By Clyde Lewis

Is there more to the UFO Phenomenon than nuts and bolts saucers and spacemen? This is a compendium of information and thoughts about fundamental UFO research and a simplistic approach to at least one form of extraterrestrial phenomena associated with anomalous orbs and spheres and how they have appeared in the majority of sightings throughout history.

The debate continues over exactly what the truth is behind the sightings of anomalous objects that are above the earth. The U.S. Airforce has explained on many occasions that a lot of what is seen can be explained. However with the obsession of extraterrestrial mythology and reality, every bright light, shooting star, experimental plane, and weather anomaly can end up on the front pages of tabloid newspapers and on special fringe news programs labeled as bonafide extra terrestrial craft with the acronym UFO attached to it.

Special effects wizards can create on a computer grid, creatures that once occupied our darkest nightmares from dinosaurs to slimy tentacled aliens with acidic blood and gnashing teeth.

They are fun to watch with a fist full of popcorn at a matinee but when they are made to deliberately fool you then we start to see the devaluing of the subject matter.

I enjoy Science fiction myself and I embrace the enduring wonder and the introduction of aliens in the pop culture, however not everyone is enchanted by Star Wars or the geekiness of Star Trek. People complain that every where they look there is a buggy-eyed alien looking back at them.

The end result is future shock, a term that is applicable when we begin to have media bombard us with one particular way of thinking. This creates a tune out factor and prejudice that blocks out any information that may be valuable.

This is unfortunate. The UFO has lost its charm in some circles and many people are distancing themselves from the cartoonish alien Greys that have now made their way into beer commercials and ads for fast food.

This may be tainting serious research and creating a bit of noise that detours the researcher from taking baby steps in gathering sound research in order to form a detailed hypothesis about such matters.

The literature available about UFOís is abundant and the obsession of such topics is evident as we see many people cash in on every new age philosophy and whim. The trouble is that the faith in UFOís and their oogly alien pilots may be premature when you consider that we have thrown all logic off kilter and anthropomorphised many aspects of the possibility of life forms outside of earth.

After attending the Bay Area Ufo Expo in San Jose California I walked away with a new interest in a more prosaic explanation as to what might be out there in the far reaches of the cosmos.

I must emphasize that I have not ruled out the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrials that may have had contact with humans but I am concluding that these humanoid figures and their hot rod saucers arenít the only answer to the ET puzzle.

I witnessed some very interesting anomalies that when I pondered axiom after axiom I started to feel a sense of heritage or familiarity in a way.

What I am trying to say is that perhaps we have become foolhardy by immediately resolving that life out there is just like us. It may be as simple as a microbe, or particle of light that thinks or moves on its own.

I say this simply because I have the feeling that we need to go back in history and ask ourselves what the attitudes of the people were at certain epochs, and what perceptions were of anomalous objects in the skies.

After all it seems that the UFO or anomalous objects have been in our history for several millennia. They have taken on the characteristics of Gods, demons, angels, fairies, sprites, gnomes, leprechauns, and aliens. They have traveled in pillars of fire, fiery chariots, glowing spheres, demon ships, glowing clouds, silver eggs, and brooms, buzzing insects with breastplates of iron, comets, saucers, and triangles.

This phenomenon continues to exist, and while the argument is that it is a psychological phenomenon we need to acknowledge that hypothesis without reticence in order to maintain a bit of credibility to our research and study.

However I must clarify that It is highly unlikely that every experience is psychological and we must cautiously embrace the other explanations as well.

It is also important to acknowledge the possibility of nature and its ability to continually surprise us with new data and new life that we have overlooked. It is far too tempting to engage in flights of fancy when investigating these miraculous sightings.

What I am proposing is that religion may very well be the result of manís encounter with a presence that he did not fully understand anciently. His flight of fancy was to declare what is out in the heavens as a "God" and in his humility kneel down, worship and supplicate to the power that dwells above him. A power or being that he hopes will return to him and give him the personal love and acceptance that he has hoped for every breathing day of his existence.

Isnít that what abductees and the faithful have been telling us all along? That what ever may dwell in the heavens will eventually return and reassure a faithless planet that all is well and that they will be saved from certain annihilation?

