By Clyde Lewis

"Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception."-Dr. Jacques Vallee

I have been seriously pondering the events of the "month long" week that followed the attack on the World trade Center on September 11th, 2001. I took some time away for many reasons. The biggest reason of all was to clear my head and understand why meaningful coincidence always seems to find it's way to me. I have never exploited my ability to get glimpses of the future and sometimes I feel more like a conduit that gets a few messages that cryptically fall into essay and articles that I have been compelled to write since Ground Zero began in 1995.

It was alarming to the fans of Ground Zero to see me take time off because my track record has been that no matter what, I appear on the show.

Even when I fell victim to a "chemical cloud" that was released in Salt Lake City, my gruff voice was being heard delivering the message that I felt needed to be given. But after the bombing I had no words of wisdom, and my feelings were completely devoid of any sense.

I know that my words sometimes fall flat and that many people laugh and think that I have gone off the deep end.

But I must point out that if you have read my past articles, followed my shows, and have heard my interviews you can see that I have been ahead of the mainstream in telling you what you must look forward to.

If it puts fear in your very soul, then you are going into the dark journey of the future unprepared for what is to come. No religion, government, or ideology is going to save you entirely.

There are forces far greater in the universe that have revealed themselves and it is my opinion that those who are still ever prideful of their positions, will eventually meet head on, the hideous face of the truth.

I have been told that I must speak my truth to people. However I am convinced that the truth that I claim to have is not putting that much of a dent on anyone. No one wants to hear that the monsters that we try to avoid are very real and they are watching in the wings to see when it is time to attack.

We all seem so knowledgeable and we all look at what I do as entertaining. However I am about to draw some definitive lines when it comes to showmanship and the reality of what is at stake, in what I can only conclude are the final years. before our transformation.

I am not speaking as a cult leader, guru, or prophet. I am trying to be a latter-day realist who sees the folly of being both a gullible believer in all things, and a difficult skeptic who is scratching his head and giving nebulous opinions that in the past would stick, but now sound hollow and remarkably insipid.

You can't argue the fact that in the past there has been a "deal" laid out during the time that the earth was a mere blueprint for some sort of ecological experiment where the farming and cultivating duties were given to a species of mortal men.

Men who have been watched over from a distance, and subsequently visited by these watchers in order to propel him further in his knowledge and guaranteeing success in his evolution.

In the same instance there have been watchers and observers who we all know have had hostile intent toward mankind and have acted in a diabolical way in order to keep the world in a constant flux of terror, dread, and danger.

This has kept man in the murkiness of what is now called the unknown.

It is the greatest motivator and it fuels the imagination and actions of every being on this planet. Without the unknown, man would not have ventured out of the cave to explore the strange new worlds that exist both on and off his planet.

Man had wondered if he was alone since the time he had the courage to look up at the stars. He felt so small. He wondered if his true home was above him. He witnessed great wars in heaven, at least that was the only thing he could surmise, when bearded dragons, or comets hurled through the firmament and planets would look as if they would swoop down and attack.

Then of course there were the moving fiery vehicles that defied his description and so he would scrawl upon the rocks the advent of his first encounters with the watchers. Always appearing at opportune moments in his history.

Not only in the modern era but anciently as well.

The Genesis Apocryphon found within the ancient dead sea scrolls gives us a clue of about 200 beings of a much larger group of more powerful beings, or heavenly hosts called "Watchers" left the higher part of Heaven (outer space) and came to earth to bring about the fall of mankind through acts of violence and other mischief. Many have looked upon these beings as the fallen ones, or the class of Watchers that did not keep their first estate which is talked about in the Old Testament. They have never left us and have been placed here to observe and also plot the destruction of man and his planet through covert activities.

The Sumerian scribes had written about the watchers and named them the Anunnaki, beings that came from planet called "Nibiru" they were very judgmental beings and ruled the inhabitants of the earth.

Sumeria, which is now Persia, is believed to be earth's first civilization with language agriculture and commerce. Persia is now known as Iran, home of the "Aryans." If this is a familiar term for you then realize that the Nazis believed that the "Aryans" were direct descendents from the "gods."

Millions were murdered as a result of this belief and perhaps you can see what truly is at stake as we move once again into the ancient lands to fight wars against terrorists.

We seem mimicking the specters of both Roosevelt and Hitler. Roosevelt had occult interests in the Holy Land, and Hitler claimed to be motivated by visions of alien entities observing his every move. He killed over 6 million Jews in the process and now the cycle eerily places us full circle putting us in the middle of a Middle Eastern war.

Every Christian in the world should now see this as their wake up call. There have been too many biblical coincidences in this new war, and it is apparent that soon the "Watchers" may reveal themselves and on whose side they are on.

The Watchers or their respective "ghosts" have now unleashed the mythological God of destruction. You have heard it called Apollyon or Abaddon. There is of course another name for the supreme God of aerial war and that is Baalhazor.

