By Clyde Lewis

"It would seem as though the Creator, himself had electrically designed this planet"-Tesla

There are a number of people who are listeners to my radio show, and many who frequent my website reading what I write, wondering why I didn't just jump onboard and throw a theory into the myriad of theories out there about the cause what has been called the "Blackout of 2003."

When events such as these take place I stop and observe how the so called "expert speculators" throw out typical explanations without even thinking about the other possibilities that go overlooked, because of some agenda to sell more books about "the quickening."

I know that there are those out there who think that just because someone has a talk show heard in hundreds of markets that their speculations have more merit than just a independent whacko like myself.

I held back for a reason.

I held back because I had already spoke up weeks before and said that a number of transformational experiences were going to take place because of the approach of Mars.

I know it sounded like a reach for people who don't believe that the planets affect us. However you can now see that there is something that is changing the network of the earth.

I am learning about my ability to see scattered signals and trying to piece them together to get you a message that at least has some merit.

The Blackout of 2003 is not an exercise worthy of some half-baked conspiracy theory. It is however a signal to be observed. It is the warning that needs to be heeded. I do know that people who were not affected by this have gone back to their daily routines. The Blackout is only the beginning of what I am calling a Megawatt Bingo Game being played by the "gods".

BINGO of course is a game that is played on cards. The card has various numbers in a grid of five columns. Numbers are called randomly and if you have the number on the grid associated with the letter B or I, N G or O, you place a marker over the space which designates a direct hit.

It is a game of chance.

Usually if you fill an entire column you win money.

There is also a game called "Blackout" where in order to win you must black out all of the spaces on your card. There is a small fortune that you can win in this game.

Now imagine the entire United States as a giant BINGO card with numbers and grids. The grid is interconnected with large High-tension wires. Each wire is capable of carrying power, and interconnecting with other grids over hundreds of miles.

Electricity must first come from a generating station, which manufactures power, which can be from fossil fuels, waterpower or nuclear energy. There are regional transmission systems that send the power to a distribution grid. The Power is routed through substations and then a carrousel or bus sends the power in various directions. From there it goes into a transformer and then it is converted so that you can have power into your home.

A power loss, or disruption from point B to I, can start a chain reaction and soon N, G, and O will lose power causing a Blackout.


The larger grid fails and then numerous networks fail. It is a domino effect that demonstrates how vulnerable we can be. The grid shutdown only takes a matter of minutes. To bring the power back on can take hours and sometimes-even days.

The blackout that took place on August 14th, 2003 was a traumatic experience for many people. This event was the first major disaster that affected many people since the terrorist attacks of 2001.

While we were told by the major media that the cause of the blackout was a lightning strike or an overload due to the use of air conditioners, I can tell you that my investigation into what went on is nowhere near as simple as the mainstream media would have you believe.

While the grid was carrying a heavy load that day, it was a typical load for August.

According to the Independent System nerve center the grid was operating at 75 per cent of capacity. The grid was not overloaded due to "air conditioning demands." I am sure that the notion of this was nothing more than typical speculation by armchair reporters who did not do their homework. Around four in the afternoon there was an interesting anomaly that many people needed to know about. Newsweek reported that there was a large amount of power flowing from New York toward Ontario through the transmission lines.

This usually happens when a power plant goes down and it is not so unusual.

What is unusual is that the power surge reversed course. It headed back towards New York. It was an 800-megawatt monster tsunami! Generators immediately shut down to ward off the surge, something that they are supposed to do to protect them from burning out.

The grid was shutting down out of control and workers at the control stations watched helplessly as the Northeast was grinding to a halt.

New York, Pennsylvania, the Midwest and parts of Ontario were all at a standstill in about nine seconds.

America was now in the worst blackout in history and the experts had to figure out where the tidal wave came from. An estimated 50 million people were left without power. Nuclear power plants and oil refineries were forced to shutdown.

The first report said that a power station fire caused the shutdown. In order to deflect rumors of a possible terrorist attack another report was issues stating that lightning had struck a station on the border of New York and Canada.

The Canadian government dismissed this, stating that there wasn't a cloud in the sky, at least within a hundred miles of the Niagara Mohawk station.

