By Clyde Lewis

So Far So Good, So what? Ground Zero stands along side the New world man and continues to gaze into the "electric looking glass" that continues to fascinate and manipulate. The new objective of the illuminated few behind the electronic curtain is to dominate world consciousness. In good time the terrifying real history will be revealed and some will be shocked when they realize that in the new millennium, human consciousness can be engineered.

Carl Jung once said that eternal truth needs a human language that alters with the spirit of the times. What you are witnessing is Ground Zero's evolution. We are now here to remind you that all that is happening is not a test, but your future. The rough edges in the art and layout of the new web site are symbolic of what we are about to encounter. It is not a representation of a doom and gloom scenario but it is there to depict what is often described in philosophy as "the desert of the real" and not the made up highly engineered "dreamland" that our minds are imprisoned to believe is reality.

It has often been the argument that Ground Zero has been a gullible forum for kooks and whackos who are already conditioned to believe in aliens, bigfoot, conspiracy theories and a vast array of unproven theory. This however is not the case. Those who are familiar with Ground Zero realize that there is joy in learning about life's elusive mysteries and that a head that is filled with knowledge of all things, even those things that are hard to believe gives you a healthy, well rounded attitude when the world comes crashing down around you.

We are becoming the sounding board for all kinds of theories that are there to cultivate the thought process not to halt it by dismissing the creative process and the rational assessment of information that seems to be easier and easier to grasp on to, both false and true.

You do not have to be a Nostradamus to figure out what is in store for us in the future. We all know that the future will bring more an more conflict. Man has hardly changed his attitude about it. There is always a need for suffering, and there always is a reason for lies and cover ups. Ground Zero represents the zeitgeist that has always been the underlying sense of fear that lurks only in the back of the mind. It is often peculiar to embrace those feelings that you only get when you are unsure of what is to come.

However we have in some ways climbed up one unknown staircase only to find yet another stair case waiting to be climbed. Since the steps must be taken slowly inch by inch it is important to realize that these inches no matter how frivolous or tedious you may find them to be are beneficial for your well being in a time that is constantly being called the time of darkness and uncertainty. However we must also concede that this is also a great time to be alive.

The question is if it is a great time to be alive, then why is there all of this sense foreboding all around us?

The bottom line is that we have not been honest with ourselves. We have bought into a holographic homeopathic state of mind that lies to us every day. We have many distractions that make us feel comfortable and yet we can complain about the government on a constant basis. Violent crime is down and yet there is terror in the schoolyards. Most of us were in a "just in case" mentality when it came to Y2K problems. The news told us to fear and then told us to forget . When the moment arrived it was met with a virtual ignorance of anything that may be out of the ordinary. All the sighs of relief were heard because the day had passed and it seemed like just another day. Everyone will say that it was a big nothing, when they forget that it did mean something and that it was a big something. It was the barometer for what a nation will do with controlled duress.

Don't believe it?

Take a look at all the people that the government and news organizations turned into paranoid survivalists that bought gasoline generators, and had a two weeks supply of wheat to brave the coming "problems." How serious did the politicians take the Y2K scare?

Well they built bunkers and command centers in order to be in control of some threat that existed. When it was all over the same "politicians" claimed that they knew all along that there was no threat. It's always nice to say that you never really bought into all of the Y2K hokum and rationalize why you built bunkers and had your battery operated radios and water purifiers ready.

Are we hearing different stories? Are we hearing blatant lies?

Sure we are.

Cynics will say that there is no purpose for lies and the cover ups yet the overall attitude of most people is one of suspicion and mistrust. Why is this happening?

Thats simple, it's social engineering that keeps you on edge and confused so that a ruling body can come in and protect ourselves from ourselves. when things go wrong they will become the critical parent and tell you that you are not capable of governing yourself and that there are those who are more educated and richer than you who can keep you safe. They want to manipulate you into making specious decisions that will benefit them and not you. This is the great battle, and a battle that we here at Ground Zero have warned you about constantly.

It's a battle for your mind and it is easy to accomplish if an inner conflict can blossom into consensus paranoia.

We live in the age of total turnaround, where the stories are tossed and turned to cover lie upon lie and so all things are suspect when the spirit can feel that there is something out of synch.

There is an urgency to look at propaganda for what it truly is. It is time to question why the U.S. Government is behind intense propaganda campaigns that tell us that there is a terrorist waiting in the wings at any given moment.

Ground Zero is not the only place where you will hear this message. Films and television shows bring you down to the alpha state of mind that tell you to wake the hell up because you are being controlled.

Unfortunately many people walk away from these films not understanding the Synchronistic linguistics and so they go about their daily lives shopping and consuming without thinking of the consequences of what they are doing. Not knowing that while they are doing so they are in a trance that has taken years to develop.

They are oblivious to the patterns and repeated patterns in life's matrix. Our reality is based on electromagnetic stimulus. Surrounding your body is an electromagnetic field and inside your brain is a holographic electrical field. The brain has a 'forehead to rear' polarity The brain's polarity reverses when sleeping. Some say that when this happens, electricity flows backwards through the glial cells this is why you have vivid dreams.

There is also the possibility that these holographic images can be tampered with and that we can assume that certain things are real when in reality we have been given seeds that convince us that what we experience is reality. This is a type of trancelike magnetic hallucination that makes us who we are. Freedom is only a state of mind. You are as free as you think you are.

Yet there are those who try to tell you that they have your best interest at heart when they attempt to switch you on.

I say that you shouldn't be as trusting of that type of programming.

