By Clyde Lewis

Is anyone getting the sick joke yet? Is anyone buying the story? Once again we have created our own monster and now we are told that we have to destroy it.

American history has spun yarns of madmen who have killed innocent people. These madmen have contributed to a fear machine that continues to manufacture paranoia amongst the populace. However if you look back in history, you may realize that maybe we are responsible for our own monsters, that we have empowered them and that we have no one else to blame except for those who we have been told are here to protect us from harm.

In a previous article I warned you of something called the passive conspiracy. The passive conspiracy more or less is a theory that things are allowed to exist only because no one truly wishes to eliminate them. You will see how this applies in the latest news. Government has the power to land on the moon. Or so we believe. Government has the power to send seven Astronauts into space. Or so we believe. Government has the power to use satellites to see everything that is going on. Or so we believe. So then could it be that our government also has the power to eliminate "madmen" if they decide to do so? Why don't they? Once again I say, only you can answer that question. If it is hard to figure out let me show you some examples of our shining past where a number of madmen had ties to our very own government, or at least that is what the crazy people believe. You don't buy into what crazy people say do you?

First of all lets talk about the "man of the hour" Osama Bin Laden. This guy pops up out of nowhere shouting "Kill Americans" and we are frightened? Does he really have all that power? They say he has money. Now we have another terrorist "bogeyman" that came out of nowhere to join the ranks of other terrorist "bogeymen" who continue to live normal, healthy lives. I guess Saddam Hussein can sleep in now, but then again did we ever really think we could kill him? How could we? He is the best thing for patriotism this country has. For every God there needs to be a Satan. So we will allow the Devil to live so that we can realize the power and protection that our government gives us. So now we have another wolf among us. At least we are told he is a wolf.

Interviews with Bin Laden paint him as a shy man who feels the very people who supported him have ignored him. He has a lot of money, and he got it by being a farmer and a construction engineer. He headed a guerrilla army that was armed and supported by the United States to fight in Afghanistan. He is a man who is now disillusioned by the United States. He has issued a fatwa against the United States Government because he feels that they are corrupt, arrogant, and against the Muslim nations. The truth is, he wishes he could control armies to carry out "terrorist" attacks against the U.S. but it seems that Mr. Bin Laden just has his construction company and is a God fearing man.

The truth is, Bin Laden is merely repeating over and over again the words of other "madmen" who have attempted to terrorize and bring down our country. Put up against Saddam Hussein or Khadaffy we have a small man screaming at a system that he feels betrayed him. If he is such a threat, why don't we just kill him? This sounds like an oversimplification but hey, we bomb a few buildings and it just pisses them off even more. It's like taking a stick and poking a hornet's nest. So, why haven't we killed Hussein? I'm sure that right now this is one hell of an unguarded moment. You see what I mean by passive Conspiracy? The cynic will tell you that Osama Bin Laden is a manufactured monster to take our minds away from the scandals that are plaguing the Whitehouse. Well, chalk one up for the cynics.

I once talked about "Wag the Dog" and it's ironic release right before the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke in the Whitehouse. The story is legendary and creeps back into the pop culture because of its synchronicity. But lightning has struck twice. Does anyone remember what happened the first time that the President was accused of his little improprieties? During that time a crisis was brewing and a stern warning was issued to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. It was a feeling of a cold war of words. For basically the same reason we have hurled bombs this time. Oh it gets better. While Clinton was flexing his penis in the face of Hussein, Serbian forces killed up to 50 Kosovo Albanians using tanks and helicopters and . Rained machine-gun fire on villages around Pristina. Serbian military admitted to killing 20 Kosovo Albanians that they claimed were terrorists including Kosovo liberation leader Adem Jashari.

Wag the dog indeed. The Barry Levinson film deals with the subject of sexual scandal and an Albanian conflict. Spin doctors in the movie try and stage an all out war in Albania in order to take the minds of the American public off the scandalous affairs of their president. I just had to point that out. Just to show you how "coincidences" happen twice. At least where government is concerned. I have always thought if it happens once it is a coincidence if it happens twice it is a habit. I laugh out loud because this whole mess with Bin Laden has happened just in time for Video rental of Wag the Dog.

Once again the passive conspiracy lets this stuff happen because "hey it's kind of cool how art imitates life huh?" Is anyone laughing at this joke? I have tears in my eyes fom laughing so hard. Ask yourself this question. Why now? Why did he choose to attack now? Why did he step out of character now, when acts of terrorism have plagued us long before? If you don't see the point here then you already buy into the lies that are constantly quoted to us everyday. Since it doesn't affect you directly, you say, so what?

Passive Conspiracy. It will only matter if someone you know dies in a bombing or an act of terrorism.

Passive Conspiracy. It doesn't matter that Clinton claims that we targeted terrorism. "These bastards need to be shown who is the boss!" So we demonstrate who the boss is through an act of terrorism. This will obviously trigger a number of wannabe bombings like in South Africa. A planet Hollywood was bombed. While African authorities think Gangs are responsible, a group who claims to be Muslim claims responsibility claiming it is in retaliation for the attacks Clinton made. Last I checked South Africa didn't fire missiles at The Sudan and Afghanistan. Clinton did.