In the meantime the images that were broadcast on the networks showed New Yorkers sauntering home in the 100-degree heat. The pictures were reminiscent of the many New Yorkers who had to walk home after the World Trade Center was attacked in September of 2001.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about the power failure is that there was an obvious omission that I caught in the reporting of the blackout.

The media failed to point out that this blackout was an impressive "first warning." I stood back and realized that while the experts were scrambling to get power back on, someone had to have been taking notes on what was happening.

I am sure that in a black notebook somewhere someone had entered a very telling passage in their journal.

America without power, is a country that is vulnerable.

It is country that is wide open for invasion. Yet it wasn't invaded.

No one even tried.

Don't you find that odd? Don't you stop and ask yourself why there wasn't a sleeper cell there to take advantage of the situation?

Not only that, but anyone with a brain can determine that the explanations provided by the media do not wash.

Think of it.

There was a dip in power before the tidal wave. Why did this happen? Especially on a day and time where air conditioning would kick on and people would be using their electric stoves for cooking. Not only that but there were a number of other coincidences that happened just prior to the surge in power.

I received a number of e-mails asking me if I new anything about a magnetic pulse over the Northeast just prior to the black out. Most people who listen to my show immediately assume that a pulse like this could be delivered by the HAARP project. I set that theory aside for a moment and cast my attention to the possible affect of a corona ejection from the sun creating a possible geomagnetic storm.

On March 13, 1989, at 2:44 am, a transformer failure on one of the main power transmission lines in the HydroQuebec system triggered a catastrophic collapse of the entire power grid. The string of events that produced the collapse took only 90 seconds from start to finish. The transformer failure was a direct consequence of ground induced currents from a space weather disturbance high in the atmosphere.

6 million people lost electrical power for 9 or more hours. The power failure happened due to a pulse from space. A magnetic disturbance caused by a storm on the sun.

These pulses are natural occurrences and they are monitored by The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory or SOHO. Before the blackout SOHO was off line. They remained offline even hours after the blackout had occurred.

There was an alert that was later sent out demonstrating that perhaps we received a direct hit from the Sun.


A shock has been detected in the solar wind by instruments onboard the ACE and SOHO satellites near the Langranian point L1. ACE recorded a jump in the solar wind speed from 430km/s to more than 500km/s at approximately 13:40UT; SOHO/CELIAS measured similar values slightly earlier (13:38). The cause of this shock is unclear, but it may be related to a full halo CME that was observed on August 14, and that was thought to be backsided.

The interplanetary magnetic field, which already pointed northwards, turned strong north (up to 20 nT) just after the shock arrival, but in the mean time has again become mildly north. Nevertheless, minor geomagnetic storm conditions have been briefly observed in Izmiran just after the shock, with current conditions at the active level. Deviating from the earlier forecasts, we now expect active to minor storm conditions for the next 48 hours. -Source Solar Influences Data analysis Center

Just prior to the event, I was warning Ground Zero listeners about magnetic disturbances that would occur as Mars approaches. I am sure there are many scientific types reading this that are laughing at my Mars paranoia.

As far as I am concerned it doesn't matter because there are too many coincidences that seem to be transpiring as Mars moves closer to earth.

The closest it has come in 60,000 years.

I had constantly warned of violent lightning, heat waves, drought, and violent storms happening prior to Mars full approach, and then the aftershocks will happen as Mars spins away.

Who knows what affects Mars is having on the earth, and what effects the planet is having on the Sun?

The cosmos has weather all of its own.

It affects the weather here on earth.

It also effects radio transmissions and electronic equipment. Don't be surprised if you start seeing flickering lights, more violent storms, earthquakes and other anomalous activities happening while Mars comes nearer to earth. Your cars electronic systems can malfunction, radio stations from hundreds of miles away could be heard on your radios, cell phones can malfunction.

This type of activity can transform our thinking. It can remind us of how we are citizens of the universe. While we take outer space for granted we are at the mercy of whatever decides to hurl itself at us from deep space.

No one wants to believe that Chicken Little is telling the truth. However in this case I am willing to believe that this blackout was so terrifying and unexpected that even the terrorists were taken by surprise.

They probably didn't even have time to plan an attack.

Mars is coming. This was the first warning.

Expect the unexpected.

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