By Clyde Lewis

After a lengthy discussion on the significance of 444 and a warning that I may be playing with dark forces I have lost plenty of sleep over what may be in the works. Something may be waiting for us as soon as April. That is if all of the 444 stuff is real and that I am beginning to get a strong message from these alleged demons.

I am beginning to become circumspect. People say I have every right to be only because I dare to play in what most people would call the devil's playground. I can't help myself. I live in a house that seems to be a place where spirits come and go. It is sort of a half way house and since I seem to draw such beings to me I merely laugh them off and pretend that they are looking out for me.

Others however feel that these beings are not good beings and that I am being contacted by beings that exist in lower vibration levels. I guess it is an easy conclusion when you hear the strange phone calls I receive, or when you hear my microwave oven beep and program a series of the number 4 into my microwave oven.

When Robert Chamberlain, Todd Hilton, and Brian Jones appeared on Ground Zero they shared with the audience and myself electronic voice phenomena.

Electronic Voice Phenomena is a remarkable subject because paranormal researchers claim that ghostly sounds allegedly appear on recording tape. These Ghost sounds are eerie and sound convincing.

I often enjoy producing such shows because the voices are compelling enough to keep people listening.

While they were sharing their strange voices from alleged entities I was able to share the sound of a demonic child calling my number and singing like a little girl the words "Evil one.. eeevil.

For those who heard the voice it was a creepy experience and prompted known channeler Tom Smith to call and express that what I received was a message from a low vibrational or dark force entity.

There of course were skeptics who thought I made it all up.

I always say to people who think I make it all up that they have my promise that if I had to intentionally make up any of this stuff then I should quit. All cynicism aside Ground Zero has never been in the business of altering anything to make it look like something from a supernatural realm. We would never make up a phenomenon to capitalize on ratings points or station affiliates.

It's probably why Ground Zero continues to stay independent. I try and steer clear of anyone who fakes stuff. We can't always count on the witnesses to give us credible information, but I can tell you that what ever happens to me truly happens to me. The things I present to you that are of personal nature are only there to show you that I am also fascinated when strange things occur in my life.

If you have followed Ground Zero over the years you would know that I have had many experiences with ghosts and entities that have made their presence known to me. In the article "Dead Air" I explain the encounter that I had while I was on the air in Salt Lake City Utah. This later became an investigation and after we accumulated some research felt it was time to do the right thing and invite Jon Edward of the show "Crossing over" to assist me in trying to contact the spirit.

We eventually did and the situation was resolved. We had determined that the girl who appeared in our studio had a message to get out to her Husband.

It had been a long time before I would once again come in contact with forces that were trying to get messages to me. I was never one to dabble in the occult practice of trying to contact the dead. After my incident in Utah it was probably best that I steer clear from anything that would intentionally taunt a possible entity to come to me. I have always been taught that you can keep all spiritual entities away if you just close the door to them.

Well believe me, it is hard to keep away from these beings working in the paranormal realm. In order to be a true reporter one can't stay away from it because of fear. It kind of reminds me of some advice I was given by a camera jockey, who worked for a television station in Detroit Michigan; sometimes you need to dodge bullets to get the story.

I have dodged plenty of paranormal bullets enough to know that the realms of the unknown can manifest in the oddest ways.

Synchronicity has always followed me and I have tried to report what I have seen and experienced. Sometimes things can be so cryptic and strange that it takes a great deal of time before I can figure out their meaning.

Such is the case of two significant encounters of entities that happened after the first encounter with the alleged ghost of a woman who claimed to be Julie Bunten.

These cases always come back to haunt me because they have a significant bearing on apocalyptic prophecy and foreshadowing.

I guess you can consider this article a follow up to these encounters because there have been many people who have volunteered information and have sent it to me and for that I am grateful.

One such encounter was purely by accident.

I guess I had it coming because I was playing with that switchboard to the spiritual realm. Of course I am talking about the seance that I was involved with where a Czechoslovakian boy named Ephrain contacted me.

In the article "Ephrain's warning" I record the sessions I had with this entity that warned me of a war that would begin and last for 9 years.

The war would be a holy war of sorts and that it would usher in the coming of a messiah. This messiah of course was not Jesus Christ but Elijah.

The words of the entity were often left in a sing song poem mixed with several words that I was unaware of.

The Words he spelled out for me were:


Later I was given some information that cleared up some of the questions I had about the words.

I received a letter from John H. Jones who claimed to have master's degree in biblical studies and was a teacher of Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek. He gave some interesting insight to what the strange words were.

