By Clyde Lewis

The baby factories are churning out children that are genetically manipulated, overly medicated, government regulated, overly stimulated, and computer simulated. Does this mean that millennial parenting will be more complicated? From the womb to the tomb children are already showing signs of indifference in the brave new world. Is it because adults are indifferent to the birthing process?

When I try to determine what may happen in the future I often look at the commentary and warnings that have been portrayed in our past literature. There have been authors who have developed stories that build upon the thought of a future unfulfilled utopia that often devolves into the familiar dystopia thesis.

It is often titillating to read and discuss the works of Orwell, Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, and Huxley because many things that they talked about seem to be coming to pass in our present.

It is truly a "Brave New World," and those who are coming into it need to be brave in order to survive.

We are on the verge of becoming the eugenically aware society spoken of in Huxley’s book. A society where family is non-existent, spiritual values are depleted, and the birth process becomes a sterile laboratory exercise.

In the year 2000 it seems that the birth process is becoming more routine and in some cases more traumatic for the child. Parents now can determine what day and time they can bring the child into the world. Removing the natural aspects of childbirth and making the procedure similar to a tooth extraction or an appendectomy.

Cloning and genetic engineering are also available for the parent. For the infertile there is always fertility drugs that increase the likelihood of multiple births in mothers.

Parents of millenium children will have more choices as to what kind of child they will bring into the world and many of them will use science and new birth methods to bring in genetically perfect children.

This could easily allow people to justify new prejudices and to reaffirm their social, political, and economic power. It could also easily allow a further dehumanization process that has already rooted itself in our society.

Parents are already thinking that just having progeny is enough. They take for granted that what they don’t teach their children, the system will.

However what the system teaches is unfortunately similar to what Huxley warned us about.

The strict class structure that was in Brave New World had the Alphas at the highest and the Epsilon on the lowest end. Children are conditioned by the system or "world state" to think and act only as a member of their class, rather than as an individual. The family values are dissolved and the idea of parenting becomes improper.

The Alpha Double plus babies eventually grow to rule the world and will continue to carry the charge of being the wealthy class while the Epsilon Minus will continue to be the workers.

It sounds so impotent and cold, however the classes are dividing today little by little and with genetic engineering we will be able to divide ourselves more so than we already have.

We begin to see each class having it’s own sub clique of conformist behavior that lacks spirituality and responsibility. Families could be eliminated entirely since the system will take the baby from birth and care for it as the parents continue their quest for material and carnal pleasures.

Our choices will be determined through suggestions given to us through media and consensus myths and whims that may or may not hold true. This could very well determine the new value system.

We already are beginning to associate intelligence with power and the "Social Darwinist" belief that intellect and genetics have a lot to do with those who are "gifted." We are falling into the destructive course of believing that there is a "natural" leader that comes from good "breeding stock."

This already sends the message to some people that it is easier to give up because there will always be the Alphas and they are predetermined to rule over us.

We are already thinking that the poorer kids or the Epsilon group are already going to commit crimes and so why bother helping them? They seem to be doomed from the start.

We see ourselves grasping at straws when we develop the theory that there has to be a genetic code for kids who become violent, or that kill their classmates.

Others try to see past genetics and lean on the crutch of unseen forces such as Satanic influences when genetics and psychology fail to demonstrate in their minds a sound reason for this behavior. The solutions include corporal punishment, imprisonment, and execution.

There are also those who advocate civil rights violations, search and seizure and the extreme scale gives us the idea of breeding a superior race. Or at least eliminating the possibility of an inferior human being born. You may think that the Nazi’s were the only ones who felt this way but you may want to investigate further as to who espouses these ideas and you will see that many people with "superior intellect" welcome the idea.

People like David Starr Jordan, president of Stanford University. John D. Rockefeller whose very name embodies the world’s ruling class. Race betterment conferences have been held in Battlecreek Michigan by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg whose company of course developed breakfast cereals that you put on your table.

The value of life diminishes on a daily basis and the way we bring life into the world also has its flaws. The rate of births and the way they are handled have arguably become a "wham bam thank you ma’am" affair.

Many will tell you that the baby assembly line exists today and that babies find their way into the world through a traumatic procedure that may cause damage to a child that already has the cards stacked against it.

There are methods to speed up the natural process of birth and what should be a natural procedure turns into an assembly line process that is neither delicate or humane.

