By Clyde Lewis

Imagine a Secret Group that has been established for the express purpose of rooting out fringe religious establishments, infiltrating mainstream religions and covertly overturning all existing governments. Symbols of tyranny would fall which would allow the people of the world to believe that fascism is dead. We would be told that while one enemy has been vanquished another lies in wait. Then it would be our duty to be tools for a cause that would further the agenda of the secret group. We would pay the price even if it meant sacrificing the very gift that God has given us; our souls.

I was watching the various reports of the ten-year anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down and how it is symbolic of how the good guys have won and the bad guys have surrendered in a Cold War that may or may not have existed.

I reflected and thought how much difference ten years makes. Never in history had there been so much change. So Much hope. The Berlin wall came down and through our tears of joy we could not see how everything seemed to be playing out on cue like an off Broadway play with Soldiers moving east and the fall of the Soviet Union as the crescendo in the third act.

America seems to be lost ten years later and unprepared for their post cold war enemies. We still have old foes that want to come back and bite us like China and Korea, and new foes in the Middle East that we fear like Osama Bin Laden. Nuclear weapons have taken a backseat to bio-terrorism and another enemy has risen from the ashes that only a few will point the finger at. The new enemy to some is our own Government and it's post Cold War agenda.

The truth is, many people now believe that the bringing down of the Wall was the great equalizer, and it was, but perhaps not in the way many people think.

We have grown up hearing about people and countries that have been held under the tyrannical hand of fascism. We have our own ideas of what fascism is. When I was a kid I would study in encyclopedias and see the depiction of a fascist dictator. He looked somewhat like Hitler or Castro and he was depicted as the ultimate puppet master. He would have the people do his bidding. He wore a Military hat khaki pants and jack boots. I also remember the stories of the Berlin Wall.

For me Hitler was the first recognized Icon of fascism and The Berlin Wall was a close second. Communism and Nazism were always similar to me because they were both socialist in nature. Both were symbols of a New World order.

Adolph Hitler laid the cornerstone for a modern "New World Order" and soon after, new bricks and mortar were used to construct an even bigger edifice that would soon entrap rather than liberate.

Some of those bricks are evident in our history. Hitler strengthened his political standing by making deals with the industrialists of Germany. Under his Socialist government he protected the large corporations and extended them favorable treatment. Any business that he considered a threat was brought to its very foundation. Business did not control Hitler, he controlled business. His tactics for control were not just aimed at the businessman, he created criminals and subversives that would make up the bricks of a make believe crisis of foes that needed to be vanquished. The Jews needed to be removed. Something that Hitler called the final Solution. The Nazi's were shrewd. Their influence could be felt in almost every corner of European life. They would subvert justice and made themselves above the law. They almost achieved total European domination. The question on every American's mind was "How could a country even Europe be fooled into following a mad man like Hitler?

The answer is simple and terrifying. Germany was told of their superiority and their final objective and that was to convert the world into a one-world ideal. They were constantly being told that in the end they would win. Which put the people into a mindset of apathy, and ignorance that eventually consumed the people. They became fanatical and supportive of a world that would be united under one agenda. In the process they accepted the decisions of government consuming businesses, declaring wars on small countries, and sacrificing people whom they thought were getting in the way of their "one world Utopia."

So the face of Fascism was born and its symbols like the Swastika and trademarks like The SS and the Gestapo are encoded into our thoughts. We knew now what we didn't want to be and so the "Us and Them" borders were drawn, and wars were fought. After we won the war against the Nazis we were told that the new enemy was once our ally. We fought side by side with them to topple Hitler's reign. That counted for nothing. They were the new enemy. They were the Communists.

We didn't like the Communists and we certainly did not want to be Nazis. So the fear of converting to this totalitarian state of apathy and servitude catapulted us into a Cold War.

The city of Berlin was completely surrounded by Soviet-occupied territory that became East Germany in 1949. The city was partitioned into West Berlin occupied by British, French, and United States forces and supported by West Germany and East Berlin. Between 1949 and mid-1961 at least 2.7 million people fled East Germany, most through West Berlin. In 1961 East German soldiers and militia members surrounded West Berlin with temporary fortifications.

These were soon replaced by a huge wall that was 12 ft high, with only two openings, at closely guarded crossing points. The wall was an effective barrier for more than 25 years. It was constructed of barbed wire and cinder blocks and was eventually replaced with concrete walls, mine fields, and guard towers stretching over 100 miles around West Berlin.

