By Clyde Lewis

I saw a star from heaven, which had fallen to the earth. Its smoke covered the moon and the sun. --The Apostle John

James P Hogan once said, "Scientists are the easiest to fool. They think in straight, predictable, directable, and therefore misdirectable, lines. The only world they know is the one where everything has a logical explanation and things are what they appear to be."

The same can be said about some of todayís conspiracy kingpins and those who follow them without the wisdom to wait and see what transpires after the evidence or lack of evidence is produced.

I admit that I can be duped in my own tales of treachery however coincidence always seems to play on my side and as Hogan wrote "Children and conjurors they terrify me. Scientists are no problem; against them I feel quite confident."

I can say that against scientists I can feel confident because many are open-minded. Some like to teach. Some like to illuminate. There are those that donít.

These are the types that I feel are cliquish and smug.

I have also found that there are some conspiracy theorists that have somehow elevated themselves into the same realm. They act like children and conjurors. They become self absorbed in their own agendas and forget that most things are manipulated by the cosmic trickster.

I first heard of the trickster while reading Charles Fort. Later I heard about it in mythology. It is even proposed that the clown came from the trickster mythos. Kenneth Anger tackled the subject of Lucifer as the bringer of light and a cosmic trickster in his movie Lucifer Rising. He connected the dots of Lucifer to the ancient gods.

Isis the goddess of life and nature, Osiris who represents the death and the resurrection, Lucifer's Adept, the destroyer is Lilith and the Magus. Each God meets to create chaos. They call upon the powers to create various forms of disaster and Lucifer is there to give it that extra sense of poetry leaving his signature and creating those quirks that amuse, enlighten and confuse the observer.

I believe that the Trickster is always there to make you question and causes the scientist to scoff and the theorist to stew in his folly.

This seems to be the century and quite possibly the millennium of the trickster and his ability to confuse and amuse never ceases to amaze.

I am confident in what I write and for the purposes of such writings. I believe that for some reason I am beginning to actually understand why I keep doing what I do.

Venturing out into the waters of Conspiracy theory after a tragedy is always fraught with difficulties. Especially in times where there are many people who see conspiracy or popular rumor as a way to sell vitamins, or human growth hormone pills.

There are so many well-known prophecy scholars and various conspiracy kingpins who are expected to perform in a predictable way. There are some that make great leaps in logic in order to placate those who need to hear a story that is not being told. Usually the rule is that the more outrageous the story the more it will be believed.

I sometimes have to lean on Sigmund Freud when I say that sometimes a Cigar is just a cigar.

I canít honestly tell you that the Columbia tragedy is just a cigar because there are parts of the story that smoke.

However I am seeing that many so called kingpins in the conspiracy circles may be getting a little hasty, and some are pointing out leaps of logic that could send you plummeting to jagged rocks of lies deceit and confusion.

The only conspiracy that has crossed my mind since the ill-fated Columbia Mission is the conspiracy of denial and the idea that NASA was well on itís way to destruction. I conveyed these thoughts two months prior to the crash when I published my article entitled "Houston We have a Major problem."

NASA in my opinion is well aware that they are falling short. They had covered up or otherwise whitewashed other Shuttle close calls and many of their critics were warning them that they would face another tragedy similar to the Challenger explosion in 1986. I predicted that the idea of sending another teacher in space would be met with bad timing.

One canít come right out and say anymore what they really mean. Who wants to come right out and say that there will be another Shuttle disaster? I certainly didnít and a hint or a clue had to be sufficient.

It was my position that NASA has become a bit of a relic and that they have failed to capture the imagination of the United States as they continue to dismiss lofty ideas such as aliens and artificial structures on Mars.

While the Columbia tragedy may have those raised on moon landings and the wonder of the piggy back Enterprise saddened, there are still others who look at the shuttle missions as glorified field trips that do nothing for us here on Earth.

They question the saturation of coverage and the cynicism mounts as we keep hearing that a war is about to take place with Iraq.

There seems to be a tug of war of concerns. And history repeats itself in great trickster fashion as Richard Nixon quipped in his inaugural speech:

"We have found ourselves rich in goods, but ragged in spirit; reaching with magnificent precision for the moon, but falling into raucous discord on earth. We are caught in war, wanting peace."óNixon*

Our concerns were the same in 1969. We were looking for answers to all of the questions about the future. Nixon would go on to say that the answer to the questions could be found within ourselves.

Have you looked to your faith, or your soul when trying to find answers? Do you ask yourself if you are truly on the right side?

What is truth?

The answers now are difficult to get because there are so many outlets for information and there are different stories and intentional misleading disinformation that can taint a story and an investigation, especially with limited knowledge and resources.

