By Clyde Lewis

It is alleged that "secret organizations" all over the country conduct experiments on children and adults to create the ultimate soldier. These Projects have been going on since the 1950ís. Some of the information is classified but the names of the projects are well known by those who have come forward to talk about them. They are trained to be spies, and assassins. They are trained to leave no witnesses. They are time bombs waiting for a trigger. Once it is pulled the blood circus begins.

When Ground Zero had itís humble beginnings in Salt Lake City, Utah I would always run into people who would give me all kinds of information. They came from all walks of life. Some were ex Military who had a tidbit of truth they wanted me to digest and others were conspiracy theorists and hobbyists who turned me on to all kinds of strange stories.

In 1998 I was having a conversation about Mind control with some friends of mine and it was overheard by a gentleman who looked as if he was a transient.

He mumbled through some conversation about how he was on his way to Texas and that he needed some money. He told me that if I paid him a bus ticket he would tell me about how the Canadian Government had taken him as a child and trained him with the CIA to become an assassin. He claimed however that it wasnít typical assassination.

He claimed that the weapon that would be used would be the mind.

He told me that through the use of Mind control and things like remote viewing a man could kill another man. He wanted to tell me about some things that were done in Iran and he claimed that he was under orders from both the Canadian government and The U.S. Government.

He also told me that he was involved in some sort of Mind control experiment in Montreal in the 1950ís and that after he had tried to reveal the activities he ended up destitute and traveled all over the country by train, or hitchhiking.

After checking around and asking several questions of people I knew in Canada, I can only remember that his name did not check out and that perhaps I had been hoaxed.

I was later made aware of a lawsuit that was filed by a man named Robert Logie. Logie climbed that he was a "human guinea pig" for a CIA drug experiment program called MKULTRA Sub Project 68, an experimental program where LSD was used for behavior control and brainwashing. Logie recounted that there was an agency called the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology and that it was a front for the CIA program. Logie would walk around in a daze and slept under bridges not knowing where he was or who he was.

The man I met was not Logie, but his story sounded similar.

I had read stories about mind control experiments, especially MK Ultra where some of Americaís most heinous experiments took place.

These mind control experiments have been talked about for decades. The stories have been given by credible individuals and not by lone nut conspiracy theorists out to make a dollar.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper recently spoke out about these experiments when he appeared on a talk show. He claimed that NASA used Children in experiments in the 1950ís and 1960ís. He went on to describe how NASA's mind control program emphasized cultivation of the children's psychic abilities and that it involved telepathy, remote viewing, and out-of-body-experiences.

It seemed that in the 1950ís there were several of these nefarious programs similar to MK Ultra, all with different titles. There were covert names like Project Monarch, Artichoke, and paper clip.

The question that everyone asks is what was the purpose of such groups and why was experimentation with Human Guinea Pigs necessary?

In order to understand MK Ultra it is necessary to go back in History where all of the fascination began with such experiments.

It all can be traced to World War II.

Nazis used these drugs to conduct experiments on the Prisoners of the Dachau death camps.

They would learn that when Mescaline and other psychedelics were administered to the prisoners. They would reveal secrets, not to mention taste sounds and hear colors.

They were also very susceptible to mind control and manipulation.

The U.S. Army was also able to use marijuana and barbiturates as aids in interrogation during the war also. Hypnosis was also used as an important tool in creating multiple personalities in subjects that were selected for experiments.

This was all done in the name of intelligence and national security.

After the Korean War, the CIA started the MK-ULTRA program as a top secret effort to find the best techniques available to alter the mind and render their test subjects open for all kinds of suggestion to suit their needs.

There were experiments that were carried out with all the typical psychedelics and of course LSD, Ketamine, psilocybin, and psycho surgical procedures that included elctro-implantation, and lobotomy.

There were several other more barbaric tests that were done on subjects that included mixtures of Electro-shock therapies, LSD, and repetitive voice looping where the subject would say things into a tape recorder and then have the voice played back to them over an over while in a drug induced trance.

Scientists that were employed by The CIA were of the opinion that drugs such as LSD could reprogram the human personality.

The purpose was to control people into becoming automatons. There was also an alleged dual purpose and that was to possibly destroy the youth movement by rendering them apathetic and susceptible to suggestions given to them by a controlling entity.

Movies such as the "Manchurian Candidate", and "Conspiracy Theory" demonstrate that a lot of these subjects were being trained to be assassins and murderers to carry out agendas in some clandestine diabolical plot.

