By Clyde Lewis

Djinn are far more powerful than we realize, their strength is like that of Angels. If they are used for evil, Djinni can operate anywhere and act with full consciousness and deadly intent. Add to this a potent mixture of deception and negative group thought and it becomes difficult to trust any extra dimensional denizens. The major task is how do you reliably tell which is devil or angel, alien, or Djinn when all of their mythologies cross paths and their symbology can be seen in common occurrences and events?

Some of the most intriguing things are found in ancient texts. Especially those texts that are hidden in the area where we are currently fighting our ongoing war in the middle east. There are texts that have a detailed explanation of the solar system. Other texts talk of the planetary effects on humans and how there are powers that exist that humans can empower at the mere thought of them. They can call upon the unseen powers of the fortresses to do their bidding. The tempest rages and the dragon's fire will pour from every window of heaven upon the command of a person who is empowered by the people.

It is a curious thing to speculate that certain people can unwittingly cast a spell and empower the gods of the underworld.

That is if you believe in such things.

We live in times of utter strangeness, which awakens some people, and they see signs and wonders and try to find the words to convey their meaning.

While interpretations differ there is still that overwhelming truth that today we are witnessing the times of the signs and wonders and that if we allow them go ignored we may find ourselves in the middle of the tempest unprepared physically and spiritually.

It is times like these that throw you into a whirlwind of confusion because those who are in power have empowered the monsters of the fortresses, which come down from the skies to wreak havoc upon the inhabitants of the earth.

I admit that the whole thing sounds apocalyptic, perhaps a bit too biblical for mixed company. However, the bible is not the only place where you get the warnings of the vicious cycles that employ the gods of the tempests, the lords of the cycles and the dreaded "angel in the whirlwind."

In the ancient Emerald tablets, the scribe Thoth writes:

"List ye, O man, to the depth of my wisdom. Speak I of knowledge hidden from man. Far have I been on my journey through space-time, even to the end of the space of this cycle. Found I there the great barrier, holding man from leaving this cycle. Aye, glimpsed the hounds of the Barrier, lying in wait for he who would pass them. In that space where time exists not, faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles. Move they only through angles. Free are they not of the curved dimensions."

I was particularly caught up in the passage about the "hounds of the barrier" or those who watch from the periphery ready to be unleashed by the act of a ritual conducted in the spirit of denial and desecration.

We have witnessed many of these acts of denial and desecration and how these rituals may release the guardians of the cycles, the angels of death, the people of the dark reaches of the ether, the homunculus, the secret chiefs, or even the Djinn.

I have written about these beings before. It is easy to place them in the realms of the extraterrestrials and the aliens and perhaps they are the very same being. In order to find a broader scope I feel it is time to educate ourselves about different aspects of the unseen world. There are several players and mythologies that can all be about the same entities or archetypes and so it is important to approach all of the stories and decide on whether or not they are all the same or if they have distinct personalities and character traits.

In my experience it seems that these entities are supposed to be here to help us. Many people say that they deliver messages of peace and love. For me the whole story tends to dip to one side. Those who pitch these stories of the benevolent beings or entities seem to reject the idea that there is always a power that is in opposition to order.

It is my contention that if there are aliens here to save us there has to be a group outside of the light whose main objective is to devour us. However they will toss us about like a killer whale tosses a seal before it makes it a meal.

They are taunting us, with peek a boo games and they are invading quietly and occupying high places of authority with their alien and barbaric behaviors.

If you can allow the mind to expand you can imagine that the great powers are being used by master magicians to create non-material entities that leave behind calling cards that we are left to speculate about.

These are the great mysteries that are out there in the ether.

Perhaps we are not meant to understand their motives. Perhaps we are incapable of on pinpointing their origins. Perhaps they are a power that has been around since we climbed from the primordial ooze.

That is why we are being played with. This is why we see unidentified aerial Phenomena, this is why we see wonders in the skies and we hear of the visitations and the mental and physical rape that accompanies these visitations.

No one has been able to agree exactly on what they are or what they are trying to do.

This is what motivates me. This is why I write what I do and what I love to talk about and marvel at the elusive mystery of such anomalies.

That is why I feel that it is imperative that we approach such subject matter with a fresh mind.

It is unfortunate that there are many among us who have an agenda and immediately attribute such things to evil.

