By Clyde Lewis

Celtic Legends and the Truth About St. Patrick's Day.

What is known about Patrick of Ireland? Many will claim that he was on a mission for the Pope. That he drove the snakes out of the Emerald Isle. There was no evidence to suggest that Patrick was sent to Ireland by the Pope of Rome. There has been a large misunderstanding as to what his purpose was, and it can be blamed on the fact that Catholic myth has mixed itself with the truth. The Catholic church claims Patrick as a saint, however Patrick of Ireland had his own beliefs. Patrick had a simple Christian faith. It is clear that there is absolutely nothing Catholic or Popeish about it. His mission was to spread the simple Gospel of Salvation. A Claim often made by Roman Catholics and some Episcopalians is, that Patrick was the leading missionaries of the primitive Church. This is entirely false as such forms of Church organisation had not come into being until long after Patrick walked the land of Ireland. There are a lot of other myths that spin their way out of Ireland and they have evolved into much larger stories. Some of them may have a basis in fact. The St.Patrick story and how it has changed did have itís roots in fact but has over time degenerated into a comical excuse to drink green beer and wear shamrocks. Patrick the Patron Saint of Ireland, was a real historical character and it is a sad fact that Roman Catholicism has claimed Patrick as their own to such an exclusive degree that many Protestants also have accepted it as truth. When Patrick began his mission about 430 A.D., Ireland was gripped by paganism. Druid priests performed human and animal sacrifices to appease the local gods. They practiced spiritism and black magic through incantations and occult rituals. Idolatry prevailed. The Irish knew nothing of Jesus. By the time of his death he had baptized tens of thousands and established hundreds of churches throughout Ireland. Within a century this once pagan land became predominately Christian, possessing such a vigorous faith that Ireland in turn sent out missionaries to Scotland, England, France, Germany, and Belgium. When it is said that Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland it was meant metaphorically. The Snakes were the Pagans. Patrick died March 17th, about 460 A.D.

I use the story of Saint Patrick to illustrate how tall tales grow out of simple stories. How certain individuals claim rights to these stories. How certain churches have laid their hands on religious artifacts and good hearted people and claimed them as their own when in reality they are not. That even when Churches such as Catholicism claim that they have weeded out the paganisim in their beliefís. The paganism and traditions still remain. The stories have vague similarities, and their customs and rituals still are valid in modern history. Celtic Paganism is not a total loss and Celtic witchcraft, and pagan rites still influence world leaders and religions the world over.

The corrupt church and old pagan beliefs give us an interesting look into Celtic mystery. Take for example the tale of the Leprechaun, a small person who wears green and goes in and out of dimensions. If you catch him he will give you gold. Look at how that tale has evolved from a little green man in Ireland, to a little green man in a space ship. Was there a basis in fact for the little green man? Could he disappear at will and then reappear? What is the truth behind that? Some claim to have seen these beings . Some claim that they look like small perfect beings. They had rather round heads and dark thick set bodies, and were about two and a half feet tall. Sounds a lot like the description of an angel or fairy, perhaps an alien. Large head large eyes,dark bodies, sometimes grey or blue. Two to 3 feet tall. There is no truth to the rumor that these little people were based on any race. They were often seen as spirits.

How about another fairy from Celtic myth the Darrig-Red man. A man who dresses In red and gives you evil dreams. Could this evil red man be the mythological Demon Satan? Satan of course is as ancient as the bible itself, but the vision of a red fire breathing horned demon goes back to the Pagan gods, and those gods were far from devilish. We see that a lot of our things that we hold sacred have their Roots Celtic paganism. However that still does not diminish their power or their truths.

Many symbols that have been carried through the centuries have been adopted by the Christian sects and are a part of Modern Christianity. Such is the case with the Cross, the crown of thorns and the Cup or the Holy grail or Chalice , and the Lance or Sword of Destiny. It is still questioned as to whether or not these symbols have power. But there are many cases that are well documented regarding these ancient Pagan symbols having great powers. Many leaders have stuck by these ancient myths and many were great and powerful. Hitler, Kennedy, and Reagan are just a few of the leaders who valued the powers of ancient Celtic rite. We've all seen the Indiana Jones movies where he battles Nazis in search of mystical relics. This story is based on truth. The truth that indeed Adolph Hitler fancied himself as a man of destiny. He also thought that he was a reincarnated Celtic wizard. Hitler was driven by this notion and had an obsession with the occult and mysticism. Hitler would pour hot lead, which was an ancient way of fortelling the future. He claimed to hear voices, and he claimed that he had a mission to fulfill. The most troubling thing about Hitler is that he had a strange obsession with strange pagan artifacts. One that Hitler wanted to posses was the spear of Longinus . Longinus was the Roman soldier who pierced the side of Jesus. The spear is known by many as the Sword of Destiny. A legend came to center around the spear which Hitler believed in very strongly; that whosoever possessed the spear and understood its powers for serving good and evil could conquer the world. This might be true. The legend was strong in Celtic Folklore as well.

Many great conquerors possessed the Spear. From Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor who had legalized Christianity. Theodosius, Alaric who sacked Rome, Theodoric who turned back Attila the Hun, Justinian, Charles Martel who had defeated the Moslems at the Battle of Poitiers, Charlemagne, Frederick Barbarossa and Frederick II, and others as well.

