By Clyde Lewis

It seems natural to decide that everyone is doing too little too late. However we must learn to be flexible and learn to adapt to all kinds of new and interesting paradigms. The days ahead are looking more and more discouraging and it is very easy to fall into a depressing state of mind. When the collective realizes that the mind is the key to opening the doors of new thought all things will be at peace. Is the Real America a lofty dream, or is this existence the dream within the dream?

There have been so many people in my life that have called me lately and have told me that the stories in the paper have basically caused them to dwindle in their faith regarding patriotism, big business and the competence of Government.

The big question that seems to be suppressed by those in denial is whether or not the tidy empire known as The United States is seeing it's final days on earth.

No one wants to admit that perhaps the empire has struck out. However it may not be today or tomorrow but I can tell you with every bit of certainty that there will be civil unrest, and revolution on the horizon.

There will be private armies that will rise up and remove the foundations of a constitution and the mob will attempt to destroy the spirit of what was once the place of equality and tolerance.

It will be our fate, it will be self fulfilling prophecy because we have been programmed into developing a might makes right attitude in a time where spontaneity has been suppressed and ignored by a synthetic campaign to render the consensus fearful, and helpless.

Those who argue for policies to reverse the decline in liberty are conveniently dismissed as radicals, nut cases and subversives.

We must all understand that the things that we are now holding on to are not working. The population of this country is beginning to act like a beaten wife who stays in a marriage hoping that it will somehow get better.

Sometimes you can't help but ask yourself, "When did it all go wrong?"

The answer may surprise you.

Some will quickly point out that the vulnerability and decline of the Unites States started on September 11, 2001. Well this isn't necessarily so.

There are many who claim that the United States has been fading as a global power since the 1970s, and the U.S. response to the terrorist attacks has merely accelerated this decline.

Following the terrorist attacks, our knee jerk, score settling President fell into the dark hole of vengeance declaring war on terrorism, assuring the American people that "the outcome is certain" and informing the world that "you are either with us or against us."

This is the predictable outcome for anyone who has been attacked by an enemy.

However time and time again we learn that in a fit of rage our judgement becomes clouded. We had no time to even breathe and immediately we began to see the fruits of terrorism. The war not only was being waged overseas; it was being waged within the borders of the United States.

It is all happening because we are allowing the puppet masters to think they can get away with it.

We all know now that George W, Bush can proudly wag his dick in the world wide dick wagging contest because the United States has the most formidable military in the world.

However the truth about a sure victory in this war on terror is a bit more humbling.

Let us take a look at our history and determine if the victory in a war on terror is a sure one. Out of the three major wars the U.S. military has fought since 1945 one ended with our defeat and two ended up unfinished.

So, does anyone have any idea as to what the future holds for this country in a war on terror? We can't win them all now can we?

To those of you who are reading this and have stopped because I am sounding all too un-American you can take this to the bank.

Patriotism will reach its nadir when the death toll at home rises. Flag sales will decline when body bags start showing up in airports and the cameras zoom in on the pain and suffering as a mother attempts to look at what is left of her son.

History is on my side in this little prediction. Americans seem to have intolerance for non-victories.

Anyone remember Vietnam?

Our economy is weak right now and I really don't believe that anyone will want billions of dollars being funneled into a war effort as everyone is losing their cushy investments.

If we invade Iraq based on the idea that our victory is sure, and then end up running away the war on terror will once again consecrate itself as an excuse to continue and trample on Americans rights and freedoms.

I believe that history is very telling in our future. When will anyone listen above the chaos?

Is there any hope of recovery?

I secretly have faith in the human spirit and the faith of the real America.

The truth is that in all the chaos that you are experiencing the opportunity exists for the great and wonderful transformation that you should begin now.

All it takes is focus, and patience.

It may all sound like some new age hocus-pocus but as I have said in the past the mind is the place where all things begin. We are happy only if we are told that we are.

If we are told to be frightened then some will listen and if one falls prey to the manipulations of those who declare themselves experts then others will follow suit. It is a collective fear that will have serious repercussions on the future.

There seems to be a fine line between vigilance, paranoia, and fear today.

You must hold your commitment to the idea of a New World. The idea of the real America!

The New World thought is inevitable. Only if you want it.

I am not speaking of a New World Order. I am referring to the New World commitment to tolerance, wisdom, and action.

I have heard people call into the show and ask "What am I supposed to do?"

The answer is simple.

You must reprogram the mind. You must have a renewed trust in your gut instinct. You must have courage, knowledge, and character in these times.

You must play the game until it is finished. Even if you find that it is becoming tedious.

If planning ahead is your strategy, then you must understand that you may be disappointed when the plans you thought were ahead change and you end up on a one way street going the wrong direction.

I see people who are not flexible, and they become unhappy with their lot in life because they invested all of their time in something that has left them emotionally bankrupt. We have all been there and sometimes it is difficult to pull ourselves out of the hell we have created.

