By Clyde Lewis

"I've got a secret I've been hiding under my skin
My heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain I.B.M.
So if you see me acting strangely, don't be surprised
I'm just a man who needed someone, and somewhere to hide
to keep me alive-just keep me alive."-Styx Mr. Roboto

If you look around you, it may be a little uncomfortable to realize that the concept of humanity is changing at a rapid rate. Many people don't realize that the present is showing signs of being that dark future that we feared. We have arrived at a place in time where we have to struggle with the very things we have been told is unforgivable sin.

We rationalize and say that everyone is doing it, or we think that it is okay to do because it is a different time and anything goes. Sometimes the easiest way to give in to such things is to be called a kook or a paranoid.

We are told that perhaps what we are doing is evil or immoral. Now evil and immoral are being blurred. Things that were off limits and thoughts and actions that were considered abhorrent are now becoming common place. I guess it goes with the times.

It was Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers that ran with the theme that when a nation is at war it becomes inherently fascist. The world that he envisioned showed how decadence and past war toppled democracy and created a glorification of the military. Which of course the veterans were given the highest offices and the right to vote because it was believed that they placed the welfare of the whole over their personal views.

There was a time where we feared a country ruled by a military industrial complex and we also shunned the idea of cameras monitoring street corners. We criticized countries that had machinegun toting soldiers and tanks blocking entryways to toll bridges and airports.

Thirty years ago we would have said no to urinary tests, and fingerprinting at banks. We would stop short and cry out against the controlling of guns, the holding of prisoners without due process, and storming through poor countries looking under rocks and killing the innocent looking for an undefined enemy.

My, have times changed.

As we confront our everyday struggles we realize that we are capable of adapting to these once frightening concepts.

Many people can either give in to the negative or they can resolve to acknowledge it and try to apply positive choices; hopefully without ridicule.

It is easy to give in to rash decisions when you think you are up against a wall. It is also easy to allow peer pressure to dictate what decisions are beneficial for your well being.

Keep in mind the idea that it takes courage to stand up against your enemy, and even more courage to stand up against your friends.

Friends can't make your decisions for you but they can influence you in making decisions that can be destructive.

Friends mean well.

I once said to someone that Lucifer meant well too.

The Trickster means well. He always has. He just seems to benefit from his good intentions. You never benefit. That's the cunning plan that he somehow uses to convince you that what you are doing is for your own good. He can tell you anything that sounds great at first but after further examination you see that it was all a ruse to get your subservience.

We can do all that is sick and immoral in the name of fun. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

It troubles me deeply that we can also Eat it, drink it, Fuck it, suck the soul out of it, and kill it and feel good about it as long as no one knows we are a part of it.

You may not have to look too far to associate with someone who has probably participated in the cruel exercise known as being an evil puppet master who delights in preying on the defenseless and controlling them using any means necessary including fear.

In the 21st century it is easy to sell your soul and it is easier to have it snuffed out.

It was only 20 or so years ago that I remember hearing from religious authorities about what my future was going to be and I thought that it sounded a bit fatalistic. It was always drummed into me that we would eventually become desensitized to the sanctity of life.

I am beginning to see that maybe the future that I was warned about is most definitely the present I am living in now.

The recent controversy regarding the successful cloning of an embryo and the company "Advanced Cell Technologies" throws up confusing words from leaders, especially President Bush.

Bush denounced the practice as "morally wrong" stating at a press conference that:

"The use of embryos to clone is wrong, we should not, as a society, grow life to destroy it, and that's exactly what is taking place."-George W. Bush

With regard to human life beyond the embryo, and human life outside the womb George W. Bush's actions speak louder than words. It's bothersome to me that no one catches these empty sentences. He states that we as a society should not grow life to destroy it yet we are correct in our resolve to destroy the lives of people that we attack, maim, and kill, by remote control.

Using the Bush logic, we put a bounty on a group of people and bomb them. It seems that the action is justifiable because they are outside of the womb and they can allegedly defend themselves.

It is basically the idea that when you are born into this world you have to work like hell to get the word victim erased from your forehead. It is the "mark" that now everyone has to bear. It is sad that we have now learned how to grow our own victims and have found ways to perpetuate the idea of a homunculus or grown servant.

