By Clyde Lewis

According to dime store philosophers if you throw a frog into a pot of hot water he will jump out. If you put him in a pot of cold water and gradually heat it he will eventually cook and die. I contend that whatever you do the frog is a goner.

There are regulars who visit my website that know that I have a few places that I frequent in my home planet of Portland Oregon. I am lucky that I have a small community market that is about a block away from my home. It is there where I walk in with the look of a Zombie and fumble for a mug and a piping hot cup of attitude adjustment.

There are a few neighbors that read the morning paper together and together we hash out the headlines and try to understand why things happen. It is very therapeutic to hear opinions form real people and not skewed opinions on FOX news or CNN. It is surprising just how much truth comes out of people before the coffee kicks in. I am beginning to realize just how much inspiration I get from talking with people in my neighborhood about the way they feel.

The past week has been all about Michael Jackson and his peculiar case.

I was amazed by the sympathy that was being expressed for Michael Jackson. It seemed that there were a few that looked at him as a misunderstood genius that may be the victim of a witch-hunt.

I had to keep my anger from coming to the surface so I held it back with a few more gulps of coffee and a quick glance at the morning jumble to avoid a horrible confrontation.

I looked up and asked why this person felt the way they did and the reply came that Michael Jackson was a humanitarian and that he has done so much for children that there was no way he could be the predator that they are making him out to be.

I started reading about the candlelight vigils and those who have sworn their love to the reclusive multimillionaire.

On the surface it can be an easy thing to do. After all how can a meek and sweet man like this be such a horrible and vicious predator? It seems that here in America we are lead to believe that those with power, talent, looks, and money are in their various positions because they are great people.

We are under the illusion that these things define someoneís character. I know that in a perfect world there are people who claim that talent, looks and money mean nothing, however the Michael Jackson case dissolves the urban legend.

The people who gathered in France to support Michael and declare their love for him are somehow in denial that he is a 45 year old man, who believes that there is nothing wrong with sleeping with pre pubescent boys. They have overlooked that he flaunts this inappropriate behavior in television interviews. I most sincerely believe that the same people who gathered in France to support Michael with candles, would immediately replace them with torches if it were revealed that a 45 year old man that had never had a hit record, or a Grammy award was sleeping with little boys. This 45-year-old monster would be chased to the windmill, and eventually burned in a horrible conflagration.

If what I am saying is too hard to grasp. Think of the story of a man by the name of Vernon Wayne Howell. He was charismatic man who had many people who followed him and believed that he was a good man.

He also had a tragic childhood and was bullied by people. He said the other kids teased him and called him "Vernie." He was dyslexic but that didnít stop him. He had musical ability and a strong spiritual side, which he developed while memorizing the Bible. He went to Hollywood in hopes of being a rock star.

After only two years he gave up and moved to Waco.

In 1990 Vernon legally changed his name to David Koresh. He declared that he was doing it for publicity and business purposes.

Koresh saw himself as a tragic figure and many people began following him and pledging their love and support of him and his actions. Koresh believed he was the reincarnation of both King David and King Cyrus of Persia; he believed that he was chosen by God to rebuild the Temple and take on the "noble" responsibility to change the world and destroy Babylon.

Koresh thought he was the new messiah.

As the new Messiah he believed that he should take on 140 wives. He fathered many children. Some of his wives were girls that were as young as 12 or 13.

How long do you suppose it took before the denial dissolved and those who were trusting of Koresh began to see that his inappropriate behavior and his God complex was going to lead everyone to a horrible truth and a historical tragedy?

Koresh did everything that he felt was right. Many people supported him and history shows that he fell as most self-appointed messiahs do. I have been pointing out in many of my articles this year that self-appointed messiahs have somehow taken over the controls of this planet.

While we are busily pointing the finger at the Hitlers, Husseins, and Bin Ladens of the world we seems to forget that there is that rare possibility that we can fall victim to the self appointed deliverer.

I have even demonstrated the messiah complex that George W. Bush seems to have and how it can lead us to a tragic end.

There is nothing wrong with a president or even a rock star who wants to change the world. However if we see them using it as a front for their nefarious activities it is wise that we point out history and what happens to these men who somehow get caught up in their own super egos.

The man in the oval office has told us that he is divinely inspired to change the world through violent means. This in my opinion is a scary prospect.

