By Clyde Lewis

When purgatory reaches its limit of spiritual prisoners and the door is left ajar the spiritual tricksters will walk the earth in search of targets. When the spiritual undead outnumber those spirits yet to be born the signs and wonders will indicate that the time is near for all things unknown to reveal themselves.

I remember that when I was in my teens I had a girlfriend who had a Dutch grandfather who liked to put together puzzles. I was never one to actually sit down and put together a puzzle because it took up too much of my time. He once sat me down and told me that it was important to learn how to piece together puzzles because they teach resourcefulness.

He showed me that the best way to start piecing together a puzzle is to work form the edges in. He said to go and find the edge pieces and then eventually the rest of the picture will come into view and soon the entire puzzle will be complete and you will see the picture.

Well I guess I took the advice literally.

I have often been accused of looking for the truth by first going to the edge and working my way in. Sometimes I have been told that I reach the bleeding edge and develop theories that are improbable.

I admit that there are times where you can come up with all kinds of theories that somehow cause your friends to not speak to you or cause the phone to stop ringing. There are also those who claim that what I theorize is too dark and that it is frightening to read the words that fall from my overactive brain on to the keyboard.

The scary thing is some of the theories that I have thrown out there have eerily transpired.

I feel the compulsion to always backtrack for those who have never read any of my material before. This time I think I will break from the habit of cross-referencing my thoughts to delivering new ones and to reinforce the idea that the time is now for all things to transpire.

We have looked at all the signposts on the path and it seems that we have decided to take the path to destruction. This is a tough thing to say when there is a majority of people who have developed a myopic view of what is happening right now.

There are more souls that are being held in limbo that have passed from this earth, than the spirits that await to be born on this earth. There are souls that are lights to the world. Some lights barely shine others still are yet to be seen. Some are ready to be extinguished. Each one has value but when all are darkened there is nothing left and darkness can fall upon the earth.

While we are told that we have had all sorts of medical breakthroughs to save life, the more we try to cheat death the more we see that death is the great equalizer.

Six feet of dirt makes all men equal. All men who are reduced to charcoal, burn together and are cooperative in providing fuel for the living. The living, who see the carnage envy the dead.

Death can not be mocked or taken lightly. He is the dealer that is holding the cards right now. The players in the game, our leaders are all bluffing their way in hopes to cheat the inevitable.

It reminds me of an old Brothers Grimm story that will probably never be told before a night of much needed slumber. Godfather Death is an old German story about an old man who denies God and the devil and makes a deal with death.

The old man had twelve children. Later a 13th son was about to come into the world and he couldn't afford him. He looked in the woods to find a guardian for the boy. Standing in the woods was the Lord Jesus Christ and Jesus said that he would be the Godfather of the boy and that he would give him a rightful baptism and take care of him.

The Old man said to Jesus that he would decline the offer because he claimed that Christians give to the rich and let the poor suffer in disease and hunger.

Then the old man took the boy to Satan.

Satan said I will give the boy all of the riches and gold he needs and he will never starve. The old man declined again because Satan was a liar and a deceiver of men. Then standing in the woods was the pale and bony Death.

Draped and hooded he approached the old man and the boy.

In a cold and raspy voice Death said "Choose me as godfather."

Death said to the old man that he treats all men equally.

The Old man agreed that Death took all men rich and poor and that he was no respecter of persons. Death treated all men without distinction.

Death swore to the old man that he would make the child rich and famous.

The Old man left the boy with Death and Death showed the boy an herb that when used could prolong life. He showed the boy that if the herb was ground up and placed in an elixir it would be the miracle cure all for all men. He then made a deal with the boy that when he reached maturity he would become a doctor. The deal had a caveat however.

Death told the now mature boy,

"You must only pay attention when you are called to a sick person and see if I am standing at his head. If so, without further ado let him smell from this flask, then anoint his feet with its contents, and he soon will regain his health. But if I am standing at his feet, then he is finished, for I will soon take him. Do not attempt to begin a cure."

Death handed him the flask, and his godchild later became a renowned doctor. He only needed to see a patient, and he could immediately predict whether he would regain his health or die.

News had come that the King, was suffering from a serious illness. The Doctor was summoned to cure him. When the doctor approached him, he saw Death standing at the king's feet, and his flask would be of no use. This was unfortunate because the Doctor felt that he could save the King he would then be in his favor and have his endorsement.

It then occurred to him that he might deceive Death. He felt that since he was Death's Godchild he wouldn't harm him.

He took hold of the king and turned him around, so that Death was now standing at his head. It succeeded, and the king regained his health.

After the doctor returned home, Death came to him, made angry and grim faces at him, and said, "If you ever again attempt to deceive me, I shall lay my cold hands on your neck."

Soon afterward the king's beautiful daughter took ill. No one on earth could help her. The king wept day and night, until finally he proclaimed that whoever could cure her could have her as a reward. The doctor came and saw Death standing at her feet. Astonished at her beauty, he forgot the warning, turned her around, let her smell from the healing flask, and anointed the soles of her feet with it contents.

He had scarcely returned home when Death with his terrifying face appeared before him, seized him, and carried him to a cave where many candles were burning. Some were very tall candles others were medium sized and others were small stubs ready to be extinguished. Every light represented the souls of the living. The life lights of all of mankind.

The doctor asked death to show him his candle. There was a stub sitting on a special table. The Doctor begged death to get a larger candle and make it his own so that his life be spared. Death told him that in order for a candle to be replaced, one has to go out. Death was running out of candles.

The Doctor grabbed a candle that was bigger and extinguished the light and said, "Here this will be my candle, quickly godfather place mine on top of this one so that the light will continue to burn. I wish to be king! I want to marry the beautiful princess. Oh please Godfather I must live!"