In the times of the turbulent 60ís overlapping into the 70ís political assassinations were responsible for changing history and the course of the United States. The culprits that people have pointed to in history and in the news have often been described as "lone nuts" or "loners" who really seemed normal and friendly.

More recently the news has described many of these character archetypes that eventually become the "nut case killer" who not only killed political figures, but use guns to shoot up schools, and places of business.

For example the recent "hit" on the Whitehouse is a perfect example of a normal everyday citizen who just woke up one day and decided to start shooting at the Whitehouse, hoping to be killed by police so that there would be no one to explain why.

Robert Picket the 47-year-old gunman who opened fire on the white house in February of 2001 lived alone after his parents died. He had no prior criminal record. Neighbors and those who knew him say that he was a benevolent person. After reading his letter that he left behind it was obvious that he was hoping that the Secret Service would shoot him dead. If history gives us any indication as to who is probably going to shoot up your school, itís probably the quiet nice guy who never raises his voice or resorts to acts of violence. People always wonder why these things happen.

Can it all be attributed to the fact that mild mannered people go crazy everyday? Or could it be that there are a few people out there that have somehow been manipulated and are acting purely on a trigger response placed into their brains by an outside source?

Actually it could be a little of both.

It seems that acts of violence, assassinations and attempted assassinations, homicides, and covert activities of America's intelligence community aimed at American citizens contain a mountain of evidence that mind-control experiments that were conducted in the 1950ís up until the mid 1990ís might be producing mentally programmed assassins.

It seems that the purpose of these activities is to create an agreed upon threat so that groups within government with agendas can confuse and use propaganda on itís own people to promote negative sentiment on groups that they deem subversive or to get laws passed to limit personal freedoms.

For example, since the Columbine high School tragedy where 13 victims were gunned down the media and groups with agendas against gun control and strict policies in schools have used the tragedy as the cornerstone in their fight to rally hysteria.

Recently the news has created a trigger phrase called "Columbine-Style- Event " where copycat school takeovers are being planned by students in their respective schools.

On February 1st it was reported that Al DeGuzman, a college student who had no criminal record was allegedly planning on killing his fellow students with an arsenal of explosives and guns. The press had called it a planned "Columbine-style" attack. It is apparent that from now on a lot of cases of planned massacres by young adults will be termed "Columbine style events," which convinces me even more that a sinister disinformation and indoctrination is taking place regarding the massacre that happened on April 20th. 1999.

The Press was at it again when it was reported on February 5th,2001 that Police had thwarted an alleged "Columbine-style" attack on a high school in a small Kansas town, uncovering weapons and a high school floor plan and arresting three teenagers. Eighteen year old Richard Bradley Jr., of Hoyt, Kansas, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and conspiring to criminally use explosives, the Jackson County Sheriff's office said. Two juveniles, ages 16 and 17, face the same charges.

Certainly school violence was occurring long before Columbine.

What makes it so special?

The Columbine case, as well as Oklahoma City, The Unabomber, Heavenís Gate, The John F. Kennedy assassination, The attempted assassination on Ronald Reagan, The murder of John Lennon, The Jones Town massacre, The Symbionese Liberation Army, and the Charles Manson Family are all connected in some way to the CIA and other nefarious government programs.

This also would seem to suggest that tests or other manipulative activities could have been conducted on the major players in these events.

This would fuel speculation that the CIA has achieved mind control.

While MK-ULTRA allegedly ceased operations in 1973 it is suspected that new forms of mental control were being discovered and implemented as late as 1995. There is also a residual effect that allegedly exists where victims of these abuses are among us, unaware of who they are.

There have been many cases that have made headlines where it was suspected that perhaps the most nefarious people that have had their hands in mass suicide, mass-murder, ritualistic abuses, assassinations, and random shootings, may be the result of this type of manipulation.

The timeline coincidentally demonstrates that before we ever heard of people such as Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Charles Manson, Mark David Chapman, John Hinkley Jr., Jim Jones, The Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh, Marshall Applewhite, and the Trenchcoat Mafia there were tests being conducted on individuals, some of them unaware of the eventual effects of their mental manipulation.

Letís explore some very convincing coincidences.

Oswald, Sirhan, Manson, Hinkley, Chapman, Applewhite, all had strangely vacant demeanors. Many were of the opinion that they would fall into hypnotic trances.

Oswaldís ties to the intelligence community are just the beginning of a laundry list of coincidences that may or may not be attributed to a possible MK ULTRA connection. He served with the Marine Corps at Atsugi, Japan which was the originating base of the U2 spy plane flight. Coincidentally LSD and other drugs were known to have been field tested there by the CIA. There is the implication to be considered by his known presence at Atsugi that Oswald may have been the first "Manchurian Candidate." There seems to be a lot of other players in the Kennedy case that may have acted under the influence of these drugs that were being tested by the CIA at the time of Kennedyís death.

