By Clyde Lewis

We as a people rally around and cast rumors about societal evils. We attack the small stuff in hopes that the larger monster goes away. Many do it in the guise of morality. Many believe that we are at a time where personal choice does not matter and that God has given them the right to forcefully coerce their neighbors into a collective hate group against singled out targets. With this movement Christianity is lost and personal freedoms are slipping through our fingers.

As we close in on the halfway point where the 20th century becomes the 21st century we are seeing the true colors of mankind. We are seeing that even in the times of mass communication we still live in fear and that we are wincing in hopes that when the time comes we can open our eyes and see that nothing really has changed. When the world seems like it is closing in on us we wither blame God or the Devil for the problems in the world. Either way it is a safe bet, and a "kings x" to keep the blame from falling on our shoulders. Little do we know that when we continually forfeit our responsibilities by blaming an unseen God or demon, we open the door for superstitious manipulation by those who have no regard for either the devil, or God.

I am becoming increasingly annoyed by people who constantly find a scapegoat on which to blame our society's evils. This includes, Marilyn Manson, Video games like Quake and Doom and of course Satan. It seems that whenever something goes wrong and people can't figure out that society has little glitches, the blame is placed in places where it most certainly doesn't belong.

Felecia Cullins whose daughter was shot in her school in Georgia says that she does not blame the guns for the shooting, she blames Satan. Felecia who was preaching in her church claims that Satan is mad at us and he is after our children.

While you can't blame Felecia for being a good Christian mom, You can laugh at the fact that when someone like this gets a microphone in their hand and starts saying that the "devil" makes us do things, it shifts the blame from the person who commits the wicked act, to a fictitious being that was created by Christianity to manipulate the flock.

It takes away the choice factor. It sounds as if we are powerless to change it, because the Devil has his grip on us. It takes away the accountability factor. The people with the guns didn't do it. The devil did it. Does that sound Logical? The actions arent important but the force that allegedly is behind it is.

The more we start dragging out the devil, and praising the lord out loud, and demanding that this new found faith be validated the more wolves will see that the sheep will fall for anything that looks like it's from God. Don't be fooled, the governments of the world, have read the books of prophecy, they know what will push the buttons of the rigid thinking religious fanatic.

It always is the rule that when a scoundrel realizes that his world has gone too far out of control he lands on his knees to pray to a God, that will deliver him from all of the mess he has made. His personal triumph of finding God is his and his alone, and is unique. The religious experience is a beautiful one and many are immediately lifted to a higher plain and they are able to see many things.

Unfortunately there are some who not only see their shortcomings, but tend to see others as inferior and that if their neighbors tastes do not enhance their new found faith, they become hostile and militant.

Real time religious banter has been the pap that has been smeared by the ruling elite. The very same elite that have been at the core of our social ills and continue to be while shouting at the highest level their undying love for religion and a forgiving faith. They attack the societal ills that they put in the cross hairs, and continue to sin with great skill.

The truth is, the the ambition of this group, is to earn the respect of an unguarded group who for the longest time have had a history of committing acts of torture, coercion, and evil deeds that have been written off by history. The Zealous Christians.

With this group in the pockets of the elite, scripted relentless brainwashing can be misconstrued as inspired messages. Men who are nowhere near in the favor of God become men who are revered by a group of people who hear the word Jesus or God as a control word for all that is good, and all that is wholesome.

The very Christians who follow the control phrases will be the very Christians who will unwittingly follow an antichrist that has used decisive and cunning tools to deceive even the most learned in this world. One needs to look in their own bibles to see that Satan quoted from holy works even in front of the Christ himself. If the devil has the balls to stand in front of his adversary and try and break him, there is no stopping a perverted mind from using such tools to convince a larger group to follow without question.

Rigid Christianity today is a very dangerous thing, and could very well destroy our freedoms if left unchecked. The very problem however is getting rational thinking people to unplug themselves for a moment to stop and see if they are falling victim to theological controls. It is difficult to unplug, when the programmed consequence is either hell or worse.

The religious elite and the leaders who have temporarily joined the flock in order to take control have definite plans for you. If control cannot happen through changes in laws, and reformation of governments the new focus will be on organized religion. The separation of church and state will be thinly veiled and soon it will be your responsibility as a child of god to uphold the law of the land even if those laws are made in total violation of constitutional rights.

Many who hear this for the first time will discredit it and say that we are capable of using good judgement and that Church leaders would never do anything that would jeopardize the salvation of it's flock. That of course is a complete fallacy.

It is now time where society needs to eliminate the attention given to buzz words and start looking at actions. Begin to focus on the actions of the person making those control phrases.

Ironically we see these control phrases thrown around like dirty shirt after a tragedy. A tragedy where human lives are lost at the hands of maniacs, or most recently with the deaths of our children at the hands of those who have been persecuted for not falling in line and not giving in to those who hold God as a social gathering. Many of those who have opened fire on their peers have stated that they were tired of the ridicule and persecution because they just didn't want to conform to the new moral order.

In past history a "Moral Order" crusade has always resulted in cruel acts, terror and death. We need only to look at the ancient "Moral Order " crusades of Rome to learn that the forcing of a group into a religious order can result in chaos. The same tactics are being used today. However it is being repackaged and sold to the conservative middle class, as "pro-life," "family values," and "anti-gay" campaigns. The results of these control phrases are being touted as "ethics" and "spiritual renewal."

