By Clyde Lewis

The act of mutilating cattle and other animals has always been explained as an act of predators and Satanic cultists, however there hasn't been anyone that has been convicted of mutilating a cow. In many cases farmers remain baffled and in other cases it is easy to deal the "alien" card when explaining why these animals are left to die horrible deaths. What if the aliens and some paramilitary group were in on the mutilations? Why would they work together? Here is the frightening theory based on facts.

When one writes about cattle mutilations it is always difficult to piece together a solid explanation for such a horrible act. There have been many theories as to why cattle mutilations or "mutes" happen. The Idea ranges from predators to Satanic cults and there is of course the Extra-terrestrial theory that creeps into the conversation. While an ET explanation is considered bizarre so are the facts that surround such occurrences. It is estimated that the mutilation rate of cattle has increased to about 12,000 bovine a year.

Each one of these cows have been cut with "surgical precision" There are no teeth marks on the animal, and no predatory tracks. The animal parts taken are usually the same in every case the parts that are taken are not favorites with predators. The left ear is usually taken, and the absence of blood in the carcass would mean that whatever it is that attacks has to desanguinate the animal in question.

If predatory animals can uniformly select body parts, mainly the ones used in reproduction and excretion, and then remove all the blood from the carcass leaving the remaining good meat to rot what we are seeing is a meticulous animal doing the killings.

Investigators like Linda Moulten Howe have determined that perhaps extra terrestrials are responsible for such attacks, however it's not just Howe who has considered this, it's the farmers themselves who have claimed that they have seen UFO's in the areas prior and after a mutilation has taken place. Why would Farmers make such an outrageous claim?

It's simple when you look at the evidence and figure out that the mutilations are some how done in the air. Mutilated animals have been found with broken legs and backs and with their horns stuck deep into the ground, as if they were dropped from high altitudes. Cattle have been known to be treed in some cases. In other cases cattle bones have been shattered and bodies have been flattened. The Idea of airborne mutilation would likely explain the absence of tracks and blood.

A recently reported case from Utah shows us a unique cattle mutilation story. It has been reported in science journals and not long ago in the Deseret News that A Duchesne Utah Farmer noticed that one of his pregnant cows had died.

He discovered the animal lying in an unusual position , missing an eye and part of an ear. There was no sign of a struggle, and there were no tracks around the animal, which was found in a water-logged pasture about 20 feet from a paved road where many people would drive by. This would mean that the cow had to have been destroyed in a quick amount of time otherwise there would have been many witnesses in a high traffic locale.

The farmer contacted the National Institute for Discovery Science. They are an organization dedicated to the scientific study of extra-terrestrial phenomenon and other related subject matter.

What makes this cattle mutilation unique is that there was some blood left in the carcass. The cow was found lying in a north-south pattern with its front legs tucked under and rear legs splayed behind.

The cow was indeed pregnant yet no fetus was found. Blood tests confirmed the presence of a placenta. Although the fetus was missing, there were no signs of an aborted calf. The animal's left eye and the portion of its left ear were removed with a sharp instrument.

The autopsy also determined that the cows heart had exploded or blew apart. The outer sac around the heart however remained intact. Blood tests revealed a toxic level of potassium chloride in the blood. The cow apparently had a level of potassium ten times higher than normal. The cow had been determined to be in excellent health, however now it would appear that someone or something injected the toxic level of Potassium Chloride into the Blood stream of the animal. Another interesting anomaly is that this cow had a blue jelly like substance in its system.

Hardly an alien attack, However to rule out the possibility of an alien explanation in a lot of the cases is premature. There are just too many oddities that need to be considered in a case by case study.

Some will look at the evidence at hand and reject outright that Extra terrestrial beings have anything to do with the phenomena. They would question the motive for "advanced intelligences" to beam down from billions of miles just to cut cattle.

However one may want to rethink that position when you recall that in biblical texts the Gods would come down from heaven to accept the blood sacrifice of an unblemished animal. One must read from the Old testament the story of the "offering" and what had to be done before the animal was considered fit for a God to consume.

In Scripture three kinds of four-footed beasts, Cows, sheep, and goats, are appointed for sacrifices. In Hebrews it states that the offerings of blood are given by the high priests to all things in shadow and in the heavens. While Not all offerings were meat offerings the process is clearly laid out in the Old Testament. The process consisted of the removal of the blood, and the removal of certain body parts from the animal that was to be sacrificed.

So the Gods may still demand a sacrifice. Or they may just take from the fields that which is here for the harvest. That is if the this planet is not truly ours and that these extraterrestrial gods are able to remove what they will and for their own purposes either sacred or profane.

In all cases of cattle mutilations strong, healthy animals are affected it is never a sickly animal. Usually a valuable, healthy and whole animal is doing well one day, and found dead and mutilated the next day all like some sick religious prank. While animal Sacrifice is all over the Old Testament, many Christian groups have assumed that cattle mutilations are the result of a vast Satanic Conspiracy.