He then warned me that I should not make contact again because he seemed to indicate that I had opened myself up to a more intelligent being. I agreed that an alleged young entity, one, who claimed he was nine years of age, could not have known all of these advanced words. However he did state in our sessions that the "angels" were about to speak. No matter, Jones was convinced that I had opened myself up to a Dark force entity who was warning me of impending doom and widespread war and bloodshed.

I figured that the spirit could have been a harbinger or messenger of doom. After reading Jones definitions I knew that these words could not have come from me. There are many that argue that Ouija messages come from your subconscious mind. I have never in my life used, or seen any of the words that Ephrain gave me.

Jones information was a valuable asset in finding out just what "Ephrain" was trying to tell me. Jones warned me to not contact "Ephrain" again. After looking over the definitions I decided that it was good advice.

MALACHIM - Malachim is Hebrew for angels or messengers.

AKRA HAZIZ - The first word is Greek and the second is Hebrew. The first word 'akra' has a reference in the Septuagint (Greek) Old Testament. The Greek word akron (of which 'akra' is a neuter gender form) means 'at the furthest point.' It is therefore translated to mean ear lobe, thumb, highest point, mountain, etc. The Hellenists built a fortress by the Temple Mount called the Akra. No traces of this building have been found. It is possible it was located north of the Temple Mount in the area of the present Via Dolorosa. Antiochus Epiphanes in 164/3 BC tried to seize the Akra, the Syrian fortress in Jerusalem, but he died before his attempt succeeded. The 'Akra' was a citadel fortification near the Temple hill.

The second word 'HaZiz' comes from the Hebrew word 'ziz.' 'Ha' is Hebrew for the definite article 'the.' 'Ziz is Hebrew for 'flower, anything shiny, plate of metal' and is even translated 'golden breastplate' which the high priest wore. Ziz is also the name of an ascent or a pass going from the shores of the Dead Sea to the wilderness of Judah near Tekoa used by the Moabites and Ammonites in a campaign against Jehoshaphat of Judah in 2 Chronicles 20:16.

Other definitions given by Jones were:

ANAKIM - Hebrew word which is plural, meaning giants. It comes from 'anak' which interestingly enough means a chain or collar (for the neck). So it could also mean chains or collars for necks.

He was not able to find any definitions for the word TAMERAUM.

Just what I had tapped into was anyone's guess. There were so many strange coincidences about Ephrain's warning that I had to write all of his messages down. War was of course a given especially when it comes to Isreal. However now the prospect of prolonged conflict back then was unheard of. We are now of the mindset to prolong the war against terror. After the Sepetember 11th tragedy we can always say that I could be drawing bulls eyes around the direct hits but this can't all be imagined can it?

It fascinates me at how this spirit was saying all kinds of cryptic jargon and none of it made sense. Now it seems that it is becoming quite clear that there is a message that is just on the surface.

One of the other messages that I felt was very cryptic and chilling was when Ephrain kept saying the words "I AM NINE" and he also made a cryptic poem in the words:

"Horses four, Spirit door"

I had learned that the number 9 is the number of completion and that 9 is also the Satanic number. The number four meant nothing to me until I was harassed by another entity that through the use of the Ouija I learned was named Izzy Dead. This name of course was not his real name. He claimed that it was a joke name. A name that I could laugh at.

The Story of the Izzy Dead encounter is related in the article "Dead Man Talking." I had many people who have been in my apartment, and many neighbors who told me that it was haunted, but I could easily explain away anomalies with logic and critical thinking.

I wasn't too convinced until I started hearing singing, banging, and noticing things out of the corners of my eye. I even wondered if I had floaters in my eye that was causing me to hallucinate and see dark little creatures hiding in the corners of my little one room apartment.

There were times when things would end up missing or were placed in weird areas of my home. I remember finding the coffee maker basket in the garbage can one morning and trash on the floor surrounding the garbage can.

For a while I thought I had a squirrel or a gopher in my home. Late at night I would hear crunching sounds as well and I worried that I had termites eating at the wood in the walls. The landlord found nothing out of the ordinary.

I realized that I had a mischievous ghost in my apartment when I was awakened by the sound of beeping in my home. I thought it was my smoke alarm and that perhaps something in my house was burning. It turned out to be my Microwave oven.

I know that the whole concept of an entity programming a Microwave oven is silly, but it did happen and the entity had chosen to program the number 4 in sequence.