I always tell myself that what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

I am at a time in my career where I have to sink or swim. Ground Zero has been constantly played every weekend and there are times when I want to pack it in and say that perhaps no one is paying attention.

Just when I am about to call it quits there seems to be a light that breaks through the darkness, and fortifies my resolve to keep plugging away.

You always have to find something to look forward to.

We have all given all that we got, and sometimes you still get nothing in return. Sometimes we bet it all and the dice comes up snake eyes.

If you put all of your faith in one thing, it may be dangerous in times like these.

If there is anything that needs to be learned by the consensus is that spontaneity provides the right kind of atmosphere for creativity without rigidity. The rules you adhere to are the very rules that could come back and hamper your growth.

Is it so wise to dismiss everything that you haven't been programmed into believing?

What annoys me is the arrogance of some people.

Especially the arrogance that seems to come from our leaders and puppet masters. They are so full of hubris and self-importance. The unfortunate thing is that some people believe in their hypnotic control.

They have given you nothing. They continue to give you nothing and yet there are some that feel compelled to follow like sheep to their deaths if necessary.

I came across this story and it stood out to me as an object lesson for anyone who wonders about what I mean when I say that many Americans have become the bewildered herd.

In Nice, France there was an apparent mass suicide of sheep.

Police say a herd of more than 400 sheep jumped to their deaths in the mountains of southeastern France probably a panicked attempt to escape from a pack of wolves.

Police had to burn the carcasses. Some of them had bite marks.

They were attacked. They were afraid and so obviously their leader led them to their deaths.

Some people are like sheep. They make knee jerk decisions when in a crisis. Sometimes those decisions affect the whole herd.

Anyone have any more opinions about our fate if we act like sheeple instead of people? I think our fate is obvious if we choose to allow the wolves to bully us. We keep hearing the bellwether ring their bells in hopes that we flock to them and agree...

But I think I will pass on following blindly to the whims of the state.

History is not on our side. Yet the ignorant choose to manipulate you into believing in a calling and election made sure.

History dictates that a lot of people are going to die.

I choose to live-- I'm one of those black sheep who tend to watch the herd make asses of themselves.

I keep hearing people yap like dogs as they attempt to figure out what side everyone is on.

I hear observers asking about whether or not you are a liberal or a conservative, republican or democrat, gay or straight, pro choice, pro life.

I say, "Who cares?"

We are now living at a time where our affiliation with religion, or political party means absolutely nothing. I am hoping for the day when people realize that survival is the highest priority on the list.

Creation is the thing that happens within the framework of spontaneity.

This should have been a commandment. It should have been a law.

But it isn't.


Well it is quite simple.

How dangerous is a person who thinks for himself?

He is a liability to the planners, and manipulators because they are hoping that their methodologies will take over a sleeping mind that has little discernment between fact and fantasy.

When you open your eyes you can actually see that nothing of what the puppet masters propose is for your own good. It is proposed for the benefit of them.

If the bewildered herd started to demand accountability, then perhaps we wouldn't be seeing the economic meltdowns, war, death, and hatred. These wedges are being used and there are people who are well versed in the ways of hypnotizing the general public into becoming a serf.

Your goal if you choose to accept it, is to avoid the manipulations that will lead you to personal entrapment. There are so many things that can chain us down and one of the greatest ones in these times is the self-destructive idea that we all have a score to settle.

As all encompassing, as it may seem this constant barrage of vengeance propaganda is the very thing that defeats self-expansion.

There are so many people who believe that they can change the world. But how easy is it to change anything when we aren't even willing to change ourselves?

We all want life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but we remain silent when the master manipulators take from you everything that you are entitled to as a human being.

No Army, no government, no Pope, and no President is going to tell me how to live. I am not a servant, I am not a serf, and I am not a statistic.

I am a human being.

I go as I please. I say what I please and if it puts me closer to my grave then so be it. At least I know that I traveled along life's road without anyone getting in the way for my adventure.

My reality is not mono-dimensional. My goal is to show people that reality multidimensional. It's not synthetic and it is far from homogenized.

I stand accused of giving opinions that are one sided, that I continually fortify a conspiratorial view of humanity. I have to say in my own defense that we have a whole hell of a lot of people who all dance to the same tune.

Why should I continually play the same tune?

That would go against the idea of spontaneity. If you don't like what I say then it is up to you to challenge it. My gut tells me that there are far too many out there that would take the lazy way out and believe everything they are fed by some mono-dimensional talking head that is paid all kinds of cash to feed the comfortable viewpoint.

The comfortable viewpoint doesn't seem to be working.

Suppressing the truth doesn't seem to be doing anyone any good. If unstable minds panic finding out that everything they have been programmed to believe is wrong then either they will have to evolve or stay in their synthetic little world of misery and oppression.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

The Truth is greater than any of our misdirected concepts about it.


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