By Clyde Lewis

And who shall inherit the earth in the future? Darwin tells us that it will be the strong. The Bible tells us that it is the meek. The other possibility will be a subtle evolutionary change where the average human will become the servant of the new race of human species, a race that has been lying in wait for the final integration.

When I was a child I was overwhelmed by the nature shows that were on television. When the TV wasn't beaming the mating of some mosquito, or a scene where the lion had a gazelle in its jaws, there were the moments where we were forced to sit Indian style in the assembly room at our elementary school to watch more animal shows from Disney to National Geographic.

Amazingly I learned a few things from them. I watched in horror as a Black Widow spider would mate and then eat her partner, and we would giggle when aboriginal women would dance with their bare breasts on the screen.

One of the most fascinating stories to come out of the animal kingdom is the story of the Cuckoo bird. The Cuckoo bird is often joked about and the euphemism of Cuckoo is often used to denote lunacy, however people probably don't realize that the Cuckoo bird is one of the most evil and abusive birds in the animal kingdom.

The Cuckoo is a bird that lays its eggs in other bird's nests. The Cuckoo bird manipulates other birds into hatching its eggs and raising its young along with their own. The victim birds, usually Magpies rear the Cuckoos and apparently do it under a threat that the Magpie chicks and other eggs will be destroyed if it is not done.

A cuckoo bird has the ability to invade an unattended nest, snatch up an egg, lay a close copy and be gone within 10 seconds. After hatching, some cuckoo chicks instinctively shove other chicks and remaining eggs out of the nest, so they can have all of the food.

Now if you can allow yourself for a moment to let your mind wander, I would like you to put yourself in the place of the Magpie. The nest you occupy is your home, or in a larger perspective its your world.

Now allow yourself to think about the possibility of an invader being able come in quickly and mimic your genetic code. This invader has the ability to replicate it's young with the attributes of your offspring.

You are then expected to raise that offspring. That offspring has a deadly objective. It's objective is to remove any obstacle that may be in the way of its survival. Even more chilling is that you will raise this offspring knowing full well that it will eventually abandon you; maybe even destroy you to join up with its own kind.

It is unclear as to why this happens in nature but it is evident from the human perspective that If you can get someone else to do your bidding, you can have more time and energy to attend to your own needs.

In child hood literature Dr. Seuss tells us the story of Horton the elephant, who is persuaded to sit on an egg while its mother, the good-for-nothing bird lazy Maysie, takes off to Palm Springs.

Many people will say that the story is a comical farce and it is evident that within the pages, the very words of Seuss reflect that the idea. Especially a large Elephant that decides that it is better to keep his word than abandon a life that is about to be born. All the animals where Horton lived made fun of him, and criticized him for his actions:

They taunted, they teased him, they yelled
"How absurd, Horton the Elephant thinks he is a bird!"-Horton Hatches an Egg.

It raises a haunting question, which is why any species would routinely accept and raise the young of another species, thereby decreasing its own chances for survival and reproductive success?

To give it a Ground Zero perspective we can compare what happens in nature to what may happen to the human species if we are to believe what we have been told about the possibility of a clandestine invasion, where human subjects are unaware or fully aware that they are a part of a cosmic experiment which entails the hybridization of alien species with that of human species.

Like the Magpie is to the Cuckoo, humans have been subjected to the same form of manipulation. It is the alleged Aliens who have been abducting humans and creating a species that will assimilate with their human half brothers, eventually eliminating them so that they can inherit the earth.

In 1992, David Jacobs PhD released a book called Secret life, which revealed to the world that the aliens that we have been hearing about are not the benevolent beings we have been seeing in movies like E.T. the extraterrestrial.

In the book, Jacobs claims that out of the 700 alleged Alien Abduction cases he examined, the victims made claims that the Extra Terrestrials are not here to explore earth, study human physiology, or warn us about nuclear devastation. The alien agenda is nothing less than breeding a race of alien-human hybrids as a first step towards domination of the planet.

He continues to claim that the aliens collect human sperm and eggs, genetically alter the fertilized embryo, incubate fetuses in human hosts, and make humans mentally and physically interact with the offspring for proper hybrid development.

