By Clyde Lewis

The World is going crazy. Gunmen are shooting up the Nation's Capitol, children are shooting children, people are dying of incurable diseases and the cost of living increases. Not to worry, soon it will all be under control.

These Days if I were to say that government itself is one big criminal conspiracy, I would have a number of people who would agree with me. Both the extreme rightwing and the extreme left wing share the idea that the government is more and more becoming enemy number one. Anarchists will tell you that we do not need government, that we can govern ourselves. I have been telling people that while government is necessary, we must realize that our empowerment is self-starting, and if we rely on the government to do things for us we are merely setting ourselves up for enslavement. Laws are given to us for our safety. We must abide by them. However it has become more and more evident that people have been enslaved by "the system" They are convinced that system works in every instance. They are fearful of what rebelling might do to them

I recently witnessed something that troubled me. Two Latino men were at a party near my office, and one noticed me in the window working. He walked over to the window to talk to me. He wanted to know why I was up at such a late hour. I asked him the same thing, and he told me that a man who was a neighbor of mine was having a party. He invited me over, I declined. I had a lot of work to do, it was hot, and it was 2 am. This gentleman found out eventually who I was, and being a fan of my show, called to one of his friends to come over to the window and meet me. His friend walked over and we spoke briefly about the show.

I then noticed in the dark alleyway, 2 police officers, walking up behind these men. The one officer said that he felt that this Latin man was bothering me, I said no we were just talking. He asked the young men if they were involved with the party they said no that they were just leaving. The other officer who was younger said for the Latino men to move along, and go about their business. The one Latino said, I am talking to this guy. The cop angrily yelled at the man, louder than they ever could be, that he has received a complaint about loudness, and that if he wants a quote "Fucking" problem he will give him a "Fucking" problem. The Latino stood his ground and said, "Do we have to use foul language officer?" That was a mistake.

The officer pushed him slightly and said "You obviously want to be a trouble maker, you want to be arrested asshole?" I started to speak, it did no good this officer felt that he had the right to push around these Latino men. If the officer did not have a gun I would have gone outside and open a can of whoopass on the guy! The officer had a weapon. This gave him the right to persecute this man. The man was Latino, so the officer probably was a bigot. It can only explain why, the officer reacted the way he did when the man complained about the use of foul language.

A person who has a gun makes the rules. That is the bottom line. If you believe in gun control, then I suppose you can expect treatment like that in the future. If you believe in gun control you are a fool. I believe in responsible laws. Nothing is foolproof. People will always die as a result of poor judgement while using a weapon. That goes with anything. I suppose that traffic fatality rates should warrant the banning of automobiles?

I offer this as an example, not because I am lobbying for the NRA. I do it to show you how people who are in authority, who believe they know what's best for you, can force you to do their bidding. All because they have a gun. Guns send a message. The message is compliance or face death. That is a good motivator. Unless you are willing to die for what you believe in.

Another example of how the system is taking over, and people are unwittingly allowing themselves to become enslaved is that they will always do what they are told no matter if it will destroy themselves or personal property, or their integrity. When I and one of my assistants attended a hearing at a Federal Court Building, regarding child law we had a first hand experience of how system loving idiots refuse to give common courtesy because they are the power elite with guns and two way radios.

While we were trying to get into the building, two gentlemen who looked like secret service agents detained my assistant. The problem was that she had a camera, and apparently there was a policy, which was not posted, banning cameras from courtrooms. The man told her that he would take the camera. My assistant said no. Big mistake. Most people will comply and say okay and obviously this angered the guard. The man struggled with her for the camera. She asked "what guarantee do I have that my camera will be here when I return?" The officer handed her a number. It was not enough, she wanted a written receipt as to the value of the camera unless it was stolen or seized. The officer told her "Obviously you have a problem with authority." My assistant replied no, I just want the safety of my property. These men worked for the federal government. They did not have to care about property. They work for the cherished system. The system is right according to them. You have no friend in the system. Get used to it.

Apologists will say that this system is the best there is. That if you don't like it you are going to have to leave. I say to them, you're right I can leave. However the system tells me that I cannot come and go as I please. They do this for what? Protection? To keep tabs on me? I need a Passport for what? Identification? Tell me. Apologists will be the first in line defending the system. Akin to Nazi's who defended the burning of books, the killing of Jews, and the worship of sacred system Icons such as the swastika. Do you worship the system? We all do to some degree. Some of us more than others. Some of us will grow to regret it. In the future.

