By Clyde Lewis

In the 1989 George Knapp, a well-known and respected journalist with KLAS, did a series of interviews with a man named "Dennis" who made a claim. "Dennis" claimed to have worked at a small test facility near Area 51. He said he was involved in research that included the testing and reverse engineering exotic craft.

The aircraft, a series of 9 disks ranging in shape form a small circular nicknamed the "sports model" to a larger "top hat" style, were housed at super secret test facility code named "S4." A by product of the black budget skunk works test program at Groom Lake, Papoose Lake or S4 was a smaller more concealed location.

After several interviews with Knapp in locations ranging from a studio to a van, the true identity of the man emerged as Robert Scott Lazar. Lazar as it would turn out is perhaps the key element in the "saucer tales" that have been circulating about Area 51 and over the last 10 years has achieved a status as a pop culture icon within the UFO community.

As an individual, Lazar's credibility has been brought into question by a few UFO researchers. People tend to criticize Lazar primarily because of what appears to be lack of credentials, and a lack of a personal history. However, many times those same researchers have failed to truly explore his background. And to Lazar's credit he has produced several key items which lend creditability to his identity. Lazar, very early on, produced a W2 form which stated he worked for Naval Intelligence during the time when he says he worked at S4. This W2 which bears the code E-6722MAJ, and states his working location as Nevada also bears another anomaly. When contacted the IRS lists his tax background as secret and when contacted the DNI (Department of Naval Intelligence) will confirm a Robert Scott Lazar worked for them during that time period in Nevada but all other details are secret. Also during 1998 Jon Farhat, a noted Hollywood digital effects designer, created Although Lazar never benefited from its creation, during its development Farhat paid for several Russian satellite passes over S4, in hopes of catching a glimpse of the facility. During one such pass, the digital camera on board Mir caught a metallic disk 35ft in diameter lift off from a landing site about mile from S4, fly over S4 then land again. Meanwhile the landing site can clearly be seen.

what Bob Lazar's account which again lend credibility to his claim. The numerous black triangle aircraft which hover silently over the desert roads, exotic aircraft performing 90 degree turns over the Groom Mountains, and most of all the land grabs in which the government has annexed thousands of acres of land for no apparent reason.

As for the enigma of S4, People who have gotten too close have been detained and searched. Some are arrested, and have to pay a $600.00 dollar fine. Aircraft can be brought down out of the sky within 50 miles of the facility. Another reason why Lazars claims cannot be verified is because he is the only one who has come forward from the facility to speak. No one can go into these areas to verify anything. However, Ground Zero and the S-4 team have obtained new information that may be a new witness to back up Lazar's claims. A 46 page diary, from a colleague of Lazar is being looked at and it not only gives revelations as to what happened to Lazar back in 1989, but also concurs with testimony Bob made regarding these amazing spacecraft. Joe Vanineti worked with Lazar at Los Alamos and is friends with Bob. His diary mentions the saucers, how they are propelled and the fact that when Bob went public with the incredible stories, his life was threatened many times. Ground Zero and the S-4 team are the only group who have been given the opportunity to bring these documents forward.

One thing about Lazar that seldom gets mentioned is that Lazar is straightforward in his ability to relate the story of his experiences. Polygraph and hypnosis tests have also impressed witnesses as well. Lazar has never really benefited from his story, and does not seek to bank on his experience, however Testors Models had released a Lazar model flying saucer and there has been that Movie deal that never seems to happen. Whether you believe him or not he continues to give answers to questions that are intelligent yet not over exaggerated.

Joe Vaninetti also says that these documents are being released without intentions of collecting any money. They are here as a witness to what Lazar had experienced. And like Lazar he wishes no monetary gain, simply the release of the truth.

These documents explain the origins of element 115, and how these exotic craft work. Unfortunately these explanations from what I read have not delivered any technical data. For that you must talk with Bob Lazar himself. That is if you can get passed the back biting and cries of fraud, and hoax because of misunderstandings that may or may not have been the fault of Bob himself. At Ground Zero the truth has its price. Sometimes it can be clouded in misinterpretations and quick fix demonizing.