Death purposefully fumbled and dropped the stub of a candle that was the doctor's.

The Doctor fell to the ground and died.

This story teaches us that even those in power will do anything to stay alive. They will extinguish any candle they wish in order to sought their material gain.

But Death always wins in the end.

We are finding better ways to kill each other on a massive scale. The thoughts of holocaust and megadeath are downplayed as alarmist pap. However it is now the age where skyscrapers look like grave markers from above and souls are thrown into the void faster and faster as the terrorist threat not only exists abroad but on the front porch.

The powerful use fear and death as means by which to control. They would not hesitate to extinguish your candle to see their agendas take life. When 100,000 dead turn up on our shores we will know the true meaning of being held in a prison designed for our extermination.

Welcome to the happy camp, the prison of Ashemdai the great and powerful Trickster who shares a table with Asmodeus and Abaddon feasting on the energies produced by terrified humans that they call monkeys.

The dead that have long since passed are returning to warn us that all is not well in purgatory. The souls of the dead scream from their graves and they are begging for us to hear their cries to a sleeping world.

Call them angels, demons, or even specters of past tragedies but their voices and their essence are turning up everywhere.

We are being prepared to meet otherworldly beings in forms that have never before been imagined.

The infestation is now becoming obsession. This leads to a progressive possession and while you are mesmerized you will not understand the hypnotic hold that all of these strange things may have on you. While you are dazed and confused the time will fly by and soon you will see that the months have blurred by and the years will fly out of control.

Grand wonders are about to be seen in the heavens. There will be whirlwinds and thunders, great quaking, and anomalous communications with nature.

All of the cosmos are infused with consciousness. There are many legions of entities and intelligences that are watching the planet.

They are becoming more vocal, and they are appearing at a rapid rate. They are leaving behind their calling cards and hope that we see their evidence. They are also manifesting themselves in human beings. Legions of both organized and chaotic thought forms have formed symbiotic relationships with their human hosts.

Case after case has been reported and the mainstream ignores such things because there is no way to explain these anomalies without coming off as being tabloid or absurd.

Yet the stories of demons, and entities coming through cosmic doorways are in our history and many have been overlooked.

There have been stories of exorcisms, and cleansing. Spirit renewal and release of dark force entities. The world may not be ready for the monsters that we have created. But the monsters can appear without warning if the collective consciousness allows them to be fed.

We are told that we are to remain vigilant against the realities of terror. We have been told to be on the watch for an "axis of evil." We have told not to be soft and that it is time to strike first and ask questions later.

Well, there is more to it than that. The words "axis of evil" have been used to justify a preemptive strike against human kind. Yet this first strike mentality has allowed us to open up to the possibility of taking on the task of extinguishing the candles that belong to others so that we may live.

Think of the ramifications if we follow leaders who decide just who dies and who lives and for what purpose.

We are continuing to feed the monster Abaddon.

We are in a prison and our warden is any agent of destruction and evil that we continue to fortify. I call it the prison of Ashmedai, or Asmodeus.

These names are names bestowed upon the chief demons of tricks, deception and destruction.

They are puppet masters and if you find yourself dancing to their tune you will begin to see yourself falling deeper and deeper into the abyss.

These agents of darkness will take hold of the keys of power and they will mask their identities. They will go to great lengths to silence and dissuade anyone from speaking of their presence.

They will use ritual magic and hidden technology to bring about the enslavement and total control of the mass consciousness. This is nothing new. This vicious circle has been around for many lifetimes and the demons have been with us for millennia and they are only in control if we empower their essence.

They exist and appear at critical moments of human history.

This may be why we are hearing more and more accounts about the appearances of both profane and reverent beings from beyond this earthly dimension.

The war in heaven, for heaven and earth may be happening now.

The bank of souls is filling up and the overflow is showing itself on the earth.

The entities of dark forces and chaotic locales are ready to feed off of the life energies that are being sent out into the void. We are creating so much psychic noise, and are generating so much energy forged in anxiety that the beings of chaos are gaining strength.

The instruments in the hands of the chaotic entities are at the ready. Those persons who are ready to do the extinguishing of light have already made their plans and the truth bears itself out.

Reports are beginning to surface that at the moment U.S. tactical nuclear weapons are already in Afghanistan. The weapons range in power from 2 to 10 kilotons. Nearly 5 months after the attacks on the world trade center we have already called out to the ether the deliverance of a declared axis of evil. This will further escalate tensions between other countries including North Korea, another nuclear power.

Air Force General Richard Meyer's declared:

" I think this is going to be a long, hard fought conflict, and it will be global in scale."

The charge has been given that this is war that will pit good against evil.

Nebulous philosophies that strike a chord with human kind.

Former Chief of Staff for U.S. Forces in South Korea, General Singlaub also made it clear that what we are about to do is bring about World War three:

"We must recognize that this is going to develop into a larger war, and there will be lots of people and nations involved."

This is sounding more like the war of Gog and Magog from the book of Revelation.

But the word Gog has a much deeper meaning.

Could it be that the secret global occult government of dark forces is at the helm of creating the chaos needed for self-annihilation?

Global Occult Government there seems to be a pattern, and uncanny coincidence. It's only food for thought.

How do you sell a group of individuals on the idea of self -destruction?

You destroy. The living will fear that they are next. So our leaders decide to use the same evil means to arrive at an unknown end.

You empower the monster of the Id. You unleash the most powerful demons that are in the arsenal.

Then you conquer them so that you appear to be the hero.

All whose lights are extinguished in the melee will die for the great and terrible lie.

All truth is satisfied in the grave.

Or it is silenced so that we can speculate on greater unknowns. What do we know about the beyond? What is behind the beyond? I'm afraid that most of us don't even know what is beyond our behind.

Watch your back.


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