Taking Creative License With The Fermi Paradox
By Clyde Lewis

If it were to be discovered that we were "alien" life forms in our technological adolescence and nuclear war and bio apocalypse was our ultimate fate. Then we could very well explain why other "alien" civilizations have not yet made their presence conclusively known to us. It is not because they look upon us as a primitive species. It may be that they too reached their technological advancement and ultimately destroyed themselves. Something may be looping over and over again in the dimensional grid to give us a warning.

We have constantly beaten the issue of disclosure and we still hold a vigilant stance when it comes to the reality of extra terrestrial life. We have speculated upon a great alien threat whether real or imagined that will make itself known in the near future. We have given you eyewitness testimony and stories that make even the ardent skeptic raise an eyebrow.

But now as we have ravaged by war it is hard to keep the information pouring in because the consensus reality is preoccupied with the fear of terror, and the prospects of taking antibiotic injections after opening a letter marked "occupant."

That is why we must now take on the courageous question that was asked by the great physicist Enrico Fermi.

Where are they?

Where are the aliens? Are they coming or not? Are they here? Have they come and gone? Have we overlooked something? Is there a reason to lose faith?

I highly doubt it.

It's time to open a discussion on the Fermi paradox, which simply asks If extraterrestrial intelligence is as common as we believe it should be, its presence should be obvious and conclusive.

Arguably it isn't conclusive.

I don't want to put a thorn in your enthusiasm by using a stance demanding proof but this is an investigative process. Belief should not have any bearing on investigation.

However with all of the data that has been documented on the existence of life out there, with all of the UFO sightings, the alien encounters, the fiction, the myth, the religious text, the space exploration, and equations we have every reason to have faith in the existence of ET.

Still without any conclusive or physical evidence.

Here is where we begin the paradox.

In times of high anxiety, and when all hope seems to be at an impasse, there seems to be a renaissance of sorts for people who look towards the heaven's for some sort of comforting signal that far out amongst the stars. A civilization or an extraterrestrial deity is heading towards us to save us from ourselves.

The great paradox that this gives us is that the very belief in a greater being that saves us is the very belief that can destroy us as a global civilization. The majority of our civilizations put great stock in a "my God versus your God" philosophy and great wars are fought over base mystical ideologies.

So the question is where are these great Gods? Why haven't they arrived? If they exist are they truly God's or are we having a hard time distinguishing between technological advancement and magic? Is there a difference between the coming or second coming of an extra terrestrial deity and the arrival of the so far hypothetical alien races that have promised to return and help us through our technological adolescence?

Maybe the answers to the "Where are they?" Are as simple as throwing out the human thought processes. In order to find the aliens, we must think like them. Maybe it's all a part of realizing that we are in some cases more like them than we realize; we share many things with our alien counterparts.

It appears that in the beginning of the 21st century that it is becoming unfashionable to think that we are alone in our cosmic existence. We either put faith in a loving God who watches over us, or we have faith that space brethren exist and that they too have a belief in a God that watches over the universe. These beliefs can coexist and yet there are those who are the unfettered who give us bellicose all or nothing thought that clearly denounces the belief in both.

In some cases it is anathema to put faith in a loving God and subsequent lower creatures like alien beings. It is tantamount to cosmic blasphemy while it has been pointed out time and time again that biblical text may indeed include the appearance of such beings.

Intuition tells us that we are not alone in this universe. It is difficult for mortal men to gaze upon the billions of stars above him and not assume that other life forms may be out there. It unfortunate that all we have is empirical data to suggest that there is life and not concrete evidence.

Again evidence is arguable and it would be of great importance if you could kick the tires and honk the horn of an extra terrestrial vehicle, and learn from some extraterrestrial science officer.

There is also the hope that if we found the right frequency perhaps we could listen in on some extra terrestrial phone call, or tap into some alien equivalent to "I love Lucy" reruns. There have been attempts to communicate with these elusive beings using tones and frequencies and some people say that aliens are probably able to view and listen to various media transmissions. What they must think of our noisy planet. Stop a minute and try to imagine what an alien would think of earthly television.

How would they differentiate between news broadcasts and our fantasy role-playing. We take for granted that our programs are purely entertainment however by some cosmic practical joke our media transmissions have been loaded with all sorts of speculative stories that represent our hopes and dreams about Extra terrestrial life and how we would apply the knowledge in our daily lives.

Television shows like Star Trek are traveling out in the cosmos somewhere and other signals may be monitored by alien life who are constantly shaking their heads and wondering about our cultures.

The Movie "Galaxy Quest " with Tim Allen, and Sigourney Weaver illustrates what makes us unique as a culture and how disastrous it would be if an alien civilization mimicked our television broadcasts and erroneously believed that they were "historical documents." Yes, it's fiction but stranger things have happened and by some sick cosmic joke what may be a concept could eventually appear in the physical reality.

Are all of the creatures that Roddenberry created purely fiction? Is the alternative space reality that comes out of genius like Lucas all imagination? Think about it. Has anyone ever stopped and asked if perhaps aliens and fictitious characters from galaxies far, far away are something a bit deeper? Perhaps they are consciousness glimpses of civilizations that may have existed and annihilated themselves when they reached their technological peak?

Perhaps flying saucers and alien beings that appear to us here on earth are ghostly apparitions that tend to loop on the consciousness grids? Think of what the aliens have told the chosen abductees. The stories that seem to replicate over and over are warnings of ecological disaster, and nuclear annihilation unless we change the way we are now.

