By Clyde Lewis

TWA Flight 800 July 17, 1996 falls out of the sky 230 people die as result. The Plane goes down under mysterious circumstances. July 17th 1999 JFK's Piper Saratoga II Crashes in the same area. Swiss Air Flight 111 and Egypt Air 990 all crashes in the same area all under mysterious circumstances. Just what is causing these random crashes in the same area? The popular idea is always terrorism and friendly fire. The unpopular Idea is stranger than fiction.

In the news we have been hearing about a number of airplanes that have mysteriously crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. TWA 800, Swissair 111, John F. Kennedy Jr.'s Piper Saratoga light aircraft and now, Egypt Air 990 have all crashed in the same general area in the Atlantic ocean and in their wake have left investigators baffled.

The area where the aircraft have dropped out of the sky lies below a busy air traffic corridor that, statistically, sees no more airline crashes than others do. However lately the area has seen its share of visits from the NTSB crash investigative teams. When clusters of mysterious plane crashes end up in the headlines it becomes necessary to investigate a probable cause. Sometimes weird plane crashes can produce weird stories.

This story is no exception.

Granted everything conspiratorial and sensational you hear after the crashes is all hearsay, but you can't deny that there is one thing that stands out as fact, and that is the elusive mystery that surrounds the area that the locals are now calling the Block Island Triangle.

The Triangle is a misnomer since the area spans more like a huge square. It has been the place for all kinds of strange activity. The locals claim that the area of this alleged triangle exists in the sea west of the infamous Montauk area, up to Block Island 15 miles north northeast , in land northwest, and out to Plum Island and Nantucket 90 miles east.

For the uneducated the Montauk Facility has been the subject of controversy because of what it allegedly was used for during the war and because it is rumored that the experiments that were conducted there continue to this day.

The Montauk Base has been reported to be the paramilitary or clandestine shadow government ops facility specializing in subterranean electromagnetic/ radio frequency mind control experiments that could easily cause strange things to happen in the area of the so called Block Island Triangle.

Strange things have been sighted and heard in the Montauk area. Many people claim to have seen strange creatures, strange lights, green flashes and armed guards dressed in black.

The base itself is considered off limits and many people have claimed that they have been detained and video taped there.

To the normal observer however Montauk is like a spooky house of horrors. The radio tower is still there and the buildings are abandoned it's nothing but a collection of industrial-looking steel and concrete buildings and dilapidated houses where hundreds of men were stationed.

People who sneak on to the abandoned base feel as if they are being watched.

The Montauk Base of course has been mentioned before in previous Ground Zero Articles as being the facility written about in books by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon. The facility was also spoken of when Al Bielek made his appearance on Ground Zero and spoke of Project Phoenix which of course was the 1980's version of the Philadelphia Experiment.

In 1943, the U.S. military experimented with high-voltage fields on a destroyer anchored near Philadelphia to try to make it invisible to enemy radar. The navy has gone to no end denying that any of this took place however Bielek claims that these experiments were real and that he traveled through time to Montauk in the 1980's.

The story goes that the Navy had made a horrible miscalculation and made a destroyer, the USS Eldridge completely invisible. While the Eldridge was invisible it was allegedly teleported through space and time. After the war, the experiments were moved to the Montauk facility and the project was then called Phoenix.

It was reported that The U.S. government had tunneled deep under the Montauk base making an interconnecting bunker and subterranean fortress. The base was then used for mind control and remote viewing. There was also talk of time travel and the use of a powerful particle accelerator that could jam enemy radar and enemy airplane controls.

Bielek claims that during the experiments at Montauk a hole was ripped in the space-time continuum, threatening to explode the planet if the project was not shut down. Bielek left the 1980's to return to the Eldridge to turn off the controls.

This fantastic story has been denied by the Navy. To this day there is no evidence of any kind of magnetic time travel experiments over Montauk but it seems odd that air disasters seem to happening in this area all in the same spot and in at least two cases the same day but years later.