On June 5, 1968 Sirhan Sirhan another dazed "lone nut" assassin shot Senator Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassodor Hotel in Los Angeles. Here is yet another case that has strong ties to a CIA MK-ULTRA presence.

The LAPD under the direction of the CIA figures prominently in the cover-up which took place after the shooting. It has been speculated that perhaps Sirhan may have been programmed by the CIA with hypnosis and drugs to take the fall for the assassination.

He has no recollection of the killing.

The fatal wound that killed Robert Kennedy came from a gunshot behind his right ear. Sirhan, according to multiple witnesses, fired his gun from Kennedy's front and was never behind the Senator at any time. Once the shooting started, Sirhan was quickly hauled to the floor by several people who had been assigned to guard Kennedy that day.

Was Sirhan, a mind-controlled patsy that took the blame for the shooting while the real killer got away?

There are many who believe that the real assassin was Thane Eugene Cesar, an armed security guard and a Kennedy-hater with right-wing ties. Cesar was in the perfect position to fire the fatal shot as he was behind and just slightly to the right of Senator Kennedy and had been guiding him by the arm through the crowd at the moment of the shooting.

Master hypnotist William J. Bryan, Jr., who allegedly worked for the CIA, bragged about hypnotizing Sirhan prior to the assassination.

Bryan, had been the chief of all medical survival training for the United States Air Force. This area of expertise of course dealt with hypnosis, drug therapies, and brainwashing techniques.

Coincidentally he was allegedly a consultant for the film "The Manchurian Candidate."

If one does not believe that people can commit acts of murder while under the control of someone else then perhaps it is time reacquaint ourselves with Charles Manson and his family of murderers.

Manson and his followers committed the Tate-LaBianca and other killings during the late 1960's. Manson used mind-control techniques such as hypnotism, high doses of LSD, and programming to get peaceful hippie kids to become villainous zombies that would kill at his word.

It is alleged however that Manson did get a little help from the Government. There were many in government that felt that the acts of a passive flower power generation were tantamount to communism.

So it was necessary to discredit the hippies by introducing a "Frankenchrist" hippie messiah that would destroy them. He would have to introduce a new form of drug amongst the youth. "Orange Sunshine" a new potent form of LSD was being used by the Manson Family.

It is alleged that Manson received the drugs from the CIA and was trained in Mind control techniques.

He mentioned many "trigger" mechanisms that he tried to pattern his philosophies on. For example, he believed that he was living out the story of "Stranger In a Strange Land" and read the story often.

He also claimed that he was hearing messages in Beatles Music.

Was the concept of Helter Skelter part of Manson's program? Was Beatles music being used in aural manipulation with the use of LSD?

The Trigger mechanisms are evident in two other cases. Strangely enough a former Beatle was killed by another Lone nut assassin.

After shooting John Lennon Mark David Chapman calmly read the book "Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Sallinger while waiting for police to arrive. John Hinkley junior was found with the copy of the same book after his failed assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan.

Interestingly enough Sallinger served with Henry Kissinger in World War II in Counter Intelligence.

It was also uncanny that when news organizations would cover the stories of these horrible acts they would always invite the late Louis Jollyan West to be on panels to comment on the behaviors of these men.

He was the UCLA psychiatrist who worked for the CIA in LSD research for the MK ULTRA Program.

His specialty was studies in violence. He was also consulted on the matters regarding The Peopleís temple and Jim Jones. There were many rumors that quite possibly the Guyana mass suicides were the result of an MK ULTRA experiment gone awry.

But the Ultra Fall out doesnít end there.

Jim Jones had ties to the international evangelical order known as World Vision their record shows ties to CIA operations in Asia, Nicaragua, Lebanon, And the Alpha 66 Mercenaries funded by the CIA in the Bay of Pigs.

After the Mass suicides in Guyana World vision worked to repopulate Jonestown with Laotian Mercenaries who worked for the CIA.

Failed Reagan Assassin and possible MK-Ultra stooge John Hinkley Junior was the son of a World Vision official.

The Hinkleyís apparently were good friends with none other than Grandpa Spook George Bush.

Now, Mark David Chapman who gunned down John Lennon had been a world Vision Employee who worked at Port Chaffe, Arkansas, Hatian Refugee camp.

Is it all coincidental, or are there ties to CIA sponsored mind control programs?