If that scenario isn't horrific enough, Jacobs also says that a number of the abductees were forced to have sex with the hybrids, causing the same mimic effect that exists in nature. Eventually these hybrids will exist to insure a gradual takeover of the planet.

So many people have postulated that a change is about to take place to the earth, and many of us have had the idea of a darker future retold over and over again by doomsayers and many religions say that prophecy tells us that it is inevitable.

We must try and overcome personal prejudice and expectations when investigating the alleged alien abduction and subsequent hybridization of the planet. Discussions such as these can eventually lead to a quasi-religious argument about the purpose of aliens in the Christian God's plan.

The recent insinuation that aliens are fallen angels and that they harm good Christians seems to be millennial oratory for preachers who worry that their flock will fall down and worship such creatures out of fear that they may be harmed next.

Many of their flock already have become disenchanted with the ideologies that have been forced on them. Thus adding fuel to the argument that the alien idea is an enabler for those with dwindling faith to reject God.

All things can be explained away by giving it a demonic label.

Something has to be responsible for the rejection of faith in God. Something is causing a change in the mental health of the youth. Something needs to be blamed. Satan once again is in business in apocalypse. This time however he is 3 to 5 feet tall, has big black eyes, gray skin and carries an anal probe.

We must realize at the same time that we are becoming more aware of what is happening around us and everyday we see splashed on the screen or inked in the newspapers that more and more people are behaving in ways that can be considered alien.

Could this be the result of the alien assimilation into the populace?

In the 50 years of the modern UFO era it seems that the aliens have demonstrated that they are acting like the Cuckoo bird. They can come into a home in a split second. Tinker with human reproductive systems and then go back to their labs out in space. Humans will raise the hybrids or incubate the offspring until the time that they are removed by the same manipulating humanoid creature. The hybrids are then suited up and sent into the population undetected. Their personalities are equivalent to the mythical gremlins who are always on hand to create chaos and eventually push the real humans out of the picture.

We need to also realize that this type of behavior could very well be the result of mans inhumanity to man and the blatant disregard for human liberty and safety. Man is indeed a manipulator and a mimic and he has a tendency to repeat the horrors of the past.

The intrusiveness of the modern alien beings is reminiscent of experiments and human gene experimentation that existed during the Nazi reign of terror and the following mind control experiments carried out by the US government in the 1950's and continuing well into the seventies.

After these terrible events were realized, there seemed to be an overwhelming onslaught of abduction circumstances that eventually made their jump from the tabloids to the mainstream. The reinforcement of the belief system seems to be looped in television shows and movies. The images continue to be embedded into the collective consciousness as real possibilities.

This is where technology is being used to blur the lines of reality. Mainstream press is now embracing the possibilities of UFO's and aliens by creating special documentaries on the mysterious phenomenon. The Discovery Channel focuses on the subject matter as an alternative to mainstream science and or religion. Movies like "Contact" show us that whatever face you put on these beings in the universe, whether God or alien we must make way for the time where we will either go to them or they will come to us.

More and more people are showing an interest and readiness to believe that we are not alone in the universe. As we have pointed out, younger groups are more willing to believe in a more tangible multi-dimensional being than one that seems to be worn out and empty. Even if that being likes to tinker with us like lab mice.

I knew a woman who was an "experiencer" (a new age term for abductee) and she was always of the belief that her contacts with the space brotherhood were always uplifting and somewhat religious. It inspired her to write music and speak as if she had been touched by the hand of God. To look at her you could see sweetness to her and positive pulses would always emanate from her. She was at a UFO seminar in Roswell and she was making the claim that she was impregnated by alien beings and that she had held her alien baby.

The catch was that she had a hysterectomy many years earlier after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

There are many that will still claim that their experiences with extra terrestrials are positive. Yet we hear that they were taken unwillingly, that they are prodded and poked at, and in some cases are sexually abused. The very idea of carrying an alien baby and then having it removed would be a very torturous game of mental hopscotch as well.

There is also the residual torture of post traumatic experiences, mental flashbacks, and in some cases proof of their abductions. However the proof is still arguable by most critics. The evidence at hand seems to be the reports of electronic implants that are left inside the human body after the alleged abduction has taken place.