This would probably explain why the first conspiracy theory reported on the Fox news channel seemed so plausible as we helplessly watched the fiery decent of the Columbia.
I was working in the newsroom early Saturday Morning. It was around 6:15 Am Pacific time when I received a phone call from a colleague that told me that he had heard that there was some trouble brewing in the sky. He related to me that the mission control at Houston had lost contact with the Shuttle somewhere over the southwest and that if he is correct we will be seeing a fireball over Texas in a few minutes. I asked if the Shuttle had exploded in Space and he told me that he didnít know and that I was not to report this until the major new networks did so.

I hung up the phone and ran in the main control room to tell Todd that the Fishing Show would have to be preempted because of an emergency with the shuttle. The show was a pre paid show and the news was not necessarily hot and happening until about 7PM pacific when we went directly to the network.
>BR> First thing out of the mouths of the network was the idea that the Shuttle had been shot down by terrorists. I first thought that if this was the case then I surmised that the whole affair would point at Iraq and the war would not have to be delayed much further.

The media dressed it up quite nicely pointing out that an Israeli was on board and that this man was one of the men that flew one of the jets that destroyed an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981.

I was stunned.

I could not believe what I was hearing, this was being spun so nicely and I was detecting a sign of psychological welfare. I could not believe that a shuttle moving at Mach 18 some 40 miles in the sky could be hit by any weapon that the Iraqis could produce.

I was banking on the idea that Fox was doing this in order to solidify public opinion on the idea of terrorism against the United States.

Adding insult to injury reporter, who just happened to be in Baghdad, heard an Iraqi on the street say, "God wants to show that his might is greater than the Americansí." This was being driven home ad infinitum to exploit the deaths of the Columbia seven so that American hate could wax strong.

Whether or not this was some Machiavellian scheme is yet to be determined.

But I can tell you that if any Psychochondria was to be induced you could bet that any conspiracy seed that needed to be planted was done during those minutes where the Fox news network decided to go against their motto of news without the spin.

This was propaganda at its worst.

I dismissed it immediately and waited to see if I could catch any goofs or errors in reporting. I waited to see if everything would play out in a ceremonial act of synchronicity.

What I found was two goofs and a couple of good synchronicities.

CNN had goofed twice while reporting the shuttle story. In a news crawl it was revealed that the shuttle fell to earth going 18 times the speed of light. In another they reported that that the Columbia was the second Shuttle disaster since the Challenger explosion of 1986.

Every once in while News networks goof. However Fox news did not live up to their promise of "no spin" when they speculated that the Shuttle was the prey of terrorists. Even though NASA and the president tried to refute such stories.

I mentioned to Todd, one of the board operators that I believed that what we were seeing was the ending of a cycle. It was closure for some reason. The Challenger exploded upon take off and Columbia exploded and broke up as it was coming in for a landing.

I was thinking about how the trickster was playing a joke on all of us. The shuttle Columbia had an Israeli, Indian, and American crew. The shuttle started breaking up and debris fell over Palestine.

I wondered if it was another mistake, but I soon learned it was Palestine Texas. I knew it would trigger conspiracy thoughts. I only saw it as an odd coincidence.

I canít see how the Illuminati would know that a Shuttle would fall precisely over Palestine Texas. If anything this is more or less a manipulation of the news sources. I have told you in a past article that the media has this fixation with Religious war rhetoric and probably decided that it was an odd aside.

How do I know this?

Because the crash of an alleged UFO in Roswell never happened in Roswell.

It happened In Corona New Mexico.

The Military had announced to the world that it had captured a flying saucer on a remote ranch in Corona, however the report came from the offices of the 509th bomber group which coincidentally was the place where the atomic bomb was deployed.

The media grabbed on to the Roswell location probably because of itís Military bias at a time after the Second World War.

If Palestine Texas was so important to report, then why wasnít it crucial to report that the Shuttle ironically burned up over the Ranch of George W. Bush? It was over Texas and I am sure some red neck taking a leak behind a barn saw the thing come down.

The Palestine irony is as important to report to the masses as the shuttle passing over the 33rd parallel is to the illuminati watchdogs.

It is a coincidence.

I can only see that it is a coincidence.

The shuttle began breaking up over California. It was only noticed over Texas. It landed in some heavily wooded area just over the border of Texas and Louisiana near the City of Alexandria.

I point out coincidences because they are interesting to any story.

I did it when I wrote about the Heavenís gate cult. Some of the best coincidences happened with that case but does anyone believe that they were killed by the government to discredit Art Bell?

The cultists killed themselves when comet Hale Bopp was at perihelion. They were going up to see their God who was with the Evolutionary Level Above Human. If you turn it into an acronym it becomes the word ELAH a word meaning God. If you invert it becomes HALE as in HALE BOPP.

Freaky huh?