Perhaps it is more complicated than just a simple good vs. evil argument. It is difficult to explain all of what is transpiring. All things seem to be in disarray and we are now seeing earthquakes rumbling through areas where temblors are rare. We hear of heat waves that kill thousands, and mammoth Typhoons that pounce upon the inhabitants of the planet.

It may be a bit easier if I could create a simple metaphor to explain the events that are taking place. If I were to illustrate through the use of parable and ancient texts I could show you just what we are up against. I feel the need to illustrate what I mean by conveying it like I would a bad dream.

An unbelievable explosion brought down two spires that seemed to climb high in the firmament. In a flash of light and with an unbelievable clap of thunder the towering edifices came crashing down. It all took but one hour to bring down the judgement of the lord of forces. In a symbolic gesture many miles away another unbelievable explosion destroyed a fortress that was designed to denote protection. It was a five-sided fortress hidden amongst other buildings that represented the symbolism of the ancients unleashing enormous powers of the unseen Gods.

This act was foretold in prophecy and those who bore witness bowed their heads in fear. Many were shouting that the time had come.

A flock of dark shadowy figures appeared in the smoke and ash and swooped down to occupy a place in a once protected world.

The dark cloak of death masked the stars in the firmament and the air of war was unleashed. The destroyer had moved along the land and offered from the ground the wine upon the altars prepared for the great and terrible slaughter.

The towers were brought down with the aid of the Djinn who strapped themselves upon the backs of great and silvery dragons. The Dragons were named "Ladon" similar to the Dragon of mythology whose talons grasped the innocent souls of thousands.

"For in one hour so great riches is come to naught. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off, and cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city!

And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate."-The book of the Apocalypse

The Kings, Presidents, Rulers and magistrates looked away has the Djinn did the handiwork and used the moment for their own malevolent endeavors. Meanwhile the air had filled with a brown haze, the result of the rising columns of black smoke. The winds had swirled the mix of the pulverized bones and the blood of the innocent and delivered them to the waters. It was there that the elements were being manipulated for a violent fury that would eventually consume the area in a major super storm.

A storm forged in a vortex under the watch of the great and terrible ruler of the sky.

His name was Baalhazor or Baal.

Baalhazor was known as the lord of the forces, the God of battle from the skies.

Ancient texts have described the lord of fortresses as an "alien god" that pours out war upon the lands. Shadows will fall upon the universe and evil will grow, causing death to come from the skies.

Baalhazor along with other alien Gods such as Baalbamoth, and Baalzebub rule the flying things of the most high places.

They are also the conjurers of destruction from on high. Thunderings and lightning will rule and fire from heaven will come down when they make their presence known. They are only summoned by word of the leaders and they are unleashed to do the bidding of the powerful.

The silvery Dragons or the "Ladon" not only brought down the Towers that housed the gold and the merchants but they also pierced the womb of Protection.

The Pentagon.

The Pentagon is at the center of the Pentagram.

The pentagram has long been believed to be a potent protection against evil. The pentagram has five spiked arms that protect and are a defense for the fortress of the pentagon. The United States Pentagon is a fortress designed with this symbolism in mind. It is an edifice that is occupied with our defense and protection.

On September 11th, that fortress of protection was pierced by Terrorists that were allegedly acting on behalf of Osama Bin Laden.

I have been toying with the etymology of Osama and found that his name means the one who wishes. It can be also interpreted that Osama is the name that is most blessed and that his wishes are granted by the grace of the one true god. I am puzzled by the bin Laden etymology.

Bin means "the son of." I have not found the term of definition for Laden, however I referred to the Greek word for the Dragon, which is Ladon.

So if he is the man who makes wishes and if his namesake makes him the son of the dragon, perhaps we are playing with a master magician.

Perhaps he is a wish master?

There is a film called "The Wishmaster" where a jeweler unwittingly releases a Djinn from a gemstone. The Djinn takes on a human form and grants people wishes. The Djinn only asks for their souls in return. The Djinn begins to summon the dark forces from the sky to Earth in order to conquer it.

If we were to speculate that Osama Bin Laden is the mystic who can summon the Djinn, there must be a ritual of sorts to get the ball rolling.

Looking at the events before the attack on the United States an event took place that may have began the process of destroying symbolic sentinels or guardians.

