By Clyde Lewis

On Sesame Street you would never hear the word paranoia, Mr. Rogers doesn't have a cute song about rational suspicion or rational fear. How can a child survive in a world where every major government has a secret agenda and resorts to dirty tricks to get their way? The answer is another word that children never hear but they will have to succumb to it for survival.

The elitist system is out of control in the United States. A rigid control system that takes away the fundamental principle of choice. People believe that they are powerless to combat "influences" that bombard them everyday on television, radio, and in print. But you do have a choice not to watch or listen or read.

Freedom of choice is almost non existent because people rely on the newest technologies and media to make their decisions for them. The bottom line is you still have a choice in this country, soon however through a unique conditioning process the choice factors will slowly slip away.

There will be those who will fight to keep their fundamental freedoms, but lately the American way is becoming the way of fear and limited privileges. Clipping articles that show injustices being carried out is not enough anymore. Watching CNN and seeing the horrors of the world and not speaking out against them will only signify that you don't care.

That's fine. Its your conscience. There are plenty of other things more important than the future. Think about all of the things you don't care about. Think of all the things you take for granted. Think of all the things you neglect. These are the very things that are most vulnerable.

Think of a newborn baby that is born into a home of irresponsible parents. It comes into this world and already the cards are stacked against it. It is already born into an environment of apathy and non acceptance.

It is thrown into an environment that already has its control mechanisms in place. Placed into a maze like a lab rat.

The child doesn't realize that the experiment it has been thrust into has what appears to be a pre-determined outcome. The child is prevented from understanding his situation and without parental guidance and love he does not see the controls that can dictate his actions. So he imitates his friends, and what he believes is reality that is performed in front of him every day.

Not all children are born into this situation, but no child is immune from feeling alienated even with the kindest of parents. Lack of money and an acceptable lifestyle have forced even the most well intentioned parents into getting two or three jobs destroying the family.

Meanwhile the government says we lack family values. It's true, we do lack family values to some degree. The family is breaking apart because of the government and its overspending and outrageous taxation, and cots of living increases. Once again the snake eats itself in a never ending vicious circle. Without a parent around a child has no mentor. Children have to find mentors elsewhere , the only equivalent are the teachers he has in School.

The child has to face the day to day stress of school. What does school give the child? If parents only knew.

There is something that the school systems are implementing that smacks of PC programming that destroys individuality and prepares children to accept the fact that they are in this world for the common good of a virtual collective. They are encouraged to have a herd like mentality that encourages policing of those that do not conform.

Educators don't experiment on lab animals anymore, they are using children to program them into getting used to a totalitarian system where they cannot express themselves without being under the microscope. They call this Outcome based Education.

It's more or less education by consensus. Literacy is not a factor anymore. Parents say they want different things for their kids, yet they don't have time for them anymore , so the state determines what they think. Parents feel helpless, and so they allow it to happen because they do not have time to have parent teacher consultations. Parents and children are losing what fundamentally education should teach as a primary value, and that is choice.

What you don't swallow as facts your children will, because you have no time to see them, to be aware of what they are learning and what they have to deal with every day in a system that really wants their minds. If you don't have time for them, the system will make time for them. To teach their beliefs to them and condition them to become perfect strangers. Behavioral modification hidden in a school curriculum. Social engineering replaces academics.

The American way of life will slowly slip away and the new generation will not notice. Because they have been taught that confrontation means that someone gets hurt. Confrontation is not healthy because it can lead to terrorism. Even thoughts and words that talk of rebellion are discouraged. They are often met with expulsion and jail time.

The idea that the school system is indoctrinating your kids with the new globalism is arguable, but one cannot escape what the new terrorism in the schools has triggered among students and faculty. It has triggered a police state in the schools.

Since the Columbine shootings where 13 students were killed in Littleton Colorado, schools have become prisons that have surveillance cameras and armed guards in the hallways. Some schools have forbidden the use of Book bags backpacks, coats and jackets.

Students have been asked to empty their lockers at the end of the school day, and are routinely inspected by security guards who have dogs. Pay Phones have been tapped and are monitored. In some schools pay phone use has been restricted.

Another interesting turn of events is the restriction of brown bagging it in the lunchroom. In some schools students who bring a home lunch are required to being it in a clear plastic bag so there is no question as to the contents of the bag in question.

Since policing the schools is difficult, police have enlisted the services of students who spy on other kids, pointing out the problem children, or those who appear to be problematic.

Book bags have been randomly searched, lunch boxes held in the principals office, and children told to go home and change their clothes because they are wearing subversive messages on them.