Those who have messianic complexes tend to be collectors of people. They somehow think that in their lofty position they are entitled to having controls on things of the material and spiritual. In some cases they have entitlement to the physical and see their fellow men as things that can be controlled like pets.

Bush seems to believe that he is carrying out God's will by waging war. It is disturbing to see him perform as a prophet rather than a president. Furthermore it is unsettling to see a militant form of Christianity that feeds on the power that Bush has. I have pointed out that this type of attitude can develop into the same type of militant servitude that lead the Branch Davidians into following Koresh to their fiery demise.

The Davidians lived in a virtual prison. They were policed and were held hostage by their new messiah. However the majority were in denial. They demanded a virtual police state where they depended on their messiah to protect them from the horrible evil that existed beyond the confines of the Mount Caramel compound. Some may have awakened and realized that they were in a trap but by then it was too late and they were unable to escape being burned.

They were told that the Apocalypse was near and that in order to fight it there had to me a militaristic attitude where a righteous war had to be the inevitable.

The United States today lives under the same dark cloud. We hear about it in the news everyday, as many Christians believe that they are persecuted against and that an evil presence is slowly taking over and that eventually their kind will be eliminated and supplanted with a government lead by an equally zealous antichrist.

The frightening thing is that they have what appears to be their man in the Whitehouse and yet they see this as persecution. It is a conundrum that in my opinion signals a mass psychosis that has triggered a group of people that feel victimized by an invisible enemy.

Apocalyptic thought processes are activated when people are programmed to feel vulnerable and then are told that there are certain things that need to be accomplished to achieve victory over the victimization.

In the post September 11th world we are told that we are vulnerable because we have witnessed the horror of terrorism. So in order to combat that vulnerability, our President calls upon a powerful tool. He calls upon God and the military to wipe out the evil doers. Bush has many other tools at his command. Patriotism which is the nationís spirituality is abused and the example of September 11th, which is the punishment to those who refuse to take part in his crusade.

This thrusts us into a warlike mentality without thinking about its long-term impact.

History points out that self appointed messiahs that come off as tragic and vulnerable leaders often fall hard and bring down with them those whom they have deceived.

After I had spoken on the air about Michael Jackson and Bushís God complexes I was e-mailed and told that the Jackson story was a "distraction" from the bombs falling in Iraq. It was a distraction from the police brutality in Florida during the protests of the World free trade zone of the Americas meeting.

I could only conclude that these e-mails were sour grapes because Michael Jackson overshadowed the brutality that was shown by the police. I suppose it was important that the news organizations cover the horror of the systemís brutality, over the brutality of a wimpish man who contends that his sleeping with boys makes him a latter day Peter Pan.

They are equally brutal and equally metaphoric.

They represent how people can be collected and brutalized by those they are supposed to trust.

Rock Stars, Presidents, Priests, Politicians, and the police are all doing their share of victimizing.

What else is new?

How many times do we have to report this before someone wakes up and realizes that it is out of control?

Before I sat down and put this article together I spoke at a gathering and mentioned that the brutalizing is happening because we are in denial about the madness we choose to follow.

Someone brought up that we are all frogs that are gradually being boiled to death.

This idea is based on the old story that if you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water he will jump out. If you put him in a pot of cool water and gradually bring the heat up he will eventually boil and die.

The truth is that either way the frog gets burned.

The frog has no choice but to be scalded, or to boil to death. One is more subtle, the other is more harsh.

So we must conclude that if we choose madness of any kind we will be burned.

It is time to start crying out for a cessation of the madness now before we end up being policed, and trapped. It is time to understand that playing with fire can get you burned.

It is not like you havenít been warned. It is not like you havenít gotten a few hints.

I was alerted almost simultaneously through e-mail about the statements that were made by Tommy Franks in a Newsmax column. Franks had made mention of the inevitability of the constitution being destroyed in the event of another major terrorist hit in the United States.

He was hinting at the possibility that soon there would be a devastating attack, speculated to be biological which would then trigger martial law in the United States.

For the longest time there have been many so called militia minded individuals that would shriek from forum to forum about the mixing of the paramilitary with police forces in order to create a police state.

I would avoid giving audience to these types because eventually the conversation would detour horribly into discussions about the yellow fringe on the flag and the corralling and jailing of Christians in a dark dystopian New World Order of the Anti-Christ.