If they can't kill you they will control you. It's easy to do. You won't fight it. I promise. You have probably already accepted the idea. Once again it doesn't matter because "We never had it so good."

We have the best in healthcare, yet we hear about how we are getting sicker and sicker.

We have the best food, yet we hear about mad cow disease, foot and mouth diseases, chickens riddled with disease, genetically modified foods, and fish loaded with toxins and mercury.

We eat from a Styrofoam boxes, so that "we can have it our way" or because "we deserve a break" at the Golden Archenemy. We hope we can get away with eating all of this without succumbing to the event of a heart attack or stroke.

We have the best schools yet we hear of schoolbooks being outdated, and students failing in math and in reading, kids dropping out of school for promising careers in hard labor jobs that don't pay enough and poorly paid teachers who must provide classroom materials from their own pockets.

We have the best lifestyle even though we all work for low money and are overtaxed, making our home life almost non-existent and family life even more scarce and leading to broken homes, divorces, unpaid child support, check bouncing, fraud and bankruptcy. All of the ills of a society out of control.

Sometimes all it takes is your credit card. You swipe it. Put in your number and instant money. Money that sometimes you don't have.

But we never had it so good.

If you are unlucky enough to be born into poverty or if you don't win the lottery in the gene pool, you might as well forget it. Is it any wonder why people feel hopeless? Is it any wonder that people feel inadequate when they look at media beaming them images of what beautiful is, or what handsome may be?

Infomercials show people on yachts enjoying "the good life." They are thinner, healthier, and more alive and all four 5 easy payments of $29.95. Game shows show desperate people willing to be asked silly questions so that they can take home a million. They will go on desert islands and "survive" all for that large amount of cash.

People fall prey everyday to that quick fix of acceptance and some people can hide behind a mask and pretend like they are in the elite. They can hide behind that second mortgage or that default student loan, or that extra cash they gamble with, or use for tranquilizers, beauty aids, and Viagra.

That time will end soon. The apocalypse is a word meaning "all will be revealed" and soon you will not be able to hide behind a mask. All of your secrets will disappear as soon as technology implements the microchip and everyone who wants to have "the good life" will have to accept it and allow one to be inserted under their skin. Even then it will complicate your ability to get away with anything.

It will all be under control.

The answer to all of your problems is to "hook-up" and be a part of the new grid system. The new machine.

"Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
Where have you been? It's all right we know where you've been.
So welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
What did you dream? It's all right we told you what to dream. - Pink Floyd

There was always that Science fiction notion that man would eventually become more like a machine and that he would eventually become programmed like a computer. He would become a drone working for the system. I was impressed and somewhat underwhelmed by the future when I was exposed to visions of Fritz Lang and his Science fiction masterpiece "Metropolis."

The wealthy ruling class would live in towering skyscrapers and the lower classes were forced to work in an industrialized hell. Rottwang, a maniacal inventor demonstrates that robots can be created to replace the workers. Rottwang creates a robot that is in the image of Maria, a woman who has gained favor amongst the workers. His goal is to transmute the intelligence and personality of Maria into a cold and unfeeling machine.

Lang's vision in the 1920's was a glimpse to the future as we are courting with the idea of putting parts of the machine into humans.

The marriage of humans and machines is about to be consummated and this may send a signal that can validate the notion that science and technology can strip away our emotional, and spiritual well being.

When I am downtown I see several people whom I feel would be better off if they were continuously connected to a computer network. Their laptops are with them on the train. Their cell phones are now concealed by the use of earphones the size of hearing aids and there is always a group of young people standing in line waiting to put their hands on an X-Box that will give them a dose of virtual reality.

I often feel sorry for people who bring alphanumeric pagers to movie theaters, and to places where they should at least be free from the office. Surprisingly, people feel liberated with their computer gadgets. They feel free knowing that they can be tracked down without any problem.

The idea of being connected to a computer grid at all times frightens a lot of people.

Many people feel that this type of "hooking up" is a fulfillment of a prophetic blueprint that is found in the Book of the Apocalypse in the Bible.

I remember being held to the fire when I was a kid about biblical prophecy in the days before that dreadful day when the bad guys burn and the good guys put on white terry cloth robes and travel to the sponge painted world with God.

