By Clyde Lewis

There are those who question my credibility now that a television producer decided that UFO specials don't make enough money. He found out that debunking makes up the loss. I am an investigative journalist who talks about the incredible. The more I report, the more I feel "THEY" are out to get us. The more I investigate the more I feel like I am becoming one of "THEM."

Lately, I have been receiving a lot of mail concerning my credibility, and what I choose to talk about. This of course is probably expected after some television specials, have attempted to debunk stories that fall under the category of unknown. First of all, I am not ashamed of talking about what I talk about, and if you really dig into what I talk about you will find that, I have reported these items. Let me repeat this so that I am clear on the matter. I have reported them. I have not asked you to believe in them. I have asked you to hear them. I have asked you to understand that they are relevant and that you have a right to know about them.

Some say that the credibility is tainted because of the subject matter, or the guest. This is far from true. I have constantly heard from people that a "comic" book writer is not credible because he writes comic books. I don't get this. They say that Science Fiction writers are writing fiction so they can't possibly have a grip on what is reality and what is fantasy. Do people really believe this? Do you question the intelligence of someone who can change your perception? That can create out of their own minds, something that gives you enjoyment? Who really has credibility? What test do they have to pass, to gain your trust?

I have also been in the Habit of defending Joe Firmage. Here is a guy who is a multi millionaire who wants to use what money he has to find out about a surreal experience he had. If a man is in a position to investigate the truth, why are his motives put into question? Is it to make more money? Not Likely. Are they embracing him in the UFO community? Nope, it is a house divided. I ask why?

I was once offering a $10 Million Dollar reward for anyone who could present to me a Flying Saucer, not of this world. I was criticized because some one told me that the money would be better served for investigating UFOs and Alien beings. Now, a man is doing Just that and his credibility goes into question. What do people want?

Another person who I have defended is Reverse Speech analyst. David John Oates. I defend his research. I defend is right to seek the truth. I have his track record. I have seen Reverse Speech in Action. I find it odd that a man who has a fascinating new science has now fallen under the bullying tactics of one particular junkyard dog. The Same Dog who hides behind a Microphone and the entertainment bubble to declare that whatever, or whomever comes along his bizarre path, is just there for entertainment purposes. If that is the case, then why is it that David was ridiculed for revealing some truths that were uncomfortable? Was someone's trip to Europe in Jeopardy? Was a house payment going to be lost? David John Oates does not deserve what he has been receiving. His credibility is not in Jeopardy, I promise you that. Some may find it necessary to attack the person rather than face the facts. But that doesn't change the facts.

Is it that people want to attack, because they don't want to look stupid? Human nature is that way. When you are out numbered you either fight to the death, or you give in.

The fact is the unknown and the unusual exist. The power, you put in them is very real to you. The truth is in your heart. If you must take sides then understand, that there are winners and losers. If you inform yourself and keep yourself in balance you will be safe.

The unusual seems to happen frequently and the impossible is slightly rarer. Because throughout the ages and in every part of the world , the strange and wonderful has been recorded in great detail. Toads in rocks, rains of frogs, giants, dwarfs, parting of bodies of water, resurrected messiahs and many coincidences so unusual as to seem to be beyond the power of the human imagination to invent.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that some of the things I talk about on Ground Zero are imaginary, fake or fraudulent. It has been my experience as a journalist, and reporter that when these so called paranormal events are closely investigated they turn out to have perfectly rational causes. That is why not all things paranormal end up on my show. That is why I feel the need to report on what the news fails to tell you about Political and social issues.

There are those who don't always believe in the "official version" and with good reason because there is no official version. The "official version" that you hear about is usually nothing more than what is agreed upon, by big money news organizations with hidden agendas. Stories can be changed, altered and sometimes removed because of their sensitive nature. This is not a paranoid delusion, it happens all the time. This is the scary stuff I cover. Everyday, people are opening Pandora's box under our noses. We pay no mind to it. Those who do, are Nut cases, subversives, and conspiracy theorists.

Not all Paranormal Investigators or Conspiratorialists are cut from the same cloth. I come from a Journalist background. I have worked in affiliate relations with major news companies, and have reported on local Levels. I believe that there can be journalistic integrity reporting about such things. People have a right to know. Investigative reporting has been demonized by the mainstream. Because anyone who uses the pen as a weapon is immediately challenged. Anyone who sounds the alarm is immediately suspect.

Here is a test. Why don't you take a typical news story like "The presidential impeachment." Say you believe that there is a conspiracy to bring down the president. Now, look at the response. There will be some that might agree, but for the most part the trusting souls around you will ridicule you for the very idea of even suggesting it. Now here is another test. Say to someone that you believe in unquestionable reality. They will be floored. They will say to you, that it is not healthy. Confused yet?

Now think about this. It is a matter of record that the CIA admits to its collaboration with Nazis after the war. They admit to drug experimentation on Americans. So, why can't it be even theorized that something even worse is taking place now? Why is it so ludicrous to even entertain the idea that other things more horrific could be taking place now? There are people who are that trusting.

How about this? The CIA trains Middle Eastern fanatics in methods of Torture and terrorism. Roll your eyes, but it is true. The CIA conducted experiments with LSD on an unsuspecting public. The CIA May know about alien experimentation. That they know why these strange things take place. But that is all nutty conspiracy theory, isn't it? I have given you some unbelievable facts. Why is the alien CIA conspiracy so hard to swallow?