The abduction victims receive tracking implants and several of them reject the pieces embedded in their bodies and one has to wonder if the implants are the result of alien technology, or technology that we have devised.

In fact there is strong evidence that suggests that yet another notorious mimicking is taking place where a shadow group may be simulating alien abduction for some sinister purpose.

A compelling coincidence is that since the 1980's when the abduction stories were the topic of the alternative press we have now been hearing about implanted chip technology as a reality.

Timothy McVeigh was one of the first soldiers who claimed that he received a chip implant when he was in the Gulf War. After his involvement with the Oklahoma City bombing he often complained of pain caused by a chip that was implanted in his buttocks.

There have also been random shootings where the assailants have said that they were the victims of mind control and that they had a chip in their heads telling them to commit acts of murder.

Once again we must use the Cuckoo example to evaluate whether or not there seems to be a pattern of the "chicks" instinctively shoving the other chicks and remaining eggs out of the nest.

The cynical critic would challenge the idea believing that it is preposterous to think that a government would be engaged in an activity that would destroy its own people. Perhaps the alien hybrid agenda is an agenda that has the unbridled support of governments and the few people that are in the intelligence cabals that allegedly run the world?

If that is the case then once again we have to ask the question, why would any species routinely accept and raise the young of another species, thereby decreasing its own chances for survival and reproductive success?

Is there a threat that has been held over the heads of government? A threat that unless the planet conforms there will be untold disasters and that with these disasters and other maladies they will lose their power hold over the inhabitants of the earth? Or is it something much more diabolical and unbelieveable?

Could it be that those in control of the world are in fact the first hybrids? That they are secretly the offspring of a divine, or perhaps profane being? Perhaps the reason this world is in such a state of disarray is because the alien groups are already in control? They demonstrate every day that If they can get someone else to do their bidding, they can have more time and energy to attend to their own needs.

We have seen men in power commit atrocities before, and history has shown man's peculiar ways of dealing with those that he feels are on the lower end of the food chain. Some will still look the other way and foolishly believe that horrible things happen in other countries and not on American soil.

The track record is documented. We have heard all of the horror stories of how the U.S. government has injected radioactive materials into unwitting victims. We have heard of experiments where people were injected with syphilis and were told that they were being treated and yet were not. How do we excuse this behavior? How do we explain it? Furthermore how can we explain the idea that there are small groups of people who have access to weapons of mass destruction?

Isn't it odd that the weapons of mass destruction they control are pointed at you and not at them? That they hold the entire planet hostage by the threat of destroying life if you do not do as they say?

Do these activities prove that there is some force that has infiltrated the very elect of the planet? That perhaps little by little abductees are being microchipped for tracking purposes, and that some have raised hybrids that have assimilated into society waiting for their time to push the undesirables out of the nest?

In many abduction cases the victims say that a long tube is shoved into the nose and a loud pop is heard. In many cases of abductions that I have investigated, I recall that many claim that a tube was placed into the nasal cavity and then blood would trickle down the abductee's cheeks.

It is also coincidence that reports of transnasal implants also exist in intelligence documents. American intelligence agencies used the same methods twenty to 30 years earlier with MK-Ultra and other projects dealing with mind control activities.

Also it would be to an alien race's advantage to place implants into the body that are not detectable. However that is simply not the case. They are being discovered and removed routinely if you are to believe what you hear on the late night talk shows and UFO reality programs.

It can be argued that if these aliens are more advanced then why do they need tracking implants that use technology that was developed in the 1950's?

The answers are simple. The assimilation has begun and the hybrids are here pushing us out of the way, or Aliens and intelligence agencies are playing with people for their own greedy and selfish reasons or simply humans are more barbaric than we realize and this behavior is natural and normal.

How can any of this be natural or normal?

Are we merely puppets that are at the mercy of those in power? Has our free will been stripped of us? Once again we must ask the question, why do we willingly allow this type of behavior to happen?

Perhaps the whole world has decided that if you can't beat the Cuckoos you must join the Cuckoos.

Resistance is futile.


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