By Clyde Lewis

Now that we have crossed over into the "new millennium" is it so wise to hold fast to the old beliefs of Gods and Demons? Are we awaiting the arrival of a new beast? A new evil that will be the fulfillment of the prophecy that didn't materialize on the due date? Is it now unfashionable to call this moment in time the last days? The new beast will have to be technology, after all what else is there to demonize at a time where people wonder if God isn't listening.

Ever since the second century mankind has been setting a due date for the return of the anti God, God and final judgment. Stories have been told of fire from the heavens, floods and bad weather, earthquakes and bloodshed. However it is necessary to declare that all of these things, including UFO sightings and the appearance of strange creatures are business as usual in the apocalypse.

Religion has continually given us this fear mechanism in order to control our minds and tell us that the reward is coming if we only follow the rules and regulations set by them. The rewards never seem to surface. When they fail to materialize it is often the case that the men in charge of their flocks blame it on an unseen God by saying that it is his will, and no one can understand the secrets that God has waiting for us.

It is my job to try and figure out what the consensus reality and the fringe are thinking in order to convey to you what might be happening right under our noses. It may be safe to say that after the fiasco known as the Y2K paranoia it is evident that we as a people have decided to relieve ourselves of our own decision making process and have allowed others to control our future.

We have allowed our whole process of making choices to be placed in the hands of people that more than not, are unpleasant control freaks that don't really care about our physical or spiritual welfare.

We have been raised in a world that has socially devolved somehow and has become a place where failure is praised and stupidity is mimicked by unstable individuals who immediately shift the blame on technology when all things go wrong.

We take for granted that policemen, priests and politicians will take care of us and that their decisions are for our own good. We erect libraries and buildings in their name and we knight them as influential people of the millennium when in reality they were the most profane and elitist individuals ever in recorded history.

We place ourselves into a kind of zombified servitude to these people as if they are Gods and we divide ourselves into "political parties" to elevate these people in appointed thrones to rule over us. We do it because a reward is promised and yet we are still awaiting the rewards. They seem to never surface, yet we continue to allow the vicious circle to continue.

We maintain that we are moving onward and upward. Yet the future foretold by most visionaries has barely made it. I am not referring to bubble cars, and conveyer belts that would place us in the same habitat as the Jetsons, I am talking about the fearful wrath that is to take place where humans give up their freedoms and liberty for the virtual servitude of a system that disregards the sanctity of the human spirit. I am talking about a people that are ruled by a system where more laws are created to enslave rather than liberate.

I am referring to a time where the people will demand this kind of treatment because they are fearful of some indefinite scourge that has it's icy grip on the planet. I am thinking of the time where we the people will ask our all-powerful leaders to protect us from the most highly feared entity known as the antichrist!

The year 2000 has to be the year of the anti-christ.

If we are to presume what we have been conditioned to believe in our various Churches, the anti-christ will have to rule soon or a generation that has been promised the rapture will die off never knowing the fulfillment of revelation given to a dying apostle on the island of Patmos.

So who do we point the finger at? We have been told that the antichrist is a person, yet we have exhausted all of our theories and evil men have come gone and the second coming is still a non-event.

Maybe it's time to rethink our idea of what the anti-christ is. If nothing materializes soon I will bet that we will take a giant leap backwards because we will be told that we are not able to trust our own judgment.

We are already being programmed into thinking that the results of our bigotry, sexual permissiveness, and haze of alcohol and drug use has left us incapable of knowing the anti-christ when he shows up.

Television, radio, and film bombard us with anti drug propaganda. Cigarette companies are being sued for giving us evil nicotine, and our government is suing them because they are in need of a foe to vanquish.

The hidden agenda behind all of it is the programming of the people and telling them that they are weak and unable to care for themselves. Another war is from the clergy telling you that the solution is turning the nation back to God and others turn to superstition, and chance to find their truth.

The planet is so confused that it doesn't take a genius to profess that it is about to pop!