Previously Ground Zero speculated that perhaps a Nexus exists or some sort of electromagnetic disturbance exists above the area that rips through airplanes like hot piano wire through butter if they pass over at the wrong time.

We weren't alone in that outrageous theory. The Internet is now buzzing with the same theories but while some make for good spook stories the truth is just as scary and synchronistic in nature.

During the Cold War, the eastern half of Long Island was a key site of the military industrial complex. There was a torpedo testing site in Montauk, and a huge Grumman aircraft plant 50 miles west.

Adjacent to that is Brookhaven National Laboratory, which conducts experiments with ion colliders and particle accelerators. Recently, the lab acknowledged the presence of radioactive plutonium particles in the nearby Peconic River. A couple of years ago, the Energy Department reported that radioactive tritium had been seeping into groundwater for 12 years. Long Island has high rates of breast cancer, and elevated radiation levels have been found in the teeth of Long Island children born after 1980.

On the day of the Downing of the JFK Plane Ground Zero Reported that the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven had been test fired and ever since strange reports have come from that area. There have been reports of green flashes of light and pilots have been reporting seeing bright flashes that they have to look away from because of the intensity of the arc.

We reported that Physicists tied to the project had leaked information that there was a tiny but real risk that the machine, had the power to create "strangelets" - a new type of matter made up of sub-atomic particles called "strange quarks." Literally creating artificial Black holes. In space, black holes are believed to generate intense gravitational fields that suck in all surrounding matter.

You may roll your eyes and say that all of this is circumstantial but isn't it human nature to find patterns in what seems to be chaos?

There are more synchronicities that need to be explored which make you stop and wonder if all of this so called conspiratorial mythology has method to all of its madness.

For example, knowing what we have reported in the previous articles about the The Philadelphia Experiment, The Montauk Facility, Project Phoenix, and finally the Brookhaven Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider RHIC particle beam generator, it is interesting to see other patterns develop, and that is the changing and rearranging of names, places, and key figures dealing with all things that can be found in the Block Island Triangle.

From 1952 onward there is no question that the CIA and NSA were involved with many mind control experiments. They were carried out with the use of drugs, and electro-magnetic experimentation on human guinea pigs.

There are two experiments in particular that need to be looked at because of the names and places that show up consistently.

In 1960 a project known as MK Delta took place. It was carried out by the CIA. It was a long-range experiment where ELF frequencies were used on humans to create fatigue, mood swings, and behavioral dysfunction.

Nicknames of these projects were Deep Sleep and Pandora R.H.I.C. -EDOM

ELF modulated microwaves can effect calcium efflux in the neurons of the brain, which effects short and long term memory. Much of this research was funded by the CIA who began this work on electronic mind control with their infamous Pandora project allegedly at Montauk and elsewhere.

This research was used to build devices like the RHIC-EDOM (Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control:Electronic Dissolution of Memory), which is allegedly used for forced induction of hypnotic trance for the abduction and experimentation of civilians by the US government.

In 1983 electromagnetic experiments were allegedly stepped up and were tested massively. The project was known as Phoenix ll. These experiments were allegedly targeted at select population groups to cause the same mood swings and mental agitation. Another purpose of the use of these systems was to allegedly communicate through the earth at low frequencies and many believe that it can even create earthquakes in targeted areas. It is also believed that Electro magnetic programming could be achieved in sensitive individuals.

This would give credence to some studies that have concluded that perhaps UFO sightings and alien abductions may be explained by the influence of geomagnetic phenomena. Balls of light that are mistaken for UFO's could easily be electromagnetic emissions produced by tectonic strain in the Earth's crust.

A neuroscientist named Michael Persinger believes that Magnetic fields of any kind can create confusion, paralysis, and even the illusion of being abducted.

He has concluded that Subjects exposed to the fluctuating electromagnetic fields may have false perceptions that include a sense of some other ominous presence and visual hallucinations. They may report seeing bright lights or strange beings.

If Persinger is right then the strange increase in UFO sightings and plane crashes in the Block Island Triangle are explainable and possible.

Ground Zero even theorized that perhaps Whitley Strieber, the best known of all abductees might have been a victim of these experiments.

