By Clyde Lewis

Abraham spoke to God and said "Thou hast given me no seed" and God took him into heaven and showed him the stars and asked Abraham if he could number them-and then he said unto him "so shall thy seed be."
These words will be spoken in Passover celebrations across the country, however the Old Testament when read like a science document indicates that perhaps the human seed was implanted, destroyed and manipulated by extraterrestrial overseers.

There are many things that govern the way we think about reality. Some argue that Science is truth, others say religion is truth and there is no other way to explain our existence than with the uncertainty of a God who continually punishes us until we bow before him.

Science has become a big ego trip that lately has been humbled, as technology exposes the faulty logic that has been taken as fact.

After all we are only human. We are most likely to believe something if it confirms what we have suspected all along. We can all make mistakes and science can get it wrong because science is nothing more than hit and miss and trial and error.

Take for example the recent report that states that science is rethinking its position on the Neanderthal man and it's relationship to modern man.

Researchers compared DNA from a Neanderthal skeleton found in Russia to an older sample tested in 1997. While the two Neanderthal samples turned out to be just 3.5 percent different from one another, they were roughly 7 percent different from DNA in modern humans. Scientists consider that to be a substantial gap.

Big oops.

However, some experts question the researchers' broader conclusions, saying mitochondrial DNA may evolve faster than the researchers assume.

If it confuses you, that's okay. Leave it to the Scientists to try and figure out our origins. This way we can leave thinking up to others and not discover for ourselves the elusive mysteries that exist here on earth.

The lack of certainty in science is just fodder for the other side. A small group of vocal creationists will probably keep a scorecard on the faux pas of scientists yet fail to even acknowledge the messes that they create or decide to apologize for hundreds of years later when no one cares.

History eventually revises itself and Science corrects its blunders. Religion on the other hand takes its time to make good on its folly. After the Roman Catholic Church had demonstrated its power to unite the people in the early Middle Ages. Heretics who spoke deliberately in denial of "Catholic truths" were thought to be a threat to the new Christian conformity.

One of the more publicized heretics was Galileo. Galileo's condemnation by Church authorities for promoting the idea of the earth revolving around the sun was against a literal interpretation of certain passages of scripture.

It wasn't until the early 1990's that the Papal commission of the Catholic Church finally admitted to making a mistake. They admitted that they were wrong in opposing Galileo's heliocentric findings. This after Galileo was imprisoned and all of his works were burned hundreds of years earlier.

In the dawn of this new millennium nothing really has changed. Eccentric churches hold a tight grip on its faithful who apparently demand that followers check their minds at the door when they walk into the chapel.

Maybe someone needs to acknowledge that in the silly scheme of things science and religion both make it up as they go along.

This means that true believers and skeptics are both arguing over reality that changes with the times. Nothing is certain except death and even then, science and religion both claim it can be cheated. Science deals with the physical death and religion deals with the spiritual death.

The unfortunate thing about delving into the unknown and theorizing about subjects that blur the lines between science and religion is, that critics will assume that when I criticize religion I am anti religious. If I criticize science, I am a lone nut with prior prejudices and assumptions that linger in the fringe with no proof.

Well let me say for the record that both science and religions are half right. Or half wrong depending on your attitude. All or nothing thinking is destructive when you are exploring the unknown. If you do not subject the claims of those who agree with you to the same conditions as those who do not agree, then you are acting out of prejudice.

We must realize however that there is also a fine line between being rude and incredulous and being analytical and respectful of those who stick their necks out with the theories, religious or scientific.

The introduction to this article is a formality only to settle the argument over whether or not I will be bashing literal "Biblical Creationism." It all depends on your bias. It all depends if you are willing to assume the theory that all things in religion, science, and consensus reality are only the proper things to believe in because it is the fashionable thing to espouse in a particular age.

So throw away your prejudice and your programmed assumptions and explore the theories that you will be hearing about in the near future. It's not far from what you already believe, it only has a new face.

Visions that depict God, angels, and many other beings have been recorded throughout the bible and ancient histories. These beings it has been determined have shaped the destiny of the human species. These beings also have been given the moniker of creators of the species as well. Beyond the simplicity of the creationist view of the creation is the story of other attempts to populate the earth with homosapiens.

