By Clyde Lewis

Some people call it first night to others it will be our last. There will be gathering in the streets as the last big hurrah of the 20th century will be celebrated a year ahead of schedule. We have fortified our fears into the switching of the year back to Zero. Computer glitches are the least of our worries. People are heading for a self-fulfilling prophecy that may lead to bloodshed, chaos, and instability. Will mankind be extinguished at the end of 1999? We will all know the truth when the ball drops.

I remember when I first heard that they were going to shoot a new Star Wars film. It was the first Star Wars film in 20 years. It was going to answer some of our questions about a universe that was made up in the mind of George Lucas. When the first glimpses of the movie were released on theatres we spent $7.00 to go and watch one preview hoping to speculate about what exactly was going to happen.

Another preview was released on the net and soon we were making up our own stories and believing rumors and spoilers that we read and heard about on the Internet and in news groups.

We had a general Idea of what we were going to see. We knew that Anakin Skywalker would be found in a slave camp and would eventually become Darth Vader. We knew that Senator Palpatine was a corrupt senator. We knew that the queen would eventually grow up to marry Anakin but we didn't know how it all would fall into place.

The sad thing was that when it played out on movie screens it was a let down for many people. The event was a lot more mundane than anyone could even conjure up in their minds. There was also the unpleasant surprise of Jar Jar Binks. No one saw that coming.

We are living this type of anticipation in reality.

For a thousand years we have heard speculation, rumor, and theory about how everything will unfold and now we are not far away from show time. Like unto the Star Wars analogy we know that some things will more than likely happen. There will also be things that we will not expect. To some people the New Year will be uneventful.

However the Government is expecting some horrifying scenarios where people may want to start Armageddon at the turn of the century.

Ground Zero reported in the article Year 2000 Trigger event and your Y2k I.Q. that FBI Counter terrorism groups have been training tactical armies to be on the ready during the final days of the 20th century. The Government is preparing for Y2K but in a different way. They are weighing the issues of a worst case scenario that may or may not be carried out by extremists. They fear that all of the end of the world rhetoric will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Fringe view is that a second coming of Jesus Christ is eminent and so the final battle needs to be waged at the coming of the Millennium. The Government has already theorized who might start this "war" and that is White Supremacists who are determined to attack Jews, non-whites and their ''establishment allies." Which according to FBI director Louis Freeh is of course the government of the United States of America.

In addition to the perceived threat from within, U.S. officials fear anti-Western guerrilla groups and others may try to take advantage of the federal stretch to keep tabs on any Y2K related failures. The White House is setting up a $40 million information coordination center to help policymakers with Year 2000 issues and coordinate any emergency responses.

The CIA and its 12 sister spy outfits are also tightening their drills to monitor events at the date change. They are monitoring area where a disruption may occur and will not hesitate to use a global army to bring a panicked planet back into order.

When we first heard of this there was no clever marketing term for this operation and later the mainstream press confirmed what we reported and called this counter terrorism group "Project Megiddo"

It was reported in the Washington post at the end of October that The FBI is warning police chiefs nationwide that it's discovered evidence of religious extremists, racists, cults and other groups preparing for violence as New Year's Eve approaches, and is urging law enforcement agencies to view the dawn of the next millennium as a catalyst for criminal activities."

Neil Gallagher, head of the FBI's national security division, said in an interview that the bureau is not predicting that terrorism or violence will occur on or around Jan. 1st. Instead, he said the report is aimed at making local law enforcement officials "more sensitive" to the heightened security risks posed by the year 2000. He also said the public needs to be "aware but not scared" of such threats. The report says the risks will increase as Jan. 1st approaches.

It comes as no surprise to the Ground Zero reader that Computer problems brought on by Y2K glitches could be a triggering event for fearful Millennialists. While some people can be rational about such setbacks there are groups who are not and will resort to violence if they feel that all of these things are a part of a larger conspiracy.

