by Clyde Lewis

"The World’s Great Age begins anew, The Golden Years return,
The Earth doth like a Snake renew Her Winter Skin outworn: Heaven smiles, and Faiths and Empires gleam Like Wrecks of a Dissolving Dream. " — H.G. Wells The Year of the Comet 1905

I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of the war on terror. I am tired of hearing about how we should be frightened about so –called "credible threats " of a terrorist attack. I am tired of the terror levels being raised. I'm tired of seeing people in fear, so much so that they surrender their Constitutional rights because they're afraid of dying.

We cannot exercise our right to assemble peacefully and protest our government's actions without being harassed by some military "Stazi " jackboot officer who thinks his job includes hosing down war protesters in "free speech zones ". How else can we be protected from the ubiquitous threat of terror that we're told constantly lurks over our heads?

My friends and neighbors fight amongst themselves and worry about whether or not their questioning of these draconian acts is anti –American.

People write me and say that they hear me bitch about these things all the time. They wonder when I am going to give them some advice on how to curtail it.

Here is a little clue.

What if we were to write the news affiliates all over the country and tell them, "Do your job and report the news, instead of relying upon stock footage and stale terrorism cliches? " Why concentrate on events in some unpronounceable country and ignore the collapse of our own?

Do you realize that all a newscaster has to do is read a pronunciation guide in order to pronounce the name of some stupid terrorist and then fill in the obligatory death, blood, and terror triggers? Obviously, the price of commercial air time goes up if we get a beheading on the tube in time to send Mom's chicken dinner onto the bathroom tile in a Technicolor retch.

It’s the most pathetic thing I have ever witnessed.

As we pass the milestone 1000th death in the Middle East and more body bags are being ordered, the war on terror is no longer a top news story and therefore needs to take a back page.

Instead of re –telling the stories we know so well, why not talk about some of the mounting threats coming from the planet itself? Why doesn't the Pentagon tell us that our soldiers are being subjected to temperatures of 130 degrees and that the weather in that part of the world is unbearable? Why don't we hear more about the devastation caused recently by meteor showers and lightning strikes in Iran, so close to our current battle theater?

The news would sooner show the encroaching police state in New York City and attempt to convince us that it is necessary, normal and nothing to be alarmed about. They would rather show us complacent citizens setting an example on camera as they go about their daily affairs without a single tremble.

The apathetic mass of zombies walking along and accepting the placing of sharpshooters on a whim should be ashamed of themselves. They should be angered, not entertained. They should stop reporters and say "No police states in my town! "No trumped –up terror threats! " And the news should show us these angry, concerned citizens.

But the whole terror threat industry should take a back seat to the threats we should really be concentrating on.

As Mother Nature becomes more volatile, as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and lightning strikes become ever more frequent, I begin to get a bit angry at being bombarded by faux terrorist stories in the media. The reporting of such fallacious stories is reprehensible and irresponsible.

So why do we continue to hear them?

Because no one is going to surrender his or her constitutional rights because of a double hurricane off the coast of Florida.

I am going to give you a secret that Tom Ridge doesn't want you to know.

You have a 1 in 88,000 chance of dying in a terrorist attack, a 1 in 55,928 of death by a lightning strike.

You have a 1 in 1,500,000 chance of dying from a specific kind of terrorist disaster, such as the bombing of a shopping mall. These numbers appear if we assume that one such incident happens once a week and you shop two hours a week. On the other hand, if, by chance, you are caught in a heat wave, you have a 1 in 9,396 chance of succumbing to heat exhaustion.

Finally, if you have horrible thoughts of being in a plane that is destined to become a terror statistic by hitting something like the Sears Tower in Chicago or the Space Needle in Seattle, remember that you have a 1 in 55,000,000 chance of being an unfortunate soul on that plane. This statistic assumes that there is one such incident a month and you fly once a month.

You can be caught in freak snowstorm and have a 1 in 8,389 of freezing to death; you have a 1 in in 7,972 of drowning in the melted snow if the freeze thaws suddenly and creates flooding.

So are you willing to surrender your freedoms to a police state in order to be protected from lightning strikes or snowstorms that may melt and drown you?

The earth is making a mockery of the idiots in Homeland Security.

Most of the stories about the earth troubles and cosmic strikes are now reported in Internet forums and blogs and seldom end up on the nightly news. I recently watched ABC News and saw story after story about the war on terror and the political campaigns of Bush and Kerry, but only one small blurb about Hurricane Bonnie and Hurricane Charlie.

These two hurricanes are anomalies in the weather, and so is a double typhoon hitting Korea in July. Anyone remember that?

Twin Typhoons

Typhoon Rammasun roared towards the Korean peninsula, leaving one South Korean drowned in its wake, while Typhoon Chata'an followed fast behind, gathering force near Guam. Yet I have to endure the story of yet another beheading video. I am failing to see the urgency anymore.