Whitley Streiber's alleged alien abduction happened at a cabin near Wallkill, NY. Wallkill is right outside of the Pine bush New York area and is also near Plattsburgh AFB. There is also Stewart airforce base near all of the areas that claim to be UFO hot spots. It is believed that these area Military training facilities were also used for mind control and special op's. Montgomery, Pine Bush, Walden, and Wallkill New York have been host to several alien encounters, UFO sightings, Airplane near Misses, and strange creature sightings.

Is it all connected somehow?

These projects have spawned a great number of conspiracy theories dealing with electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control methods. The HAARP Project along with Montauk and Brookhaven seem to be the targeted facilities in every case dealing with Electro Magnetic experimentation, weather and earthquake force multipliers, time travel, and mass behavioral control methods.

Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) -- Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (RHIC) Fascinating coincidence wouldn't you agree?

Another fascinating footnote about Brookhaven Labs Supercollider is that one of the giant magnets is called "Phenix" which is ironic when you consider that Montauk was the location of Project Phoenix and Phoenix II projects respectively.

Furthermore it is also an interesting footnote when other strange coincidences show up and you have to stop and pause for thought.

One of the planes that went down in the air corridor in the so called Block Island Triangle was Swissair Flight 111. The plane left from New York and started reporting problems soon after the plane went down Sept. 2, 1998 . After the black boxes were recovered it was interesting to note that both tapes went blank before the plane crashed. As if they had been erased or shut off. Out of the 229 people who perished two of them were important figures at Brookhaven National Labs.

Dr. Klaus Kinder-Geiger, was a top physicist at the Nuclear Theory Group at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Kinder-Geiger was working on a computerized model of large nuclei at high energies. Dr. Per Spanne also died in the crash. He was known as a pioneer in the field of microbeam radiation therapy and diagnostic X-rays. Spanne, from Sweden was also a guest researcher at the Brookhaven laboratory.

Another crash shrouded in elusive mystery is of Course TWA Flight 800.

Anytime there is discussion that is critical of the 40 million dollars that was spent for the investigation of TWA flight 800, there seems to be an immediate dismissal of any other possibility of the cause. It is dismissed as conspiracy theory and investigative journalists are written off as crackpot theorists even though the synchronicities that exist are just to good to overlook.

For example Brookhaven Labs coincidentally was mentioned in the London times after the initial reports of a ball of light raced up towards the jet before it went down. A CIA Data System II satellite positioned over the Brookhaven National Laboratory allegedly showed that a glowing object raced up to the TWA jet, passing it, then changing course and smashing into it.

Many would say later that it was a missile could it have been electromagnetic energy balls being released from the earth? Or from a lab? Or a clandestine electromagnetic facility known for dabbling in space-time manipulation like the allegedly abandoned Montauk's Camp Hero?

There were several witnesses who claimed that they saw what appeared to be a Ball of light that brought down TWA flight 800. If you believe a Missile brought the plane down then any theory that even smacks of electromagnetic balls of light would probably not sway you. However, theoretically speaking, magnetic rips in space time can create a ripple or wormhole effect which could cause bright flashes that could ignite fuel causing a plane to explode. Some will say it's improbable, but not impossible.

Brookhaven Labs even stated in a press release that John Marburger, Brookhaven's director, set up a committee of physicists to investigate whether the project could go disastrously wrong. We reported that in the process that small black holes could be made and that it could suck in surrounding matter. Professor Bob Jaffe, director of the Center for Theoretical Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said he believed the risk was tiny but could not be ruled out.

BNL confirmed that there had been discussion over the possibility of perturbations in the universe. The fear that anything surrounding the facility could disappear without a trace. The chance of a catastrophe happening is according to officials "highly unlikely. "

However if a small Black hole was created in a Super Collider we would not want to be there when it happens. Even microscopic black holes can grow exponentially, eventually obliterating Earth. Once again the officials stress that the danger is minimal.

Doesn't this sound Familiar?

