By Clyde Lewis
"And I know even more, more than I can tell.
Once, by his violent hand, a dragon fell.
He bathed in blood, grew hard, and can’t be slain.
And many have seen this again and yet again."—Das Nibelungenlied

I was watching CNN as I do every day in the news studio and watched the footage of our soldiers moving into Iraq and dismantling the statue of Saddam Hussein. To many Americans the images meant that America was victorious in drawing the final curtain on the regime of a man who many consider to be a mad and evil dictator.

It is unfortunate that after the initial pink and fuzzy feeling we all felt I see that the coffins draped with American flags are still coming in reminding us that our king forgot to make sure that the dragon was slain. It is always easy to point fingers and blame our leaders for this, however I have always had this dark thought in the back of my mind about the war and the leaders that are being printed on playing cards for all of us to collect.

I can’t help but think that there is a darker aspect to the war and that perhaps we are all witnessing a war between a power so alien and so corrupt that we can’t comprehend the eventual out come of what will take place in the years to come.

There was always something that wasn’t quite right about Saddam Hussein or even Osama Bin laden. Lord knows that our leaders have their peccadilloes and there are many people who have admonished us about the true nature of our revered administration.

I have chosen this essay to reveal to you something that I have kept to myself about the war because I thought it was ludicrous to even bring up. Now as I watch CNN and see that Saddam Hussein is very much alive and that he is making threatening tapes perhaps we should stop a moment and figure out why he escapes the clutches of our so-called victorious armies.

I have written in several articles about oracles, talisman, and instruments of power. If you are the type that doesn’t put much stock in "good luck" charms, or artifacts that wield power then perhaps you will find this little essay amusing. There others however that have looked into history and know that there are certain artifacts and "tools" that people in power hold very sacred. I have pointed out on many occasions that it is not what you believe but it is what they believe that makes them so peculiar.

The story of Saddam Hussein is now becoming very interesting to me because of all that I have heard about the man. As I am sitting here at the Keyboard the debate continues on every channel about the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein. The debate continues every day as to whether or not the man perished in a restaurant with several of the key players in his regime. U.S. Bombers made a direct hit and demolished the restaurant and it was believed that his sons also perished in the attack.

The frightening thing is that many Iraqis believe that Saddam is still alive. They also believe something else. They believe that he is indeed immortal. Like Freddie Kreuger or Jason Voorheez the mad Butcher of Baghdad will never go away.

He simply can’t be killed.

Think about the uncanny ability he has had at slipping through our fingers not once but twice. Both times when a Bush was in the Whitehouse.

I say this because we have yet to produce the dead body of Hussein.

Why do Iraqi’s say that Saddam is Immortal?

Maybe it is because he has a little insurance that he will not die. Perhaps the man is someone that is more than just some mad man with a plot to kill Americans.

Maybe he is the devil. Maybe he is much worse.

I know this sounds ludicrous but I submit it for your consideration.

Ever since the attacks on America on September 11th I have always dug up this little piece of scripture from the book of the Apocalypse:

"They have as king over them, the angel of the Abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon." Revelation 9:11

It means a lot to me because it was coincidental that I included the name Abaddon in what some have said is a prophetic essay called "The Abaddon Nexus." The article was written less than two weeks before the attack on the United States.

The names Abaddon or Apollyon are names given to the destroyers. Their meaning varies but one thing is certain. The names are in reference to a king or angel that somehow break things apart, and destroys all that confront it.

Saddam Hussein al Majd al Takriti has something in common with the destroyer and that is his name.

Saddam is a name that is derived from the Persian word meaning "crush or destroy"." So the name "Saddam Hussein" can be interpreted as Hussein the Destroyer.

Saddam Hussein then can be so named Apollyon.

Could this be why our leaders are so convinced that he took part in the attacks at the World Trade center and the Pentagon?

If you want to look at origins of names Osama Bin Laden does not fit the Apollyon moniker. His Arabic name actually means the "well wisher’ or "companion to the most holy."

Of course there are many that would beg the differ, however the question still troubles many people.

Why did we switch our targets half way through our attempt at retribution for the lost souls in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and New York?