I was told that the righteous and the strong would defeat the machinations of the antichrist and that if anyone asked you to accept a number in the hand or the forehead you should not accept. I was told that Bar Codes on products were the beginnings of the antichrist one world government and soon people would be coded too.

Out of rebellion and mockery I decided to get a bar code tattooed on my left arm. It was the UPC code for SPAM, the mystery gristle cake that I would throw back at my mother when she made sandwiches for me when I was a kid.

I figured look at me I have the code! And if you ran it through a scanner it would come up as meat product. I figured if I was stupid enough to accept the real mark of the beast, I'd be dead meat being held together by bones and gristle with no brain.

"THEY" would have my brain and I wouldn't be worth the buck and a quarter that the SPAM is worth.

Now barcodes are used for all sorts of Identification. Wristbands are encouraged at hospitals and in the workplace. Bar codes are used to number and catalogue all kinds of things. While my bar code tattoo doesn't scan anymore there are people who think that a tattoo will work.

I don't know how. The best way to track people is probably the microchip.

The idea of marking and micro chipping the populace has been around for a long time. Since 1967 the idea of human tagging was introduced as a way to mark and monitor animals. Alan Westin was credited with the controversial idea.

A Boca Raton doctor named Daniel Mann developed a microchip intended for humans. The chip was a transponder that used a lithium battery. This new technology transmitted a signal intermittently so the person who had it could be tracked.

In the 1970's the idea was called "Big brother under the Skin" as many articles and books were published in the secular media long before the scripture thumpers were crying out their "kooky" paranoia about the "Mark of the beast."

There were many articles that were published in school journals and teacher manuals discussing the possibility of monitoring chips that would be "tags" on children to monitor their movements, their attention span, and whether or not they were getting enough exercise during recess.

There was speculation that a new system would be implemented where people would be tattooed with a number and would buy, sell, or exchange services without the use of cash.

Many claimed that the articles were the product of overactive imaginations and that the implementing of a system that vast, would need special equipment and a unilateral acceptance of special money drawing credit accounts, where people would be issued credits instead of money.

All transactions would be tracked and monitored. There would be no currency exchanged. There would be no hassle with bad checks, or default credit.

After the speculations and apparent warnings, 1973 was the year that UPC codes began appearing on everything from groceries to Phonograph records. No one knew what they were for until grocery stores started to equip themselves with laser Bar Code Guns. When a laser light was passed over the number the item would then put an SKU number and price in a master computer system.

In a span of about ten years animals and fish were tagged.

Now millions of animals have been tagged or marked with microchips for tracking. Some the most popular chip companies include the A.V.I.D. which stands for American Veterinary Identification Devices, (TIS) Trovan Identification Systems, and Destron-Fearing Corporation.

The chip has been prepared for tracking and health purposes and now the fear that everyone has about the chip is going to become reality.

Humans with chips are next.

In fact several people have chips in their hands and there are military personelle who have them as well. There are also many famous people who are microchipped. They live happy and productive lives. Prince Charles, William and Harry are microchipped. It is also rumored that Chelsea Clinton has one too.

There are many people that feel that the chip will be forced on to the American people as a mark for a new global order.

I can only determine that this is false.

It will not be forced on anyone. The chip will however be worn voluntarily by people who feel they need the added protection. The world will also convert to simple ID systems that will include smart cards, chips and biometric confirmation either through retinal, voice, or fingerprint scanning.

This way your social security number, bank accounts, checking, health information, and police identification will be available without the hassle of any of your records being lost or stolen. Microchips can also be used for migraine headaches, behavior modification, sexual stimulation, and sexual depressant.

If the voluntary manipulation doesn't convince you to get this invasive chip then there could be a welcomed chip implantation in babies. Allegedly there have been bills proposed in congress that include infant microchip identification. Injected at the time of birth.

If that doesn't convince you to get the chip, then you will miss out on great things. Like your money and your ability to buy sell or trade without it.

This is where we get into the weird realm of biblical prophecy and the fabled Mark of the beast. Many Christians believe that a revelation given to John the Beloved on the island of Patmos revealed that in the future man would be controlled by a one-world kingdom ruled by an evil leader.

