same things that were done to Abraham and Moses? The Claims by both Joseph Smith and Dr. Newbrough are outrageous, and both would be dismissed by devout Christians and those who wish to exploit their interests in the occult.

Their experiences are no different than the countless encounters both biblical and modern and if they fancy themselves prophetic, it is no different than the prophets of the bible or the great Philosophers. There is no need to take sides, and no need to call names or discredit these men. Anyone can find fault with anyone. But it is also necessary to point out that sometimes these types of encounters have led to dangerous ends. People will remember the 39 dying at Rancho Santa Fe with Marshal Applewhite who claimed that God was An alien who flew in a space ship hidden in the tail of comet Hale-Bopp. This could very well be the answer as to why the 39 were so willing to follow. It was a classic case of what had been talked about for centuries.

If you are true believer in unseen powers, and inter dimensional beings then it stands to reason that both positive and negative entities exist out there in the cosmos. The difficult thing is to what to believe. Do you believe an old Hebrew prophet from the old testament who claimed that laws were given to him on stones , written with God’s fiery finger. Do you believe in burning bushes and talking boxes of gold? Do you believe in a messiah that healed the sick and performed miracles, but was humble enough to die like a man in a humiliating way? Do you believe in visionaries who have brought us wisdom from beings from heaven, or do you buy the testimony of a 14 year old boy? Or the revelations of an overweight vegetarian dentist ? You see, mankind has been under the Microscope of beings for centuries. That is only if we believe the countless stories told over and over again. From Moses to Jesus and John the revelator, from Uriel, to Joseph Smith to John Ballou Newbrough, Charles Manson, Marshall Applewhiteand even the latest cult leader Hon-Ming Chen. Both sides of these powers are attempting to manifest themselves in some way. Are you listening or are you dismissing it outright because it is fashionable to criticize without investigating?

Perhaps we are seeing a changing of the guard? Jesus did it to Moses , and prophets would change through the years. Who is to say that Gods don’t change? That Angels of yesterday are Aliens of today?

Just like prophets of The old Testament, become messiah’s of the new?

The new Millennium is upon us. We are seeing the arrival of strange Cults day after day and each one we make fun of, because they have strange ideas. What if after the year 2000 this earth is still here? What if after 100 years after the new century, the hell fire and brimstone preaching still hasn’t produced a returned Messiah or rapture? Will that ruin the validity of religion? Think about it? For thousands of years prophets, popes, and soothsayers have preached the demise of this planet and the arrival of a God. When is it going to happen? If it doesn’t happen, will we then come together as a United Group and realize our folly?

We are seeing the results of our division at present, and I guess this is important to our growth as humans. It is giving us war, and argument over who is right and who is more blessed by God. What if god decided to throw an asteroid at us? We would forget all of our differences wouldn’t we? What if an unknown race of superbeings arrived and proceeded to destroy everything on this Planet? God wouldn’t be Jewish, Catholic, Moslem, Mormon or Protestant. God would be all of us united fighting for one cause. Maybe that is the key to the truth? Coming to the ultimate conclusion. We are not alone in this universe and that we are the progeny of an extra terrestrial deity, and that a Uniting of the minds is not an evil thing, but what the Aliens, space- dwelling entities, demons, devils, ghosts, spirits, angels, virgins, Gods, or higher powers want the outcome to be of their long term experiment.


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