Is George W. Bush’s roadmap found in the book of Revelation and is it a well devised plan to manipulate everyone into thinking that all that is taking place in the world is a fulfillment of prophecy?

Or is this fodder to use as some sort of proof that the Bible was right and that these times are the times that we have been dreading for several Millennia.

The Destroyer or wicked King has been spoken of by other Prophets. Daniel foretold the coming of Antiochus Epiphanies, son of Syrian King Antiochus the Great. He also predicted the rise and fall of Alexander the great. His predictions of wicked destroyers mimic the predictions of John in the book of the apocalypse.

There will be many horrific rulers; there will be many attempts at destroying lives. Daniel knew this and if you believe what some people say about Saddam Hussein perhaps Daniel knew of him as well.

Saddam Hussein has, called himself the reincarnated Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II. King Nebuchadnezzar ruled during the sixth century BCE, Nebuchadnezzar is known in the Hebrew Bible as the victorious conqueror of Jerusalem. In 586 BCE, he destroyed Jerusalem, destroyed Solomon’s Temple, and exiled the Jews to Babylon. Daniel was part of the first group of exiles taken there in the year 605 B.C E.

Daniel was in the service of Nebuchadnezzar and if you were paying attention in church you will remember that Daniel was the prophet who interpreted the king’s dreams.

Saddam Hussein is so obsessed with Nebuchadnezzar that he has consistently tries to align himself with the great conqueror. In the 1980’s Saddam Hussein promoted an Arts festival in Iraq and called it "From Nebuchadnezzar to Saddam Hussein." He ordered images of himself and Nebuchadnezzar to be shown side by side, during a laser light display in Baghdad. The images were beamed into the night sky so that they would appear to be God like. He has spent millions rebuilding the ancient site of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar’s capital city.

Many Christian fundamentalists have called him the Antichrist because what he is doing smacks of fulfilled prophecy that points to anti-Christian shenanigans and that this is a sign that he will usher in Armageddon.

Is it possible that Hussein is literally King Nebuchadnezzar?

He would have to find away to travel through time. He would have to have some sort of time machine that could teleport him into the future.

Could such a contraption exist in that Time period?

Perhaps if you were to take giant leap of logic.

According to the Old Testament King Nebuchadnezzar made an "image of gold" and commanded the people to "fall down and worship the golden image."

Those that didn't would be thrown into what the bible calls a furnace of fire. The Old Testament speaks of three men who refused to worship the image and were sent to the furnace where they were not consumed by the "flames." Nebuchadnezzar comments that the men were in the middle of the fire and one man appeared to be disappearing into thin air.

For a moment think about the men in the furnace. The men were in the middle of what appeared to be flame. One even looked as if he were disappearing into thin air. We see this all the time in many Star Trek Episodes. The away team goes to the transporter room and then as if in a blue flame they disappear only to reappear either in another time or on another planet.

I know what I am saying and I know it sounds bizarre. However I feel that it is no more bizarre than saying that the angels in Genesis were aliens and that they mated with women in order to create a bloodline that is considered corrupt.

If the fiery furnace in Nebuchadnezzar’s day was not a furnace but a sophisticated time machine or a machine that can teleport individuals then we could very well assume that Saddam Hussein is Nebuchadnezzar. It is an outrageous theory, but not so outrageous as to assume that the area where Saddam Hussein lives is actually a hot bed of artifacts that are alleged to contain mystical powers.

Many people believe that there are underground caves where there are operational Star gates that the ancient Babylonians used to travel to other worlds.

Hitler, Stalin and FDR all had a fascination with the area of Persia known as the cradle of civilization. Every imagination can run wild when you venture into the area where our ancestors came down and lit the spark of creation. Many believe the very Garden of Eden in the region and that it is a vortex where extra terrestrial beings come and go at will.

It is speculated that the Babylonians may have constructed spaceships and have used them to go to and from other dimensions similar to what was seen in the movie star gate.

William Henry has appeared on Ground zero on several occasions and has written about the mystical aspects of war and why we fight what we fight.

He has made some connections with Saddam’s appearance and reappearance and the newly found interest in Nibiru or "Planet X."