This world leader is supposed to be the antichrist.

The antichrist will be identified with a number and his followers will be known by the same number. It is written that the followers of the antichrist will take a mark in their hand and in their forehead and that number is 666.

So far there have been so many theories as to how this mark will happen. The most popular is the microchip and the development of a cash less society.

The truth is the biblical scripture is hard to interpret, The majority of Christians believe that this new chip is most definitely the Mark of the Beast. However the mark has a number: the number 666.

There have been countless number jumblings and ASCII manipulations that point to people like Ronald Reagan, Bill Gates, and others whose names somehow add up to the Mark of the beast.

Well this is pointless because all of us are carrying 666 in our wallet. We have 666 in our banks, 666 in the stores, 666 everywhere there is money.

I have determined that the number 666 represents money or gold. As we have written before in a previous article about the "philosophers stone" Gold was the means to everything that could be bought or sold. It offered all human values, life, freedom. and spiritual well being. It was a means to all wealth, and literally a means to all ends.

It was the miracle cure for all of the woes of the world.

Well many say that money is the root of all evil. It has been prophesied that if you accept the Mark of the beast you will receive prosperity.

666 is a number that means riches.

Here is how I am figuring this.

The Bible mentions the number 666 outside of the book of Revelation. In the Old Testament the Numbers show up again. In 1 Kings 10:14 we see that Solomon received a yearly gold haul of 666 talents which is 23 metric tons of Gold. This was collected in tax money. They gave it to him because everyone was convinced he deserved it for his wisdom. So 666 talents of gold are symbolic of the Gold of the kingdom.

"Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold" - Old Testament

The 666 talents of Gold are symbolic of prosperity and money. Another confirmation of this is the 666 lotto that is played in Israel. There are little smiling sixes on the lotto card and the slogan "Uncover 666 and win!"

So what does that tell you?

666 means prosperity, gold, money, riches.

The number of the beast 666.

So obviously the 666 hints at the possibility that there is a tie to great money and riches and if you accept the Gold Mark or the Prosperity Mark from the World Government ran by the antichrist you will reap the benefits.

The purpose of this article is to put in plain English the facts and interpretations of what is going on now.

The sick irony is that chips are available now, they will be ready for use and mass implementation within the next 2 to 3 years.

However Biometric identification is being used now. Several grocery and department stores in the Midwest are already fingerprinting shoppers who want the convenience of shopping and avoiding long lines when cashing checks. Payroll checks are cashed by small computers while people are moving groceries on to self service shopping terminals.

A fingerprint is taken and the computer knows who you are and in some cases knows your buying habits and suggests a product that perhaps you have bought before. All your buying information is recorded by one fingerprint.

Facial recognition technology is being used in various airports around the country and many people have been detained because their facial features match a database of known criminals and terrorists.

It has always been said that if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear with the arrival of the new technologies.

Closed circuit TV cameras catch you and then you are subsequently scanned.

Imagine the use of both biometrics and chips.

You are walking in an airport and the biometric scanners choose you out of some 200 people standing and waiting to get their luggage checked before takeoff. You are a match to one of 10 characteristics loaded in a data base. The police with scanner in tow run a check on you. Your chip gives them identification and they find that you have an outstanding warrant for a speeding ticket.

They detain you and your plane is 15 minutes from take off. Your baggage has not been checked. Well it most certainly will be looked at with great interest. If you become Irate they could send a surge of electricity through the chip to your brain rendering you passive. Eventually you will be arrested.

Recently Virginia Beach implemented the use of Biofacial recognition.

All but one city council member voted to approve the program, which claims that it is being implemented to guard against terrorism.

Of course we can see that this is the foot in the door for even bigger elements of controlling an already fearful populace.

I have heard the vocal groups stating that they are leery of these new technologies. They preach from the pulpits about the evils of the Mark of the beast. Yet they overwhelmingly approve the use of Biometric and microchip technologies. Are there Christians in congress approving this stuff?

Okay, better question, is there anyone with common sense that will see the slippery slope that we are sliding towards? If I'm paranoid then please shake me or slap me into submission because this is simply out of control. Nobody sees what this is leading to.

We have heard it all before but do we really believe this?

