By Clyde Lewis

Ground Zero has given you the warnings and now it is time to sum up what has happened. In an eerie connect the dots you must decide if what is to come is for your own good. The unfortunate thing is it now seems that there nothing you can do about it. So hang on its white knuckles from here on out.

The brave new world is Unfolding before your eyes and while Ground Zero has attempted to tell you that ignorance won't save you, there are some who need to have all that has happened shown to them again before it is absorbed. It is surreal to think that all of it is even on the front page now, and it does not quite settle in.

There are those who put their faith in religions who promise protection with a price and others who promise knowledge with a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. All of that does not matter anymore. Before too long there will be the intense biting of nails, and the gnashing of teeth. Not because a bible predicted it , but because the social consciousness fed off of it. Social engineering indoctrinated many with a dose of dread, and a chaser of discouragement. Served it with a desert of ignorance, and finished it with a good night kiss, that confirmed to all that everything is fine.

I never believed in an end of the world. An Armageddon. But I have a perfect knowledge that everyone else did. I just thought it would be too far fetched to even watch on my television screen. It seems as though the only thing missing is a smile from Jack Anderson saying, "You wanted to see it." I have seen enough.

It's not the bombs that scare me. It's not the threat of World War Three. It's what I saw on the news that made me stop and throw my face into my hands.

After the bombs were dropped in Yugoslavia the 6 o'clock news went on the street to get public reaction. Barbie and Ken cracked me a smile and gave me this equivalent;

"Far away a bad war started. Even though it's not happening here it's still important. One place, the United States didn't like how the other place was acting. Many people don't know where that other place is so no one really cares all that much. They only know that it is bad. Many said that they hope our soldiers win the war because they support our troops no matter what. If they are in a place that we don't care about Killing people that's okay. We just hope the war doesn't happen here."

The reality is not so far from the above paragraph. After looking for reaction to the bombing in Yugoslavia, they avoided putting people on camera for fear that they may show the truly stupid American. One who "Knows we have bombed a place far away but they are not sure exactly where it is."

I hope that if you are reading this you are not one of those people who they could not put on camera. For those who slept during history here is a short synopsis of why you need, to start thinking about why this is more important than just a bad war.

In 1914 a Serbian Shot and killed Austrian Duke Francis Ferdinand and his wife. It was an assassination that started a bloody war between Austria and Serbia. Now lets show you a Map:
This is the land where the Bad war Started. Notice how there are red lines in a Place called Kosovo. In Kosovo there are a group of people who live there called Serbians. Notice that on the map in the upper right hand corner you see what looks like a square. That square is below Europe where Yugoslavia and Kosovo is. Back in 1914 when that Serbian shot the Austrian Duke there was a bad war that started after that, It was called World War 1. Now after 5 years of fighting and Bloodshed, the war ended with the signing of something called the treaty of Versailles. It stripped Germany of its Power. A man by the name of Adolph Hitler, who was a very bad Man who didn't like that fact that his land had no power decided that he hated Poland and declared war on them in 1939.

This began World War 2. Now, The United States (the Good Guys) as a part of NATO Bombed Yugoslavia. Bill Clinton the good looking president has said that he decided to bomb Yugoslavia to prevent the killing of ethnic minorities. He said that bombing would stop a war. President Clinton is not only good looking but he is stupid.

Now before you accuse me of being condescending I need to ask, "What does it take to get through to people in this country?" Do we have to resort to remedial history lessons to show that this place has been a war hotspot for hundreds of years? That we may have opened up the wound that may fester into World War Three?

I have produced shows that have forewarned people of what may happen. I must say that every time I throw out an alarmist viewpoint, I become criticized. I am told that I am conspiratorialist . That it can't be that easy. But it can. If you pay attention. Let's do something called Going back to Zero and see if we can show you where all of this has begun and how it might end up. I am not doing this for me. I'm scared enough. I am doing it to show how things go in patterns. That perhaps these things are planned out. Realize that there is no magic to it, that World leaders read Nostradamus, the bible, and every other religious tract they can get their hands on. They are familiar with how time repeats itself, and they know that Satan himself can look like a good guy. They also know that prejudice can tell you that the antichrist is a brown skinned Middle Eastern guy with a blue turban. So believe what you want but here are the facts as we go to back to Zero.

From The death Of Princess Diana "England's Enigma" 1997 Ground Zero stated:

In Chapter 12 of The Book of Revelations we read (and I am paraphrasing here): A great and wonderful sight appeared in the heavens. A woman, clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head, is with child. An enormous red dragon appears with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. This dragon stood in front of the woman so that he might devour or control this child after it is born. She gives birth to the child. The child is a boy. The child is to rule the nations with an iron scepter. The woman flees from the dragon until she returns to the place that God has prepared for her.

The scripture continues to describe other beasts and great wars that will be fought after The woman of Babylon returns to god.