Baalhazor was known as the lord of the forces, the God of battle from the skies.

Ancient texts have described the lord of fortresses as an "alien god" that will pour out war upon the lands. Shadows will fall upon the universe and evil will grow, causing death to come from the skies.

Baalhazor along with other alien Gods such as Baalbamoth, and Baalzebub rule the flying things of the most high places.

Could this be the key to unlocking the secrets of what the modern UFO might be? Are these beings able to wage war from high places in space and do they appear when man is at his worst?

I have managed to point out the cyclical nature of time and how history seems to repeat itself.

It seems too evident that we are somehow caught in a groove when we see the media spin comparisons between World War II and the possible embryonic World War III. There seems to be an air of mysticism hidden just under the roar of the jet fighters and the crushing clang of the tanks as the new warlords move through the Holy Land.

Remember that the Nazis murdered the Jews as a result of the belief in the Aryan supermen.

Take a look at where we sit now as we prepare for war in the lands of the ancient watchers.

Ancient texts from these lands such as the Indian Mahabharata give us accounts of the Gods raging aerial wars in "Vimanas" which can only be described as spaceships designed with intricate detail.

Babylonia, Assyria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan, all have ancient accounts of Gods who used the sky as its battleground for the earth. Using special aircraft in order to strike.

In all truth, since the attack of the World Trade Center serendipity has happened and I am about to go absolutely out of the box about what might be going on the fringes of the news.

If you took the time to read my last article called Cosmic Trickery and the article Abaddon Nexxus, you will start to see a pattern that will take you all the way back to the article "Alien Apocalypse: The Genesis of a New Revelation." You will see that something very peculiar may be happening in the world.

I had told some friends of mine that if George W. Bush used this tragedy as an opportunity to beef up his space based weapons I would be angry. The reason I say this is because no space shield would have stopped the planes from crashing into the WTC, or the Pentagon. After the attack on the World trade center I received a news piece that had me questioning the true motives of our leaders after this tragedy. True to form the news piece got my blood boiling.

WASHINGTON-September 13th, 2001 : After the suicide attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon appear to have strengthened, not weakened, the prospects for Congressional support of President Bush's missile defense plan. Representative David R. Obey of Wisconsin, the senior Democrat on the Appropriations Committee, said that even though the attacks showed that the biggest threat to the nation was from terrorism, Congressional reluctance to oppose the president at this time seemed likely to overwhelm that circumstance.

One Democratic senator after another, while stopping short of Mr. Obey's blunt prediction, said they felt that this was no time for partisanship - and the ballistic missile issue is inevitably partisan.

Moreover, the money issue has all but disappeared, swept away by Congress's sudden post-attack willingness to tap the Social Security surplus for all forms of defense. That has weakened the argument that the president's request for $8.3 billion for an antimissile system would divert needed money from more pressing dangers like terrorism, critics of the plan concede.

I guess it comes as no surprise that it would be unpatriotic to question the motives of the President as he leads us through our time of terror. People are getting a fresh grip on their new found faith in God and the flag and will support whatever means necessary to secure the freedoms of this great land even if the President decides to fulfill unflattering biblical prophecy laid down in Old Testament writings. Read this and see if President Bush is a man of "destiny."

"The Evil one shall not regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women nor love any god, for he shall magnify himself above all. But in his place he shall honor the god of fortresses"-Book of Daniel.

Now to review, in the Christian Bible who is the allegedly the "god of fortresses?" Baalhazor. What does he allegedly rule over? Aerial battles. What is George W. Bush doing by demanding the militarization of space? He is literally unleashing the ghost of Baalhazor and opening the earth up to a great aerial battle. He is unleashing the new warlords that allegedly dwell in the "highest of places" (Outer space).

Pretty damned spooky if you ask me. All the "B" demons, Baalhazor, Baalzebub, and Baalbamoth are all translated to be "alien gods" in Hebrew. All dwell in the skies, and all are charged with the battles of the air. They all have the power over space fortresses, or battle stations.

So now, when Bush mentioned of "21st Century threats" he wasn't kidding.

That is if you believe in all of this scary biblical stuff, and the fulfillment of prophecy.

But don't let that stop you from wondering if any of the "Watchers" showed up to see the destruction of the World Trade center.

Some curious pictures have made the rounds on the internet, and while we can point out that the probable cause of these anomalies are the appearance of debris or aircraft, you may want to jump into the strange territory just for fun. There may be other reasons that Mr. Bush has decided to mount up the rockets and missiles in space.

On September 16th, 2001 Matt Drudge of the Drudgereport filed a peculiar story that was a little bit out of his element:



A flying mystery object was captured on video just moment after a second aircraft crashed into New York's World Trade Center, it can be revealed.

Stills from a video taken by GAMMA PRESS USA -- showing the twin towers from an east angle -- clearly show an unknown object moving at a 90 degree angle to the second plane's flight path.