Which raises questions of Satanic cult activity. Satanists will tell you that in medieval times animal sacrifice was a part of the black magik ritual however now in modern times The phobia surrounding the sacrifice is hysteria, based in our culture's fear of ritual and occult in general. Contrary to what a Christian will tell you Satanists believe that the taking of an "innocent life" to attain one's selfish needs is wrong.

Thus killing an animal for magik is considered wrong. Satanists call this a "thrill kill." A thrill kill usually happens when adolescents think that killing the neighborhood dog, cat, in the name of Satan is going to get them points. Most Satanists would tell you that if they kill the animal they should be forced to eat the animal as well.

There was also the idea that Vietnam Veterans were responsible for thrill killing. The Idea was that many soldiers did the same brutal acts to the Vietcong. When they came back home they did the same to animals. Once again there was no evidence to support that theory. It was a retired FBI Agent , who revealed to me that the FBI has not been able to prove any Cult activity, or attribute mutilations to any one group, person, or organization.

As far as we know there is no cult or religion that kills animals especially cows for some ritualistic purpose. In order for this worldwide slaughter to exist a cult or group would have to be well funded and well organized. They would have to network and make sure that all Mutilations would be done uniformly.

I have talked with Conspiracy theorist and investigative reporter Jim Keith who has written several articles about mutilation of cattle and the possibility of the Military or a paramilitary operation being involved.

David Icke has even written in his book "The Biggest Secret" of the military having access to surgical tools that work with lasers and that perhaps there is a connection.

The Military has to somehow grab a cow. Lift that cow off the ground probably into a helicopter or a craft that hovers. They would then have to use laser surgical tools. Remove all of the blood from the animal, then remove certain body parts, this would include a coring of the anus, reproductive organ removal, removal of pieces of the mouth, removal of the ear and eye, the cutting off of the utter and stripping of the skin. Then drop the animal to the ground. All this needs to be done without being seen by onlookers. So obviously this would have to be done at night. It has been reported that some of the cattle were marked with phosphorescent substance so that they would glow in the dark.

The retired FBI source told me that some of the cattle that were looked at smelled of Creosote, a chemical that is made with Phenol. Phenol has been known to be used to put animals to sleep. Pure creosote is a colorless, transparent liquid slightly heavier than water and with a sharp odor.

So here we find ourselves in a circle of confusion. There are those that do not buy into the science fiction of aliens. We have already discredited the theory that Satanic Cults do the dirty work. The Military may or may not have a vested Interest in cattle mutilations, so what is the solution?

How about a group that has some sort of collusion with an alien, or paramilitary group to help in rendering the population sick? Let us speculate that testing of cattle was merely a stepping stone for what we are seeing today. Let us suppose that bio testing is being done by private organizations. Organizations that would benefit from a sick populace.

We have already determined that Bio chemical testing has taken place in the United States during the Cold war era. There have been many well documented cases. So let us suppose that this testing of cattle had turned up some sort of abnormality. That certain organs of the cow had shown signs of change. That certain diseases were being seen that could not be treated with the drugs that were available at the time. Perhaps these diseases were showing up in the cattle and that there were a number of sources that could be responsible. Nuclear Tests, Bio chemical tests, Extra-terrestrial panspermia.

The idea of panspermia is a passive theory. However if you want to entertain the possibilities of diseases passing intentionally from Alien Greys to cows it can also apply when you take into account that UFO sightings are common before and after an alleged mutilation. While the Military will wince at the very notion, they still monitor what is considered to be alien activities. The military or those who pilot the black helicopters seem to have an interest in "mutes."

Black helicopters have also been seen hovering above the fields where mutilations have occurred.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves perhaps it would be wise to throw in a time line of what we know so far about cattle mutilations.

The first recorded animal Mutilation itself was not of a cow but of a Horse named Lady. The horse went missing in September of 1967. When she was found on her Colorado farm, she had been skinned from the neck to the head and there was no blood in her body. There were cut marks that looked as if they were seared into the meat of the animal. The Horse's excretory and reproductive organs were removed. Along with the lungs and Heart.

The Mutilation phenomenon was later reported in Canada, Japan, and Europe and then a whole rash of mutilations in the Mid 1970's. When the attacks began to become widespread in the early seventies, Vietnam veterans were accused as possible culprits. There were the war horror stories that were told in The United States about combat soldiers torturing prisoners and cutting body parts, mainly sexual organs from the bodies of the Vietcong. It was proposed that post war Lunatics needed a fix for their mutilation and killing and brought it home to the cattle. Once again the FBI had no evidence to support such a claim.

More speculation ran rampant as to what was the cause of such vicious attacks. Necropsy Samples would reveal that the animals experienced changes in the cellular level including cooked hemoglobin, rapid decay, and liquefaction of the animal and total avoidance of scavengers. The cuts on the animals showed serrated edges and evidence that high heat was used in the procedure. It is important to bear in mind that portable Laser scalpels were unheard of during this time. At least to the general public, and of course Veterinarians.

