By Clyde Lewis

Have we been living in a state of National Emergency for over Six decades? What exactly is Senate Report 92549?

The United States is a virtual powder Keg with a slow burning fuse. It has been the underlying opinion that is spoken of in hushed tones, in barbershops, bars, and lodge meetings across this country. The painful perception is that Government has grown so big, so unreachable, that the ordinary citizen has no chance to influence it. Even those with clout and political persuasion such as state senators, representatives, even governors can't even make an Impact because the plan is already in place. The plan to slowly remove the freedoms of the people. This opinion has been talked about at dinner tables, where Granddad speaks of His John Birch meetings, Weird Uncle Harold talks about his hippie days, and his protests against "the man", and then suddenly it falls on the deaf ears of an apathetic Generation-X crowd. Protests seem to be the thing of the past. No one believes that their freedoms are slowly being stripped away, because they have remained in the false sense of security that comes with a government that has all the answers.

A government that creates their own dragons to slay, a government that looks good on television. They are brainwashed into thinking that voting is the only course of action to remove those who are not doing their jobs. They are sadly mistaken. The reason this paranoid view has been handed down from generation to generation is because something doesn't feel right. It is something that they Just can't put their finger on. Those who say that they do not feel comfortable are labeled as conspiracy freaks, because the dreaded conspiritorialist has been deemed the scapegoat, for latter day Lunacy. The politically paranoid will lead you to believe that the constitution is hanging by a thread, and no one will listen. They won't listen if they feel they are safe, if they feel they are protected. Today, most Americans have not been taught the constitution, have never enjoyed the constitutional rights for which our forefathers fought a revolutionary war, and know that something is terribly wrong with government but have no idea what to do. An overall passive conspiracy takes place, and people refuse to act. Because they know deep down in their hearts that they have lost the keys to empowerment. We have the power. At least that is what the Constitution tells us. Why then does it feel like we have no power? Because maybe the power has been slowly removed. Maybe it has taken over 60 years to do it. As time continues to march on, the freedoms will be stripped away. Martial law is inevitable, if it isn't mildly being used now to gain control.

I recently saw the Movie the Siege and it is a wake up call. This film will be the one of the many films that will show you that unless you conform, you may find yourself being held against your will. Some call this The New World Order. The mythological society that will be Fascist in nature. Some even believe the antichrist will be the leader of this New World Order. The New World Order is not coming. It is here. It always has been. It is just a tool of fear. A tool that can be used by unorganized militia wannabes, and right wing Christian wackos, who bark like large dogs, but walk away with their tails between their legs when Government bureaucrats flex their muscles.

The New World Order is here. But it is in its adolescence. The government has achieved the ability to rule by statute or decree, without the vote or consent of the ruled. We have covered this territory before, However the more I study this the scarier it gets. Here is why.

Senate report 92549 was written in 1973, and it says surprisingly that the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency since 1933. This would mean that we are living under emergency rule. Allegedly 470 laws have been put on the books since 1933 that have steadily increased the power of government. With these laws the president can seize property and order troops to go anywhere without public or congressional approval. If The president sees fit, he could institute Martial Law. Under martial law, travel can be restricted, and all forms of communications can be controlled.

The Siege brought up an interesting point. If terrorism became too unbearable, would that be good enough reason to completely shred the constitution? Would we incarcerate American citizenry? It has been done before. Americans of Japanese origin were incarcerated in concentration camps during World War 2. In the Siege it was Palestinians. In a major takeover, it could be anyone who defies the state.

President Roosevelt was the man who declared this emergency. This took the United States from a Constitutional republic, to a Constitutional dictatorship, from there left unchecked, we could easily change to a Unconstitutional Dictatorship.

Roosevelt took for granted the idea, that those who followed him in office would dissolve the law however, Truman Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton have decided not to change the law. In the movie the Siege I believe that when Martial law was declared, the term "acting presidential" was used. So don't kid yourself, the president can do what he wants because of these official orders, that have been in place since 1933. It answers a lot of questions doesn't it? So the ugly question is, If what I have just said is true, is the constitution unfit to exist? Is it responsible for the government we have now? You see, either there are loopholes in the constitution that are exploited, or something, or some one has been able to overpower, the cherished freedoms that were fought for during the revolutionary war.

There are many people who believe that the constitution only applies to people who lived back then. These same people believe that the founding fathers could not have imagined the indecency, or political opposition that exists today. The Founding fathers could not have imagined the Internet, or television, or radio. So we must tamper with Freedom of speech. There are others who believe that the founding fathers could not have imagined that people would abuse the use of a handgun. So there are many that believe it is time to put limits on that Constitutional right. You now need a permit to stage protests. So, I must say that they who think this are an impressive group of people.

They burn books, they want government control of the Internet, and they want gun control. So to those who want all of this, let me encourage them to contact the government and tell them that they want the suspension of all rights. Then ask them to rewrite the constitution for a group of individuals who forfeit their responsibilities. That way, the New World Order idea will be ripe, and the fruits of our labors, will have the semi sweet taste of enslavement. We can wrap ourselves in a flag that isn't worth the tablecloth that was sacrificed to make it. They are unwittingly giving in to what is in the underlying plan. The Apathy that exists today sets a very dangerous precedent.

The Constitution is a Document that allegedly was inspired by God. Obviously the Founding fathers had enough insight to include provisions for emergencies. This emergency powers clause was included in the Constitution so that a president could legally assume all powers in case of rebellion or enemy invasion if the public safety required it, and was intended to be terminated immediately at the end of the crisis. So if it is still being used. What is the crisis that is keeping it activated? The Drug war? The Middle East crisis? An alien threat?

This executive order means that martial law can be declared at any time. This would result in a Police state. Look at all of the agencies that have been made to protect us from ourselves, the NSA, BATF, DEA, CIA, FBI, Highway Patrol, Local Police agencies and elements of the Military. Is this enough? Then of course worldwide we have elements of the United Nations Special Forces. A paranoid person would then yell BINGO. New World Order. The President could surrender the country to UN Control. Or the President could turn control over to FEMA, or to some other "shadow" operation. Maybe even Extraterrestrial control, if you want to leap that far.

A presidential Directive signed By Bill Clinton in the spring of 1994 opened the door for an unprecedented intervention by UN troops, within the Borders of the United States. This Directive would allow our troops serving under commanders from other countries, if it is warranted. What worries me is the reasons why these measures are ready to be implemented.

Marines have already been asked if they would be able to fire On US citizens in the event of an all out rebellion against the government. They have also been asked if they would serve under UN Command. With these things in mind, is it any wonder that people even speculate about a global police force being armed and ready for a planned Global government? Not a democratic one, but one based on fear and human control? The New World Order has been spoken of during hostile campaigns, like the Gulf war among others. The phrases uttered by every president that has avoided abolishing Senate Report 92549. The transformations of world attitudes are becoming alien and disturbing. Bigger powers are pouncing on small countries for their resources, and propaganda tells us that the enemies are those who oppress this new attitude of our leaders going into countries like Roman conquerors bombing and spreading fear. If this is a secret agenda, then this would explain why the world is being maintained in a constant state of ignorance suffering and conflict. Something that has existed for a long time. Something that will probably exist forever. When the world's most respected and powerful leaders abuse their powers. Any conspiracy theory will rear its ugly head. People will eventually lose their trust in the Government that they have now. No worries however. Another Government is waiting in the wings. What it is, is probably infinitely worse than a paranoid vision of the aberrant global Village.


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