The patterns demonstrate a template that has been a constant since the apparent alien infestation upon our pop culture and collective consciousness. Even angels of the bible, beings from another dimension outside the physical gave warnings to chosen ones (prophets) of antiquity, and they were ridiculed for telling the people to change or face utter destruction.

The aliens, while showing no physical evidence of their existence appear to the few, give them the warnings and then disappear. They seem to be harbingers of our destruction, giving us allegories about their previous existence so we do not face the same fate. This would indicate that aliens may feel sorry for us or they feel guilty and have unfinished business. This would explain in one respect that in times before a cataclysmic event or paradigm shift, flying saucers, and beings from the ether appear to humans and tell them to get the word out about the coming change.

There is also the other theory that these appearances are a way by which an alien power plants an agenda and that agenda is carried out to pry loose the very alien behaviors that lie just below the surface. Humans are then made into a transmitter and they carry out the machiavellian agendas like puppets to the evil masters of the universe.

William Bramley wrote in his book "The God's of Eden" that in times where great tragedy and turmoil, the appearance of UFO's or signs and wonders in the skies coincidentally take place. He believes that it is an alien conspiracy to dominate human kind through violence and chaos.

If this exists then it has been a gradual decline that has lasted thousands of years. If you can step out of the box for a moment you may be able to understand that great minds like Arthur C. Clarke in the book "Childhood's End" taught us the modus operandi for an alien take over that may be concurrent to the theories of Bramley.

The alien takeover seems to be a gradual process and eventually all things that were once looked upon as blasphemous or malevolent become accepted and embraced. We become convinced that these ways are the ways of truth. That in order to maintain peace, we are to enslave, and war with each other.

If man has been created in the image of God and man continues in his hateful and murderous tendencies, it is frightening to suspect that perhaps God may even hate as well. It is a conditioning process that may be the alien's best weapon. It can explain how the people of earth in Clarke's book were not at all bothered that the Overlord's appeared with leather wings, horns, and cloven hoofs. It took hundreds of years of conditioning in order for the earthlings to give in to the desires of the alien visitors.

William Golding showed us in the book "Lord of the Flies" just how hate and invincibility is the "alien" mechanism which lies just below the surface of everyone. We are easily led like lambs to the slaughter, we follow orders well, and this may be evidence that the alien threat just lies underneath all of us in a very real part of our collective consciousness.

Maybe the alien threat is purely a metaphoric view to explain the deterioration of morality, and the abstract views that are permeating in our society today. Perhaps the alien threat is really an alien moral; An admonition that continues to be heard and repeated by the enlightened.

There was a flap of UFO and abduction stories that predated our warlike era now. Each alien story told us of our eventual destruction. Alien stories piled up and testimonies from those who encountered these beings warned us of ecological disaster. Now what were once science fiction and "tabloid" stories of personal revelation at the hands of aliens has now eerily come to pass.

Was this self fulfilling prophecy or alien tinkering? Are the aliens tangible anthropomorphic beings that come in to our dimension or are they merely imprinted "ghosts" of a past civilization that warn us that we are destined to become like them because of our carelessness. It could very well be the playing out of a cosmic Ebeneezer Scrooge exercise where beings from past (ghostly) present (physical) or Future (harbinger) appear to a chosen one to tell the world so that a united collective thought process can get the ethereal ball rolling.

When Scientist Frank Drake came up with the Drake equation in 1961 he set up definite parameters on just how many extra terrestrial civilizations could exist, taking into account how many stars are in our galaxy and how many of those star systems could have planets orbiting these stars and whether or not any of these planets could sustain life. He then put together hypothesis regarding how many planets had intelligent life and intelligent life that could successfully communicate with earth life.

Now even with all of the brilliance that is the Drake equation and even though we can use it as a tool to justify the existence of SETI and programs in exobiology there is one thing we need to take into consideration.

How many of these extra terrestrial civilizations have destroyed themselves. How many have declared war on other civilizations and have they annihilated each other in the process?

If you are a person who believes that all aliens are altruistic then the Universe is teaming with intelligent life forms just waiting to come in and save the day. However this is highly improbable because circular logic will dictate that opposition is a constant in the Universe and intelligent life forms tend to create rules for themselves. Once again we need to also wonder if hate and control are common traits amongst the creations in the Universe.

If these traits exist, and if absolute power corrupts absolutely then we begin to satisfy the answers to the Fermi paradox. If we compare alien life and their technological advances to that of our own then we can also surmise that they could easily annihilate themselves in the same way that we may annihilate ourselves.

Our future does not appear to be showing signs of becoming safer, with the threat of terrorists and their methods of destruction such as nuclear bombs, space based and biological weapons, and mankind's usage of horizon technologies that some scientists have warned will eventually breed us out of the picture.

Is this cosmic pessimism?

Some might argue that even with Nuclear bombs, and Nuclear energy, we have not yet annihilated ourselves. How far to the edge must we come before we realize that we are about to seal our fate?

This would mean that perhaps alien civilizations have already passed through the dangerous times of technological adolescence and have learned from their mistakes.

That does not mean that other civilizations have met disastrous fates. This could mean that the continuous admonitions given to us by contactees may hold validity.

Sadly it's their word, and not the word direct from a genuine alien.


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