Another Mass Suicide that seems to smell of CIA tinkering is of course the 39 dead found in Rancho Santa Fe on March 27th, 1997. Marshall Applewhite the man known to his followers as "Do" left home embarrassed by his homosexual tendencies . He sought treatment at a psychiatric hospital in thinking that his sexuality was a mental problem. There are many who claim that Applewhite was trained in remote viewing and out of body experiences while under the influence of LSD. He also would be known to hear voices. Now here is where rumor may mix with some facts.

We toss in some CIA induced mind control on a man who was supposed to be treated for Homosexuality. Then he organizes a religion to help others and then gets mixed up with a group of tech nerds who are looking for a space age messiah. In the same vein as Manson the counter cyber culture finds a mentor.

"Higher source" is later created and a website is erected called Heavenís Gate.

"Do" was the fascinated about UFO reports in Mexico, and also in Phoenix Arizona. He also heard that a UFO was following the Hale Bopp Comet. The word was out on televison shows and on Late Night Talk show Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell.

Unfortunately Applewhite allegedly thought that the Comet was a harbinger of doom and that the world was about to end. He believed that the "companion" That followed Hale Bopp was being piloted by a group known as the "Evolutionary Level Above Human." He allegedly convinced his followers to "shed" their earthly "containers" or bodies and join him on the alleged spaceship.

His followers injested barbiturates and vodka and left this world.

It was all to weird and all to clean. Many people were shocked. Others spun tales of Conspiracy theory.

There was a rumor that was passed around the Internet after the 39 cult members committed Sucide. It claimed that the suicide was really a mass-murder because the Heaven's Gate group allegedly hacked into secure military and government websites. After the siege at Waco Applewhite was very paranoid about the idea of the FBI or the ATF raiding the compound. He thought that the FBI was stalking him.

These fears were similar to Jim Jones fears of a CIA infiltration of Jonestown.

The rumor (or popular Conspiracy theory at the time) was that the FBI raided their commune, confiscated the computer programs, killed the members and made it look like a group suicide.

The whole affair spread paranoia about cults, especially ones with beliefs in aliens.

It sounds plausible however some people claim that the conspiracy theories donít add up. Yet many people claimed that the Heavenís gate cult did not condone suicide. Is it any coincidence that Marshall Applewhite was treated for his Homosexuality during the MK-Ultra trials and possibly was a guinea Pig?

No one will know all the witnesses are dead.

More and more stories are being generated in the alternative media concerning the activities of lone nuts and other unassuming assassins as we are noticing what appears to be an epidemic in strange murders with ties to the government and their alleged covert activities.

Theodore Kaczynski, a.k.a. the Unabomber, was a volunteer in mind-control experiments sponsored by the CIA at Harvard in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Michael Mello, author of the recently published book, "The United States of America vs. Theodore John Kaczynski," notes that at some point in his Harvard years--1958 to 1962--Kaczynski agreed to be the subject of "a psychological experiment." Mello identifies the chief researcher for these only as a lieutenant colonel in World War II, working for the CIA's predecessor organization, the Office of Strategic Services. In fact, the man experimenting on the young Kaczynski was Dr. Henry Murray, who died in 1988.

Another accused Bomber, Timothy Mcveigh is also another possible circumstantial candidate for secret military mind control. While visiting friends in Decker, Michigan, McVeigh complained that the Army had implanted him with a microchip, a miniature subcutaneous transponder, so that they could keep track of him. He complained that it left an unexplained scar on his buttocks and was painful to sit on. These chips are being used for the simultaneous study of behavior and physiological functioning.

It is rumored that Dr. Louis Jollyan West examined Timothy McVeigh at Tinker AFB prior to Timothy's being incarcerated in a Federal Prison.

Is it any wonder why the media claimed that McVeigh was acting like a Zombie during his trial?

These coincidences and names are far too uncanny.

Can it be that the government is using trained or manipulated zombie assassins that are unaware of their missions until a trigger word, or song snaps something in their brain synapse?

In the Columbine case where the gunmen Harris and Klebold opened fire on their classmates it needs to be pointed out that while the media was creating a full scale attack on the alleged Nazi and Goth Halloween culture with allegations of assailants wearing black trenchcoats, the Hollywood media machine was generating the mythological image on movie screens across the United States.

It was hardly reported that a group who looked eerily similar to the Trench coat Mafia appeared in the Movie "The Matrix."

The movie debuted just before the Columbine incident. The scary part is that this film could very have been a triggering tool.

Think about it.