The Berlin Wall also represented another trademark and Icon of Fascism. The Berlin Wall was the barrier between two opposing ideals and ways of life. It was the border between communism and capitalism, totalitarianism and democracy.
In 1989 the Wall came down and the democratic nations declared it a victory against fascism. The United States was first to jump on the bandwagon and politicians like George Bush were taking credit for the wall coming down.
Ten years have past. The Wall is gone and we have had time to realize the meaning of the Wall's destruction.

While everyone will agree that it meant freedom for East Germany there is one unpopular view that may anger a lot of people. The Wall came down because there was no need for it anymore. The Governments that once touted freedom had adapted to fascism. The people were fooled once again.

A fascist Global war-like police state was already developing with a post-modern appearance. The Fascists learned their lessons. They learned from their mistakes and realized that the way to winning is to be more delicate.

They learned that in order to gain control they had to take off the jackboots and put on three-piece suits. They cleaned up their act in order to sell everyone on the new and improved globalism. Fascism and its various control mechanisms have many faces. We have witnessed them throughout history and we have a general idea of what they are. However the most evil face of fascism is the face that appears to be virtuous.

The clean cut well dressed man who makes rules on the hill will tell you that there is an evil lurking out there. In the past it was Communism, now its drugs, crime, and terrorism. Government officials scare us into thinking that there is a general breakdown of law and order. The solutions to eliminate the problems are more policing of the people, surveillance, and other various controls. The very things that the Berlin Wall represented, the very things that Hitler embraced before the wall even existed.

What we are witnessing is something known as the Hegelian Principle. Where a unity of thought is created as a result of an agreed upon social threat. The ruling class offers solutions. The "solution" always, increases the ruling class's power and control over its people. The people agree to it because they believe that they do not have a choice.

The controlling mechanisms proposed go unopposed by the public because they are convinced of the necessity of such things. They believe that they are necessary for our ultimate power and superiority in the new global order.

Our country has become the victim of the same self-perpetuating philosophies that the Berlin Wall represented. There comes a point where the public surrenders to a fanatical idea perpetrated by a socially controlled hysteria that they do not realize will bring about their destruction.

Everything that we were taught to stay clear from in the past is being embraced now. The cinderblocks still exist theoretically; the barbed wire has not been taken down. It has been made invisible by carefully released propaganda. It exists in the mind to this day. The New Wall is not a wall of concrete but a wall of philosophies. Philosophies that breed fear and dread, philosophies that use the trigger words like "democracy" as masks for tyranny and fascism.

U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright at a press conference to garner support for an attack on Iraq commented that the new agenda is to establish "a new international order, one that would revamp existing global institutions and spawn entirely new ones." However in order to keep alarmists from going insane she developed a more politically correct approach and called it an "international democracy club" where the U.S. would be the "organizing principle." Did she truly mean an Organizing principle? Or is it a controlling principle? Is it "democracy" or a system where elite elements are in control while the people silently observe?

Albright continued to add more fuel to what she truly means when she later proposed that "Other nations will either organize with us or against us." That means that nations who don't do it our way will be either bombed or attacked until they cave in. Or they will become pariahs in the new global Village.

Hitler spoke of something called "neue ordnung" and Mussolini had a little idea he had called the "ordine nuovo." The great Pyramid Seal of the United States that is on every dollar bill has the words "Novus Ordo Seclorum" printed at the base. Is it all the same thing?

Madeline Albright along with the other government spin doctors use the Milosevics, the Hussein's and the Bin Ladens as examples of the evil people in order to stir up a whirlwind of support. She is good at making sound bites and seems to be indifferent to the idea of war and attacks on innocent people as long as it is done by the United States in order to further the cause of the "democracy club."

Anyone who defies the attempts at control will be labeled terrorists. Terrorists will attack and this will continue the cycle of fear and will justify the elements of control. We will call out the armies and as Americans we revere the warrior who goes to battle. We revere him if he is not asked to turn the guns on us. However if we rebel the guns can turn on us. History says that it is inevitable.

If Hitler, or Mussolini does not have you convinced of this then perhaps a patriot from the American Revolution can tell you what is to come. It was Samuel Adams who stated, "Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself! There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide."