There are claims that Lazar has lied about his credentials and his background. Truth is, a lot of what was reported and a lot of what was said got mixed up somewhere in the translation. Bob has always been straightforward in his presentation, and he has always wondered why he was selected for the job that he claims to have performed. The government knew Lazar had a colorful past and they knew what he would do if placed in that situation. As they say in conspiracy circles, "These guys do not make mistakes." Take a civilian and put him in a wonderland, and he will surely come out talking about his adventure.

When people gather to hear the story, they will either accept or reject it. However listening to other people discredit a man, that hasn't made a mountain of money on his story, tends to raise some eyebrows as to why he has been maligned. Especially when his story, has been told and retold in books and UFO magazines none of which have been written by Lazar. None of which has made Lazar a millionaire. Even his detractors make money off the story. Sell a book to discredit the man, make a website devoted to his ridicule, and yes there will be groceries on the table at least for another month. The worst part about the investigations into such claims is there is only one person who wants to be the purveyor of truth. If Lazar said that he had the real deal, there would be the fear that he would want to take the spotlight away from another charlatan on the lecture circuit. That charlatan would demonize him, and of course it is evident that Lazar refuses to join this circus. This is wise in my opinion. Which adds my respect for the man.

What if Lazar was chosen to release this information as a test to see the overall reaction from the public at large? We say that we are ready for "the arrival" but we are quick to kill the messenger. To this I say we are not ready to hear that we are not alone. This all could have been staged. Lazar could have unwittingly delivered the seeds to be planted. They have taken root, however the tree of knowledge that could grow from these seeds could produce bitter fruit. Obviously sour grapes are nothing new to Lazar.

Lazar had been threatened. Dirty little secrets were dug up about him and his associations with prostitution in 1990, which of course was already known. It was all splashed in the news to ruin his credibility, and we all know how people are treated in this country when you are associated with what is deemed questionable sexual conduct. Lazar had W-2 forms to show that he worked where he did, however the government disavowed his employment. Los Alamos national Laboratory claimed that they had never heard of him even though he was listed in the internal phone directory. Even though his credentials were brought into question his Junior college record is very impressive.

If you believe Lazar, only for his personal experiences, the bottom line is that Flying Saucers are real. Even the CIA says they are. You can do research on the Avro VZ-9 project that was a very real saucer project, backed by your tax dollars. German scientists were also working on saucers. It was a need to have aircraft land and take off without runways. It seemed our Bombers were a little too accurate. Can anyone argue that strange craft are being tested at Area 51? You can argue their extra terrestrial origin, but when Lazar was ordered into one of the saucers for inspection he noticed that the crew chairs were tiny. Too tiny for our pilots. Small chairs for small pilots. Who would be these pilots and for what purpose? When you can't figure it out rationally, sometimes imagination can take over right? Lazar talked about the new technologies involved. An anti matter reactor that propels this craft. About something called element 115. Joe also talk about this element, how it is obtained, and not synthesized. The element is too heavy, where else could it be produced ? Perhaps in a place with no gravity?

There have been stories of unknown aircraft over Nellis Airforce Base moving in excess of 7000 miles per hour and then stopping on a dime. The government, to try and quiet Saucer watch parties is swallowing up the grounds near Area 51. And of course there is the disinformation released about how Area 51 has moved to Utah. Video and film crews have captured these strange craft on film. In April of 1992 NBC news realized first hand what happens when you get too close to Area 51. You are met with Police, and Black Helicopters. Your tires are shot out, and you are harassed.

Yet many still stand by the story that what Lazar has said is pure fiction. Indeed his reputation has suffered a major blow, with everything that we have pointed out here. Lazar himself has said that this could all be disinformation. Of course Lazar could be lying. Now there is another witness. Someone to come forward and set the record straight. Reopening the case of Bob Lazar. So now put your mind at Ground Zero and decide for yourself.


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