By Clyde Lewis

Kurt did not commit Suicide who killed him?
Is there a Conspiracy? Who is involved?
What makes people think Kurt was murdered?
Wasn't Kurt showing signs of suicidal behavior?
What about the suicide note?
Is the Internet photo of the extensive damage to Kurt's head real?
Courtney love has inflicted violence on people in the past , is this, just a small part of what she can do?
Is she in the same league as O.J. Simpson?
If she conspired in the death of Kurt, is she responsible for the copycat suicides around the world?
Who is Tom Grant and his he credible?

It was April 8, 1994 when a cold and lifeless Kurt Cobain was found in a room above his garage. Cobain, the lead singer of the Rock band Nirvana with enough heroin in his blood to put down a horse, bit down on the barrel of a 20 gauge shot gun and pulled the trigger, ending a promising career and leaving behind droves of fans, his daughter Frances, and wife Courtney Love. The Seattle police department said it was a suicide. It was an open and shut case. The rumor mill, and Courtney Love had spread stories of Cobain's depression, his heroin addiction, his stomach cramps, and his overwhelming wish to leave this world. There were others however that knew a different Kurt. They saw him as a man who wanted to pull out of the music business. Someone who wanted out of his marriage to Courtney Love. Someone who loved people, and loved life.

Soon, the vicious rumors began in the media, and in fan circles. Kurt Cobain was murdered. That Courtney Love, his wife and lead singer of the band Hole had something to do with it. How could she? She had an alibi. She was in Los Angeles, when Kurt's body was found. The strangest thing of all is that the one who fueled the allegations to a fever pitch was a private investigator who Courtney hired called the police to say that he believed that it was a murder. A few months later, he alleged that Courtney Love was involved.

Tom Grant, the LA private eye, who made those allegations has kept a well-organized website. He is demanding a reopening of the case. These rumors were once dismissed as gossip, but old rumors die hard. It seems that while Ground Zero had dropped the idea of investigating this case back in 1996, the topic has new life in the release of a new Book and the showing of a new film.

It was last January when I attended the Sundance film festival in Park City. I was involved with Troma Pictures and their showing of Cannibal the musical at the Slam dance film festival which was the alternative festival, featuring the talents of a few directors I knew. USA today and local papers were buzzing about how Robert Redford could not show a new film called "Kurt and Courtney." It was a Documentary by Nick Broomfield which landed him threats from Courtney Loves attorney's and with good reason. His film opened an old wound and interviews the conspiracy theorists and shows how Love tries desperately to put the rumors of a possible conspiracy to rest. People were asking me in the industry if I had heard about whether or not the film would get a screening. Redford passed, Slamdance tried to show it , but failed . Then some other independent film show sprouted out of nowhere and Broomfield was able to stage a secret midnight screening. He then took his film to San Francisco for a showing at an art house theatre called the Roxie. Courtney's lawyers sent letter after letter threatening to sue the theatre saying that it would be "equally liable" in any defamation lawsuits if they screened the film. The theatre ignored the threats.

From what I have read about Courtney Love she levies threats, and physically attacks a few of the murder conspiracy theorists , but she's never sued them. She is notorious for sicking her lawyers on those who wish to continue the allegations. Courtney has become an accomplished actress, and even an academy award Nominee for her performance in the movie "The People V.S. Larry Flynt." There is a bit of irony for you , she stars in a movie about free speech, and then when the tables turn, she is against free speech.

The movie isn't the only thing that Courtney is concerned about. Ian Halperin and Max Wallace have written a book entitled "Who Killed Kurt Cobain?" There has been no official attempt to halt the publication of the book. However, Halperin is saying to the press that Love's Lawyers were certainly making life interesting for him and Wallace during the book's preparation.

Courtney Loves attempts to halt anything that surfaces about Cobain's alleged murder raises suspicion with murder theorists. The theorists like Tom Grant and Halperin and Wallace have raised some very interesting questions. For example:

  • Why did the shotgun that Kurt forced into his mouth after shooting up 1.52mg of heroin not have any fingerprints on it? There were No Cobain prints, according to the police report there were no prints at all. The gun was clean. There weren't any prints from the salesman who sold him the gun. There were no prints found of the friend of Cobain's who also handled the gun when it was bought.

  • How could Cobain, after shooting up enough heroin for three people maneuver a shotgun into his mouth? With three times the lethal dose of heroin in his system, he would have been unconscious within seconds, even if he was a severe junkie.

  • Why was someone trying to use Cobain's credit cards after he died?

  • Eldon Hoke Claims that Courtney Love had offered him $50,000 to kill Kurt Cobain. Why did he pass a stringent lie-detector test saying that it indeed happened?

  • Why did that same Eldon Hoke die mysteriously on a deserted train track eight days after he made those allegations on tape for Broomfield's movie?

  • Why are there two different pieces of handwriting on the alleged suicide note? This was a story that was on Unsolved Mysteries.

  • In the most disturbing revelation related to this case, 68 people around the world have committed suicide because they believed Kurt Cobain killed himself. These are known as Copycat suicides. If Love was responsible for Cobain's death, then is she responsible for the 68 young people who died after learning that their hero Kurt Cobain died too?
So why is GROUND ZERO examining the case ? After not even giving it a platform after the story first broke? The reason is obvious. We did not want to take on Courtney's lawyers. Also The allegations were Nebulous at first and contrary to popular belief, Ground Zero does not jump at the the first Conspiracy hook it sees. This case has always been brought up in Ground Zero editorial meetings in the past and has been considered for a possible show. Here are some other reasons:

After a slow start at Sundance Broomfield's film"Kurt and Courtney" is finally opening in Salt Lake City at the Tower Theatre.

The New book "Who Killed Kurt Cobain" is out now by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin.

ROLLING STONE magazine finally broke its long silence on this story and ran an article by Matt Diehl in the March 5 issue.

The National Enquirer, ran a full article complete with cover Photo on March 3rd 1998.

It recently was covered in Spin magazine.

It has been reported in the Boston Globe, and New York Times.

It has also been a report on Unsolved Mysteries.

The Public has a right to know!


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