The Bible speaks of Abraham and his lament that his wife could not bare offspring. Then lo and behold a being from heaven comes down and takes Abraham into space and shows him the vast starscape and declares that his seed will be as infinite. After he says to the being that his infertility will hamper this prophecy he is brought back to earth and Hagar conceives a child that eventually multiplies exponentially.

It is apparent that Adam and Eve were not the only humans with the responsibility to multiply and replenish the earth. There were others and they report encounters with beings that have helped in the creation process.

It seems that throughout Genesis from Adam and Eve to Abraham to Noah beings from space would pluck a chosen few to continue the seeding of Earth with humans. You can call them Gods or even Extraterrestrial overseers, but the truth remains that something or someone jumpstarted the human race for some benefit.

Using a leap of logic and a few interpretations one can conclude that this is a case study in possible abduction and hybridization or jumpstarting of the species.

Many conclude that the process continues today and that hybrids are scattered throughout the population of earth. In fact using another leap of logic you can assume that all of us have some sort of extraterrestrial hybrid ancestor. Whether the bloodline is directly to God or to another being is the great unknown.

In the meantime man tries to put a new face on such claims in order to find that happy medium between science and religion.

Many also ask for the smoking gun for the proof of hybridization. To find the proof rocks the very cradle of God. The very nursery where we were grown.

More passages throughout the Old Testament give us the reason to theorize that the Earth at one time was an alien breeding ground to continue the life force.

While many will comment that the theory presented about Abraham is just a misinterpretation of Holy Scripture it is imperative that we must point out that in the Book of Judges we see yet again another example that mimics Abraham. This time, however the text is a blatant example of planetary tinkering.

The birth of Samson is a tale that metaphorically describes the appearance of a being with a terrible face that promised the wife of Manoah that she would have a child if she changed her health habits.

She called it a man from God with a likeness that was unbearable to look upon. Manoah finally speaks with the being and offers him food but the being declines the offer. He then thanks Manoah for his hospitality and soon a glowing cloud appears above the being and a pillar of fire comes out of the sky and the being ascends into the cloud and disappears.

The Bible doesn't have a verse that says "One to Beam up." But what does it take to convince you that the Old Testament is filled with outrageous stories of man's encounter with beings outside the realms of earth?

Not only that, but Samson was the result of that conception of Manoah's wife - a man that represents strength. Almost like Superman who was an alien "God" that protects the earth, a story that is eternal from ancient texts to the comic books of a more modern era.

Even Noah the great Prophet was described in the Bible as being something more than human. Many thought of him as half man half offspring of the emissaries from heaven.

After all, the Lamech scrolls say that the young prophet was found and not born. That he has the appearance of a son of heaven then that of man. He was described to Enoch as having fine hair and different eyes. Lamech accepts what appears to be an alien child into his home and he eventually grows to be the prophet Noah.

Noah then chose those who would survive great devastation of the Earth. In religion we are taught that we are all descendants of Noah and Noah was the offspring of the sons of God who came down from space to mate with the daughters of man.

Therefore we can only assume that all of us may have been jumpstarted from alien tinkering. That is if you place a science fiction template over the Bible. Once again the same cosmic blasphemy that met Galileo in earlier times can rear its head today with theories which give God alien traits.

The idea that a hybrid being could walk the planet at any time gets a few chuckles and jeers from scientists and the clergy. To even say that a hybrid being with advanced spirituality and wisdom was leading ancient Hebrews is considered blasphemous in some circles.

I challenge you to read the Old Testament and see if the descriptions of beings coming down from heaven mating with humans are not there. I also challenge you to disprove that these types of visitations do not exist today.

Now I know that there is that old saying that skeptics use to foil any attempt to convince people of extreme viewpoints and believe me it echoes in my mind over and over and that is "extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence" to prove their existence. However are some people ignoring some of the attempts at obtaining this extraordinary evidence?