"Saddam controls an asset infinitely more important and powerful than oil, or even, nuclear weapons," He controls access to the temples that housed the history of humanity's origins, and potentially, the secrets of star gates. Buried deep beneath the sands of Iraq are the secrets of the Shining Ones of Planet X. Saddam's actions reveal that he knows the political value of these secrets."—William Henry

If the extra terrestrials are out there, perhaps they are attempting to intervene on behalf of humanity by trying to kill the man that refuses to die. There is also the idea that Saddam Hussein has in his possession a crashed "disc" and that the armies of the world are looking for the technology.

On December 16, 1998, during Operation desert storm a UFO was caught on film and the video clip aired on CNN. The video footage showed a UFO hovering over Baghdad. The UFO could have been a UAV, (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) it was a very strange piece of footage. The UFO darted away to avoid a stream of tracer anti- aircraft fire.

I did some checking in the Arab news forums and it is certain that an unknown aircraft was shot down. That could mean anything. It could have been a spy plane or some sort of newly designed aircraft. Sometimes in wars children in leadership positions like to bring out the new toys.

"A high-ranking source admitted that a US Air Force’s F-16 brought down a UFO over Saudi Arabia during the Operation Desert Storm, and five countries are trying to conceal information about this fact. I don't know details, but it was some plane unknown to me. Saudis who were with me at that moment, were scared so much that they asked American, British and French investigators to come to the crash site immediately." –Arab News

The Russian newspaper Pravda reported that the craft was saucer shaped.

Russian Colonel Petrokov was interviewed for the paper and said that he was got to the crash site quickly and said that the locals were frightened by the crash.

"The aircraft was round and made of some material that I never saw myself. About one third of the craft was torn out by blasts of American missiles. Saudis didn't let us touch anything, but we managed to see appliances, mechanisms and other things that bewildered us absolutely. It was a relatively small craft, of approximately 15 feet in diameter. It had three chairs, probably for crewmembers, but they were so small as if meant for children. To all appearance, space aliens were just about three feet tall. However, it seems incredible that there were no dead bodies at the crash site; what is more, nothing that might look like an engine was found there as well. Probably American missiles hit the engine immediately and destroyed it. Later, operators of Saudi radar stations told me that no ejection or falling of some subjects out of the craft was registered. Searching helicopters surveyed the desert, but the pilots failed to find any surviving crew member close to the crash site." – Colonel Petrokov as quoted from Pravda

Could Saddam Hussein have extra terrestrials being held hostage in Baghdad?

The notion is a funny one, but I am beginning to notice some changes in the minds of our government administrators with regard to extra terrestrials.

Not since Ronald Reagan has there been a President that is having a change of heart about what might be out there.

President Bush used his budget plan to declare that there may be "space aliens" to be discovered. In one part of his budget proposal he asks the question, "Where are the Real Space Aliens?

Bush states that important scientific research over the last 10 years indicates that proof of "habitable worlds" in outer space is becoming more of a reality. Evidence for the current or previous existence of large bodies of water, an essential element for life, has already been found on Mars and on Jupiter's moons. Astronomers are also discovering planets outside of our solar system, including around 90 stars with at least one planet orbiting them.

Bush speculates in his budget plan that perhaps the notion that 'there's something out there' is closer to reality than we have imagined."

The New York Times recently reported that bit by bit the idea of communicating with extra terrestrials I getting respect from NASA and new money is being set aside to improve upon SETI research.

Is there a reason why there has been a sudden change of heart?

It can all be coincidence but a strange one for sure. Especially when all of the strangeness connects in antiquated verse, and in modern news reports. Saddam Hussein is the dictator that seems to elude every bomb, and every attempt to kill him. Someone is looking after him.

Could it be that Saddam wouldn’t die because he is not human? Perhaps he has something in his possession that protects him from attack?

The Mercury news reported earlier this year that Saddam Hussein has a special stone that he has that locals claim keeps him from harm.

Sudarsan Raghavan reported that Iraqi’s believe that Saddam Hussein is Immortal. The reason is because Saddam Hussein has a special stone that he does not part with. The stone is said to be a stone that when the holder uses it can live forever and eventually rule the world.