I am also proposing that the modern image of the Grey or the angelic look of the Nordic alien race is in similitude of religion but with the icing of technology and itís promise of liberation if it is used correctly and without malice.

I am also stating that Ufology lends itself to a variety of theories and that no theory is absolute because it is based primarily on data that is vague. It is vague not because of the evidence in hand but because the casual observer in most cases is not planning on witnessing an event as sporadic as a UFO or supernatural occurrence.

Lately however there have been a number of people who have had with them a camcorder in hand and have been able to capture breathtaking images of UFOís and brightly-lit Spheres that hover, change direction, and in some case send messages to the observers below them.

With this technology we are able to see duplication of activity, similar shapes and characteristics that show that something intelligent is in control of whatever it is thatís in the sky and there are others who believe that perhaps some of the anomalies are living things.

It can be all of the things mentioned but for the sake of this compendium of thought I have chosen to re explore the idea that one type of phenomenon, the one that is less nuts and bolts is something as simple as a life form that exists, that observes us, watches over us, and is in some way a protector of the planet.

This may sound a bit odd but let me demonstrate how history has given us calling cards of proof that an extra terrestrial life form exists and that this life form is as simplistic as bacteria or a microbial bug. Itís a simple phenomenon that has all of the attributes of the angels and some of the attributes of the common Extra terrestrial.

The ancient Vedas, and the Book of Dyzan reveal to us the advent of the appearance of glowing spheres that appear to be living beings of light. Angels and lights have been referenced in the bible many times, especially at the birth of Jesus. A ball of light appears above the house where Jesus was after his birth, and a multitude of heavenly hosts (glowing balls of singing light) appeared with angels making beautiful music.

In July and August of 1566 aerial phenomena appeared in the skies over Switzerland. The account was duplicated in a wood carving showing large spheres hovering in the skies.

In the mid 1940ís European theater, World War two was about to end. Bomber crews were starting to notice glowing spherical objects hovering and maneuvering near their planes as they flew bombing runs over Germany. These spheres were known as Foo Fighters. To this day no one has been able to explain what these orbs were and what their purpose was.

In 1947 Kenneth Arnoldís sighting made headlines and the "age of the flying saucer" begun however what Arnold saw was not a saucer but shimmering orbs that skipped across the sky "like a saucer on water" the term stuck and the media created the term flying saucer. The sightings increased and the military became interested creating the term UFO.

The idea of alien beings piloting these craft never caught on until after the account of Betty and Barney Hill and then came the buried story of the Roswell Incident and the alien infestation was created.

This led to an obsession or overwhelming interest in the phenomena and the mainstream media was able to paint UFO believers with one ugly brush making them out to be white trash dullards who were looking to make fast cash and quick notoriety.

The saucer and the spacemen were the hot topic now. And every cynic and debunker was ready to pounce on the person who even claimed to have seen an anomalous calling card even though sober and responsible individuals were still seeing the spheres and orbs in the skies above the earth.

In 1962 John Glen flew his Friendship Seven spacecraft over the Southern Hemisphere. While flying he noticed several glowing spheres surrounding his aircraft. Glenn described them as fireflies and later said they acted like living critters. NASA dismissed the anomaly as ice falling off the module.

Christmas Day 1968 Houston Mission control sat in silence for six agonizing minutes as Apollo 8 encountered a "bogey" that was a glowing sphere. Jim Lovell then told Houston in an attempt at a joke that he knew now that Santa Claus existed.

It was even rumored that in 1969 when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were out in space they spoke to NASA on a secure channel describing brilliant orbs lined up above the moon watching them.

This communication could be bogus but several other witnesses including some Russians claim that it indeed happened.

On July 11th 1991 during an eclipse of the sun Mexican nationals looked up into the sky and with Video cameras in hand managed to get on tape the appearance of several Orbs hovering in the skies and then moving erratically. Some were disc shaped and others looked like small shimmering Christmas Tree ornaments flying in formation.

In March of 1997 a chain of events took place that eventually led to the deaths of 39 people Near San Diego California.

Not only was the world gazing into the skies to see the Comet Hale Bopp but others were seeing things that had them wondering if an invasion had begun.

Glowing orbs or spheres made their presence known and many people were frightened and demanded answers. March 13th 1997, will be a day that will be remembered as the day of the most remarkable American UFO Sighting ever recorded.