People scream for facts. People scream for proof. People scream for someone to admit it. People have admitted to it. There is proof. There are endless facts. There are just those in the mainstream press who have decided not to talk about them. Its that simple.

Interpretations of these facts may be outrageous, but the truth remains, and what conclusion you come to is your truth.

Deliberate disinformation, is passed out as well. This makes it even more complicated and some people, even reporters like me get burned. That does not mean that what is being investigated is a lie. It means that someone was smart enough to create a bigger lie to cover up a much larger mess. Does anyone ever point out that the Roswell story has several different scenarios? First it was a Flying Saucer. Witnesses swore to it. It was reported to the press. Then it was retracted. It was then explained that it was a Top secret Balloon project. Funny how Top secret parts to a balloon were on the Front page of the Roswell Record. Then it was Project Mogul. Then it was Dummies, and a plane crash, and so many other explanations. Why is it that when something happens that is unusual someone uses the old Occum's Razor argument. The argument that the simplest and most logical explanation may be the reality. Well, what was first reported? You got it. What was first witnessed? Bingo. Could there have been a Mistake, Yes. Was there a cover-up? Yes. What were they trying to cover up? No one will ever know. It will be the myth of the new Millenium.

Should we discredit any outrageous theory because it sounds to silly to be believed? No we should listen. We don't have to believe it at first. But we should at least remember it for later. Just in case. Here is an example as to why these things need to be mentioned.

In Luce France , a meteor fell out of the sky . This happened in 1772. It was reported that a STONE had fallen out of the sky. A respected Chemist named Antoine Lavoisier said that it was impossible because "Stones do not fall out of the sky" His conviction was such that the closed minded idiot, held the scientific study of meteorites back for over a quarter of a century.

Some people are slow in figuring out that Science is now changing their minds about what is fact and what is fantasy. Just recently scientists demoted the Planet Pluto to an ice chunk. Wow and I learned that it was a planet all this time. Good thing someone questioned it's place in the galaxy.

There are plenty of hoaxes out there. But that is not an excuse to take such a narrow view of the outrageous. Many reports may be difficult to explain or believe. But just because researchers cannot yet account for all such reported incidents, it is important to be cautious of ignoring what evidence there might be. Absence of proof is not necessarily proof of Absence. Science is beginning to open up their minds as well.

MIT has now come out of the cynical fog and has decided that evidence merits an investigation into the Validity of UFOs. They won't say that they are piloted by little grey men. But they could be. There is always the Drake equation that could explain that with no trouble. The Drake equation is a formula created by Astronomer Dr. Frank Drake to estimate the probability of intelligent life in a given area of space, capable of communication. This mathematical equation increases the odds that extra-terrestrial life exists. Frank Drake, and Carl Sagan (a non-believer in little green men) arrived at the probability of 100,000 to 1,000,000 extraterrestrial civilizations existing in the milky way galaxy.

I agree that the UFO biz is full of dogma, and territorial back biting, and like most people you want to be able to kick the tires, honk the horn and start the engine of a flying saucer, before you believe. However wouldn't the UFO enigma be more interesting if little green men didn't pilot them? I say yes. It opens new doors. It would be fascinating. Even when a UFO can be explained as a Military test Aircraft I find it exciting. It can also be something that can scare you into wondering why these things need to be made? What are we preparing for?

The more you wander through the labyrinth of possibilities the harder it becomes to maintain your sanity. The harder it becomes to keep from becoming a paranoid nut case. They are out to get you but who are they? Some think it is the government. It might be, then again it could be something much darker.

Shadow governments have existed long before this democracy ever thought of crumbling. Secret Societies from ancient cults, to mainstream religions, to freemasons and beyond. Each one is a secret society aimed at fulfilling a way of life for all humanity. Each with an agenda, each wanting control.

There are Rosicrusians, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Satanists, occultists, neo Nazis, the KKK , CIA, Mormons, Freemen, the list goes on. Each group, having their own rites of passage, rituals, and acts to carry out. All of these secret and sacred groups all are manipulated either politically, or religiously.

Every group in its time selects a chosen few. There are prophets. Soothsayers, Grand wizards, and high priests. All ordained to officiate and receive secret information. Whether it be from God, extra terrestrials, or human leaders. These Custodians were there during the creation of human beings , language, agriculture, religions, civilization, politics, philosophy, economics, science, medicine, mysticism, war, pestilence, and even monetary systems, and forming of governments.

"They" are those who control you. "They" are those who make the choices for you. If you are not fortunate enough to be "in the know" then you cannot be the "They" everyone talks about. "They" are the ones responsible for making us the pathetic sheep we are. Follow the leaders, "They" know what is best. "They " are the collective father figures.

The scary part is "They" take for granted that you won't care. "They" ridicule, and attempt to destroy those who will even come close to taking the keys of power and seizing them.

"They" are not your average every day benevolent overlords. "They" feed off of your fear.

If you must know, the more you find out about everything I talk about, the more you become a part of what "They" are. You begin by being paranoid about "Them." You study about "Them" and eventually you want to become one of "Them." Sometimes you become "Them."

Some people think that I am one of "Them." If I am asked again, I may start believing that I am. Am I Illuminated? Are You? I actually had the son of one of my friends tell me that he wants to join the Illuminati so that he can find out what "They" know. When I was a kid, being a Doctor or a lawyer, or even a Rock star was a dream. But joining an intelligence cabal? No thanks.


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