By this time there are people who already believe that there is nothing new to examine. That we have not been given the subtle hints, or the remarkable clues necessary to even believe that these beings could exist. In some people's minds the Bible's accounts are not enough and so if faith cannot prove it then something you can hold in your hand can.

One man is banking his reputation on the possibility that he holds in his hand proof of alien life, or at least a hybrid alien form.

Lloyd Pye the man who put the promotion of his book "Everything you know is wrong" on hold is touring the country with two skulls one appears to be that of normal human and the other is a skull that appears to be more alien looking to the casual observer. Pye has been a friend of Ground Zero from the very beginning and no sooner did he appear on the show he was sidetracked by the unique skull that he has called "The Starchild."

Starchild's origins are clouded and the identities of the original owners have been kept shielded from the public. It is believed that the skull was unearthed somewhere near Chihuahua Mexico. A skull that begs to be scrutinized and studied because of it's odd characteristics.

Unquestionably the face of the Starchild is bizarre. Looking deformed or as most critics say like a hydrocephalic child. If it was a child at all, if it lived that long. A hydrocephalic condition is of course a condition where water accumulates in the head causing an enlargement of the skull.

Some facts about the anomalous skull are that it has a brain capacity area roughly 1,600 cubic centimeters as opposed to that of a normal skull which is about 1,400 cubic centimeters. The normal human eye sockets or orbits are cone shaped and are approximately five centimeters deep. Starchild has virtually no cone space, only 3 centimeters in the orbits.

Its bone structure is lighter than human bone. In fact for it size it weighs in 13 ounces, with mandibles it would be 16. While the human skull of a five year old would weigh about 20 ounces, adult skulls weigh in at about 35 - 40 ounces.

So all in all Starchild lived with a thinly boned skull that held a huge brain.

Experts have examined it and don't know what to make of the find. While some critics of the skull have written it off as a cradle boarded child with water on the brain they still say that it is a remarkable find.

Others like Fred Mausolf who has written books on the anatomy of the skull says that the looks of the skull are shocking and compelling.

I guess the question on everyone's mind is whether or not Starchild is alien.

And after simple DNA tests on the skull nothing has been resolved. The truth is that unless we can find other Alien DNA to compare it with the idea of proving it's alien origins may be difficult.

We have already theorized that perhaps we have alien origins and yet there is no proof of this. All that we have is ancient writings that theologians believe are the whole truth about the origins of man. Yet the honest question is do theologians actually believe that a being that lived above the earth actually placed a human man and woman here? That this being gave them life and then proceeded to seed, manipulate and even destroy some of his own creations? Do they truly believe the very scriptures that they have been reciting out of the Old Testament?

Or do they deny the possibility when it becomes uncomfortably obvious that beings coming down from heaven to populate a planet parallels eerily to the genetic manipulation that is spoken of in most abduction stories of today?

Just what is it that we believe?

These Old Testament writings have hinted that we are indeed offspring of a race of beings that would come down from heaven in order to seed the planet with life. Impregnating women, or even hominid beings that may or may not have evolved into the human form that we have now.

Various abductee stories bring everything full circle.

We hear of the same gynecological experimentation, and manipulation that occurred in biblical times on sensational television shows and talk shows today.

There are also fascinating stories passed down in Native American Cultures of Star People breeding with village women and their offspring being taken to Heaven by Space Cachinas.

It leaves you wondering if there is something to all of this theory that life finds a way to continue, even if it has a little help from the beings who have been observing the earth from the beginning.

The proof you seek is only what satisfies your assumptions. Always remember that when you investigate something, it isn't important to know if something is "the genuine article" at first. It's important to assess how believing in its validity will influence what you already know. If it insults your intelligence or your knowledge then leave it be so others can investigate it and make their own decisions.

However with constant writing that spans millennia, witness testimony and now perhaps a specimen of something that may be an anomaly with extra terrestrial origins, it causes one to ponder if these hints and stepping stones are being placed before us to guide us in our quest for the ultimate truth.

The truth that has been in us all along.

In the marrow of every bone, and in every sinew, muscle and cell. In the very DNA of the human form we may find the StarChild in all of us sleeping in the cradle of God.


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