By Clyde Lewis

When it comes to Crop circles or Agriglyphs, it doesn't matter how many times I talk about this subject I tend to get loads of criticism telling me that the study of such things is plain and simple nonsense. I have had the opportunity to talk about the circles, mainly because of the Utah circles that were seen in Logan last year. I received much e-mail telling me that crop circles have been proven to be hoaxes. Each letter comes from a person who cannot tell me why they are hoaxes. When I confront them they tell me the same story. I am going to tell the story they repeat to me. The best I can. I can basically tell you the story from memory mainly because I have been told by many people to stop talking about the circles because it was already reported that two guys in England Hoaxed them. This is only part of the story.

Headlines that hit the papers and mainstream news centers back in 1991 transformed what was simply a hoax theory into a final solution by those who were willing to close their minds on such matters. The Papers reported and the tabloid news television programs interviewed Doug Bower and David Chorely .

The two drunken brits confessed that they were the Circle makers. Doug and Dave Proceeded to demonstrate for everyone how they crudely crushed circles in grain fields. The circles were just circles, and didn't explain who was responsible for the intricate and more elaborate circles. Nor were the men able to explain why they were paid to make the circles. Those were some important facts that no one has ever explained to me about Crop circles. They just continue to show me that Doug and Dave were responsible and that I should just shut up about aggravating agriglyphs.

Doug and Dave did create many hoaxed circles. Here is another fact. Doug and Dave aren't really educated in the complex math needed to create larger circles, and geographical limitations keep them from making circles all over the world. Formations across Britain Alone number in the thousands. Not to mention the thousands in Japan, Australia, the U.S. and Canada. Boy that's a lot of traveling for a bunch of pissed brits on a circle jerk.

Here is another fact for you. Doug and Dave no longer make circles. But circles happen every day. Now granted otherscould make them, but once again there are many circles and not so many individuals that can grace us with mathematics genius to create such a thing of beauty.

Now, I have to tell you about the other Hoaxers Jim Schnable who claimed Satanists made the Circles. And for some odd reason the British Army for reasons that are unexplained.

But even with proven Hoaxes there may be something weird at work. Why would someone, take the time to make a circle? Especially something that can only be appreciated from high above the ground. Some are even far away from any roads. Without access trails or footprints. Could be horny hedgehogs. A response given by lazy armchair investigators. Which is the equivalent of saying that a random UFO sighting is nothing but swamp gas. Which I might add is till said by ignorant air traffic controllers.

Some people who have crushed the barley fields say that they are told by unknown forces to do so. Some claim that they have been used like a tool by some force they cannot control. Words that can be believed or rejected. Any hoaxer can fabricate a story of paranormal influence, causing them to lose control. Then again, you never know.

Science itself is wondering what tricks are up Mother Nature's sleeve. Plant stalks found in circles show changes on the cellular level. Radioactive anomalies have also been seen in the affected plants. In some case there is evidence of rapid internal heating. There are also cases of altered stem nodes and seeds not caused by plant disease.

Researchers of the phenomena also claim that some circles have some mysterious energy that emits a static electrical charge that has caused some people to become nauseous. Someone who has been consumed by such mystery is Colin Andrews. He has been actively researched this phenomenon for years. Colin is an electrical engineer and is the world's leading authority on Crop circles. From his home in southern England he has been able to see some of the more breath taking formations. 90 percent of the formations in England are near Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Many have tried to tell him that it is a hoax as well but no one has been able to reproduce the scientifically unique features of the crop circle phenomena. He has also been involved with revealing numerous hoaxes including the Olive's castle Video hoax that shows lights swirling above a grain field creating a snowflake, image. Andrews has shown us that cerealogy is still a valid enigmatic science. Just one of the many things under heaven and on earth that can not be explained by any one conclusion. It is simple to write it off as a simple hoax, but what we overlook is the uniqueness of each circle. The intricacies much like that of a fingerprint or a snowflake. The little things that we overlook at times. The little things that can only be made in a mind as cosmically boundless as that of the creator.

Now that we have shown that circles can be hoaxed, and that some are perhaps created by humans under some mysterious spell, other theories apart from science have been raised, and other phenomena has been described as being witnessed by researchers.

The most popular of the theories and not necessarily the final theory is that these Circles are made by extra-terrestrial craft. Many a witness has claimed sightings of UFO's near a place where the Agriglyph has formed. We have heard stories of smashed plants or crops in an area where an alleged UFO has landed.

An another well-known phenomenon is the witnessing of luminous white spheres that have been allegedly observed zipping around in circles ripping up stalks and causing the circles. There have been at least two films that I am aware of that show this anomaly and one has been proven to be a hoax, however true believers in the theory are not convinced.

Another theory is that the Microwave energy that is in the circles are a result of cosmic doodling by a satellite program that has already been implemented like SDI or Star Wars program. The testers fire a laser at some unknown target and probably never see the result of their handiwork, because it is all figured and carried out by a computerized satellite.

Then comes the Satan connection brought to us by Michael J. Strainic and Linda Moulton Howe, who claim that where there's a circle there is a mutilated Cow. There was at one time a picture that Howe produced where a circle was made and lying beside it was the decapitated remains of a dog.

People have been known to find circles near religious buildings, and ruins. Sometimes Circles form Crosses, and certain occultic symbols. Making us wonder if angels or demons are responsible for such things. Take for example the strange case of the inscription near Milk hill, where the words "speak to us' were placed in some grains awaiting answer. A symbol in Hebrew appeared later saying "The Creator wise and kind.'

Then there is the idea of Crop circles being a natural phenomenon. Where the elements need to be in synch to cause such a phenomena to happen. There was a collection of circles called the Mandelbrot set that showed highly complex mathematical fractals. This natural phenomenon can also mean something very alarming. That these can very well be messages to us from a very dying planet. This is known as the "Gaia Hypothesis" The idea that these circles are being generated from inside the earth. This would mean that crop circles could be a type of stigmata, or sores that are a sign of a planet that is becoming ravaged by an industrial civilization.

Crop Circles are nothing new. Many people when researching circles have seen a cutout made in 1678 of the mowing devil. Fairy rings have been a part of Celtic myth for centuries. So keep this in mind when you find yourself talking in circles about those cunning crop circles. Unexplained mysteries are never simple. Just because there is one popular explanation such as a couple of guys outside a pub making circles. That doesn't mean it's the only answer. Paranormal recorder Charles fort once said that "One measures a circle beginning anywhere" and the principles of Zen tell us that not all messages are meant to be understood, so using circular logic, it is better to ponder and appreciate pure form and Elusive mystery. In other words, keep your mind at Ground Zero, because what you are seeing all around you is business as usual in the apocalypse.


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