444 at the same time each morning. Then 4444 - 444. I couldn't grasp the meaning.

I received e-mail from a witch in the Midwest who told me that my name came up while she was writing in a journal. She said that it had to be automatic writing because the entity she was channeling allegedly was named Thoth. Thoth was agitated because I refused to contact the spirit world and that the spirits were trying to get me to speak my truth, to reveal what they wanted to say through me.

In the meantime I was awakened in the Morning with the beeps of my Microwave oven.


It was crazy.

I was told by Izzy during an Ouija session that he would stop programming my microwave if I just brought home some biscuits or cookies.

I couldn't believe this was happening.

For safety sake however I did bring home a cookie, and placed it on the counter.

The beeps stopped and everything seemed to be quiet.

It had been at least a year or two before I was feeling very sad inside. My life was feeling a sense of loss and great turmoil. Many of my friends were very worried about me because I was becoming drained and tired. I was pale and doctors were telling me that it would be in my best interest to start taking anti-depressants. I said a flat no.

I could not possibly be so depressed that all of this feeling of impending doom could all be attributed to depression. As many of you know I feel that the feelings I felt were all precursors to the World Trade Center attacks.

I met with my friend Jim many times on these issues and one night while we were drinking coffee a woman named Beth was talking to Cheri Jim's roommate. I later found out that she was a practitioner of the craft and she had related to me that she felt some very dark demonic energies surrounding me and that there was light energy that was battling them.

I asked her why she felt that way and she said she knew. She said that show saw a being standing next to me. I asked her who it was and she said that the being told her through telepathy that his name was Thoth. I was blown away!

I had just met this woman and I said, "How do you know about that?"

She says that Thoth was telling her all about me.

I found this to be highly coincidental. Since I had already been told that Thoth was working through me by another witch in the Midwest. I then related the experiences I had with other entities and that my home had been visited by a being that loved to program my microwave oven.

She said, "What happened did someone program 444 in your microwave?"

My eyes widened "How the hell did you know that?"

She claimed that Thoth had told her.

I also told Beth that I had written down some of my feelings about an impending sense of loss. She then explained that I had been drawing dark energies toward me and that I was feeling low vibrations. She said that whatever is sending me these messages it is creating a nexus that could destroy me.

She said that this nexus could grow into a monster and that negative thoughts in the ether could come back down and many people could feel them. Whole groups can sense that something is not right in the world.

Beth then said, "Thoth says you must go home and write down your feelings."

So I did. I sat down and write the "Abaddon Nexus." It was very therapeutic but it also seemed to be another foreshadowing of what was to come.

The attacks on the World trade Center were shocking and horrific. It was a fulfillment of what I had been saying for six years. It was Ground Zero. The event that was so named by the media. A name that I had for my show that somehow meant more now than it ever did.

After the attacks and after I had time to get my life together and figure out if I was losing my mind I was once again getting the messages from these entities that more things were on the horizon.

I checked my messages on my phone and one message was marked urgent.

It was a very weird call.

The person on the other end sounded young. It could only be described as a voice that sounded like it was on helium, or was distorted to sound like a young girl or a very creepy sounding boy.

It was a sing song message that reminded me of Ephrain.

The message was:
La la la la la ... Evil one-- Evil.

I played the message for both Ernie Vega and Holly Conley. They said the phone message gave off an evil vibration.

I wondered who the practical joker was.

The trouble is the phone that was called was my unlisted number and it had a special area code. The only ones who have that number are close friends and associates and none of them have copped to making the call.

The call remains a mystery.

I attributed the call to Electronic voice Phenomena and decided to air it on Ground Zero. Robert Chamberlain, Todd Hilton, and Brian Jones were my guests. They are paranormal researchers. The voice sent chills over the people attending the show.

Chamberlain said that he saw an entity in the studio and snapped pictures on his digital camera. Sure enough orbs appeared in the room. I guess I do attract these entities. These revelations while fun and interesting have now given me pause for thought. My thoughts on the matter range from childlike fascination to paranoia, to worry about what could appear to me or overcome me in the future.

That same weekend Charles Cosimano was my guest and he is one of the most well known sorcerers. He involves himself in Chaos magic and somehow knew that I was seeking answers to the meaning of 444.

We discussed some of its meanings.

444 of course is defined in many ways and many opinions are given through something known as gematria.