Project Phoenix? Philadelphia Experiment? Al Bielek? A wormhole opens up and the portal throws him into 1983. He was supposed to turn off the machine or else the Earth would be consumed in an explosion. Coincidence?

The man did his homework obviously. Or was he telling the truth?

There are raised eyebrows about now. You either believe in none of this or you roll around the possibility that perhaps the area is tainted. Magnetic disturbances, radiation contamination, perhaps ecological failure, bio hazards they are all there in the Triangle from Plum Island to Montauk.

There is no conspiracy here. Just theories and speculation done in the quest for the human need for answers about such weird coincidences.

When planes fall out of the sky, in the same general area you have to stop and ask yourself the how's and why's. Even if they sound a bit outrageous.

When evidence seems to be so convoluted and nebulous it seems only natural to start coming up with the improbable. You need to remember that improbable does not always mean that it is out of the realm of possibility.

Every single one of those plane crashes had synchronistic coincidences.

The Black Boxes that have been located in each crash were all inconclusive. The tapes were either erased or disconnected before impact. Swiss Air Flight 111 had 6 minutes of blackout time before the crash. Egypt air 990's radar data shows that the plane climbed from about 16,000 feet to about 24,000 feet and began a final plunge into the ocean. There is no flight data recorder data for this period because it and the plane's radar transponder stopped at 16,700 feet.

The only thing I can think of that erases tapes or freezes up electronics is magnetic fields. That is only a theory. You can choose to pay no mind to pure synchronicity. It is only natural to doubt.

Egypt Air 990 seems to have all sorts possible reasons for going down including the speculation that one of the crew intentionally crashed the plane into the ocean. That would be a fair explanation if you single out the effects of an area where long-range experiments where ELF frequencies were used on humans to create fatigue, mood swings, and behavioral dysfunction.

Other Data suggests that the pilots were fine one minute, joking and talking pleasantly then came another pilot's words "Tawakilt ala Allah," or "I put my faith in God," and the Engines just shut down. The tape then went dead.

The FBI suggests Murder. All because a man called out to his God. Maybe he saw something that he knew he could not avoid. Something he had never come in contact with.

If you saw something that frightened you like perhaps a magnetic wormhole or ribbon wouldn't you scream "Oh My God?" What if the magnetic field that allegedly hovers there caused his mind to hallucinate? That would explain irrational behavior wouldn't it?

Just a coincidence mind you, we will never know for sure. My outrageous theories don't drag people through the mud. Don't accuse people of committing suicide for Allah, leave those crazy theories for the FBI. Even if you don't believe in The Block island Triangle theory then you would have to conclude that perhaps there is something more down to earth happening in the waters off the coast of Long Island.


Egypt 990's fall from the sky is the most dramatic of all of the crashes when you consider that the passengers had one hell of ride before they slammed into the ocean. The dive was so violent that unbelted passengers would have floated about the cabin.

The pilots could have been lured into a false sense of security with their monitoring systems. However as of this writing it is too early to tell if the pilots were distracted or confused by some mechanical defect. All we have are the last words, a silent prayer to God and a doomed plane that was carrying 30 U.S.-trained Egyptian military personnel, including three high-ranking officers along with 197 others who died in the crash.

The most humiliating thing in all this is the lengths our government will go to to cover up what might be either a terrorist attack or something as eerie as a magnetic disturbance. What I am pointing out is that the victims were being blamed and assessed as to whether or not religious fanaticism was a factor in the crash. That screams of bigotry and culture clash.

What kind of torture were the families going through as they were hearing that their love ones may have killed themselves or sacrificed the crew for Allah?

The whole idea is morbid. It just wreaks of cover-up and what ever your heart tells you is the truth will have to suffice.

Beyond the terrorism theories, the missile near misses, and the outrageous theories of a magnetic disturbances you cannot argue that something terrible is happening in the waters of the Atlantic.

The area that is being called the Block Island triangle.

Clyde would like to acknowledge Radioman of and Shelly Hamar who contributed to this article. The theories expressed in this article are solely those of Clyde Lewis and not necessarily those of the contributing researchers.


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