When I was young I applied for my social security number. I did not quite understand why I needed this number. Then, as I got older I understood that it was my system number. I also remember that the Social security number was not supposed to be used as an ID number. Times have changed. The system tells you that if you do not use the number, you cannot get a job, which provides money, which helps you sustain, your life. The number is used for identification. It can be used to track you down. That number when it is used , records every transaction you have ever made. Try refusing the use of your Social Security number. Those who are a part of the system will label you a troublemaker. A subversive. For some, this is enough to have them give up. They would not want the embarrassment of sounding like a rebel.

I point these things out for a reason. The reason is this. The religious right, which of course is an oxy-moron, continues to tell us that we should prepare for the coming of Christ. They also warn us, that the Anti-Christ will come to power and that those who follow this beast will have his number on his forehead, or in his hand, that we should rebel against the Anti-Christ. That we should refuse this number in order to be faithful Christians. Here is the catch 22.
What if it was against the law to not have this number? What if your own system required you to have this number? The system that you have been brainwashed to love and trust? Would you say no?

What if law enforcement stopped you and asked you why you did not have a number? If you told them to go away, would they pull their guns and ask if you have a "Fucking problem?" Then would you comply? What if you were detained at a library and they wanted to scan you and you told them no, would that mean that you have a problem with authority? What if you wanted to leave and avoid the system as apologists admonish, if you didn't have the number you would have to remain.

What will it take for you to accept the number of the beast? I think the beast has already got all of us. So what is the next step? We have accepted without question that the system in place is good for us. Now what? Well, the plan has already been set. The ideas were in place since 1967. You are in those plans. There was no one screaming 666 back in 1967? We all have gone willingly.

In 1967, Alan Westin discussed the possibility of permanent emplacements of `tagging' devices on or in the human body. A small Microchip the size of a grain of rice would have your number on it . The benefits are many. It would give authorities, (the guys with the guns) the capability to find lost children or confused Alzheimer's patients, or to determine if job applicants are illegal immigrants or criminals. By encoding the microchip only with a single number, it might also carry medical or criminal history. Also, electronic tags can be used for tracking.

You see getting the old permanent number isn't all that bad is it? It's messier than a social security number but hey, this way you just run a hand through the scanner and it gives you an all access pass, kind of like having your way at an amusement park. Never having to fumble for tickets when you want to ride.

The right to personal privacy will be in jeopardy, however the system will find a way to to convince you that the benefits outweigh that. So you think that the Electro Chip implant sounds very much like something the Anti-Christ would implement? Not to fear, you don't need a chip you can use something called a smart card, something that might be implemented first.

The smart card will contain everything that I mentioned earlier including how much money you have in the bank. No need for cash in hand. You have all of that in a computer. You just swipe the card and all the information is there. You buy something, and like magic, the money credits are taken from your account. You go to the doctor, hand him your card, it's swiped and your medical history is there, including all of the drugs you are on. If you lose your card. Too bad. There will be no access to your money, and no fun for you until it is replaced. That is why a chip would be used. It's easier and you won't have to worry about a silly card.

So, you will then say, I don't need the Mark of the Beast I have my Social Security number or the Mark of the Beast "Light" number. Guess again. The system now in place, which requires underlying documents for verification before a Social Security Number is issued, is not immune to fraud because of the ease of obtaining fraudulent documents such as birth certificates and driver's licenses Thus, the Social Security Number is not entirely suitable for a national identification card. Face it , it's flawed. Do you really think that the system wants you to have a number that you can control? Another argument would be that "Someone could steal my card and use it like they do the social security number." Here is the catch, your card or your chip will be in your hand. There is a back up id that cannot be duplicated. It is in your head.

The idea to eliminate someone else using your card, or duplicating a chip is to put a numeric Identifier in your forehead, near the eyes. a biometric identifier representing a particular human characteristic may be clearly matched to an individual One possibility is the numerical expression for the unique contours of an individual's iris. So scan that hand and lets see that forehead before you buy that beer. So much for fake ID.

I think now is the time where we break out the bible. In Revelations 13:16 it reads that the beast will issue everyone a number:

"And he causeth all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. "

This all sounds like science fiction doesn't it? You are probably saying to yourself none of this has happened. The Social Security theory is just that a theory. We will not receive a new number. There will not be Smart cards. neither microchips, or Eye scans for verification. Well I admit I have painted a fun little scenario that probably sounds a little bit loony. I know that I am paranoid. I admit that too. However, here are some things that I would like to share with you. This is the main reason I wrote this article.