The mainstream news has spread the terror about diseases and bombs to remind you of how vulnerable you are, and how it is imperative that you relinquish control of your life to an expanding government police and intelligence force. I guess we are too preoccupied with the force of human behavior than with a force that is literally capable of flipping our world upside down within a matter of minutes.

I read report after report about ecological disasters ranging from Whales beaching themselves to dolphins dying. Whole flocks of birds, like pelicans and heron colonies disappearing without a trace. Homing pigeons wind up losing their way back home. Deer in Yellowstone Canyon collapse to the ground, exhausted by running away from some unknown threat rumbling out of the mountains.

When I read stories like this, I stop and think about a book I read by David Seltzer. The book "Prophecy " dealt with a frightening mutated creature in the woods of Maine. The creature pounces on a deer and yanks its skin off. The deer is so frightened that it keeps running with its raw flesh exposed. The mutant creature then attacks a group of campers.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Biological changes start to occur. People are sick, their minds confused. Women kill their own children. Animals disappear from their habitats, and birds leave nests of babies to starve and eventually die.

It's no different than the reports that I have seen in the back pages of the news.

I have hinted in my own news reports, my public speaking engagements, and on radio shows on which I have appeared as a guest, that we may be seeing some sort of magnetic shift or possibly a correction. Something that hasn't been seen in 700,000 years.

There are many opinions on when the shifts in the magnetic field will occur. The study of molten rock shows that pole shifts happen on average every 500,000 years. The magnetic filed depletes about 7 % a year and some scientists say that some corrections in the field can happen every 2000 years. A NASA satellite responsible for measuring magnetic activity has estimated that a reversal in the polls will take place in 1,200 years.

No one is certain why the poles shift, but one thing that can start the ball rolling is an asteroid strike at one of the poles. That would be like ringing a bell and sending a wave to the earth's core. There is also the idea that magnetic fields can fluctuate during X –ray blasts from the sun, or the impact of photons from outer space.

During a pole shift or magnetic correction, life on earth changes dramatically. The first thing you notice is peculiar weather. Then, birds that use magnetics for migration begin to fly off course and get confused as to when they should migrate.

Humans also would have to get used to the changes. Studies have shown that a severe change in the magnetic field around people causes an almost total lack of co –ordination. Harsh magnetic fields have also been known to spawn hallucinations.

At Laurentian University in Canada, Dr. Michael Persinger used experimental subjects in his quest to find out the source of paranormal phenomena. He used an artificial magnetic field focused on the temporal lobes of the brain. What he learned is that magnetic field shifts can create the sense of not being alone.

His subjects described the feelings of a religious experience. Some claimed that they were having an experience with an extraterrestrial presence. He believes that a magnetic shift could cause temporal lobe epilepsy and soon a large group of people could all experience something similar to the Second Coming of Christ.

A British psychologist who was used in the magnetic tests had a more frightening experience. After being exposed to the magnetic field for 10 minutes, she felt like she was swaying in a hammock. It was relaxing up until the point she felt two hands grab her by the shoulders and stretch her upright even though she was reclining in a chair.

Thoughts of anger and fear raced through her head as her body felt as if it were stretched up the wall.

Think of these experiments and remember the possibility of magnetic shifts with regard to the amounts of alien abduction experiences and the religious visionaries who claim to have seen God or angelic messengers.

Perhaps they have had seizures due to magnetic fluctuations?

As I have discussed in the past, there may be other indications that our magnetic field is changing. It may even play into some recent news stories that I reported in speculation of Near Earth Object threats approaching us

Here is a list of news stories that may be connected to fluctuating magnetic changes:

Hurricane Catarina

A few days ago I talked with Dr. Nick Begich about what i was seeing, and invited him to appear on my show and talk about these topics. As I was talking with him, I was looking over the Internet and landed upon a news story that was highly serendipitous to all of the events that have transpired over the past couple of months.

The headline read:

"Nature 'mankind's gravest threat'"

The article published by the BBC details that giant tsunamis, super –volcanoes and earthquakes could pose a greater threat than terrorism. It is also evident that scientists need to come forward and be interviewed on the nightly news and tell us the truth about what is going on, instead of downplaying anomalous weather and avoiding the truth about the global geophysical fitness of Planet Earth.

I constantly hear so –called "critical scientists " like Phil Plait lament the general public's lack of scientific education, yet I do not hear any scientist step up to the "plate " and say anything about the global health of the planet.

Those who have tried are dismissed as cranks, or even environmental conspiracy theorists, if they approach the mainstream media. Stories of the weird weather are dismissed by society as normal, as though these things happen all the time.

They don’t….normally.

Bonnie and Charley

The double punch to Florida dealt by Hurricane Bonnie and Hurricane Charlie has evacuated some 2 million people as of this writing. Another double storm of this magnitude happened nearly 100 years ago.

Many of the stories of heat waves and tornadoes in various places have toppled records this year. Several tornadoes have appeared in places where they rarely do. Washington State reported 11 tornadoes touching down there in the spring of 2004.

The region's average is 9 tornadoes in 10 years.