Clinton has used mass manipulation in defense of his poor judgement and he relies on our ignorance to accept that his actions are in our best interest. It's obvious that we have bought into the charisma. When his pants go down the polls go up. The lies he has told about the bedroom are only the tip of the iceberg. It is that iceberg that may bring the USS America down to an icy grave. But hey the country never ran so good. Many people even say that if the election were reheld he would still be voted in as president.

When people find out the truth, there will be some that will scream revolution and when they retaliate, they too will become terrorists. It looks like we have a knack for creating them. We created Osama Bin laden, Saddam Hussein, Khadaffi and others. Congratulations Dr. Frankenstein your monster awaits.

While Clinton was caught with his pants down and then had to confess to American people he was a liar. It was easy to say it was an artificial diversion ala Wag the Dog For his lack of aim in the bedroom. Immediately the spin-doctors were annoyed by the very insinuation that Clinton would let his love missile dictate what he does with the real missiles. But what else could it be? Who in their right mind would want to start a war? Especially the leader of a country that believes in peaceful negotiations? But Clinton does not negotiate with terrorists, He only acts like them when he is under personal attack

Do I have to point out that while this was an "attention grabber" to show that terrorists are vulnerable. How can we ignore the fact that we sat on our laurels when other attacks took place namely the World Trade Center bombings, the Somalia massacre, et al? This act of firing on a few targets just stirred the Terrorists up. It didn't eliminate anything. I could care less if the CIA has soil samples to prove that nerve gas was being made. There are other places where this is happening. This wasn't a solution. It was an invite to come and attack the citizens of the United States. This creates yet another monster waiting in the wings. If the government really wanted to eliminate the problem they would declare a war the right way. Not by knee jerk reaction to the possibility of losing ones precious leadership position.

While the monsters lie in wait to glorify their creators, the vampires continue to be relentless. Ken Starr, Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky continue their crusade and the more they leach on to their case the more we look like fools. Monica Lewinsky is no victim. So lets stop feeling sorry for her. It is obvious that she collected momentos from the president for "insurance." Nothing stopped her from coming back for more sex. It looks as if the President an Ms. Lewinsky enjoyed their sexual romp, so lets not make a star out of the presidential groupie and lets get on with the impeachment. I can imagine the grand jury all going home after the steamy testimony of how Lewinsky allegedly shoved a cigar up her vagina only to try it at home, or to do it solo with a little dab of Astro glide. It's really cute to hear that Monica did not know what cunnilingus was. I would hate to be Sandra Day O'Connor rephrasing the question with "Did the president eat you out? Uh… Lick your carpet?" Stick his tongue in your honey pot?" If this offends you, then vote these idiots out.

Clinton admitted he lied. Why continue to kick him? Hell, he already fired missiles at Muslim terrorists, Lets just provoke the guy who has command of the little red button? Are we trying to create another Monster? It would appear so. That's what government is good at.

The media cannot dictate how or what we think about a certain topic, However they try and set you up with an agenda on what you are supposed to think about and how to think about it. The government counts on the fact that you are too busy to examine the truth. Why should you care about general politics when there are Celebrities, Crime, and sports scores that are more fun to hear about? If you think that I am overreacting then Answer me these questions:

Why is it that a bombing of an alleged Nerve Gas plant didn't cause the deaths of more people? If there were precursor chemicals for VX at the Sudan plant then everyone in the local area would be dead.

The Images from the Sudan Plant show us inspectors and rescue personelle near the site. Why were none of the personelle wearing Bio Hazard suits? CNN showed repeatedly live scenes of diplomats touring the site along with hundreds of barefoot people dressed pants and T-shirts. I know that if I were near Toxic chemicals I would be dressed like that.

We are being lied too. Why the lie? Why the fear propaganda? Why do you think?

The lies are given to take away your liberties. When a government loses control, it becomes impulsive. It scares you into believing anything they can dream up. It creates a monster lurking in the shadows. Waiting to strike. The new monster is Osama Bin Laden. I actually saw an article in the paper stating "Christians Osama Bin Laden is your wake up call, the signs of the times are at hand." Are we that scared of Osama Bin Laden? I'm more afraid of the invitation to terrorists to open fire on us. I'm more afraid of the Lost Liberties, the heavy security measures and needless executive orders that will override constitutional freedoms.

The new war on terrorism will show an increase in knee-jerk reaction laws restricting domestic speech, commerce, movement and privacy. Beware of this. It is closer than you think.

The Wag the Dog references made a lot of spin-doctors antsy. Because the questions about the similarities put into doubt the president's ability to use good judgement when faced with a personal crisis. The propaganda machine has backfired. The Middle east is using the "Wag the dog" reference as a fact. An American film has become an anti-U.S. tract. Another innocent work of Art perverted into a monstrous tool. Leaving me to ask was this a war against terrorism or Ken Starr? What was the value? The fear Propaganda it has generated? The cute jokes and I told you sos that Rush Limbaugh will make on his highly rated Talk show? Don't laugh.

It's not funny anymore.

Bill Clinton has shown us that he is a reckless and impulsive person. He will do anything to retain power. He will make deals, lie, declare wars and even take away freedoms just to save his cowardly ass. Your freedoms and liberties will be sacrificed. The ignorant will hand them over without a fight. The few that fight will be subversives and terrorists. They will be jailed and some will die. I realize that this is a worse case scenario, but it can only get worse when you are dealing with the ugliest monster of all.



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