Are we so egotistical to think that the U.S. will be spared from joining the New World Order?

I believe we are the New World Order. Our country is the chief emissary of what the New World Order is. We have had the ambitious tools used on us by secret shadow brotherhoods and alleged governments and we have succumbed. We now have been charged with enforcing it and so we will use the same tools that have worked in the past and eventually every non-conforming government will fall utterly and completely.

This is the New Luciferian Consciousness, the idea of forcing a group to an ideal through coercion and violence if necessary.

Many will argue that if the modern New World Order espouses the American way of living then what is the harm in that? The truth is that while the prevailing credo is "truth, justice and the American way" the reality is far from it. Do you get the truth? Is Justice served? Without those fundamental things the American way disappears.

The World is becoming a concentration camp and the United States is its amusement park. Take away the amusements and the park becomes just like the rest of the world. That is all we have left. The Amusements. Little things to side track our thinking. Little things to take our minds off the pain. Things that tell us that we are the free country, the example that all should emulate.

We all serve someone or something, unless you are one of the lucky ones that is in on the big secrets and the big plans. That would make you a lord, or King.

There are a few who consider themselves lords of this planet and we bow before them. They make decisions that affect our lives and we do not oppose them. They eliminate choice and serve us mediocrity. This is Luciferian philosophy.

Unfortunately everything I have talked about proves that even though the Wall in Berlin came down, what it represents remains fully intact. The Wall has changed from a physical mass to a psychological trap. A mental wall that is built, that fools us into believing that it is there to protect us.

Our minds, bones and flesh will become the mortar that will hold together the bricks. That is if we do not see or heed the warnings. This is my warning and my theory that the democracy we hear about now is not democracy at all. It is fascism disguised as democracy. It has been cleverly designed to convince you of its importance to your safety. That the fascism we rejected in the past we are now embracing. We aren't doing it on purpose. We are doing it because we have been conditioned to believe that we have no choice. That it is better for our well-being.

Societal ills that we claim are worse in the postmodern era are no different than they were previously. Something has convinced us to give up our individual freedoms and privacy. Something has convinced us to be isolated. Something has convinced us to build a Wall of fear. Something has enabled us to allow the forces of government to eliminate the element of the people's choice.

A New York Post survey of readers sampling nearly 20,000 people ranks Bill Clinton second to Adolph Hitler as the most evil person of the millennium. Hitler received 8.67 percent, or 1,664 votes, and Clinton received 8.47 percent, or 1,625, placing him well above mass-murdering Soviet leader Josef Stalin, who got 6.69 percent, or 1,284 votes. What makes the president's appearance on the survey more astonishing is respondents had to write his name in, while Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Dr. Josef Mengele and others were listed on the survey.

If this was meant to be cute or funny then I feel sorry for this country. This survey is not scientific by any stretch of the imagination, however it does send some very interesting signals as to the attitude of at least 1,664 people. That our leaders can be placed in arenas with the evilest and most vile of characters.

If this survey represented the true attitudes of the American people then we have become apathetic. We can vote our president as second most evil in the whole millennium and yet we don't do anything about it. We are complacent. We can bemoan a take over, we can cry about loss of freedom, we can put our leaders in the same arenas as Hitler yet we do not take action. We silently observe like the Nazis, and the Communists.

Those who speak out about such things are ridiculed and called paranoid nut cases. Those who do not give in are told that they have to live in the "here and now," and that things have changed. We are told that we aren't safe and that we need protection. So we are under surveillance at all times, we are numbered and catalogued like cattle. We have our urine tested for drugs, and our DNA looked at for flaws. We have our buying habits put into a computer and the airports can detain you if you even look like a terrorist. The only thing left to do is build a wall to protect us from any foreigners from entering in our borders. Yes, that has been proposed too, by a lot of people. Many are begging for the controls and many have already given in.

We are told by those who have "given in" to the idea of control, say, "If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear." Well I fear that some day I will have to hide my true feelings about fascism. Those who spoke out against Hitler were shot and killed, gassed and burned. Those who tried to escape to the west when the wall was erected were shot and killed as well.

Did the Berlin Wall come down because of the efforts of freedom fighters? Or was it taken down because we have adapted to the lifestyle that The Wall represents?

You can make up your own mind, but do it with pause and wisdom. Fear can make you do strange things like give in to virtual servitude. It is best to keep your mind at Ground Zero.


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