In early 2001, I had reported in one of my articles about the significance of the giant Buddhist statues of Baniyan. They had been empowered "guardians" since the 4th century AD.

They were destroyed by the Taliban.

"Then shall ye drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and destroy all their pictures, and destroy all their molten images, and quite pluck down all their high places"-the Book Of Numbers

Later that year the same forces destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. These two Towers were also mystical symbols. If you believe in ritualistic magic, then you can probably surmise that the event of both the attacks on the Towers and the Pentagon sent a shock wave and may have released the shadow people, the demons or the Djinn or the extra dimensional denizens under the direction of Baal.

If you can remember back that far the words of Osama Bin Laden sent a chilling message. The message was that the United States had been cursed.

After the attacks on the United States, Bin Laden spoke and the interpretation furthers the notion that the Djinn were released and that the attacks were strategic in a war of mystical interludes. Pay attention to the words that are being used and ponder the significance.

"Today, God has cursed the United States with its own deeds, for God has destroyed some of its greatest buildings, and the United States was filled with terror from its West to its East and from its North to its South.

So we thank God.

And what the United States is tasting today is what we have been tasting for tens of years.

For our nation, for more than 80 years, has been tasting this terror.

And our people have been killed, and our blood has been shed. And our holy grounds have been disrespected. And we have called for help and got none.

It is one of Islam's soldiers whom God has given the wisdom to pay back the United States. When they answered this degradation, the whole world came to attack us.

One million children died in Iraq to this minute. They were blameless, but they were killed. And we have heard nothing from our leaders.

To this date, the Israeli tanks destroyed Palestine in Ramallah ... and other Islamic lands. And no one has come to their aid.

So if the sword comes upon the United States after 81 years, they should understand why it came.

We should say they are hypocrites. They gave victory to cowards, so God should allow anything to happen to them.

I want to say that it's very clear it is every Muslim's role after what happened and after what the United States is planning to the international centers. They have come out with their men and their military to fight Islam, and it is our role to defend Islam.

They have come to attack Allah's religion.

They have come to fight Islam.

And they tell the world they are fighting terrorism.

"Millions of children in Iraq were never mentioned, and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were not mentioned. But in Nairobi, when a few Americans died, it was a world event.

I want to say these offenses have split the world in two halves - the faithful and the sinners, those that are not with Allah.

It is the role of every Muslim to understand the winds of war are upon us, and it's our calling to defend Islam.

I want to say to the United States, I swear to Allah who has breathed the sun to the sky, that ... the United States will have no peace until every sinner, until every Israeli, has left Palestinian lands.

May God bless you."-Osama Bin Laden

In his Inaugural address in 2001 George W. Bush faced a sacred symbol. He then uttered a mystical phrase:

"Do you think an Angel rides in the Whirlwind and directs this Storm?"-George W. Bush

I have explained before that this phrase is an invocation of war as it calls upon the God's of the skies, the lords of the fortresses, the Angel Medatron, and the even the forces of Baal to release the winds of Moriah, or the breath of God.

Equally Osama Bin Laden spoke of splitting the world in two, and calling upon a curse that would put into motion the "winds of war." This again is important when you read the book of Daniel in the bible when he speaks of the great wars and the great and terrible rulers in the future.

"And he shall act in the strongholds of the fortresses with an alien god, whom he shall acknowledge, he shall increase glory; and he shall cause them (plural) to rule over many, and shall divide the land for a price."-The Book of Daniel

In ancient texts it is coincidental to point out that the planet known as the fortress is the planet Mars. The god Mars is said to have been worshiped in the form of two idols, one called Mars Gradivus-Mars of War and the other Mars Quirinus-Mars of Fortresses. This was because the god Mars was not only a fierce warrior, but also a great builder of cities. The warrior that conquers and then rebuilds after the destruction has ended.

How divine was the sacred mysticism of the rituals of war? It was a well-planned out affair and we witnessed it all and knew nothing of the symbolism.

Bush faced an obelisk, which symbolizes the triangle of power. The obelisk of course was the Washington monument. The monument sits in the triangle of power surrounded by symbols and talisman that are ignored by the uninitiated. If one is to look at a map of Washington DC you can see that the planners and the architects blessed and sanctified the city with empowered symbolism.

