By Clyde Lewis

Healthy people are getting sick. The reality of a biological or chemical attack from terrorists casts clouds of doubt about the new Millenium. Ground Zero has learned that an environmental threat as crippling as a terrorist attack could be harming our weather. A threat that little by little may be killing you.

Diseases have a way of ruining your day. You wake up feeling weak. You start to hack, you run a chill and then you call in sick. Just a typical day with the flu. You rest a bit and then you decide that you feel well enough to go downtown for a bite to eat. While you are there you run into someone who you haven't seen since high school. He smiles and holds out his hand. You shake it and then you chat a bit telling him about how you woke up feeling under the weather and thought the air would do you good. He says he has an appointment he has to keep. You say your Good byes and he runs to catch a train. He goes to his business meeting and shakes hands with everyone in the room. One of the men in the room is a 65-year-old man. The 65-year-old man is getting ready to retire, and the office has decided to throw him a party. There are all kinds of foods at the party. Mostly vegetables with dips. Everyone is having a good time. Laughing and hugging each other.

You get something to eat downtown and on the way home you start to feel nauseous. You wind up in the bathroom Vomiting. You can't believe how horrible you feel. You decide to go to bed and rest. You are down in bed for 3 days. You finally feel better and you are on your way to work. You bump into that old friend again; he seems to have a cough. You ask him how he is doing and he says that he must have gotten a flu bug or something, that his whole office got it.

What he doesn't tell you is where he is going. A funeral. The 65-year-old man died in a hospital 2 nights ago. Choked on his own vomit from the flu.

Would you believe that the Flu could very well be the next plague? I know it sounds far fetched because we get the flu every day. However every winter a new flu strain always shows up. Flu Vaccines are different every year so that medical science can out smart the next viral strain. Sometimes a flu strain will find a back door. It will hide where you least expect it. If you don't believe it, try and remember what happened to Hong Kong two years ago. It was May of 1997 when there was a death due to a flu virus known as Avian Influenza. By February of 1998 Hong Kong Health officials determined that they had been hit by 18 cases of the virus six of which killed their victims. They usually died of respiratory failure and Inflammation of the brain. The Virus was "hidden" in chickens. Millions of Chickens were killed and burned, in order to shut down the spread of the disease. Influenza's ability to find a back door is uncanny. If the Hong Kong scare was any indication the spread of another viral flu is soon. The scary part is Flu strains spread so easily, once they are started they are unstoppable. I know what you are saying already.

You are probably saying that every year as we edge closer to the millenium doom and gloom mongers paint the picture of some sort of plague that will wipe out us helpless humans. It is poetic irony that before the first Millenium mankind was worried about diseases and for a good reason. The Bubonic plague nearly wiped us all out. It is estimated that 30 to 50 percent of Europe's population fell to the plague. Some say even more. Larger Cities may have seen more hideous deaths caused by the disease known as the Black Death. Rodents spread that disease around; it seems that there is always away for us to get sick.

Diseases do a good job of spreading by themselves. Usually they count on us or an animal to spread them around. We do a great job by ourselves. Not only do we pass them with casual contact, but we also spread sickness through intentional means as well. There are those in power, who know that there are diseases out there that can be used as weapons.

President Clinton does. That is why recently, Clinton announced that it is more than likely that the United States will see a terrible Biochemical attack in the United states within the next two years. The Recent U.S. strikes against the Middle East have more than likely disturbed a hornet's nest. A nest loaded with Biochemical agents that when used, can infect a victim with many diseases. Most of which have no cure. These weapons are designed to act instantaneously and destroy completely.

So why would anyone want to take chances with such weapons? It is so easily said that the madmen in the middle east would do it in a heart beat that we forget that there were some people who decided that there were a few people out there that deserved to be a part of a special test. A test to see the effects of a chemical agent in action. No one died. But they probably wish they could have.

The United States has a long history of experimentation, on human subjects, unaware that they are guinea pigs. Dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. Both private firms and the military have used unknowing human populations to test various reactions to biological agents. However, the extent to which human experimentation has been a part of the U.S. Biological Weapons programs will probably never be known. A lot of these programs are classified. Even when the Government comes forward with information a lot of what was done to this day still remains classified. You may or may not have been experimented upon. You had no choice in the matter.