This is hypocritical when you consider that anti-abortion militants continue to extol the virtues of birth without clearly looking at the procedures and selfishness that exists when people feel that it is their "right" to bring a baby into the world.

It is also an ugly situation when a date and timetable seem to be brought into play which brings up the damage to the unborn child when mothers induce labor and abuse the procedure of C-section births.

C –section is a surgical procedure and as with most surgeries there is an element of risk for the mother and the infant. Bonding with the mother is out of the question with this procedure Then the babies are whisked away to be weighed and scrutinized in some cases without contact with the mothers.

Some doctors claim that bonding with the mother is a crucial step in the nurturing process. Babies recognize the smell of their mothers. They recognize their skin and also their voice.

Conservative legislatures today seem to be concerned about the baby in the womb rather than what happens during or after birth, when the child needs nurturing and love in order to be functional.

The first slapping of the child in order for it to breathe is commonly accepted without question, yet we fail to realize that this could be the first act of violence that the child has to endure when coming into this world.

There have been studies that demonstrate that the slapping of the baby is just as traumatic to their little bodies as shaking the infant. Sometimes it can cause internal bleeding in the upper spinal column, which results in the slow clotting of blood. This clotting of blood could easily block lungs and heart causing damage to the baby. This could be an explanation as to what maybe one cause of crib death in infants.

These babies come into the world drugged up and in some cases nicotine addicted and in even worse cases hooked on whatever poisons the mothers have placed in their bodies.

Then a male baby in some cases has to go through the trauma of having its foreskin cut, a procedure known as circumcision, which many will argue is an important procedure for the child’s sexual well being.

All in all we are lucky that as a baby we don’t remember these procedures. Or do we still have the scar with us?

Think about it, you leave a warm place and end up in a cold room, with bright lights, cold instruments coming into contact with your sensitive skin, slaps to your body, injections, being stretched, held in mid air, and then thrown into an incubator. Sometimes you are taken out before you are ready because mom wants to have you born before the business trip to New York.

This is what I mean by assembly line, routine birth. It has been so common with us that we take for granted that these procedures do not harm a child mentally or physically.

The same group who tells you that abortion is evil are the same people who look at children as manageable commodities or future cogs in the wheel of the machine once they have left the baby assembly line.

They become Epsilon minus babies whose once valued souls turn into just more meat to send into the indoctrination process. Then we see the divisions as they grow older and adapt to the system that forces them into stereotypes based on their social status and genetic make ups.

The same groups who give their lip service to children claim that family values prevail when it is becoming harder to be a nurturing parent.

So what the parents can’t do, the system will do and they are eager to have the minds of these kids so they can program them with the values that the system demands in the first 3-5 years.

By then they can commence with public education that arguably reinforces the systems priorities which by then is the programming needed to instill the destructive group dynamic or "cult" behavior where the value of a systems policy rules over love of self and respect of others.

The family is immediately taken out of the equation. The parents that exist are figureheads who try to reach the child, whose soul has been overwhelmed by stress and pressure.

The biological parents assume that the child is capable of dealing with his own problems and if he shows signs of wear and tear the philosophy is that perhaps the child is mentally impaired. Why are children showing these types of behaviors at an alarming rate?

Maybe it is because a child of today had a rushed start, a demanding present, and an assumed negative future. The child seems to have no one who will be on his or her side.

A child’s life today is a mixture of logging on, tuning in, drugging up, and in some cases dropping dead. They become confused and unloved and eventually become apathetic. They understand that at one time their soul was valuable and now their hunger for love and nurturing is not being fed.

Children become nothing more than raw material to be thrown into the economy.

They know this.

They realize that they will not see one parent unless the other pays their child support checks. They know that they are a bargaining chip in legislative posing.

Some probably even know that they were brought into the world because of a subsidy that would be collected from government programs.

These children will see more money thrown at worthless programs to get them out of dilemmas that were handed to them the minute they were welcomed to earth with a nice swat on the butt to tell them that they need to breathe or else.

The institute of medicine has already developed an estimate stating that at least 7.5 million children have some sort of psychological illness. There are also studies that say that 30% of infants eighteen months and younger are suffering from emotional withdrawal and anxiety attacks.

Every 47 seconds a child is abused or neglected. The biggest evil of all is that many people will claim that they do not abuse their children when the first step to such abuse is the blatant inattention to children.