The conversations were loaded with extreme images of darkly clad police officers, marching through urban areas knocking on doors and demanding that you hand over your weapons. I was always skeptical to a degree because I knew of nothing at the time that would convince me that we the American people would roll over and play dead when armadas of Black helicopters would sweep through the skies in an ominous formation.

If it is possible, try to imagine the world prior to September 11th, where we valued our freedoms and were carefree. It would be easier to understand why anyone could be skeptical about a police state. Why would we want something like this? What would motivate us to surrender our lives to the jack booted hordes that Orwell spoke of, that would stomp on your face on a daily basis?

"In The Future a jackboot would be stamping on the human face forever"óGeorge Orwell

There have been other authors who forewarned us of this fascist and dehumanizing image of the future. You can read Franz Kafka and Robert Heinlein and you see that the legacy of the Hitlerian era has to be sealed somewhere and kept under heavy guard from those who continue to crave power.

The authors and those who would speak about the fascist police state probably could understand how a world spoiled by the good fruits and lead into the illusion of manifest destiny could easily find itself victimized by the very system that promises them security.

Anyone who has felt like an outcast, been bullied at school, been abused by a loved one or mentally abused can understand why trust is a valuable commodity.

It is hard for the victim to trust anything. Many of those who have been abused and have learned from their abuse have somehow found an inner clarity that allows them to identify the warning signs of the abusive loops that lead to suffering and pain.

The unfortunate thing is that most of their clarity has come from the pain itself. Some people after their abuses, find a normality in it and continue the vicious circle of inflicting pain and abuse.

However there a fortunate few that have survived the painful purification process to realize that they are no longer victims but victors. They can recognize how abuses left unchecked can yield disastrous results. They become great leaders and understand what it means to fortify rather than destroy.

They are beginning to see their world change. Some are trying to warn us that the abusers are grooming the herd to accept entrapment. It is unfortunate that many will accept it because they are fearful of punishment, or certain death.

I am beginning to realize that somewhere out there I am sensing this pain and the feelings of my listeners are somehow working through me. I learned this when I appeared with Dr. Larry Johns on my Ground Zero Media show. In the last hour of one of my programs I unloaded my fear that we will be living under Martial law soon and that there will be a slow grooming process to allow for the acceptance of this type of policing in our communities.

One of my friends called me during a break and said to me that he was worried that I was going off the deep end and that what I was saying was frightening. I told him not to worry, and that soon we will begin to see the United States rapidly mature in its fascism and we will begin to see the transformation of the military and the police and it will appear that we have arrived at yet another Ground Zero.

Jay was still worried and at a dinner party he reiterated his concern for my words.

I had to keep telling him not to worry.

However on the Tuesday following the show I was thumbing through the living section of the Oregonian.

I noticed that the Police officers in Multnomah County were getting new uniforms.

The paper was saying that the Uniforms were less expensive and were sleek and fashionable. There have been others who feel uneasy about these uniforms.

The visions of police officers wearing black or olive drab uniforms in my opinion should be a subtle hint that the New World Order has arrived and people should awaken and demand accountability for the actions of those in power.

The media has decided to avoid talking about the idea that this is a signal that perhaps we are being groomed yet again. Have our journalists been threatened with their jobs if they donít use the power of the press to warn the people of tyranny?

Maybe the paranoids are right? Perhaps their pain and their fears need to be heard.

I am beginning to realize that those who are labeled as paranoids have seen the signs, and are noticing the patterns are the ones who have been hurt and have kept their pain, and abuses hidden under their bullet proof masks.

They know that small abuses lead to bigger ones and they are trying to warn you to avoid the painful reality that some people treat human beings like human things and collect them, round them up, and hold them hostage in a prison. This prison is not necessarily a brick building with bars, but a mental prison where your fear overwhelms your decisions.

There are many people who know how the power elite can use power, money and prestige to groom you into believing that they would never do anything to harm you.

They tell you that their purpose is to bring you freedom.

True freedom can only be found when you can think for yourself, and choose your own path and respect others choices and the paths they want to tread. True freedom is balance. True freedom is equality. True freedom is tolerance.

True freedom is when you stand on your feet, and not falling to your knees.

While I am not into boiling frogs or putting to the test the age-old legend it can be said that it is obvious that we have little difficulty recognizing immediate threats.

Itís the more subtle dangers often escape our attention.


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