These key phrases continue to be used even though we see people dying at the hands of those who are saying enough is enough. It is the backlash to the many that continue to force young people into this New Moral order. When the death toll rises so does the rhetoric.

After the deaths of 15 high school students at Littleton Colorado, the press was quick to point out that one of the girls that was gunned down was a girl who was praying.

It was Michael Carneal of West Paducah Kentucky who started shooting one day, killing three students and wounding five, He said that he felt alienated from his schoolmates because a few would make fun of him when he refused to participate in a prayer circle. His parents cited a satanic influence. Maybe he just didn't want to believe in God. In the United States he had that right. The right not to believe in God.

If you were to listen to the religious right you would think that we are again living in the pagan states of the pre Christian era. That Satan has been replaced with Marilyn Manson, and that shooting at imaginary goons in Virtual reality is now being touted as committing murder in our hearts. That this is conditioning us to go against "ethics" or "family values."

It is evident that the desire to change the values of the West is on the lips of the elite. The agenda that they are trying to impose on us is evil. The work that they claim is for the betterment of mankind is the work of the wicked. I find it Ironic that those who are in authority think of themselves so highly to dictate to us how to live, when their lives are just as fallible.

I contend that Christianity is not a Value system to be imposed on everyone. Christianity is a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, that this personal commitment is made by one's own choice. If we kid ourselves into thinking that Christianity is the only "preferred" set of rules that we need to live by we will find ourselves in a situation where many people will rebel and when they do those who are doing the bullying will be attacked. But of course the zealous Christians will say that their persecution was foretold.

Sure it was foretold, it could also be karma.

The New Moral Crusades resemble the crusades of the early Roman empire. There was no true definition of sin or personal holiness back then, and the leaders of the time were quoting God in one breath and committing grievous acts while no one was looking. The Roman religion was nothing more than obedience to the state. The State was using religion as a tool to control the minds of the flock. One government, one religion. The state's choices were the people's choices. Those who chose against the state were witches, pagans, or evil doers. So what has changed?

Only the names. Only the situations. The demonization of Singers, writers, and certain types of media is the new sport because the burning of witches at the stake is inhumane. However lying about these things is tolerated by the "new Christianity. Killing the offending "sinner" is also tolerated in some cases.

Once again we repeat that control of the human mind is the main ingredient for bondage. With religion in the mix, the control of your mind is not enough. It is the soul that is the most important. If the veil between church and state is clouded you are doomed for takeover. There are many who are convinced that the crossover of religion into government is a non issue. However I am seeing where the so-called "christian" ethic is sneaking into speeches, and policies but don't be fooled, this is not the Christianity that is attributed to Jesus. It is really the ideals of a new state religion that will be put into place before the government changes into the fabled New World Order. Don't believe me?

Well, why then did Mikhail Gorbachev speak of a new global spiritualism that was based of Christian ideals but was far from the Christian norm. Speaking of a new Social and spiritual order that needs to be applied so that we can meet the challenges of our time. Before you call me on a bad choice, I point you to the words of others whose reputations are arguably better than the defrocked leader of communism.

Al Gore commented that the possibility of species wide destruction creates for the first time a species wide ethic.

Hillary Clinton while speaking of a global village quoted in the same breath the idea of a remolding of the nation spiritually.

Jesse Jackson has even said that a global revolution needs to take place where new social values need to be applied.

Some go as far as stating that it is time to beginning policing the people such as Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, stating that Religious leaders should team up with community leaders to police moral Values.

And Bill Clinton whose actions tell us which side he is on tells us that we cannot renew our country unless we begin working with the churches.

It is becoming more evident that when the country is in crisis, many self appointed "clergymen" speak in the hallowed halls of government. They tell us the evils of sin. They tell us that what we listen to is evil, that are choices are bad, or in poor taste, they even point out that certain religious groups are cults. Are they preaching their opinion? or are we preparing for a state religion?

As early as 1917 the vision was clear to John D. Rockefeller. He spoke to the Baptist Social Union He spoke of the future and that all that would remain on the earth would be one strong Church. A new global church. In his speech he said "I see all denominational emphasis set aside. I see cooperation, not competition. In large cities I see great religious centers, instead of a half a dozen dying churches competing with one another."

Perhaps his Vision is coming true. There seems to be a lot of concern for something known as the Conservative Christian Right, a group of individuals that are beginning to negate the very gift of Moral freedom that has been given to us by God.

Regrettably there are very few people in church who have the patience to sit down and read the bible. There are fewer still who actually make a conscious decision as to what the Bible really is. Some people continue to pretend to know what it really says. There are also those who rely on other people to tell them what it says, and what it means.

By relying on the word of one man or one church, or one group about the word of God, we are willing to take on the possibility of being lied to.

If you are willing to believe in the people who continue to use the control words or the buzz phrases, no matter what their own morality might be. You are no better than the rebellious teen who listens to Marilyn Manson, who uses the same control words and phrases as Jerry Falwell.

Whatever the global religion is going to be, ignorance will be the very thing the leaders of the New Moral Crusade are counting on. As the "Reverend" Marilyn Manson says:

It's all relative to the size of your steeple "Beautiful People"

You can't see the forest for the trees

And you can't smell your own shit on your knees.

The laughable thing is Manson is the best friend the religious right has ever had.

Either way the message has been clouded and the religious hobby will be a never ending tug of war between snake oil salesman and priest craft. It will be guised as "Communities of Faith" and "Religious Nationalism." All of which will be so far from what the original idea was meant to do in the first place. Change hearts not rules.


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