It is so unfortunate that at this time in our lives we have awaited the arrival of a messiah and anti messiah and in the process have wasted precious time by fighting wars and pushing agendas on people based solely on the lies and whims of powerful people. With these wars we are literally sacrificing people to further the agenda of unseen Gods or men who think they are better than God.

We allegedly have seen unprecedented advances in education yet students have dumbed down and have arguably become more violent striking out at their parents, teachers and fellow students.

We have made advancements in public health, yet we fear a bio apocalypse where strains of certain infections become resistant to antibiotics. We have bought into the propaganda that AIDS would have destroyed all people regardless of sexual orientation and we continue to pay more money into the coffers for AIDS research when more people die of heart disease and cancer.

Our advances in communication have been remarkable and yet we are allowing the potential of such advances to bite us, by giving the government the ability to mold us with their controlled news and propaganda. We allow cameras on every street corner and satellites that monitor our Internet activity and cellular phone transmissions.

Technology has already been manipulated by those in power to program the masses into saying "how high" when they say "Jump."

Technology now is being blamed for all of the evils in the world by those who feel that old time religion is being erased from the earth. Well they may be right about the erasure of the old superstitions, however what most religion fails to realize is that technology could very well be used to move their agendas more quickly and easier than through acts of missionary work, or papal visits.

Born again movements seem to be using television every day and they are buying up networks and are broadcasting under the guise of public service programming. It is a guaranteed moneymaker.

Politicians are using technology for their own purposes and so with religion and politics we realize that technology could very well be the tool that is used by the various anti-christs who want to control you, bilk you of your money, and usurp and trample upon your freedom of thought and action.

If I point out that anti christs exist in religion it can be construed as a jab at religion and it very well could be, however it is always wise to throw caution at anyone who quotes scripture. After all we all know that Satan himself was able to quote scripture to Christ when he was at his weakest.

It is always wise to throw caution at a smiling politician who spends millions to get a job that pays him only thousands.

I also can step outside of it all and tell you truthfully that even the so called alternative media has it's share of deceivers who use technology to fortify their wild ideas and to create images that will further their agendas to sell books, and to draw you to seminars that fill your mind with all sorts of nonsense that can give you a disjointed view of reality.

We are told that we live in a time of openness and that secrets do not exist, or that secrets cannot be kept because it is virtually impossible to keep lies from being revealed to people.

Yet there is an overwhelming amount of mistrust, paranoia and suspicion at the turn of the century and one would hope that it will shift and that we could all live peaceful lives free from doubt.

A constant however is conflict. It will not escape us because it seems to be a great motivator. Fear is a great business tool and it is attractive in the apocalypse. If fear is pumped into every home and business on a daily basis then the battle over who owns your decision-making processes is evident.

The anti-christ begins to have some definition doesn't it? Its image is still vague but the body is beginning to reveal itself. The tools empower it and we still don't see who hides behind the "electronic curtain." Or do we?

Think about who controls the electronic curtain. Think of who might want you to dance to their drum.

Before you jump to the conclusion that I am about to level you with the "Jewish conspiracy" theory that all things are controlled by Jewish banks and Jewish entertainers I have to clear up that I do not adhere to the unwritten rules of the popular conspiratorial thoughts which keeps me in a realm all to myself.

Not all things conspiratorial are thought up in Swiss hotel rooms by greedy Jewish bankers.

However there seems to be as the late Jim Keith puts it an Octopus whose tentacles reach into all kinds of things and much like the six degrees of separation, end up interconnecting on many occasions and so we must make our own conclusions as to whether or not the anti-christ or the anti-life, anti-messiah is a well organized group who want to control the world and condition the inhabitants into believing their agendas because they are cocksure of having the truth.

We can only assume that technology is the new untamed "beast" that gives image to the anti-christ and empowers it to go out and deceive the nations. That the anti-christ speaks peace out one side of its mouth, and continues to allow the shedding of innocent blood.

In order to understand the beast and the anti messiah we must know of what the writings of the appointed prophets have told us. If the scripture that everyone holds as fact is the standard then one must know what to recognize when it comes knocking at the door.