A lot of these germ warfare experiments were declassified in 1977 and ended up in the back pages of the paper. When people read about them they are shocked, and then throw up a heavy sigh, because they feel fine. They also feel lucky because they weren't the victims.

In the 1950's the U.S. military released clouds of "harmless" gases over six U.S. and Canadian cities to observe the potential for similar release under chemical and germ warfare scenarios. A follow-up report by the military noted the occurrence of respiratory problems in the unwitting civilian populations. This was done probably because of a possible threat to the United States.

The result was cancer and miscarriages and death. This was kept a secret until 1977. Yes the government can keep secrets.

Later in 1955 Tampa Bay Florida experienced a sharp rise in Whooping Cough cases, including 12 deaths, after a CIA test where a bacteria withdrawn from the Army's Chemical and Biological Warfare arsenal was released into the environment. Details of the test are still classified to this day.

Many times these "harmless" chemicals and Bio agents have been sprayed or delivered without anyone's knowledge or permission. When confronted The Government denies that they had any part in it. However the pattern shows that when the paranoia of a possible Bio chemical threat is imminent things start looking awfully scary.

We only need to look back to 1996. 60 Minutes ran a segment about how our own soldiers in the Gulf war may have been exposed to a bio hazardous disease. The U.S. Department of Defense finally admitted that at least 20,000 U.S. servicemen "may" have been exposed to chemical weapons during operation 'Desert Storm'. This exposure came as a result of the destruction of a weapons bunker. But many other men have complained of the same symptoms. Many Veterans groups have released information that many of the problems may be a result of experimental vaccines and inoculations that were provided troops during the military buildup. The scary part is no one has said whether or not this disease is contagious. However many men still complain of what is now known as Gulf war syndrome.

I need to relate a story about how we may be seeing a repeat of what went on in the 50's however the weather may play a part in this scenario and so the entire story must be told. What you are about to read is the result of something that had been bugging me since December 20th 1998.

Two weeks ago I was writing a report about the HAARP project and how it may have an effect on the weather. The weather in the winter of 1998-99 has been so weird one has to wonder if someone is tinkering with it. I vacationed in Las Vegas just before Christmas and was unhappy to find out that the temperature in Las Vegas was only 47 degrees. With a nighttime temperature of 30. After Christmas I fell ill. I managed to recover for New Years celebrations however a week later I somehow contracted Cellulitis in my right leg. This problem is strange. My foot blistered up and began to itch. It swelled to the size of a football and caused my leg to swell up halfway to the knee. I was treated with antibiotics intravenously. The swelling went down a bit and the infection subsided. I am still wondering if the swelling will go down completely. I was shocked that this would happen to me. I was healthy I usually could fight off a flu. But to be hit within weeks was just too weird. Well, being the paranoid that I am I was ready to investigate why I may have fallen ill after the Vegas trip. I was determined to link the weather to my illness. What I found scared me. At first I thought it was insane because it just sounded too far-fetched to be true. Then I began to piece together the puzzle.

I contacted Jerry E. Smith who worked with Jim Keith on a Book about Black Helicopters. I wanted to know if there was any thing that could link the weird weather and sickness. The only thing we could come up with was the research that he had done on the HAARP project and how it could affect the weather and how low frequencies could harm the body. I booked him as a guest. During the week I had received some Information about another piece in the puzzle. This concerned jet Contrails. This is where I thought it was getting Crazy however after reading HAARP the ultimate weapon of the conspiracy I came across an interesting piece that stated that a U.S. Air Force research study called, "Weather as a Force Multiplier" was issued in August of 1996 It basically gave the blow by blow on how HAARP and aerial cloud-seeding from tankers could allow U.S. aerospace forces to "own the weather" by the year 2025. Among the desired objectives were "Storm Enhancement," "Storm Modification" and "Induce Drought."

I thought something as silly as a Jet Contrail could be used to change the weather? I then decided to do some more research and came across an MSNBC report that was dated clear back to July of last year. It asked the question "Do Jet contrails effect the weather?" The answer was yes according to NASA officials who were doing the monitoring. It may sound far-fetched - but the evidence is clear.

There was a case where a distinctive oval-shaped contrail left behind by a test flight drifted across California for six hours, finally turning into a 60-mile-long cloud system. Another case showed that a figure-8 cloud created its own 60-mile swath of clouds over Texas and Louisiana over a nine-hour period.