Notice how all of these shapes and symbols appear in simulacra on the planet Mars. Have we called upon the God of the fortresses?

The extra dimensional beings that are called many things in mythology from the Djinn to the low frequency deros?

Now you may not empower these symbols, but there are many people who see significance in such sacred geometry. The symbolism is taken from the ancients. These symbols would be used to raise the entities from the ether.

If anything was desecrated there would be a dark force unleashed on the earth and the winds of death would spiral and take up those who were destructive. For example the Towers of the merchants, or the world Trade towers were symbolic and were forged in sacred geometry in similitude of the towers of Jachin and Boaz.

I can not emphasize more to you that the attack on the towers was an occult event of monumental prophetic significance. It caught the American people into a trance. It transformed an entire nation into a force with the group thought of destruction.

What happened on September 11, 2001, was an elaborate, carefully crafted unleashing of the dark powers of shadow entities. It literally unleashed the lower order of entities, the kings of all that is terrifying. It opened the door for the destroying angels to stand at the Four Corners of the earth to ready themselves for the release of the destroying winds.

"After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree."-- Book of the Apocalypse

The winds of change, the winds of war.

Perhaps it unleashed even more than the acts of war. Perhaps it unleashed a chaotic order of the elements.

Perhaps the earth itself was rocked and it is beginning to shake off the excess baggage that is out to destroy its spirit.

When Hurricane Isabel formed in the Atlantic, I didn't pay much attention to it because for me it was just another Hurricane that appears normally during the Hurricane season.

Isabel however turned out to be a very strange whirlwind that was showing some peculiar traits.

First of all we should analyze the name of the hurricane.

I am aware that names for hurricanes are assigned in advance. So what I am about to tell you is the strangest of all synchronicities.

The etymology of Isabel is significant and timely as we learn that the name comes from old Semitic name meaning "daughter of Baal."

On September 11th, 2003 we paused to remember the victims of the attacks on the secret symbols. The pentagon, and the towers of judgement. We placed children at Ground zero to read the names of those that were sacrificed. After this was done hurricane Isabel churned away in the Atlantic. Her death winds increased to a category five. During that time a remarkable thing happened.

GOES Satellite images captured a shot of the eye of Isabel and inside of the eye a geometrically sound Pentagram formed. The Pentagram formation also formed two Pentagons.

Were the children reading the names of the dead part of a strange ritual? I am not inferring intentional spell casting, but the empowerment of the dead and the significance of the ancient symbolism set the goose flesh up and down my legs and arms.

I pondered the coincidence and then I received a letter from one of my listeners in Salt Lake City Utah.

For the sake of anonymity we will call him Cole.

He related to me that before the September the 11th commemoration he had a bad dream. The dream in his opinion seemed to be vision. In his vision there appeared a shadowy figure with a red and black face.

He described to me what sounded similar to the character Darth Maul in the movie Star wars. He said that the face was not as intricate as Maul's but it was red and black with dark eyes.

After the letter I was interested in finding out if there was any possible connection between the image that was seen and the design of the Star wars character. After doing some research I found that Director George Lucas finds inspiration in eastern philosophy and myth, and designed the Darth Maul character after the Djinn!

I was interested in this vision he was having.

I asked him to phone me up because I wanted him to read the story about Tommy Johnson and his jars that may contain a Djinni. I have been very careful about discussing the Djinn that Tommy may have released because the Djinn seem to be very mischievous and they do peculiar things to people. After I first aired the show featuring Tommy Johnson, there were many listeners who have told me that they experienced depression.

After the airing of the show I took some time away on a Sunday and decided that I would rerun the show. I was riding in a car and was listening to the rerun of the show. During the rerun there was a point in the program where Tommy reads some strange words that he got from a book that came with the jars.

There were two calls after that explaining to Tommy that perhaps he shouldn't read them because they would empower the Djinn. There was a point in the program where Neil a caller from New York tried to expel the Djinn and Tommy's dogs began to bark loudly. It was at this time in the rerun show that I heard dead air.

I called my producer Brett and asked him what had happened and he said that the tape had tangled in the heads of the machine destroying the rest of the show. So he aired a tape of another show entirely.

I was worried that I didn't have a record of the show and contacted Zero Point Radio.