To eliminate the references to an anti-christ, which seems so Christian centered let us give it a political slant. A slant that is very familiar to those of us that see it as an ugly mark on society. Let us call it Imperialistic Elitism.

Let us apply theory to alleged scripture "facts."
  • In Daniel and Revelation we read that someone who leads the Elitist ruling body will use flattery and political diplomacy to deceive.

  • The Imperialists lie is to bring about "peace" by using an agenda of war and conflict.

  • Another trait of the Imperialist leader will be the attitude of universal domination.

  • The people will accept the attitudes of the elite ruling body while they are confident that peace and safety exist with the aid of the ruling body's deceptive promises.

  • There will be a famine of food and knowledge during the elitist reign.

  • Those who do not hunger or suffer will be those who succumb to the lies of the ruling body who renders power to the Imperialist leadership.

    The Imperialist leader has often been referred to as a Prince.

  • This ruling body will use something often referred to as the beast that will empower them in causing nations to tremble. To be shaken to their very foundations.

  • The philosophy of this ruling body will be that of divinity and human philosophies; and in the end it will be seen that they embody lawlessness even worse and more fatal than that out of which it sprang.

  • The ruling body will deny the existence of all things extra terrestrial (including God) and then embrace them and call upon the powers of these beings to bring about their dastardly deeds.
Now with all of this in mind can you determine that the philosophies that have been written in religious texts are appearing in world government? Where flattery and diplomacy are a means to deceive? Where leaders declare that there is peace through acts of war and bloodshed?

That through war and blood shed, and the giving up of base freedoms you can guarantee personal safety? That through warnings of upheaval, war and rumor of war we must hoard food and prepare for an unseen threat?

That when the food and knowledge run dry it will be supplanted by the system that is out to control the mind and spirit? That the beast that exists is the technology that this ruling class has perverted in order to bring about the enslavement and hostage mentality of the mind, body and soul?

Can it be that the power elite feels that they know more than you? That you need to question your own belief system and replace it with their watered down and out of touch views of humanity?

That while we are aware of powers beyond this earth, they will lie to our faces that such beliefs are fallacy and yet continue to use such powers to thwart the very destruction of their hold on the world?

It's nothing new. It's ironic that in the third millennium we still haven't learned our lesson. The reason why is because we have been giving new faces to old ideas and so they seem new, but really they are quite antiquated.

I believe that the very thing that we have been warned to fear has been accumulating at a steady pace for a good long time. That perhaps there was a year in the last century where the agenda was drawn and the blue print was forged, the names and faces were changed to gradually reinvent the image of the anti-christ.

That a majority will not be capable of knowing it's identity because they will be a willing participant in contributing to it's sustenance. Through peer pressure, patriotism, mind games and deception.

That technology will also be a factor in the indoctrinating process. That when the few that control the many want you to move they will use what ever means necessary to get you to think that you cannot trust your own choices or your own judgment.

When making decisions in the new millennium as to what information is real and what isn't determine the motivation behind the reason for releasing such information. Once you have mastered the ability to look beyond what is allegedly "reality" you will understand the true identity of many things.

The world is due for reactionary attitudes that are worse than the ones we hear and see every day on the nightly news. We cannot continue to navigate the world using the old fashioned methods. We cannot continue to make the same prophecies, and expect people to believe them because we have God on our side.

God is probably laughing at us because we are still in this maze he constructed, walking into the same wall without finding the cheese. He has given us knowledge and we have the technology but instead of using it to find the cheese, we will use it to make an artificial wedge of what looks like cheese, smells like cheese, but tastes like rubber.

Technology will be able to crank up the volume on imagination and fear to an intensity that will eventually destroy certain people's spirits. It will test them to the very outskirts of their sanity. In the hands of megalomaniac's technology can be used to stage an event that could cause worldwide panic.

It can also be a tool that can be used to create an artificial and deceitful world that cannot be distinguished from the real thing. Then again what is real anymore?

You may have to look carefully at the future, because it may be an engineered experience.


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