When I was in High school I studied Meteorology and became quite good at identifying clouds and weather patterns. Today however a weatherman has too many factors working against his weather forecast. If these cirrus clouds are formed it can trap the heat in or keep the sunlight out, causing a rollercoaster effect in temperatures. For thirty years it has been evident that there have been less clear days than blue-sky days. Air traffic has increased substantially and there have been more UFO sightings. So figure that one out. Some of those UFOs could very well be? Airplanes. Contrails could be affecting the climate. The clouds could trap hot air in or keep the sunshine out. On Friday February 12th the weather had significantly turned weird for everyone in the Unites States and Canada. The temperatures were as follows:

  • Chicago 70 degrees
  • Dayton, Ohio 73 degrees
  • Columbus, Ohio 74 degrees
  • Indianapolis 75 degrees
And Flint, Michigan set a new record high of 68 degrees early that morning, the warmest temperature ever recorded there so early in the year. Utah hit a High of 62 several days earlier and then 90 mile per hour winds dropped the temperature into the teens. Four inches of snow fell that night.

There were Jets Leaving behind Contrails just days before. They were flying near the Oquirrh Mountains and their contrails expanded into cirrus clouds. I thought it was a coincidence. A few people in the office started getting coughs. Some of them said they were feeling very sick. I had filed a report in EarthMail that had more significance now. People were seeing contrail grids and getting sick after the clouds had passed over head. Mind you, at this time I still thought it was a coincidence.

It was reported in Seattle that William Wallace had severe diarrhea and fatigue after watching several multi-engine jets laying cloud lines in an east to west grid pattern. His neighbor working outside came down with the same thing . But their wives, who remained indoors, did not get sick. Wallace said that the planes were not making typical contrails. He claimed that they were doing something that appeared to be high-altitude "crop-dusting"

Similar incidents were reported over Las Vegas in December and in several other states, Tennessee, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Nevada, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, Washington State and California.

Passenger Jets make Contrails everyday there is a reason for it. They are generated at high altitudes. Water droplets freeze in just seconds and not quickly evaporate Contrails can form through the addition of water vapor to the air from the jet engine exhaust. It is a common thing. Sometimes if you look at your jet engine while flying at High altitudes you can see it happening.

But when a Contrail becomes a cloud, when temperatures change, and people get sick, you have to scratch your head and wonder.

The aircraft responsible have been identified as Boeing KC-135's and Boeing KC-10's. Both big jets are used by the US Air Force for air to air refueling. A Boeing T-43 used for navigation training and mapping may also be involved. The planes are either all white or all black.

There have been people who have come forward and said that they know what is in the clouds that are left behind by these aircraft. Ethylene dibromide a toxic chemical that could make people very sick. There have been reports of Ethylene dibromide deposits in the water wells of California as well. EDB is a known toxin that can cause Reproductive and other organ damage. It may damage the developing fetus and the male and female reproductive systems. Ethylene Dibromide can affect you when breathed in and by passing through skin. Ethylene Dibromide is a carcinogen. Exposure can irritate the eyes, nose and throat. Higher levels can irritate and burn the lungs and may cause a build up of fluid that is known as pulmonary edema. Contact can severely irritate and burn the eyes and skin. It can damage the liver and kidneys. High exposure can cause dizziness, drowsiness, vomiting, unconsciousness, and death. Many scientists believe there is no safe level of exposure to a carcinogen.

There are many people who also claim that the plant life and animal life near their homes are dying, which would also point to the exposure of EDB. Ethylene Dibromide has moderate acute toxicity to fish as well.

If this is the case then we are being tested for the effects of a known toxin a known Carcinogen, a known Teratogen. The question is why? Is there enough evidence to show that this is happening intentionally? Are we being used in some experiment? Are we becoming immune? The circumstantial evidence shows that Contrails are modifying the weather gradually. People are saying that some contrails are an intentional spraying of Toxic chemicals on unknowing human guinea pigs. Is it Bio-apocalyptic paranoia? or is it a terrifying reality. Are we harming the environment and ourselves? Take a look at the track record. Decide for yourself who is responsible. In times of Bio warfare paranoia it's worth investigating. In times of higher than normal temperatures it's worth questioning.

The truth is up to you. Keep your mind at Ground Zero.


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