For the second time in three years, a hypoxic "dead zone " has formed off the central Oregon Coast. It's killing fish, crabs and other marine life and leading researchers to believe that a fundamental change may be taking place in ocean conditions in the northern Pacific Ocean. The event appears similar to one in 2002, when an area of ocean water with low oxygen content formed in the Oregon Coast waters directly offshore between Newport and Florence, causing a massive die –off of fish and invertebrate marine species. The fact that it's happening again is triggering concern among marine scientists.

In 2002, the dead zone appeared to be a one –time anomaly, an odd combination of climate, winds and upwelling patterns that led to a hypoxic event. A hypoxic event happens when the oxygen level is so low it could not support most marine life. None before this have been seen in the region's recent history.

But continued research has shown that the same thing almost occurred last year, and is now happening in full force this year. Dissolved oxygen levels are a great deal lower than those seen in the past 40 years. This is a disturbing trend with an unknown cause that scientists now say may reflect a major change in ocean circulation patterns, with serious impacts on marine biology.

I am beginning to hear my soul speak out to me. The still voice of courage that guides me is telling me that there are great changes ahead for everyone. Changes that may be so abrupt that they may cause you to stand like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming diesel truck.

We have been cosmically coddled like children, led to believe that we are safe and secure in this paradise. As we keep complaining about everyday pitfalls, we may not notice the increasing evidence that the new age is about to begin, that these hints of cataclysm might wake us up to the necessity of working to preserve life, instead of finding more ways to kill each other.

We have been given a great opportunity on this planet to grow and develop. Our purpose is to multiply and replenish the earth. This charge is not limited to procreation and how many more bodies we can bring into this world. It is the idea of restoring a planet that has already been hit at least once by a strong force that rendered it lifeless and void.

The creation told of in the Bible was not a creation at all, but a restoration of an earth that may have become corrupt and, in the endless cycle of creation and destruction, was taken under and flattened by a force so strong that it didn’t have time to whimper or scream out in terror.

It was one swift stroke of bad luck that sent a paradise on a swift ride into the deepening hole of hell.

Could we even think back to a time where Planet Earth appeared as a doppelganger image of its lifeless moon? As if someone had placed in the void of space a huge mirror to mock the folly of a civilization that somehow didn’t survive its suicidal adolescence?

It is all part of continuing cycle of creation, destruction, and rebirth.

There are those who also ask themselves "Where did I come from? " "Why am I here? " and "Where do I go from here? " These are the golden questions whose answers are the keys to the kingdom. They are the tokens of wonder that prompt the soul to seek understanding.

I can venture a theory that all that we are is a remnant or ghost that comes from the death and destruction of a world before. Our purpose is to somehow learn how to overcome the same mistakes we made the last time, get beyond our adolescent rebellious attitudes, and learn of our mortality and the fragility of life and truth.

It is becoming more evident to me that we are the aliens to this planet. We were placed here with the charge to remedy the mistakes of our warlike ancestors. We were placed here with the hope that civilization would thrive and that the universe could be seeded throughout, creating a cosmic Eden of living beings and animals that would hopefully continue the process. However, there are certain types of destructive forces that can erode the ability to see the larger picture and no one takes the initiative to dream of a world that can be better. We only ponder the great cataclysm that has happened before and we draw upon it in order to rally the herds for their final death march to the killing fields.

In the book "Lord of the Flies, " William Golding demonstrated that there are human hatreds and prejudices that divide us and that the idea of invincibility is the "alien " thought pattern that lies just below the surface of everyone.

This is the metaphoric reptilian sense of being that keeps us in a territorial and base mentality that eliminates our sensitive tendencies in favor of territorial behavior and an urge to consume, leading many to a covenant of destruction and death.

Some of us go easily like lambs to the slaughter because we frighten easily. Such frightened lambs will be willing to end their lives prematurely.

None of us wants the task of walking amongst the carrion that will be left behind when destructive forces are unleashed by some terrorist mentality or by some cosmic anomaly that we have heretofore ignored. No one is ready to face the tragedy of Deus Ex Machina.

The threat of cataclysm hovers over us like a dark blanket. We have been wired for it. A great many people are experiencing panic attacks and anxiety.

It is as if the soul literally wants to rip the flesh from the bone and scream out " I want to live! I don’t want to die!"

The problem is getting the mouth to form the sentences that demand life. We keep our feelings of rage deep inside. The thought of a cataclysmic event is a very real part of our collective consciousness. It is buried somewhere deep inside all of us.

In open society, the thought of mass extinction is rarely spoken of. There has been a sociological resistance to discussing openly the possibility of the earth's destruction by external factors.

We focus on fears of terrorists and wars. We seem to think that we may all end up victims of a terrorist attack. However, it must be realized that the United States is a far bigger area to destroy than Israel or Britain, and your chances of being killed in an automobile accident are far greater than dying in a terrorist attack.

Using the cowboy logic of current Washington D.C. politicians, we should declare war on Mother Nature, because she will kill you a lot sooner than any terrorist attack.