This is America?

Conditioning at its highest form. Sending the message that Children have no human rights.

That they are controlled and forced into learning about a non-conformist global utopia. They are subject to unconstitutional searches and seizures that are called necessary evils because of a manufactured epidemic of "in school" terrorism that is blamed on students that cannot think for themselves. Products of the new Outcome based education. This is the outcome. Frightened, paranoid and sometimes violent children.

Then there are the words and actions of people who are the self appointed examples of Children.

Spike Lee said recently that "Charleton Heston should be shot." Because of his pro gun stand. The Same Spike Lee is currently directing a film about the Son of Sam Murders.

Rosie O'Donnell attacks Tom Sellek on Television for being in the NRA. She is the spokesperson for K-mart, a company that sells guns.

President Clinton states in a press conference after the shootings in Littleton that young people need to talk out their problems and not give in to the temptations of using guns and bombs. During this time we were heavily bombing Yugoslavia.

Dana Plato former child star appears on Howard Stern to confirm that she is clean and sober and that she is not a Lesbian. Later that weekend she is found dead. She commits suicide with a lethal mixture of Soma and Lortab.

The message is clear to the youth of the world. Cause-effect, event-reaction, quick fix, termination, either of others or of self.

If the control mechanisms are not enough children are becoming clouded with the use of Drugs to keep them in line. Many will point to marijuana and cocaine use, but those drugs are old scapegoats. Arguably those drugs may play into the picture, but as we are seeing with many of the violent uprisings many of these children are drugged up on psychotropic drugs prescribed by doctors to make them stable. Drugs they are told to take, because parents, teachers, and doctors say they are necessary.

Aldous Huxley who wrote the book "Brave New World" said in 1961 that there will be in the generations to come a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude. This will produce a dictatorship without tears. It will be in a sense a painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties stripped from them. They will enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel. It will be used in tandem with propaganda, brainwashing, and brainwashing with drugs. He declared that these will be the silent weapons in the final revolution.

It has been pointed out on several occasions that the gunman in both Conyers Georgia and Littleton Colorado were "activated" while on drugs.

One month after the school shooting in Littleton, CO, where the leader of the two dead gunmen was on the mania inducing drug Luvox, a youth on the mania inducing drug Ritalin went on a shooting rampage at a high school in Conyers, Georgia. Ritalin, or methylphenidate, is a stimulant that, along with methamphetamine, is classified by the DEA as a Schedule III drug.

Ritalin makes "overactive" kids more manageable and obedient. However, in some cases Ritalin can induce mania and "psychotic episodes including hallucinations" that subside upon discontinuation of the drug. While doctor prescribed Ritalin use has increased since 1990, many kids are using it as a way to get high. Ritalin is also popular on the Rave scene and research shows that its effects on the brain are comparable to that of cocaine, which can also trigger violence in some cases. In some colleges, kids grind up Ritalin into a powder and snort it like Cocaine.

Even as the moments unfolded at Columbine ABC's Nightline Interviewed a witness to the shootings and he pointed out that the date 4/20 was also a street term for a stoner party. However the explanation was dismissed and was replaced with other 'trigger" words.

As you probably figured the media has dictated that 4/20 was the date selected because it was Hitler's birthday. I'm willing to bet that before Columbine the average 16-year-old probably never knew the birth date of Hitler. They certainly can't see the Hitlerian treatment they are receiving today. Nor do they know of the Hitlerian attitudes that the whole nation is embracing.

Adolf Hitler introduced gun laws to Germany. After he disarmed them he controlled them. He then transported his detractors, homosexuals, gypsies, and Jews to Concentration camps. His elite lived in luxury while the programmed Germans enjoyed his reign. Those who opposed feared for their lives. They could not trust their neighbors. They were searched, monitored, spied upon . Thoughts and words of rebellion were discouraged, books were burned and new education curriculums were introduced. The Hitler youth rose out of that education.

What Kind of youth will rise out of the educational systems and building blocks of control we have put into place? What will happen to a generation of kids that are apathetic, drugged and Violent? How will a generation of Children who are subject to revoked civil liberties grow into leaders who believe in Justice?

We are growing a bumper crop of children ready to give up freedom for fascist control.

Why would they give up the freedoms we cherished?

Because we ignored them when they went to school to be programmed into accepting this as normal behavior. Hug your children. Tell them you love them. It may be the first step to deprogramming them. Pay attention to them. Oppose the abuse of children now!

I'm not kidding.


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