While there are specious connections to the MK Ultra scenarios with Military brats shooting up their school, the movie the Matrix had some pretty spooky similarities to MK-ULTRA and Columbine yet the media paid no attention.

Before the Main Character Neo enters into the world of the Matrix we are treated to several parallels to Alice and Wonderland. There are also trigger words with religious overtones. One of Neoís friends Mentions Mescaline, a drug used in MK Ultra tests.

Morpheus one of the main characters convinces Neo To choose between taking a red pill or a blue pill.

There are many who speculate that one of the Gunman at Columbine was of course drugged.

Keanu Reeves who played NEO in the film is dressed in a black Trench Coat, He fires two automatic weapons as a swat team storms the building.

Eerily similar to Columbine.

Trinity, his female partner wears a black trench coat as well and carries a duffel bag with bombs and other weapons in it.

Once again mirroring Columbine.

Klebold and Harris thought that they were going to a better place after the shootings. An electronic Heaven where it would be similar to a Doom or Quake Game.

The whole movie depicts real life as a metaphor. It is like a computer game. The Matrix was a synchronistic media generated masterpiece. An Omen for what looks like MK ULTRA marching papers.

It also should be pointed out that anciently when assassins were trained, they were brainwashed and drugged on Hashish. Potentials were told that if they murdered and then killed themselves or allowed themselves to be killed by the mobs they would receive a great reward or go to a better place afterwards.

Michael A. Hoffman believes that the movie "The Matrix" was in fact the "trigger" for the Columbine shooting. He also believes that MK Ultra is not necessary anymore because the media has now been able to mass control the populace through images and spoken word.

"On April 21, on one of the morning TV news shows, while the massacre in Colorado was being analyzed, a film clip from the movie "The Matrix" was broadcast showing star Keanu Reeves dressed in a black Trench Coat firing two automatic pistols and engaged in an assault on a SWAT Team. I don't scan TV around the clock, but I noticed that, soon after, the Matrix film was no longer being used as the chief reference point for the Colorado school shootings and instead the networks had substituted the movie "Natural Born KillersNatural Born Killers is their favorite whipping boy since NBK goes after the jaded news media and its exploitation of violence.

The movie "Matrix" features a pyrotechnic ballet of extreme violence, filmed with the lushness of a porno flick--gunmen taking on a SWAT team, toting bomb-filled duffel bags. There are a lot of parallels to what happened at Columbine High. The news media tipped the public off on the connection to the Columbine High massacre in one quick segment on Matrix--just enough to fulfill the Revelation of the Method and then they buried it and diverted attention away from it."

He then makes the claim that if you add a religious overtone and occult symbolism the movie can be swallowed whole without seeing it for what it clearly is, a mind altering control virus.

"By simulating an LSD trip and video-game hyper violence (Kung-Fu video games and "Quake" video games are simulated in two lengthy sequences) they want to make bushels of money and program the kids to violence and terrorism; and to make this more palatable to community standards, the makers of the film have thrown in some fortune cookie philosophy to redeem it from being just two and half hours of the pornography of violence."

He believes that Klebold and Harris saw the Matrix and that it convinced them that life was a lie and that in order to see the truth they had to test their faith by committing an act of murder.

"The two killers in Colorado either gave their lives to draw attention to the movie or got a message of godhood from it which led them to believe that mass murder and suicide would open the portals of Heaven's Gate for them."

All things considered the Blood Circus that MK Ultra has allegedly created still creates a shock value that can render a nation already frightened into a lapse of hysteria that can generate ideas and thought processes that can destroy individual freedom.

We all know that MK ULTRA and methods that were used in the programs had secret agendas. This article alone doesnít even come close to scratching the surface of what happened in the time where MK ULTRA was at itís apex.

The results of mind control and manipulation, through drugs and propaganda have created a dysfunctional view of the world. We are acting like monkeys or lab rats that have been drugged in a maze of double mindedness.

We are in a position now here we are busy decrying the latest mass murder or political sex scandal and yet we are we turned on by it and plant ourselves in front of the T.V and internet to get all the lurid details.

We demand harsh drug laws and yet we hope that no police officers notice that we have been driving drunk.

We ask that children find passive and peaceful solutions to their problems yet we bomb countries and we shoot protestors who peacefully assemble.

We are becoming double minded and schizophrenic.

We may all be victims of Mind control.

Dipped in the blood of double meaning. Positioned in the center ring for all to ridicule.

When you go to work tomorrow pay attention to that nice person who would never hurt a fly.

In the same moment do your own soul searching.

How close are you to becoming another statistic?

How close are you to becoming a freakshow in the closely controlled Psycho circus?

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