I asked if they had a record of the show.

They did.

I asked them to re-run it.

They obliged.

I then received a phone call from an irate Tommy Johnson saying that when he recorded the show off the Internet the show only had my comments on it and his appearance was not even heard. It was if I was talking to myself. He thought I was playing tricks on him and he told me that he trusted me. Now he wasn't so sure.

I assured him that everything was fine.

A few days had passed and I received some information from Zero Point radio stating that their computers had crashed and that they would not be able to continue broadcasting my show. There were also some personal and business problems that were vexing the company and it was going to shut down abruptly.

I also ran into a financial brick wall that almost shut me down as well.

Needless to say we were all introduced to the Djinn.

Getting a letter from a listener in Utah, named Cole and his visions of a Djinn piqued my interest and so I had to see what he was seeing.

He sent me back the pictures of the Jar that Tommy had in his possession with some explanations that he wanted to give me about the Djinn. This time however he didn't call the entity a Djinn he called it a Yei.

The Yeis, or guardians, are told to have control of the elements. The sit as sentinels of the Four Corners of the earth. They wear ceremonial masks.

They are similar to the Djinn.

The Yei are also associated with the ancient Swastika, and in some myths they are associated with the Pentagram. Cole sent me several images that he felt were important to see.

Some of the imagery appeared to be simulacra of hurricane Isabel. The pentagram, the pinwheel, and other strange images.

After a little more research I stumbled upon some interesting commentary from Sheik Mubarek Gilani. Gilani is the man Daniel Pearl was on the way to meet when the Wall Street Journal reporter was kidnapped and later murdered by terrorists.

Gilani once told Dan Rather of CBS news that all of the horrible things that were happening to the United States can be attributed to ritualistic destruction that had released the Djinn.

Sheik Gilani talked about what he sees as the most serious threat to the world, and that is rituals that release invisible forces.

"There are beings who are not visible to you. But they inhabit this Earth. And they are damaging, causing psychotic diseases, fits, epilepsies. And controlling the agents, controlling the human beings. Human beings can be made to do things against their will. They can be made to commit crimes. They can be made to go and kill people. You know? And all your missiles, all your rockets, space ships go up. And electronics, they can be damaged, influenced, and misdirected through the agencies of Djinn beings." "-- Sheik Mubarek Gilani

The beings play on a lower frequency.

"And when the heavens splitteth asunder and become throsy like red hide, which is it, of the favors of your lord, that ye deny? On that day neither man nor Djinni will be questioned of his sin." -The Koran, Surah 55

The door to the underworld has been left open and the beings that dwell there are doing things that are considered glamorous, or compelling.

They are known as the shape shifters, the shadow entities, the grinning dwarves, abductors, elves, trolls, undines, incubi, succubi, frog princes, Djinni, deros, and the elemental or sylph-like "gray aliens."

In every culture the human imagination has populated the world with extra-dimensional entities and there are myths about the dangers of dealing with them.

Those lords of the fortresses, those demons of the skies, all seem to have a congruity with legends and mythologies of many cultures. The Djinn, the Yei, and others figure in many ancient writings.

The Bible and the Koran are full of references to angels, devils and Djinn with a similar human connection and contract. Night intruders such as aliens and goblins are being talked about by common people who claim that they have caught them working their mischief and doing horrible acts like abduction and human experimentation.

When I talk about a Transformation event I am not kidding. We can easily watch us transforming every day.

We have gone from being at peace, to being troubled. The events of September 11th have opened the abyss.

The bottomless pit.

I am watching on my Television the power of Hurricane Isabel. The power has diminished a bit, but once again the Northeast has been plagued with blackouts, and disaster.

Washington D.C. even has had to brace itself against the fury.

The signals are here, the signs are manifesting, and the lord of the skies Baal has released the winds of death. The angel, the Djinn, the trickster, has once again played with our minds.

We have the choice to empower them with our negative group thought, or have them grant us a wish of peace and tranquility. We must repair our bruised hearts, and pay our respects to those who have power and dominion over us.

God is watching us, from a distance.

These are the warnings, the portents, and the omens.

The fortress brushed by us all, leaving in its wake all sorts of interesting things to ponder. Meanwhile all of our fears, guilt, and resulting anger and fear can all be found at the apex.

Ground Zero.


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