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six."

When your hand is placed on a terminal and you place your eyes up to a computer so that you can be scanned to prove who you are, you already have the mark in your hand and in your forehead.

So i guess I should just give up and say what's the big deal? It's already here. You have credit cards, and soon you will have national I.D. cards and new chip manufacturers like Applied Digital Solutions have created chips like the Digital Angel so it seems like no one can fight it. Knowing the resolve of people who are fearful it's going to be a piece of cake to get the ball rolling and get everyone to jump on board and get your "safety" chip.

They will say "if not for you, do it for the safety of your children
Who is against something that protects children and families?"

Revelation 13:4 states,

"So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?"

I don't know if it is clear or not but according to this revelation it really doesn't matter what method is used to implement the methods of control. A tattoo, fingerprint or biometric combination, without the identification in your body you will have little chance of surviving.

The mark will give you the prosperity, or gold you seek. It's the 666 that everyone has been theorizing about. It will not be in any one man, it will be in each and every one of us.

Anyone who refuses will be ridiculed and taunted. You will be a kook, a paranoid and even a terrorist.

What have you got to hide?

Get in line and be ready to take your medicine.

Your religious convictions, your dignity, and your liberty are not options now. We have accepted the bitter pill of war and terror and within the borders of such feelings whether we like it or not have become inherently fascist.

We eventually become selfish and our survival is the top priority.

Who wants to fight over that "who wants to make war with the beast?"

It will be surplus control demanded by popular vote. It will be required, sustained and mandated.

No one should fear if they have nothing to hide. Just look at what the beast is offering. He means well.

In closing here are a few facts about the standardization of the technologies available for global control.

The June 17, 1993 the Los Angeles times reported that the national ID card Idea was being challenged.

"Lawmakers clash again over a new call for a national identification card. Of course it may foster invasions of privacy, but there is simply no way to enforce our existing laws without it. This would create a simple tamper resistant identification card and it calls for using a new social security card with a photo, finger print and verifiable bar code. ... yes the risk of invasion of privacy do exist...with information about every American that would indeed pose a threat to individual privacy."

Now it's a different story with the threat of immigrants coming into this country and committing terrorist acts. Many people are welcoming the idea of an ID system that will be fed into a master computer.

Why? Because they feel that they will not have to do it too. They feel as though they will be immune from the mass surplus control mechanisms.

They are wrong!

California is the test area for a new type driver's license. The photo and fingerprint is a computer dot matrix. These digitized facial features and fingerprints are able to be stored in a computer. There are magnetic strips on the back. All information is recorded on this strip. The Fin Cin Computer is the master computer in the United States. It can combine all law enforcement information, driver license history and everything else on you. It can not only identify you individually, but do a personal profile on you.

Police cars are being set up with bar code scanner devices. All they have to do is run your drivers license through the scanner, and they know everything about you.


Things like those little mistakes you made when you were young. That time you may have missed a payment on that credit card, Your divorces, The things you buy, The medications you are on, Your credit rating, How much you owe in taxes, Your family and their dysfunction's.

Their mistakes.

Oh yes we all have nothing to hide?

You are never above suspicion right?

Get real.

There is a program in the US to help manufactures standardize their products to participate in the huge WTO Standardized European market. The US corporations have to conform to the interteck ISO 9000 program of standardization. If they haven't received the numeric mark of the interteck 9000 they won't be able to buy or sell their products in Europe.

So in the end it is evident the implants and biometric components are the new tool for surplus control. Whether your religious convictions tell you that this is the Mark of the beast is not even an argument.

The reason why is because everyone falls in line sooner or later. The "powers that be" know what buttons to push and those sheeple inept enough not use freewill will be happy to know that they won't have to worry anymore.

Big brother will be under your skin and all things will be normalized and balanced.

You won't even feel a thing, except for maybe the prick of the needle that sends a small microchip into your hand or forehead.

Don't roll your eyes or laugh at what I am saying. I have already demonstrated that what we once criticized in other countries is beginning to surface in the land that we thought was immune to surplus control, tyranny, and fascism.

When are we going to realize that if we say no now, maybe someone else will also say no?

If you don't you might as well get in line and oh yes, take a number.

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