Cosimano told me that what he knew of 444 was that it meant "Flesh, Blood, Body and Bone" that it was a number of the word, that "the word" or "warning" is about to be spoken. A revelation is about to take place. The warning will affect Flesh, blood, body and bone. It can also mean the spiral or the whirlwind. Major revelations are given in tri-numerics. Like 666,888, and of course 444.

444 is the gematria or number of the word "DAMASCUS," which is the oldest city in the world; four being the world number. The word DAMASCUS also appears on page 444 of the bible.

II Chronicles Chapter 28:5 reads:
"Therefore the LORD his God handed him over to the king of Aram. The Arameans defeated him and took many of his people as prisoners and brought them to Damascus. He was also given into the hands of the king of Israel, who inflicted heavy casualties on him."

The Arameans were responsible for spreading the alphabet and culture throughout Syria and Lebanon anciently. Many of the Hebrew prophets and wise men spoke Aramaic. It was also the language of Jesus and his followers.

Some evens claim that Aramaic is the language of the Angels and the language of the demons.

The Aramaic word for demon is SATAN.

The Word, The creation, Flesh, blood and bone. SATAN.

Four is the number of the elements-earth, water, air, and fire.

Four can be the Four Corners of the earth Gog and Magog.

Four parts to the compass --- north, south, east, and west.

The four faces of Cherubim are The bull, or the calf, the Lion, The Eagle, and man.

There are four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

"Horses Four, Spirit, Door" Ephrain told me.

"After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, "Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this." - Revelation Chapter 4

Revelation's Chapter 4 speaks of the four Cherubim; their faces are the lion, the bull, the eagle and the man.

In Revelation Chapter 20:2 (2+2=4) the "demon" or God of dark forces is given 4 different names.

The dragon, the serpent, the devil, and Satan.

In the article Ephrain's warning I mention Zechariah and his vision of the four chariots, four horses, and four colors.


They are the chariots of judgement.

I did a little bit of searching of calendars and realized that on April 4th 2002 lands on Thursday. The 4th day of the week in the Christian Calendar. Thursday is also known as Thorsdagar or day of Thor. The Norse god of judgements, decision and destruction. Thor was a defender against the world of chaos with his hammer, referred to as Mjollnir, the Destroyer.

Not to mention that April the 4th month, 4th day and 2002 (2+2=4)

Will it be the day of Thunder? Will there be destruction and judgements?

I do not look for demons or await the arrival of an entity from the underworld. Demons can get the imagination reeling and suddenly you are jumping at every bump that you hear in your room.

When one speaks of demons or dark force entities it is hard to keep your lip from quivering. We have all had feelings of dread and we have seen strange shadows lurking in the corner of a dark street. Sometimes light loves top play tricks on the mind and the long fingers scratching on the window are really the branches from a tree that is being shaken by the howling winds of the night. When the house creaks and the dog seems restless we look around and we try to gracefully wipe the sweat from our brow.

The night gets darker and it is time to turn out the lights for sleep.

You lay your head down on the pillow close your eyes and try not to allow a nightmare to creep into your dreams. After all right thinking people we are told only allow demons and dark entities through the doorway to the mind when it is at rest. The terror can be taken away if the eyes open and the sleep can wipe away the nebulous image of a dark figure.

But what if wiping the eyes doesn't erase the image?

What if the beings that lurk in shadow are coming for you? What if the dream has ended yet the nightmare has manifested itself in your room? Then you would want to run.

You can't.

You stay in your bed transfixed.

You are looking straight above you. Crawling on the ceiling is a strange looking entity? Its body, heavy laden with vesicles oozes a green clear liquid on you. It cocks its head like a bird and then twists to look right at you. Its eyes are dark and round. They are as big as saucers and create a sense of chill as they gaze upon you.

The body drops from the ceiling and lands on top of you. It sits heavy upon your chest. It makes no sound.

You black out.

Whatever demons await us and whatever forms they take you must remember that with proper perspective all things pass. Days of thunderings and horror disappear and the hold that a demonic entity has on you can lose its grip. I have been told that many times I should never open myself up to these beings. That I should never open my door when they knock.

So far I have not been harmed. But now it seems that these beings take on many forms and they can appear almost anywhere and cause a great multitude of people to begin their hateful cheering of death and destruction.

444. The sphere of suffering:

"Troubled, but not distressed.
Perplexed, but not in despair.
Persecuted, but not forsaken.
Cast down, but not destroyed."

Furthermore the sphere of suffering has a promise and that deliverance.
The full restoration of Flesh, Blood, Bone, and Body.
What is once destroyed will be made whole.



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