By Clyde Lewis

In our quest for truth we must look at our world and then try to look beyond it. It can be an uncomfortable experience. The thought of the earth at the mark of time that is at absolute zero is a difficult thing to think about. To go beyond zero to a time before the earth was inhabited or even created is blasphemy. Looking for life elsewhere in the universe might be closer than we realize and it may be deadly if we aren't careful.

Cosmic blasphemy is one hell of conversation maker. It makes dyed in the wool Christians uncomfortable. I guess because if it can be proven that life existed before point zero then evolution has credibility. The question that needs to be asked in the new century is that is it so blasphemous to say that we as humans had our beginnings as extraterrestrials. Was there a great migration from a dying planet to a new planet? Are remnants of that life still out there? Does it come to earth from space on a daily basis?

When the earth was going through its various stages of creation, what price did our ancient ancestors have to pay in order for that creation to take place?

The idea of a God creating the earth is arguably an oversimplification. Many people will base all of their knowledge on such matters in a book called the Bible. The creation has been debated by many people and the vocal majority seem to be those who believe in the Bible explanation.

So sometimes we have to use the bible as a reference point to show both the Creationist and evolutionist that there may be some hidden messages in the mythologies of the creation.

Until we can crank the clocks back to the time before zero no one can know for sure what really happened. They can only go on faith.

However faith is being replaced by fact, facts are being leaked slowly about our true beginnings.

The public consciousness is becoming aware that perhaps our evolutionary trek began elsewhere and that perhaps we had some external help. External help from a group of human like beings that had to become genetic engineers in order to preserve their DNA. There is this notion that there was world before this one and that the earth was seeded by extraterrestrial panspermia. Lately mankind has focused on Mars as the possible home of life before our earth was selected for the continuation of mortality. Movies and books are now demonstrating that single cells were cast off into space and landed on earth developing into fish reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals, and of course the upright man that exists today.

There have been countless theories that claim that mankind developed his personality through brain traits that exist in reptiles, early mammals, and present mammals. At the epicenter of the brain is the primitive reptilian brain responsible for self determined preservation.

In the book "Dragons of Eden", Dr. Carl Sagan spoke of this theory known as the triune brain hypothesis.

The brain of human kind, even the human kind that may have existed before creation had that same determination mixed with an exploratory instinct.

Human children are explorers and are constantly absorbing data the moment they figure out how to crawl. Humans learn the bear minimum of traits in their early years, such as the ability to eat, sense danger, mate, and preserve life.

All these things are learned by seeking out the unknown and then partaking of the knowledge that eventually reveals itself.

The mythology in the bible of the Garden of Eden simplifies this in a story book parable.

Remember that it was the serpent that beguiled the woman into partaking of the forbidden fruit. So by clearing away the metaphor we realize that man used his serpent or reptilian mind to explore the unknown in order to preserve life.

The idea of the Gods placing man on the earth is a simple story to illustrate that a powerful force brought man from one place to another. The genetic engineering is explained with God Making man's helpmeet from a rib. It is in a modern way God's first cloning.

We can leave scripture quotes to the clergymen but if you read the Genesis you will see that it is apparent that man was genetically engineered on earth and that his beginnings were not perfect.

The fall of Adam was quite literally a fall from one place of existence to another place where he or his seed could exist.

It is the serpent spirit that gives us the eternal drive to be an exploratory creature. So the forbidden fruit could have been a metaphor for forbidden knowledge. The knowledge of preserving the DNA, which of course is the same power that was entrusted to the God like beings who placed man in a biological laboratory, called earth.

So there you have the Garden of Eden story with a scientific slant that may be heretical to some. But is it so heretical to even theorize that this is what really happened?

Science seems to uncover anomalous phenomena everyday that has the learned shaking their heads as to the origins of man.

It's our exploratory nature that will uncover the truth about the origins of man. There are several indications that would solidify the notion that there is life in the universe.

Life that finds its way to earth.

Almost immediately Science is beginning to speculate that life may have existed on Mars billions of years ago. Some even say that it exists now.

At the beginning of the year 2000 the focus on Mars was coming out of the blurry stages when experts of the American Astronomical Society, said their calculations had shown that if life ever existed on Mars it could very well have been carried to Earth aboard some 5 trillion rocks blasted from the Red Planet by impacting asteroids.

Curt Mileikowsky, an astronomer of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm has stated that he believes that the ancestral cell for life on Earth must have originated somewhere in our own solar system.

The team also studied the possibility of microbe-bearing asteroids sailing into the Earth from solar systems beyond the sun. However many said that the probability of such things is low. They claim this over and over and yet it hasn't stopped the investigation of such ideas.