Children are now developing more speech problems, rage, hyperactivity, and depression. Parents don’t realize this until it is too late and the child develops a dysfunctional attitude about his place in the universe. The extreme result is suicide and harm to others.

Another dysfunctional trait that develops includes a disturbing tendency to be indifferent to the gravity of their actions.

While many people see this trend replayed to them on the nightly news many forget that one of the other alarming trends is that children are having sex earlier and their first sexual experiences are happening at early ages.

Girls are having babies as early as 13 and boys sexual experiences are happening as early as 9 and 10 years of age.

The circle is getting smaller, no responsible mothers or fathers, and children having sex with children. Is this our fate in the coming years?

Huxley’s Brave new World appears to be self-fulfilling on the eve of the new millennium.

Babies are born in assembly line fashion to become grist for a "World State" system that places no value in family, but in economic outcome. The babies or cogs in the machine are coming at an alarming rate.

The technological beast will use every bit of energy it can in order to further the purpose of the Alpha double pluses.

Progress in the millennium seems to be measured on our material gain as opposed to our inner development. A baby’s inner development unfortunately seems to only be important when it is in the womb. After it is released it becomes filed and categorized as just another drone to further the purposes of the controllers.

The baby is born into a prison disguised as an amusement park.

The baby is then groomed by the system when parents are caught up in their material progress. The child eventually becomes coerced into being like everyone else.

It is taught that it is wrong to be spontaneous, it is peculiar to be unique. They go where they are told to go and are conditioned into believing that they are the Alphas or the Epsilons and that they should be happy with their predisposition.

Like with Huxley’s hypnopedia the children begin to be programmed with the same messages.

They all listen to the same packaged music. They eat the same foods, they dress the same. They play the games adults do, and eventually have sex and give birth like adults do.

They become indifferent and they don’t understand what commitment is. They do not understand consequence and some suffer fatal ends with suicide and violence.

Then the opinionated, who are literally the uncomfortable parents step in and start pointing out the bogey men responsible for such problems that our facing our children.

As you can see baby zero, the baby of the year 2000 is just another cipher unless it is cared for by attentive parents who know the real reason behind bringing a newborn into the world.

Which is to contribute one more soul into the collective consciousness that will continue the growth and stability of the universe. Our evolution depends on a strong creative force that will maintain our species. If we don’t do it at home, then someone will soon manufacture a workable prototype.

The idea is not a new one. The advocacy of eugenics to weed out those with hereditary "problems" are waiting in the wings. We may see it implemented as genetic flaws are being mapped out and future humans will become genetically engineered Alpha double plus humans that Huxley wrote about.

The government would literally have control of the new breed from embryo to womb to tomb. With the absence of spirituality and family, the obsession with physical pleasure, and the misuse of technology we may see this scenario play out to fruition.

After all, Huxley was warning us that a lack of family would take us to a society fixated on material things and carnal pleasures.

It fortifies the idea that left unchecked, technology can dehumanize you. It also demonstrates that the soul is constantly reaching a higher level of understanding and that when we are told that it is improper to question reality and that it is improper to embrace the enduring mysteries it is easier to give in to the system’s destructive group dynamic.

Being a parent in the brave new world is not as easy as it was when your parents raised you. The methods of childbirth and the raising of the child need to be reevaluated. The baby assembly line that is existing today is only a precursor to the test tube babies that are being generated in factories that only exist in Huxley’s world.

Technology is a double-edged sword in Huxley’s dystopia.

Children today have several technological wells that they can drink from in order to develop their personalities. If the television, or the computer parents the child then it will develop the traits of what it sees or experiences. The line between fantasy and reality begins to blur.

Then comes the rude awakening and the disenchantment of learning that not all things we see in TV land is real. Not everyone can get the prince or princess in the end. Not everyone has wealth and power, and that not everything has a happy ending.

Left unattended a child can easily be lured away by dehumanizing strict class programming that is based solely on telling it that it has a genetic pre determined fate.

The missing factor here is a healthy spiritual attitude towards self and others. It is the family that can nurture a healthy sense of values and spiritual growth.

Sometimes you need to ask yourself what your child is learning while you are out earning. Then you may want to evaluate the consequences that may develop if you continue to hold material and carnal pleasures more sacred than the safety and well being of the soul that you decided to bring into this world.

Your brave new world awaits. However there is no bravery in indifference.


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