"Saddam, the story goes, had the stone made shortly after he came to power 24 years ago. Its powers were first tested inside a chicken. One of his soldiers pulled out a gun and shot a bullet at point-blank range. The chicken's feathers fell off, but it lived. So the dictator implanted the stone in his upper arm". -- Sudarsan Raghavan

It is also believed that Saddam has been granted seven lives. There is a peculiar story that is shared amongst members of the army. The story is shared time and time again of a member of the Republican Guard who attempted to assassinate Hussein. He pointed his gun at point-blank range. He attempted to fire but the trigger on his gun got stuck as he pointed it at Saddam. Hussein grabbed the gun from the soldier. He pointed the gun back at him and said

"This is how you do it."

He shot and killed the soldier.

The stone that Saddam has is said to be a deep Blue. It said to be a seer stone and that spirits from the underworld contact Saddam through the stone and tell him about who is trying to kill him and when.

Could this be the metaphorical philosopher’s stone that I spoke of in a previous article called "The Antichrist and the Philosopher’s stone?"

"Alchemists in ancient times sought after the philosopher's stone which was a mysterious, unknown substance, which they believed, had the power to transmute base lead into gold. If anyone found the philosopher's stone, they would rule the world. It was a stone of destiny, a stone that would make gold plentiful. It was a means to the rest, Gold was the means to everything that could be bought or sold.

The Philosopher's stone was also known as the elixir of life. The elixir that gave immortality. It was also a metaphor for changing the minds of the masses and create a new spirituality by taking old methods and repackaging them and fooling people into believing that they are doing something for the benefit of their spiritual and physical well being. It was the ultimate placebo. It offered all human values, life, freedom. and spiritual well being. It was a means to all wealth, and literally a means to all ends.

It was the miracle cure for all of the woes of the world. The final solution.

It was noted by alchemists in the 12th century that the "Philosopher's stone" was a substance that was found everywhere but it was unrecognized and under appreciated."—From "The Antichrist and the philosopher’s stone" ©2001 Ground Zero

In this article I talk about mental alchemy and how it is easy to groom someone into becoming a fanatical follower. Many people are willing to go out and kill for some radical ideology. While the stone is only a metaphor it represents power. It represents the ability to convince those who are lacking knowledge that some force that is larger than we are and is beguiling those to follow and even in extreme situations make blood covenants with leaders that represent latter day Vampires.

There are many other "kingdoms" of the world that recognize the stone as a metaphor for power. There are many religions that speak of the stone, or the rock in which it is said that the foundation of the church rests.

The stone is the symbol of power. It is the key to the portal that leads to the other world.

"And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the top of it." --Genesis 28:8

The Royal Families believe that they have the holy stone.

The stone is placed under a throne and it is believed by the Royals to be the throne of King David. The legends of the stone say that Jeremiah transported it to Ireland where it was used as a coronation stone. It was then brought to Scotland where it was used for a millennium to crown Scottish Kings. In 1296, Edward I stole the stone and took it to England, where it was placed in Westminster Abbey, and used since 1308 for English coronations. On St Andrews Day, 30th November 1996, on Queen Elizabeth's orders, the stone was taken back to Scotland and installed in Edinburgh Castle.

He who has the stone rules the world.

If placed in the wrong hands it can be used a s powerful tool to destroy the world.

Hitler attempted to find it. Stalin wondered if it existed and Roosevelt raced against time to find the artifacts that may give the secrets to how to open the windows of heaven.

Can an inanimate object have power?

There have been many symbols apart from the stone that have been carried through the centuries and have been adopted by the Christian sects and are a part of Modern Christianity.

Such is the case with the Cross, the crown of thorns and the Cup or the Holy Grail or Chalice, and the Lance or Sword of Destiny. It is still questioned as to whether or not these symbols have power. But there are many cases that are well documented regarding these ancient Pagan symbols having great powers.

The race for the Holy grail, and the Ark of the Covenant are not fiction. There are many people who are still trying to find these artifacts because they believe that whoever possesses them will rule the world and any army who has these powerful tools will be invincible.

Adolph Hitler fancied himself as a man of destiny. He also thought that he was a reincarnated Celtic wizard.

This is a familiar story isn’t it?

Both Hussein and Hitler believe that they are men who have been reincarnated to perform a task. Perhaps change the course of history. Both are obsessed with oracles and tools in order to use them as powerful metaphors.