Nor has it stopped the missions to space such as Project Stardust and the Mars sample return Missions where microbial life from Mars and beyond will be brought to earth for testing.

Some scientists claim that microbial life that may exist in space does have the ability to survive. At least two well-known microbes, Deinococcus radiodorans and Bacillus subtilis are capable of surviving on a meteor or comet and perhaps even live in a space capsule that re enters the earth's atmosphere. They are highly resistant to heat, radiation and acceleration forces.

While these forms of bacteria are harmless not all microbes that exist in the universe are as benign. Plagues have periodically ravaged civilization from the beginning of documented history up to the present day. It has even been speculated that these viruses and new strains come from space. They are believed to travel in solar storms, comets, and meteors.

Which brings us to the possibility that our diseases are proof of an extra terrestrial threat. Mankind's biggest enemy is paradoxically its smallest.

In a time where mankind has attempted to destroy its smallest enemy, the bacterial infection seems to be gaining on him as more new diseases appear out of nowhere and coincidentally after mans leap into space.

Back when Michael Crichton penned the "Andromeda Strain" he added in his book the behavior of bacteria and how fast it can exponentially grow.

"The mathematics of uncontrolled growth are frightening. A single cell of the bacterium E. coli would, under ideal circumstances, divide every twenty minutes. That is not particularly disturbing until you think about it, but the fact is that bacteria multiply geometrically: one becomes two, two become four, four become eight, and so on. In this way it can be shown that in a single day, one cell of E. coli could produce a super-colony equal in size and weight to the entire planet Earth."

Now it is imperative that you understand that he says "ideal circumstances." Because the statement is meant as a Science fiction warning however under ideal circumstances certain life forms can duplicate and evolve until they eventually dominate the area that they introduced to.

Now it is imperative that you understand that he says "ideal circumstances." Because the statement is meant as a Science fiction warning however under ideal circumstances certain life forms can duplicate and evolve until they eventually dominate the area that they introduced to.

We have seen what happens when circumstances can be ideal for the breeding of an infectious disease. Imagine the chaos when an alien biological threat rids the planet of life exponentially.

We are at the mercy of what is out there and thanks to our reptilian brain we may not know when to leave well enough alone. If we stumble upon a life form in space that should not be introduced to human kind we may be sealing our own fate.

As in the bible, Adam's punishment for tasting the forbidden fruit was death and decay. All that was beautiful became foul and putrid and the slow disease known as the aging process was the plague that man had to endure.

How coincidental that the serpent being tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden and that many people associate Extra terrestrial beings as appearing reptilian. Isn't it also coincidental that serpents entwined in a DNA helix is the symbol over most hospitals and doctors offices?

It is also written in biblical texts that Cherubim and a flaming sword would be placed in the area where this knowledge was first realized, where this event took place.

Then man would be banished from the paradise to what is now the Earth. Cherubim have been depicted as children in artwork but the true image of such creatures is far more complicated.

Cherubim were second order sentinels that were to watch over sacred areas. They were depicted in ancient texts as having the face of a human on one side and the face of a lion on another.

The sword is metaphoric of a defense system that will activate if anything comes close to penetrating it. Perhaps a place that was once full of life and then was destroyed is being protected and the symbols are evident.

One such symbol may be the alleged face on Mars. The symbolism of the face has ties to ancient Zodiac and even biblical passages such as the accounts In Ezekiel which many consider to be one of the books which records evidence of Extra terrestrial encounters and interplanetary travel by prophets.

Even in Psalms it is recorded that the Glory of God is evident in the symbols in the Heaven's. What symbols? Why would the bible say this if there weren't any symbols to be found?

Christians will say that Astrological symbols are not of God and so therefore do not apply. Well Christians didn't exist in the Old Testament and so you can judge for yourself if a face on a planet that may have been the base of creation isn't a symbol of warning.

A warning to stay away!

This of course echoes some of the theories that often have been talked about by Richard Hoagland and his book "The Monuments of Mars." The Book is not based on hard science but it seem that it is the impetus for theories and comparisons of the Face on Mars with ancient symbolism, mainly the human-feline characteristics.

The face on Mars has always been compared to the sphinx in Egypt, which also is a depiction of Cherubim or the interceding sentinel. It is a symbol of a destroying angel and the only way to keep it from destroying man is either avoid it or unlock it's riddle. The Riddle of course was told in mythology:

"What speaks with one voice, yet in the morning walks on four legs, walks at noon on two legs and in the evening walks on three legs?"