But that doesnít make it a conspiracy. It makes it a weird irony. I want to propose that the mainstream manufactures this stuff to play with conspiracy theorists. They claim to be news without the spin, but I can show you that most of the time they are playing with the American people.

I noticed on Fox news a picture of a crew patch that had somehow escaped pulverization and flames in order to end up on their broadcast. It was almost like a still life picture stopped in time. It was the Holy Grail, and about as likely of a find as a needle in a haystack.

We couldnít even find Jimmy Hoffa, How the hell did Fox find that patch?

I felt it was another one of those manufactured stories similar to the one that stated that a non-scorched passport belonging to one of terrorists was found in the wreckage of the World Trade center.

There was also that story of a white car found near the airport with a flight manual written in Arabic. Itís nice to see that these pilots had to brush up on their flying skills before the big date with destiny.

The no spin news also reported that when the alleged hijackers attended flying school some of them were specifically asking to learn how to take off only. Which means that they had no intention of landing. Okay, in piloting school you learn how to pilot a craft and one of the basics is a touch and go landing.

Moreover can anyone remember that conveniently the identification papers of the terrorists were found at the Bali Nightclub bombing?

I am giggling because I have thought about this all along and maybe we are seeing the news organizations spinning news for the sake of ratings.

A crew patch identifying all seven members aboard the space shuttle Columbia was found and photographed, It allegedly fell from the Shuttle. Did the media manufacture this?

This is beginning to smell like a rat. Not a Conspiracy, but a unique manipulation. Lets not stop with the mainstream media why donít we take a look at conspiracy theorists and disinformation artists themselves.

I was sent a picture of what appeared to be a cracked wing of the Space Shuttle. I will not name the source of who sent it. I do know that he is respected in his military service. I looked at the picture and thought, that this could be evidence that the Shuttle was heavily damaged and what I was seeing was a damaged left wing or this was a doctored photo.

It turned out to be the latter.

Thanks to an attentive contributor to the forum Johnwitts we were shown that the picture used was not a wing at all but the payload bay from a different mission.

Cracks on the wing? No, thanks to an attentive Ground Zero watcher. The whole story of a picture that shows what appears to be cracks on the wing of the shuttle is in reality a cropped picture of the payload bay from another Shuttle mission.

Each conspiracy theorist or conspiracy follower should be aware that most classic conspiracy theories take time to develop. They take research to make certain that they can hold up, even against the harshest critics. However what I am seeing now is just plain silliness.

The bodies were not even memorialized and already we were seeing the well known and highly revered conspiracy theorists come up with so many crazy harebrained schemes.

As I said before I may not see a conspiracy but the trickster holds the smoking Gun. I can bear witness to it. I am beginning to see that when a message needs to get to me I get images thrown at me and I have to try and figure out what they mean.

After I resolved that there was no conspiracy and that what I was seeing was leaps of logic from my colleagues in this field. I accidentally stumbled upon some of the most compelling coincidences about the Columbia Crash I have ever uncovered.

It began as I walked to work on Tuesday. It was the day of the memorial service for the Astronauts. I caught the last few minutes of the service and as I hurried to put on my clothes and head out the door I headed to the market to get my morning coffee.

While I was at the Ross Island Grocery I was wondering what more could be said about the Shuttle disaster and now that the dust has settled I could focus on anything out of the ordinary.

As I was sipping my coffee I looked at the newspaper stand where the Oregonian was sitting. The Sunday paper was still there and I noticed the blue photo with the white trail. It was the Columbia in her fiery descent. Above the picture in bold face type were the words COLUMBIA IS LOST.

I have a friend who is a pilot that speaks several languages and we were talking about the Shuttle and he explained to me the significance of the word Columbia. He told me that the word Columbe was a French word meaning Dove. His politics are anti war and he was snickering and saying that he wanted to tell me that the French were not backing us up in the war against Iraq. One thing led to another and I wanted him to tell me more about the Word Columbe. He just said that it was a French word, he told me that Columbia was also the nickname of the statue that we have on top of the capitols. He said that the statue is everywhere in Washington. I looked up Columbia and itís various guises. One of them, is the Statue of Liberty. The Statue was a gift from the French.

When David Icke was In Salt Lake City, he and I had dinner and he talked about the same thing however he was saying that while the Columbia is a dove of peace there is also a Goddess that is Columbia, but she is the goddess of death and pain.

The reason we were talking about this particular thing was because the Columbine shootings had taken place a week prior and he wanted to point out to me that the word Colum to normal people means peace, but to the secret government it means death and pain.

Columbia is the sacrifice before the war. It is the lamb that goes to slaughter in order to bring about change.

If Columbia was destroyed it may change minds about the war. Not just a Shuttle, but there are other Columbias. There are other Columbs. Other Doves that will fall.