I am saying to you that the whole world is in this trance or prison of the mind and that once you break the pattern and attempt to see for yourself and think for yourself you will understand how the world moves in predictable and sometimes silly ways.

Think of all of the things people grasp on to in the world. Think of how it affects their lives. We all are being corralled and numbered by the things we choose to use to create our own magnetic trance. Money, power, sex, lies, drugs, politics, mythology, bogus mystery, paranoia, and vanity. Each one of them has made a watermark on us and each one has some sort of hold on us emotionally and physically. It is a control mechanism. It is the carrot held in front of us that makes us move.

So do you believe that you are in total control of your life? Obviously you feel are not.

You can control simple things but your mind is a computer that learns and stores away all kinds of stimulus that eventually can come back and haunt you at any moment when you least expect it.

If people felt that they were in control of their lives they would not feel the need to lean on God, psychics, or other means of divination.

All of the ritualistic programming you have received over the years makes you who you are. When someone or something challenges that programming you either fight it or are attracted to it because you want secretly to liberate yourself from all of the lies that you have been some how lured into believing.

When you realize that alot of things that happen in this world are permitted and that alot of what you see is "magic" and illusion on a grander scale then you will free the mind of life's quality killers. You will understand that all stimulus that you feel is all a part of the greater adventure.

The world is controlled by the greatest salesmen. It is socially engineered by groups who are skilled in the mysteries that surround us. True power is held by the man who can change your way of thinking. The man who can reprogram your holographic mind.

Have you ever wondered why certain things are never discussed , why there is censorship, and cover-up? It is because if all of the mystery was revealed what would motivate you?

The truth is an ugly beast and no one wants an uncomfortable repulsive thing like the truth revealed to them. They need the fairy tale and the electromagnetic stimulus that is pleasant ore else they would freak out.

We need to accept that the new millennium will bring with it more and more stimulus that will contribute to the life that is an artificial environment that is indistinguishable from the reality upon which it is based.

So we need to look at life like the satirist and realize that we have to flip in and out of environments and realize that the fads and fanaticisms that shape our thinking are as fleeting and fickle as the latest hair style, or clothing fad.

Becoming abstract is not a sin but many will tell you that it is unhealthy because of all of the things that you talk about when in an abstract state of mind. You start talking about Aliens, Bigfoot, Ghosts, EVP, spirit contacts, Gnostic gospels, Science Fiction, and pseudo science as if it were the mainstream. People then tell you to get with reality and of course cliché will grab hold and you will come back with the quip "What is reality?"

You can laugh to yourself because you realize that those things are not what the consensus reality embraces. They are too busy with taxes, church meetings, gossip, and other frivolous things that are just as irrelevant right?

I believe that we need to see the irony in all things that we consider human.

This has been and always will be the mission of Ground Zero to show you the irony and satire of what we consider to be reality. That perhaps allot of what we see is a mere illusion of what is really happening.

If you are curious as to what exactly I am talking about you may want to see the movie the Matrix . The movie itself is based on certain philosophical theory produced by Jung and others.

Take a look at all the symbolism in the movie. After seeing it I felt that I had lived it to a certain degree and there is a reason why we love this movie regardless of how we feel about the acting skills of Keanu Reeves.

Neo an acronym for "one" is symbolic of the individual and his ability to overcome the programming of others who wish to enslave him. The message he receives is cryptic "Wake up Neo the Matrix has you, follow the white rabbit knock knock Neo."

There are knocks at his door and standing in the hallway are a group of people that seem to be free spirits. Neo sees the tattoo of a white rabbit on the arm of a woman. He eventually meets a woman named Trinity which of course is another symbolic name a name that to many represents spiritual oneness.

He eventually is introduced to Morpheus. the name once again is a mythologically important name. Morpheus in Greek Mythology was one of the sons of Hypnos the god that was able to put people into trances making them sleep. In the sleep Morpheus could give shape to all things conceived. Eventually fears, and fantasies manifested themselves because of men's thoughts.

Neo is offered the choice of a red pill or a blue pill.
The blue pill shuts off his knowledge that he is being manipulated.
The red pill opens his eyes and the adventure begins.

It is carefully symbolic of the forbidden fruit and what it did to open the eyes of Adam and Eve. Call it an evil act on the serpents part, but man could not progress in a manufactured paradise.

As Neo is introduced to the oracle he is told that he needs to know himself and all things will eventfully reveal themselves. All truth is inside you. You act on what you think you are.

As a man thinks so he is.

You will find that all things that we experience whether it be the daily routine, or something that can be compared to a spiritual experience or even abduction from extra terrestrials has it's essence based solely in the dark reaches of the mind. The mind can quite probably make things manifest themselves on a daily basis. Anything is possible.

That is why Ground Zero is here to tell you that all things are possible when you allow yourself to be flexible. Being flexible can allow you to crack open the cosmic egg and allow you to bring what we call the veil closer to you.

Some will choose to be in irresolution and they cannot be convinced.

Ground Zero is not for those people. They will never understand.

I hope you will continue to support our web site and ask radio stations in your area to carry our radio show. This way we can free ourselves of the silliness by embracing it and claiming it as our own. Not allowing anyone to to tell us what to think and how to think it.

So Ground Zero offers a Red Pill and a Blue Pill.

I have taken the red pill many years ago and my life has been alot more interesting since. I have met the most interesting people and have had the opportunity to be involved with many exciting things.

I listen to the voices, and keep good company with all of the hallucinations that I have had the privilege of meeting.

How about you?


Copyright 1998-2007 Ground Zero Media, Clyde Lewis, and John Hart. All Rights Reserved.