The answer of course was provided by Oedipus who told the sphinx that the answer was "man".

How intriguing that the movie "Mission to Mars" had a virtual re working of the myth? Man finally makes it to the surface of Mars. An electronic riddle was sent to the astronauts as they were approaching the "face" that allegedly exists in the Cydonia region of the planet. There was no reply so many in the landing party were killed. Then when it was realized that the face was sending out an electronic riddle. The answer was merely an electronic transmission of human DNA.

So this may mean that unless mankind knows the secret to unlock the security that has been placed on Mars we may activate a booby trap that could destroy us.

Authors have warned us that Extra terrestrials could bring with them diseases to this planet that we have never seen before. So perhaps if the alien infiltration exists this could be the explanation for the continuous social decay that people allege exists today. There is also the possibility that an alien contact with human forms has created physical maladies as well.

We have explored the possibility that if extra terrestrial life has arrived here on earth then the damage has already been done.

In field order 862, a report that allegedly was given to Eisenhower regarding President Truman's investigation into extra terrestrial recovery, the terrible account of biological attack exists.

The result of the encounter with extraterrestrial debris and EBE's was the deaths of several recovery personelle. All four of the technicians allegedly died of seizures and profuse bleeding. The technicians were all wearing protective suits when they came in contact with the fluids of the occupants.

While the government denies that such an event occurred it is curious that Astronauts upon returning from space spent time in quarantine in order to determine if they carried any kind of extra terrestrial bacteria that could destroy the earth.

This very practice indeed takes away any doubt that perhaps science knows more about the possibility of microbial life living in space. It surely was a safeguard for any future contamination.

Another tip off that NASA is well aware of the possibilities of Microbial contamination is a report that was recently provided by CNN regarding the destruction of the space probe Galileo.

NASA has decided to kill the Galileo probe by either deliberately crash landing it on Jupiter or on IO its Volcanic moon. However the probe will not go near Europa. NASA astrobiologists have theorized that life could exist under the ice of Europa. Galileo won't be flying into Europa because Galileo could still be carrying microbes, 11 years after its launch from the space shuttle Atlantis.

Yet their humanitarian effort to preserve life in the universe has stopped short when it comes to life on Earth unfortunately.

There have been experiments going on in space that will be returning to earth in a few years.

Stardust is a comet sample return mission having the distinction of being the first sample return mission from beyond the Earth-Moon system. It will collect samples of comet dust and then return to earth somewhere in the west desert of Utah sometime in the year 2006.

In the year 2008, NASA, France, and Italy plan to bring back to the surface of the Earth, a canister from Mars filled with Martian soil.

Now, we know that Mars produces some less than ideal conditions for life to be sustained however we need to understand that there are bacteria that need no organic nutrients to live, only inorganic ions and light.

Some don't even need light. They simply oxidize inorganic minerals to get their energy. Some can even withstand high doses of radiation. Some go without nourishment for hundreds of years. All they need is an ideal environment to thrive and grow exponentially.

We already know that earth is the best place is to generate life. Even if it is a hostile life form that never was supposed to make it to earth in the first place.

In light of the recent 1999 loss of both the Mars Climate Orbiter and Mars Polar Lander spacecraft we cannot afford another human error that could kill us all.

Mars seems to have it's own blockade or "flaming sword" to keep us out. Yet we continue to try and invade it when we have been told that it is virtually a dead planet. What mysteries does Mars hold that we need to discover?

If life on Mars never existed or if it doesn't exist then what caused the oxidation effect that created the red soil that exists today?

Aren't oxidants needed to create Iron oxide? The Earth itself has been estimated to have ten thousand times the oxidizing conditions of Mars because of the oxygen content of our atmosphere.

And yet a film of microbial life completely covers the surface of the Earth and even flourishes in the most extreme hot and dry environments.

So why do some scientists insist that adverse conditions on Mars make existent life impossible at the surface even though scientific evidence suggests that it does?

Once again this is known in some circles as "Cosmic blasphemy." There are some that are realizing that there is a danger in exploring it further. There are others who are overwhelmed with the possibilities of life on Mars. Perhaps life truly did begin out there and that a civilization once existed and sent the seeds of life in space as a last ditch effort to save life in the universe.

Perhaps we are realizing that our beginnings go on beyond zero. That "point zero" begins elsewhere.

Perhaps a barrier exists keeping man from exploring that area of his beginnings. That if he penetrates the barrier it would mean his utter destruction. We need to remember that our unknown end is another "point zero" and it would be cosmic synchronicity if the place of creation would also have a part in the bringing of desolation.


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