The Psychological memes have been triggered and now I am obsessed.

The French still are wishy washy about the war with Iraq.

What would change the minds of the French? Perhaps if a precious gift from France is destroyed we may see this change.

The Statue of Liberty was given to New York by the French and her mirror image stands on an island in the River Seine in Paris These statues of liberty are claimed to be representations of the Babylonian Queen Semiramis by writer David Icke. They are also believed to be one of the four interpretations of the Goddess Columbia. Recently there was a story in the New York Post that stated that officials have contingency plans if American Icons are destroyed. One of them mentioned was the statue of Liberty.

A few weeks ago there was an article that ran in the New York Daily News. It posed a hypothetical situation.

Imagine New York Harbor without the Statue of Liberty. Or Washington without the U.S. Capitol. Or the heartland of America absent Mount Rushmore.óNew York Daily News

The report said that federal officials have spent a lot of time thinking about such nightmarish scenarios since the cataclysmic events of Sept. 11, 2001. And, quietly, they have been mapping doomsday strategies that could be used to replace or resurrect our national icons in case they are ever damaged or obliterated in terrorist attacks. The bottom line: Should disaster strike, and a political decision be made to rebuild, exact replicas or architectural clones could be constructed fairly quickly.

Put it together; follow the portents it isnít too hard to understand.

It doesnít end there.

In a news conference after the memorial service held for the Columbia seven Astronauts I remembered what Ron Dittemore said about the Columbia. He said that she like the Phoenix would rise from the ashes and fly again.

I walked to work because it was a sunny day. I waited to cross the street and coincidentally there was a truck that passed and on the side of the Truck were the words Columbia Meat packing. The man at the wheel honked and waved at me.

I then proceeded down to the 405 highway and as I crossed, a white suburban with the words Phoenix Rising on the driver side door was getting ready to turn.

I was marveling the Synchronicity and realized that the Columbia story was something more than just a crash. Now let me say again not a conspiracy. But more of an eerie symbol of change.

I thought that it could be a portent.

The trickster was sending me a message.

I had thought to myself that throughout modern history the name Columbia or any of its root word combinations show up in many places in the United States, The Nationís Capitol sits in the District of Columbia. Alexandria Virginia borders the District of Columbia. I went back to my notes on the Columbia disaster and I noticed something about the cloud of debris that was picked up on Radar.

If you look at the data you see that Columbiaís decent over Texas ended at another Alexandria.

Alexandra Louisiana.

COLUMBIA MEETS ALEXANDRIA: Alexandria is just over the border from the District of Columbia, in Virginia. The stopping point for the fiery descent of the space Shuttle Columbia is in Alexandria Louisiana. This is one uncanny coincidence. David Icke once spoke of these things. He tied the Goddess Columbia to the virgin queen Isis and Semiramis. Venus and the dove are associated with Queen Semiramis of Babylon. The Statue of liberty, one of the four personifications of Columbia is said to be a representation of Queen Semiramis.

My mind was reeling.

Everything was hitting me and I couldnít believe the coincidences.

Columbia is the nickname of the Statue of liberty. Columbia is the name given to a television network, CBS. There is Columbia pictures, the Columbia river, British Columbia, and Columbia University. There are also other derivatives of the word like in Columbus Ohio, Christopher Columbus and Columbine.

The Word Colum is a Latin word for the Dove.

The French word for dove is Columbe.

The Morning after the shuttle came down over Texas I saw the headlines "COLUMBIA IS LOST."

I had no closure, so I decided to put it all to rest.

That was until I saw another article as I was perusing the Columbia coincidences.

I came across a Newsday Article called "When the Dove Roars." It was an article about Colin Powell and his presentation to the U.N. showing proof that Iraq had weapons of Mass destruction. I thought it was odd that they called him "The Dove."

"When Secretary of State Colin Powell appears before the United Nations Security Council Wednesday to make the case for action against Iraq, he will no longer flutter cautiously around the issue as the Bush administration's lonely dove but swoop down on it as a reconstructed, determined hawk." -- Newsday

I then said his name.

Colin, Colin, Colin,--Colum ĖColumbe, Columbia.

NoóIt couldnít be.

The name Colin could not mean dove. Could it?

I ran a search in Google.

I found that the name had many definitions but itís root word came from the original origin and that of course is you guessed it "dove."

Columbia is lost again.

I guess what I aim to do in this article is to point out coincidence and hope that you will use your own wisdom in order to decide if there is evidence of foul play or if all of the chaos can be blamed on none other than the cosmic trickster.

Seeing the patterns and the portents can be a blessing or it can be curse.

People can see it as insight, or they can scorn it as the methodology of a madman.

Will the targets of terror be the areas that are named Columbia?

This could be the beginning or it could be the end of a cycle.

Only time will tell.


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