GROUND ZERO postulated that the woman of Babylon was Princess Diana.

From Postcards From the apocalypse 1997 Ground Zero Stated:

The term Wormwood is a metaphor used in the bible to describe a bitter calamity, or a great time of sorrow. The term is used when John saw the seventh seal opened, in the book of Revelations. During this time John wrote that there would be signs and wonders in the skies, that our meats would be tainted, our fish would die. If the 1990's were the last ten years of the earth's existence and seals were opened once every year then 1997 would be the year the seventh seal would be opened. A light crossed the sky in 1997. The Comet Hale-Bopp. In that same year, there was a mass killing of chickens in china, the meat carried a lethal bacteria, the threat of mad cow disease threatened England , and while we tried to find comfort in eating the fish supply we were warned of the threat of mercury lead poisoning, and polluted waters.

For those who do not wish to use reference to a nearly two millennia old best seller we go to the quatrains of Nostradamus. Which will probably bring more of the comet's significance into focus, and it will leave you to question, your own belief in synchronicity, or in the end times prophecies. Two Quatrains of his prophecies may be important in describing what happened in 1997 with the arrival of The Comet Hale-Bopp. The first example is Century II-96:

Burning torch will be seen in the sky at night
Near the end and beginning of the Rhone:
Famine, steel: the relief provided late,
Persia turns to invade Macedonia.

In 1999 our bombers are right next door to Macedonia. Persia is what is now known as Iran. We are beginning a war in a place that was foretold long ago.

From the article "What will it take to get you to accept the Mark of the Beast?" in 1998 Ground Zero said:

The right to personal privacy will be in jeopardy, however the system will find a way to to convince you that the benefits outweigh that. If you challenge this, Those who are a part of the system will label you a troublemaker. A subversive. For some, this is enough to have them give up. They would not want the embarrassment of sounding like a rebel.

Need I point out that in 1999 we heard the story of Kevin Mitnick who is a hacker? He has not only raised the issue of privacy but he invaded the privacy of the Government. He rebelled. After fighting a good fight he was forced into pleading guilty so he could be free. The question is, Is he all that free?

More from 1998:

If a system can monitor you at all times without you knowing then this part of the Constitution is thrown out. However one must take a look at what other amendments are being currently trampled upon at this moment. Freedom of speech issues, such as Internet expression, and flag burning, which also includes political dissention, are being reviewed. So if the Flag burning, political dissention bill is passed. We will not be able to defy the government. It would be against the law.

The Flag Burning issue as I said is not just a flag burning issue. IT WAS WORDED AS SUCH TO HIDE THE REAL ISSUE. It has been said that this amendment will pass.. Once again the words "Congress shall make no law…" have been ignored lately, once the damage is done where do we stop? Has anyone looked at the big Picture? This will cause a vicious circle where there will be no exit.

Here now is an excerpt March 25th 1999 article from CNN;

House Republicans are renewing their push for a constitutional amendment that would allow Congress to ban flag desecration, a measure that died last year for lack of Senate action. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde told the subcommittee on the Constitution that in a nation torn by racial and other differences, the flag's symbolic value as a unifying force makes desecrating one a hate crime. "What we desperately need is some symbol that unites us, that shows us what we have in common," Hyde said Tuesday. "That's what the flag does." But if Congress considers flag desecration a hate crime, it assumes the power to govern people's thoughts the way communist or fascist systems do, opponents argued.

Now they are rewording it so it sounds like a "hate crime" to hide what it really is. It will pass. Only if you allow it to.

In the article I was a CIA Frankenstein Ground Zero posted the following:

Clinton has used mass manipulation in defense of his poor judgement and he relies on our ignorance to accept that his actions are in our best interest. It's obvious that we have bought into the charisma. When his pants go down the polls go up. The lies he has told about the bedroom are only the tip of the iceberg. It is that iceberg that may bring the USS America down to an icy grave. But hey the country never ran so good. Many people even say that if the election were reheld he would still be voted in as president. When people find out the truth, there will be some that will scream revolution and when they retaliate, they too will become terrorists. It looks like we have a knack for creating them. We created Osama Bin laden, Saddam Hussein, Khadaffi and others. Congratulations Dr. Frankenstein your monster awaits.

The monster was being groomed for an even bigger event that probably will spark World War 3! Besides, what ever happened to old Osamma bin whatz his name? Clinton was saying that we needed to fire on these terrorists.

From the Article the "New and Improved Manchurian Candidate." Our elected officials are picking and choosing what is important to enforce. The rest is something that is theorized as the passive conspiracy. The passive conspiracy has more power than an active one. For the longest time things are ignored and since they are ignored they remain in place. For example, if our government truly had a motive for eliminating drugs, drugs would not be a social problem. It would be removed. The government passively allows it to continue because it is largely a black inner city problem. They pretend to be declaring war on the problem. Nothing in government is done unless it will benefit, plain and simple. Things are enforced and acted upon when there is an agenda.