Was a military jet following the second plane? Is the object a radar-guided missile that was fired at the airliner -- but arrived seconds late? Is the object a post-event distortion by a GAMMA PRESS editor? Could the image be a giant piece of debris racing toward the horizon?

The mystery surrounding the video intensified in and out of official government over the weekend.

A close examination of the footage appears to first show the object flashed by sunlight -- above the left tower -- a full 10 seconds after impact of the second airliner. The mystery object quickly streaks across the back of the right tower before swooping down at a rapid clip and out of the camera's frame.

The video featuring the mystery object has so far failed to catch the attention of the nation's main press.

Oh but it did capture the attention of foreign press. Countries like Argentina, and Japan were immediately asking whether or not "The Watchers" had returned to witness the event.

There were many photos that showed several angles of the alleged UFO(s).

Now, these photos may in fact depict smoke, gas, and maybe even helicopters. But consider that at the time of the attack, no aircraft were supposed to be in the air. These blips in the pictures provided could also be dispatched military aircraft or missiles for interception. Maybe even smart bombs.

Either way they are UFOs and for those who are thinking that space aliens may be in them and that it is a silly notion, let us call them U.A.P.

They are UNIDENTIFIED. Period.

This apparently isn't the first time UFO's have appeared near the WTC. Anonymous videotape was sent to the Sci Fi Channel sometime in the year 2000, which purported to show a UFO near the World Trade Center that darted in front of a helicopter.

There were many opinions expressed that the UFO itself was a hoax created on a computer. The video has since been taken down from the Sci Fi Channel website and now you can view stills from the video in Ground Zero's new "Daily Views" section dated September 28th, 2001.

There are even those who claim that the recent anomalies near the towers are hoaxes. That's easy enough. Just say it's a hoax. I have always thought that a hoax is an act of fraudulence. To deceive in order to profit.

Now if these pictures of the Towers burning and the strange craft surrounding them are hoaxes, then who would be motivated to create such hoaxes? Who is going to have the balls to step forward and profit off of a tragedy? Using footage of anomalous objects?

Could we be seeing traffic helicopters? Well, knowing how a newsroom would work in this situation, I really don't think Helicopters would move that fast, nor would they even be doing traffic updates. Every station would immediately go to news and official information.

So now how do we explain the orbs and dark saucers?

Perhaps this is why we need money to beef up our space shield. The strange craft were hovering everywhere while everyone was running in a panic.

There was also talk of "21st century weapons being used to bring down both Towers. It has been reported that right before the collapse of the first Tower cellular phones had died. This may be a coincidental anomaly but needs to be looked into.

I have never heard of terrorists using EMP bombs on anyone, but we have been warned that they can be used. Scalar weapons of the 21st century are well on their way to being used all the time and with the anomalous activity near the towers one has to wonder if the terrorists who come from the land of the "Watchers" had a little help from their "gods of fortresses."

This may be a product of my overactive imagination, but somebody has some explaining to do.

I mean these weapons were allegedly used in Afghanistan. There are reports that during the Russian Afghanistan conflict Russians loaded up their HIND choppers with an EMP weapon called "The wind of death." It was called that because when it used soldiers would fall without going into convulsions, which is a result of a nerve gas attack. This scalar weapon when used is quite eerie and very quick.

Death is instantaneous. It's like flipping a switch and you fall like a limp washcloth. There is no convulsion, no twitches or jerks.. The entire nervous system is destroyed in a split second. Every living cell in the body is killed instantly, including all bacteria, and germs.

The macabre part of this death ray is that once the body is hit its decay rate is stunted. The reason why is because the body is reduced to the equivalent of irradiated meat. Everything is killed, so the body is preserved for an extended period of time before any decay can set in.

Well I can tell you that the death ray was not used on the WTC. However scalar weaponry could have been used to bring the towers down. It would explain the pulverization of the giant buildings.

Then again it could all be as simple as it looked on television while you were rubbing your eyes and looking in horror not noticing the little things, like anomalous objects flying around the buildings.

Many people will say "Why is it you can't leave well enough alone? This is a tragedy and there is no room for speculation."

Well I'm not arguing that thousands died, that buildings tumbled and lives were shattered. I know this is fact. There is no doubt that two planes crashed into both towers. No doubt that heroes were called to the charge of saving lives. However, there seems to be a question that seems to go unanswered.

If planes were used to destroy two buildings, and bio weapons can be laid in our skies with crop dusters. How can a 21st century space shield protect us from what appears to be 20th century terrorist methodology?

Maybe we will eventually hear that OTHERS were there watching us. Maybe even helping out. Then the revelation will be complete. Signs and wonders will be fulfilled. The evil entities from the cosmos will point their weapons at us. Our leaders will have no choice but to make "a pact with the God of fortresses."

Call it what you will but everyone knows that's just prophetic parlance for making a deal with the devil.

And it seems everyone is willing to that these days, just to save themselves from instantaneous death.

Breathe while you still can.

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