"Project Megiddo" was a nine-month study on what might happen on January 1st 2000. The effort is intended to serve as a "strategic assessment" of the potential for domestic terrorism linked directly to the coming millennium, rather than a general assessment of the terrorist environment.

The agents have discovered that in preparation for the new millennium, certain individuals tied to these groups have been acquiring weapons, storing food and clothing, raising funds, procuring safe houses, preparing compounds, surveying potential targets, and recruiting converts to their cause.

While most of the report focuses on domestic threats, an entire portion is devoted to Jerusalem, where the FBI says an influx of tourists making pilgrimages and millennial cults will add to the danger. The study also says violence in Jerusalem, a holy city for Christians, Jews and Muslims, could lead to problems in the United States and around the world.

It needs to be stressed that if anything or anyone triggers an event in a place where chaos could break out this would be the thing that would create a domino effect and martial law could be the result.

A Video that has been making the rounds on the net is a frightening omen as to what might happen. If the Video is real there may be a number of trigger events that may happen in Time Square when the ball drops at midnight.

The Video plays like a 6-minute instructional video for what appears to be a Para-military gang, or Militia group. One man speaks throughout the video speaking to men with codenames. Raven, Cracker, and Hobo are just a few of the names he uses.

The tape begins with an unclear image and a man claiming that he will land in a world of shit if any one finds the tape. The tape specifically says that Europe, Africa, and Australia will experience temporary power failures. These things will be reported on the news and will be beamed to everyone via a large screen T.V. in Times Square.

These reports allegedly will be trigger events that will cause a panic in the streets of New York. This will cause the authorities to arrest many civilians and hold them in containment camps.

The tape mentions the use of containment pens for unruly civilians.

The whole tape is chilling. It speaks like a floor plan of a planned martial law. But on a grander scale. Mentioning European unrest, African trouble, and Australian power failures may mean that perhaps it is a global plan for some sort of hostile take over. This tape takes for granted that the crowds at time square will provide enough cover for isolated chaotic events that could insight a riot amongst Blacks and Whites.

Millennium sized crowds can cause a blockage of emergency routes. Y2k glitches can shut down emergency facilities. If anyone wants to cause a problem it won't take to much effort. Some authorities In New York are urging people to stay home on December 31st. But with or without the warnings the "mother of all parties" is set for December 31st 1999. Las Vegas is all booked up despite the fact that rooms range from $500 - $5000 dollars a night with a 4 night minimum booking.

In San Diego there are three "known" party locations, heavily sponsored events with approximate attendance of over 100,000 at each event. In the City of Los Angeles there are seven major parties in the streets and several others across the world that will be televised. If Armageddon happens it will be seen on all the major networks. If you stay home you wont miss anything. That is of course your power doesn't go out.

The FBI has urged Sheriff's Departments all over the country to have trained deputies and reserve officers on hand, using mobile tactical units in specialized "Platoon Training." These policing groups will be equipped with combat gear. These officers are ready to provide assistance in case of rioting.

One needs to at least set aside some cautionary thinking when it comes to the year 2000. If you are a rational thinker that is not an excuse to downplay the idea that others might "wig-out" at the last minute.

You cannot depend on the media or your political leaders to give you direction before hand. They will likely downplay it because of economic upheaval fears. Our economy cannot handle a sudden, focused, time-compressed switch in any single direction. Especially with something so nebulous as a doomsday forecast.

If the economy tanks after a possible trigger event there will also be aftershocks, of unemployment and banks shutting down because of the burdens of trying to recover. There will also be depression and suicides. People who were once on top will topple and others will scramble to hang on to their social status.

The World would demand order and policing for safety. Others will rebel. Plain and simple.

The release of the information about Project Megiddo can be something to desensitize a nation, allowing for the welcoming of a takeover of forces regardless of the validity of real danger. Extreme circumstances invite extreme measures. Extreme thinking also invites willing allowance of the same extreme measures.

The American public has not seen this much paranoia since the Cold war when people who were fearful of nuclear attack built fallout shelters.

If you recall no one had to use them.


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