The Wars in the area of Kosovo have been happening for centuries. Now we must add fuel to the fire by bombing them.

From the 1998 Article "One nation Under Control"

As time continues to march on, the freedoms will be stripped away. Martial law is inevitable, if it isn't mildly being used now to gain control. Executive order means that martial law can be declared at any time. This would result in a Police state. Look at all of the agencies that have been made to protect us from ourselves, the NSA, BATF, DEA, CIA, FBI, Highway Patrol, Local Police agencies and elements of the Military. Is this enough? Then of course worldwide we have elements of the United Nations Special Forces. A paranoid person would then yell BINGO. New World Order. The President could surrender the country to UN Control. Or the President could turn control over to FEMA, or to some other "shadow" operation. Maybe even Extraterrestrial control, if you want to leap that far.

A presidential Directive signed By Bill Clinton in the spring of 1994 opened the door for an unprecedented intervention by UN troops, within the Borders of the United States. This Directive would allow our troops serving under commanders from other countries, if it is warranted. What worries me is the reasons why these measures are ready to be implemented.

Marines have already been asked if they would be able to fire On US citizens in the event of an all out rebellion against the government. They have also been asked if they would serve under UN Command. With these things in mind, is it any wonder that people even speculate about a global police force being armed and ready for a planned Global government?

In a 1999 CNN Article it says:

"Urban Warrior," a five-year program to teach U.S. military personnel to fight battles in the middle of busy cities, has come to Northern California. More than 5,000 Marines are set to sweep into Oakland and Alameda, in the San Francisco Bay area, despite protests over similar war games held over the weekend down the coast. War games in Monterey called for hundreds of Marines to practice rescuing a fictional city outside the United States threatened by chemical terrorism. Actors portrayed warring factions during the exercise, which required the Marines to determine which civilians posed a danger and which were friendly.

More from One nation Under Control 1998:

Executive order 92549
States that martial law can be declared at any time. This would result in a Police state. Look at all of the agencies that have been made to protect us from ourselves, the NSA, BATF, DEA, CIA, FBI, Highway Patrol, Local Police agencies and elements of the Military. Is this enough? Then of course worldwide we have elements of the United Nations Special Forces. A paranoid person would then yell BINGO. New World Order. The President could surrender the country to UN Control. Or the President could turn control over to FEMA, or to some other "shadow" operation. Maybe even Extraterrestrial control, if you want to leap that far.

From a 1999 January 28th story in the New York times:

President Clinton is reported to be considering the appointment of a military leader for the continental United States -- a domestic commander-in-chief -- to deal with the growing threat of major terrorist strikes.

From January 1999 Beyond Jonbar Point :

And yet who is perverted? The person who prolongs the agony of our pathetic existence or the one who opens Pandora's Box knowing that it has to be done so the final chapter can play out.

This statement scared me when I first wrote it. Pandora's Box is being opened and we are seeing those who believe that Armageddon is their destiny creating war and spending Money on an unseen enemy.

From a March 23rd 1999 Gannett News Article:

U.S. anti-terrorism spending will exceed $10 billion next year, and critics are saying such huge amounts represent political paranoia more than good policy. Anti-terrorism spending's explosive growth -- a 44 percent overall jump in a year and a leap of 800 percent in outlays by the Justice Department alone -- comes with no clear plan or strategy, critics say.

So In conclusion I propose that a Nexus is coming. Not a biblical fulfillment of prophecy but a self induced Armageddon that is being started by madmen who feel they are gods and hold your future in their hands. That as I said before in The 1999 Jonbar Point essay:

Who is behind it? Who knows. If it is a centralized ruler like an anti-Christ then he has a real dirty job to accomplish. However he may not have to lift a finger. The culture is collapsing on itself. A new culture is about to be born. One that is the Luciferian dream. The brainwashing of the people, replacing "rights" with "privileges" "freedom of speech" with "censorship of dissention" and "freedom of religion" with "Christian right" (the hateful group that bears the name of Christ, who murder people in the name of God And ridicule and malign homosexuals.)

Take a look at the idiocy that has been spewed out of the mouths of what the Christian Right calls their Prophets. Jerry Falwell's claims that the Anti Christ is a Jew. That a Fictional Character like Tinky Winky a Teletubby is a Homosexual. Jerry Falwell Is stupid. He is not a Reverend so don't revere him. He is not a prophet so don't tell me he is. Tell me that he isn't trying to start a war of words.

Prophecy does not take a prophet. Prophecy and truth does not come from a preacher or a Pope alone. It comes from your heart. It is the spirit that speaks to you. No one knows where this spirit comes from. Theologians have explained it, Poets have written about it, musicians play it. The question is are you listening to it? Stop for one moment. Take a deep breath. Hold it in as if it were your last. Now, hold on tight. The Brave new world will only be for the brave. I hope we can survive it. God bless.


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