Now these great conquers also paid the consequences for having this artifact in their possession. Charlemagne had kept the spear with him throughout 47 victorious battles, and had only died when he accidentally dropped it. Barbarossa, like Charlemagne, died within minutes of dropping it as he crossed a stream. Following these warriors, apart from Hitler, no conqueror had paid the legend any heed during the next 500 years with the exception of Napoleon who attempted to take it following the Battle of Austerlitz. Unfortunately for him, it had already been smuggled out of Vienna just prior to the battle, and he never obtained it. Hitler finally obtained it and arguably became one of the most powerful men of this Millennium. The third riech was meant to remain a thousand years, however history records a terrible fall to an evil leader. The sword originally was in an Austrian museum. Hitler seized the sword in the name of the third Reich. After having declared Austria to be a part of the Reich, Hitler had it loaded on to an armored SS train and taken to Nuremberg on October 13. There it remained in St. Catherine's Church for the next 6 years until it was removed to a safer, protective underground vault where Lt. Walter William Horn, of the United States Army took possession of it in the name of the US government at 2:10 PM on April 30, 1945. Soviet Archives that were once kept hidden from us now reveal that when the Russian Soldiers captured Hitler's Bunker Hitler died from a gunshot wound to the head by his own hand at 3:30 P.M. 80 minutes after the United States took possession of the Spear. Celtic Mysticism does not stop with Hitler.

President Kennedy was the country's first Catholic President, who came from a Celtic heritage. President Kennedy is considered by some to be one of the best leaders of his time in the United States. The reason we bring up President Kennedy is because of his family's Celtic heritage and the strange coincidences that have occurred to President Kennedy and his family. First of all the obvious strangeness lies in the assassinations of both John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. While every conspiracy theorist on the planet will tell you their version of the Kennedy assassination. The high weirdness goes one step further. Take for example the Celtic origin of the name Kennedy. The name Kennedy comes from the original Irish Cennedigh. It has many variations. O'Kennedy, MacKennedy, Kennedy, O'Cinnkide . Many more are widely used. The word Cennedigh when broken down ironically means Ugly or Wounded head. ceann means "head", eidigh means "ugly". Both Robert and John were killed with wounded heads. Michael Kennedy recently met death in a Skiing accident. Michael went headlong into a tree. The cause of death was an injury to the head. Another Celtic irony was that The Kennedy time in office became characterized as the "thousand days of Camelot." Kennedy was the crown prince in a mythical Celtic kingdom. A Kingdom settled in Arthurian legend. A legend that Yields the Holy Grail, or the chalice, another great symbol of power. The grail was the cup often referred to in the Last supper. It was also the cup that was filled with Christís blood at the crucifixion. Once again the magic of this symbol is tied to a person who has had a series of strange coincidences. Another Coincidence lies with a fellow President who has a name with Celtic Origin. Lincoln. Lincoln was elected in 1860, Kennedy in 1960, 100 years apart, both men were deeply involved in civil rights for black Americans. Both men were assassinated on a Friday, in the presence of their wives Like Kennedy killed by a bullet to the head or they died from an ugly head. Lincoln was killed in Ford's Theater. Kennedy met his death while riding in a Lincoln convertible made by the Ford Motor Company. Both men were succeeded by vice-presidents named Johnson who were southern Democrats and former senators. Andrew Johnson was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908, exactly one hundred years later. There are many more. The coincidences are becoming a part of urban legend but are still haunting. To this day many people believe that there was a conspiracy to kill the prince of Camelot. Once again the mystical powers of age old Celtic lore surround a modern president.

Ronald Reagan another leader of Irish decent has a number of mysteries surrounding him and the occult. Ronald Reagan was the first president to beat the Zero factor. Every single U.S. president since 1860 who was elected during a year ending with a zero had either been assassinated or had died in office before his term was up. Every single one, dead. One way or another. Was it just a 120-year string of coincidences? There was an assassination attempt on Reagan in 1982. Reagan survived. Reagan was also considered a great leader of his day. However the powers of Reagan were facing scrutiny after it was revealed that the president's every important action had been orchestrated by Nancy Reagan's astrologer, Joan Quigley. This disclosure stunned the nation, with good reason. It's disturbing enough that a president could be the puppet of an anonymous non elected individual, hidden away from the American public. Let alone the rumors of his mental state deteriorating due to old age. Nancy was obsessed with the Zero year curse and decided that she was not about to take any chances. However, it was also revealed that Quigley made other decisions as well. Quigley's contributions to the 1980 campaign included the scheduling of the second Carter-Reagan debate. The date was October 28, alarmingly close to the election, but a time at which Quigley found the planets conspiring heavily against Carter. Reagan was widely judged as the debate's winner, and he cruised to victory a few days later. Ronald Reagan also took the oath of office at an odd time , at Midnight because of Astrologers advice. The result was a Kingís presidency. Another mysterious truth to the powers of the occult. What these examples hope to illustrate is that even though many people do not believe in Magic. Magic in some forms may exist. The power of Celtic Magic and mysticism continues to baffle the experts. So when you raise a glass to St. Patrick's day, remember , that there is more magic to the Irish, than just Blarney stones and shamrocks, history reveals that Celtic witchiness still has a power to create mystery and enigma in ancient times and in the times before and after the old millennium draws to a close.


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