Hitler was driven by this notion and had an obsession with the occult and mysticism. Hitler would pour hot lead, which was an ancient way of foretelling the future. He claimed to hear voices, and he claimed that he had a mission to fulfill. The most troubling thing about Hitler is that he had a strange obsession with strange pagan artifacts.

Hitler wanted to posses was the lance of Longinus. This lance is better known as the sword of destiny.

Longinus was the Roman soldier who pierced the side of Jesus. A legend came to center around the spear, which Hitler believed in very strongly; that whosoever possessed the spear and understood its powers for serving good and evil could conquer the world.

It is quite interesting to note at this juncture that a Sword and a Stone wield such power. It is the same metaphoric symbolism seen in the Arthurian legends.

Many great conquerors possessed the Spear. From Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor who had legalized Christianity. Theodosius, Alaric who sacked Rome, Theodoric who turned back Attila the Hun, Justinian, Charles Martel who had defeated the Moslems at the Battle of Poitiers, Charlemagne, Frederick Barbarossa and Frederick II, and others as well.

Now these great conquers also paid the consequences for having this artifact in their possession. Charlemagne had kept the spear with him throughout 47 victorious battles, and had only died when he accidentally dropped it. Barbarossa, like Charlemagne, died within minutes of dropping it as he crossed a stream.

Following these warriors, apart from Hitler, no conqueror had paid the legend any heed during the next 500 years with the exception of Napoleon who attempted to take it following the Battle of Austerlitz.

Unfortunately for him, it had already been smuggled out of Vienna just prior to the battle, and he never obtained it. Hitler finally obtained it and arguably became one of the most powerful men of the 20th Century.

The sword originally was in an Austrian museum. Hitler seized the sword in the name of the third Reich. After having declared Austria to be a part of the Reich, Hitler had it loaded on to an armored SS train and taken to Nuremberg on October 13. There it remained in St. Catherine's Church for the next 6 years until it was removed to a safer, protective underground vault where Lt. Walter William Horn, of the United States Army took possession of it in the name of the US government at 2:10 PM on April 30, 1945. Soviet Archives that were once kept hidden from us now reveal that when the Russian Soldiers captured Hitler's Bunker Hitler died from a gunshot wound to the head by his own hand at 3:30 P.M. 80 minutes after the United States took possession of the Spear.

Furthermore, once the spear was in the possession of the United States, the nuclear age was about to begin.

The Atomic bomb Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima by the B-29 bomber Enola Gay at 8:15 a.m. on August 6th, 1945.

The United States still had possession of the sword and became the super powerful country that it is today.

The sword opened the seal that allowed Apollyon to rise up and create a necropolis. Is the stone in the possession of Saddam Hussein another lethal tool to destroy cities and to lay to waste anything that comes near it?

The stone and the sword are all symbols of power in the scheme of the New World Order.

The New World Order is a new militant Order derived from earlier ideas, rituals, and militant orders of Knights and Kings.

It really isn’t all that new.

It is the attempt to re-establish holy monarchies. Kingdoms with religious or charismatic leaders.

It will be done through secret rituals and honorariums that will be practiced and given by the leaders of the world charged with the destiny to become priests and priestesses in world government that has a sense of religious zeal accompanied by draconian methods of enforcing twisted morals and ideologies that thwart the process of choice and liberty.

Shortly after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The Axis powers of the "New Order" consisting of Japan, Italy and Germany were passing from the international scene. While a new power, the Soviet Union, was making it’s presence felt in unsettling ways. An old order was dying with the end of the war, and a new one was being born and baptized in a new kind of war which turned into a cold war.

However it should be noted that many of the ghosts of the Nazis remained in the United states and the old order was shelved for a time only to be renewed and slowly brought into the consensus reality in order to prepare the people for the events leading up to the great and terrible destruction that will leave a hopeless world at the mercy of a super police state that will enforce the tenets of a new World order.

Thus the great King Apollyon will rule at the designated time. If Not Hussein there are others waiting in the wings to go out and lay to waste countries and cities. Cities that will eventually become Cities of the dead, or the great Necropolis.

Where ironically the names of the dead will some day be etched in stone.

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