It will be remembered as the Phoenix Lights incident where Glowing orbs made a huge triangular formation over a 300-mile corridor from the Nevada line through Prescott Valley and Phoenix to the northern edge of Tucson. Later in the night, a series of bright spheres appeared on the city's southern horizon.

Then came the stories from amateur astronomers that a glowing orb was caught in the gravitational pull of Comet Hale Bopp. This so impressed Marshall Applewhite, the leader of the Heaven's gate Cult that he was willing to believe that this was a sign that the Godís were returning. Especially those who dwelled in the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

Applewhite convinced 38 of his followers to commit suicide for a chance to ride on what has been called "the companion" an alleged beam ship that was in the tail of the comet. After the bodies of the dead cult members were taken from scene, the people who were responsible for reporting that a "companion" was following Hale Bopp were silenced.

Others were chastised for reporting dangerous information. After the initial shock had wound down it was later reported that Zdenek Sekanina of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirmed that a natural satellite about 33 kilometers wide was orbiting about 200 kilometers from Hale-Bopp's nucleus. The Orb in the tail of the Comet was very real and not a hoax.

It was much later that Ufologists were looking again to the astronauts for confirmation that orbs were positioning themselves in the sky. There was footage that made its way to mainstream news organizations that clearly showed something being fired upon in space above Australia.

This footage has been called the STS-48 Footage. It was footage downloaded from NASA K-band in September of 1991.

What is seen is up for debate however there is no question that something interesting has been caught on film. A serene capture is shown at first and then there is a flash off out of the frame. Shortly afterward, an unidentified orb or sphere changes direction abruptly, and then what appears to be a laser projectile, shoots linearly past where the UFO was drifting.

The conclusion that was given as to what was seen was perhaps a "Star Wars" weapons test against a drone decoy. Other UFO investigators say that it was as a Star Wars attempt against an extraterrestrial UFO.

Many investigators say that the projectile that was fired at the UFO was most definitely coming from Australia. This would have to mean that if any Star Wars weapons were being fired they could be traced to the secret Pine Gap facility or the North West Cape military facility in Australia.

NASA of course concluded that that the UFO was most definitely an ice crystal, and the off camera flash was a burst from an adjustment rocket on the Shuttle. The question is if there was an adjustment firing of a rocket, why then was there no shift in the horizon on the field showing on camera?

The shuttle missions of course are mostly civilian however the crew on this shuttle was military. It was after this debacle that NASA decided it was time to move their satellites and delay their broadcasts.

However the resourceful Ufologists found a way to get more footage and later another Shuttle broadcast was taped showing even more anomalous orbs that were hovering between Australia and Chile. This footage is known as STS-80.

John Maxfield taped the footage off of NASA Select Channel 22 in Sacramento. I was first aquainted with the footage when I met Richard Hoagland at the University of Utah. He showed me the footage after I had told him about my theories and circumstantial evidence that alien bases existed in the Southern Hemisphere particularly between Australia and the southern most parts of Chile. This was perhaps the best evidence I have seen supporting the notion that orbs are flying over this planet and keeping watch over it.

In 1999 other footage was surfacing showing the same anomalies with confused astronauts asking NASA for explanations.

Orbs were clearly seen in STS-75ís mission. This mission was the ill fated Tether mission where a Tether carrying a satellite broke after it was extended 12 miles away from the shuttle. The Tethered Satellite System was a joint NASA- Italian Space Agency system that was flown aboard Space Shuttle Columbia in an experiment to better understand the electrically charged environment of Earth's ionosphere, and how tether systems behave in it.

The Tether breaks synchronistically in an area where there is no danger to the shuttle or her crew. After the tether breaks and it is some 22 miles away an infinite number of Orbs start attacking the tether with the Satellite attached.

The strange thing NASA concluded was that an external foreign object may have caused a breach in the tether however it was not specified as to what it was. It was not classified as space junk, orbital debris, or micrometeoroids. NASA also said that even though the mission was a failure they were able to make what they call "startling scientific discoveries" however they did not elaborate.

When NASA re-established contact with the Tethered Satellite, they discovered that all of its on-board computers had been mysteriously reprogrammed.


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