From 1975 to 1993 the Cattle mutilations were at a fever pitch. Sightings of Black helicopters were seen in parts of Texas and Alabama. Another sighting of a Black triangular aircraft hovering over fields was also reported by police in the area. There were also reports of discs in the area that would roar like a tornado. The sound was horrific and the cattle herds were restless.

All that time we see cattle mutilations and terror in the heartland. We hear of Extra terrestrial hypothesis and Black helicopter activity before and after the events.

Europe saw their fare share of Mutilations as well. I know this because my Grandmother visited my aunt in Germany in the Mid 70's and told me that this was happening. Many people in Germany speculated that the mutilations were happening because certain drug companies were taking cattle at random putting a tracking chip in their ear and then killing them. They would remove certain organs to analyze them.

Let me say for the record that I have no evidence to support this. However my Grandmother died of a disease that until now no one knew about. She died of Spongiform Encephalophy. When this disease is found in cattle it is called "Mad Cow" or Bovine Spongiform Encephalophy. Doctors told my family at the time that she got it either from a sheep or a cow. My grandmother was a farmers wife.

We have seen these diseases and abnormalities surface and theses maladies are attributed to the use of ill treated cows for meat and milk.

For example The use of dairy products has been linked to Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM), OR Type-I diabetes. There are nearly sixteen million Americans with Type-I or Type-II diabetes in America. Epidemiological and empirical studies have recently hinted at a relationship between early exposure to bovine proteins and the onset of diabetes. With the use of Hormones and antibiotics we have seen bacteria in cattle that cannot be removed with the use of pasteurization.

The British medical journal, LANCET, recently revealed a direct link between this Uberbacteria and Crohn's disease in humans. Cows get a disease called Johnes disease and pass on this bacteria to humans in milk and dairy products. Cows with this condition have continuous diarrhea. A diagnosis of Crohn's disease usually results after many years of irritable bowel syndrome, a condition shared by more than four million American women and two million American men. The number one symptom in humans and cows is a shared experience: persistent diarrhea.

The latest scare about what has happened to our cows has come in the form of Early sexual maturation. The sex organs begin to develop at early ages. This study was made in Japan after milk products were introduced into the daily diets of Japanese girls. In 1950 the average twelve-year old girl was 4'6" tall and weighed 71 pounds. By 1975 the average Japanese girl, after guzzling a daily diet of milk and dairy products containing 59 different bioactive hormones, had grown an average of 4 1/2 inches and gained 19 pounds. In 1950 the average Japanese girl had her first menstrual cycle at the age of 15.2 years. Twenty five years later, after a daily intake of estrogen and progesterone from milk, the average Japanese girl was ovulating at the age of 12.2 years, three years younger.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? What parts of the human body are being affected by the change in dairy products? The excretory organs. The pancreas, the bowels, and the sexual organs.

Now the Vicious circle. How do we take care of these problems? Many use prescription Drugs. What do drugs come in? Capsules. What are capsules made of? Gelatin. What is Gelatin made of? Bovine Byproducts! Where do the majority of bovine come from that provide us the gelatin for or drugs? Europe and the USA.

Is there a possibility that tainted gelatin is on the shelves of most drugstores? Yes. Can it harm you? Well we will know in ten years. You see many of these cows that made it to your plate may have already been infected. There is also a chance that the gelatin that has been consumed could have been tainted as well. The problems with Spongiform diseases are that they attack slowly. They consist of staggers, fatigue, dizziness, and in some cases rage and mental instabilities. The final result is your brain turning to sponge.

Put on the paranoia cap and take into account these questions.
  • Have you ever wondered why we hear of killers who take out schools and playgrounds because they have used drugs like Prozac and Lithium?

  • Have you ever been told that those Black helicopters are nothing to be afraid of because they are being piloted by the DEA? (Drug Enforcement Agencies)

  • Have you noticed that after the rash of horrible cattle mutilations we have heard of strange new diseases and abnormalities that have no cures like HIV, genetic changes, and Mad Cow disease?

  • Have you noticed that there are now super viruses that cannot be killed with antibiotics?

  • Do you have any idea why some cows get a steady diet of Synthetic Amphetamines, antibiotics, bovine affluent, Barbiturates, Anti-coagulants, hormones and other non-veterinary drugs in their feed?
You take a risk when you eat gelatin, meat and dairy products. All of these hidden abnormalities can show up in you 10 years after it has passed into you. If they prescribe you drugs in capsules you also run the risk of doing more damage. Spongiform Encephalophy is not a virus it's a protein. There is no cure for it. Only treatment for the symptoms. You eventually lapse into a coma and die.

Remember this is only theory based on circumstantial evidence. I eat meat, I indulge in Ice cream, my potatoes are buttered and I put cream in my coffee. Meat is one of the staples of a balanced diet. So is milk. However if they keep tampering with your meat and dairy it can kill you. No wonder they tell you on Television that Milk does a body good, that beef is what's for dinner. They want you to consume and not worry. They neglect to tell you that "Bull is the highest form of propaganda!"


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