I am going to give you word for word an article from the DRUDGEREPORT an internet news gathering service that takes from different sources, the source for this piece of information is from the New York Times July 0f 1998:

The NEW YORK TIMES leads on Monday with a detailed report that has President Clinton quietly laying plans to assign every American a computer ID code that would be used to track medical history from cradle to grave!

Being described as a "unique health identifier" -- the computer code would be used to create a national database that would track every citizen's health.

The electronic code would be the first comprehensive national identification system since the Social Security number was introduced in 1935, reports the TIMES.

A national disease database could be created, offering unlimited opportunities for scientific study, proponents claim.

Opponents say the code smacks of Big Brother.

"We have very grave concerns about the unique patient identifier," Dr. Donald Palmisano, the American Medical Association's expert on medical privacy, tells the TIMES. "If this information ended up in some central repository, some giant clearinghouse, what protection do we have that some vandal would not break in?"

This is not science fiction now. This idea once again shows how important you are in the system's scheme of things. Requiring you to carry a government number is another step along the path of treating people as government property. However we have been told since we were children that the government is the people's `property'.

If the government mandated the use of implants that would be an invasive procedure, and many people would probably fight before they would do it. It isn't really a harsh procedure. The implant can easily pass through a needle. However it is intrusive, and can also violate your body's integrity. So how do we stop this defiance from happening? Finding a cure for a dreaded disease, such as AIDS could eliminate this defiance. The subject would submit to an inoculation, and the chip would be placed in the subject at the same time. That is the best way to do it, or they can use the police enforce the law. If you want "Fucking Trouble" then mess with a cop who loves the system and is paid to uphold the law.

Then of course there is the possibility that as long as people have food on the table and gas in their cars, the Government will say jump and everyone who loves the system will comply. That includes those conservative Christians who unwittingly want more control on everything from what we see and hear, to what we call our holidays. They will stick by those in the system because God is on their side. It is their side that votes for conservative politicians who make control crazy decisions such as these.

Another problem that government may face is that if the Microchip number is implemented this could violate the fourth amendment to the constitution about unlawful search and seizure. This includes electronic search. If a system can monitor you at all times without you knowing then that this part of the Constitution is thrown out. However one must take a look at what other amendments are being currently trampled upon at this moment. Freedom of speech issues, such as Internet expression, and flag burning, which also includes political dissention, are being reviewed. So if the Flag burning, political dissention bill is passed. We will not be able to defy the government. It would be against the law. So the Government could pass a law mandating the use of implants, without a revolt. People who refused to receive the number in their hand and forehead would either be jailed, or worse.

The Flag Burning issue as I said is not just a flag burning issue. It was worded as such to hide the real issue. Speaking against the system. The Government. Whatever they do no matter how intrusive. It has been said that this amendment will pass. Those who heard the buzzword "Flag Burning" did not investigate the entire issue and thus allowed the system to tell them what they should fear. We have unwittingly allowed the beast in. When one constitutional amendment gets taken away others will follow.

The 5th amendment also applies here where a person can refuse to be a witness against himself. So that means that if any information is extracted from the chip during a trial . That could be self-incriminating and unconstitutional. But once again the words "Congress shall make no law…" have been ignored lately, once the damage is done where to we stop. Has anyone looked at the big Picture? This will cause a vicious circle where there will be no exit.

So I have answered the question as to what it would take to get you to accept the mark of the beast. Ignorance, Complacency, Fear, Obedience. I guess I can only say that the time is now to prevent such things by putting in legislative safeguards. Those who will vote to keep these things from happening. It may already be too late.

In Northern England they are already experimenting with a cashless society. Some parts of the United States are testing Smart Cards. Prince Charles, Prince William, and Harry have already received chip implants in their hands. Animals are already being given these implants for tracking.

In conclusion the more powerful the government becomes, the more suspicious we become. The more suspicious we become, the government becomes alerted and decides that its enemies need to be investigated, and monitored, for subversive behavior. They want to make sure that there is no rebellion, no flag burning, no political dissention no Capital hill shootings, or Oklahoma City Bombings. We the people, the innocent bystanders, will have to make a deal with the Devil in order to keep them off of our backs. The devil has only one requirement and that is you keep his number handy at all times. If you need anything just use it day or night. That number is 666, please make a note of it.


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