By Clyde Lewis

Computer Technology is quickly changing the world. Creating a New World and a new culture. A fast paced cyber-consciousness. It is happening so fast that the world outside of the cyberculture is beginning to wonder if this outré world is really a runaway train. A perverted extension of who we are. A threat to the information watering holes we used to use.

Without a common enemy nothing seems to hold The United States of America together. Without Fear in our lives we are not motivated. We tune into television shows where we watch the other pathetic criminal down the block get his teeth bashed in by a large group of police men in body armor. This is the future. Watching the war from front row center, in a lazy boy with a bag of pork rinds and a beer. We do not choose an enemy any more, he has been chosen for us. The enemy is demonized by the media and by Hollywood and whether you like it or not Hollywood has more relevance than you realize. The media has more ways of educating you than you think. If those who press the consensus reality buttons in your world don't talk about it, It's as if it never happened.

It may sound uncomfortable to you but the Internet has created a monster in the real world. It has sparked the fears of the once mighty empire, and when an empire loses its grip it grows nervous. It worries about every little militia, cult, Subversive or extremist who might be hell bent on plotting anything behind its back. It can therefore justify constitutional violations such as eavesdropping, imprisoning without due process, more wiretaps and of course Internet filtering and spying. The Government paranoia trickles down to people paranoia and one reinforces the other. It's a Vicious circle. The Cold War is not over. It has been moved. The geographical landscape is not a place of mountains, oil wells, and missile silos. It is the Internet; a place that has built in itself the same utopian and apocalyptic capabilities as the real world that fuels it. It's not always glamorous and it isn't always perfect. But it is an extension of us. Not a perverted one as some would have you believe but the actual consciousness of a world that wants to speak. That wants to be heard. That wants to achieve. It's a world that wants to challenge the news, not just listen to it but be interactive with it.

But that is competition. To a power aggregate that wants to do all the talking, all the cover stories and cover ups this means one thing to them, competition. Intelligence cabals need to be one step ahead of their competitors. When the intelligence of the people is constantly running at 56k there is room for leaks. There is room for subversive information and room for back door intelligence gathering. This is the competition. Intelligence agencies consider it a threat. So they make attempts to gain control. They decide that the only way to safely derail the competition is to engage in frenzied efforts of spreading lies about it. Always they must deceive those with average intelligence and average education or else they will not be believed. The way to do this is to create the fantasy with enough reality mixed in for general plausibility. You release it in pre digested sound bites That really need no processing whatsoever. You must convince the people that it is for their own good, and in order to do so you pay highly priced spokespeople to come on and tell you that they are smarter than you and know better. It is like a game of poker on a larger scale. Every player sends false signals to the other and least part of the time. No one wants to lose control of the game.

That is why those who are in authority, those who control us, those we have put on the top are never told why they have to punish those who question their motives. And those who feel like they are on the bottom of it all feel helpless and keep their mouths shut. These same people we have elected have taken it upon themselves to regulate things they no nothing about. They make their decisions based solely on reports invented by the media and sycophants who continue to flatter them and suck up just for that power contact high.

The Internet is the enemy. Not to it's user. Not to it's benefactor. But to its competition. Those who push the limits will not continue. It is all planned out. Unless you fight back. Be ready. Those who voice the truth will be opposing those who manufacture truth for their own purposes. The Internet has already been tainted with Horror stories. Every one of them manufactured by Hollywood and the media and factions that look to the Internet as the enemy.

There are more than a million Websites that are available on the Internet and more to come. The Web has made us all publishers in our own right. More people are generating more printed materials since the invention of the printing press. This means there are more choices, and more things to read. You can get information about the same topic indefinitely in some cases. 7 Million people worldwide have chosen this information tool. But yet there are those who feel they do not need this in their homes. It seems strange for those who have been taught and indoctrinated with old media and old communication tools. So those who fear the technology can easily believe the demonizing of it. Those who fear it's potential can lie about it.

You've heard that the Internet is a perilous wilderness of deviant pornography. That every little militia and satanic cult under the sun is lurking in the shadows to jump out and attack your child online. These devices have been applied and still stick with the misinformed but average educated public. The very same paranoid public that were fed this disinformation from a Time Magazine Article (that was later criticized by it's own editors as being as misleading and over exaggerated) Are the same people who rally behind their senators who passed the 1996 Communications decency act regulating free speech online.

It was soon after that the Internet received another black spot on its record. During the Easter Season of 1997, Thirty nine members of Heaven's Gate drank a mixture of Vodka and Phenobarbital in hopes that they could shed off their earthly containers and be whisked aboard a spaceship somewhere in the tail of the Hale -Bopp Comet. Marshall Applewhite the leader of the group had access to the Internet and had read and received information that a spaceship was hidden in the comet tail.

You see, on the Internet Events are not reported, they just occur and if more people collectively agree that something happens then it becomes news. This argument is used by the mainstream media and Hollywood movies to show that there must be a way to regulate standards and practices online to prevent unstable people from cracking up. Doing the very same thing that for years they had accused their opponents of. Demonizing them as the liberal media. Obviously there is no honor in the marketplace.

Hollywood can never get it right either. But it is believed as gospel. They played on our Paranoia with The movie Wargames about Hackers who break into Defense systems. Strange Days, The Net, Sneakers, That all those who play with computers are evil and that Hackers and freaks hide in the shadows waiting to steal your identify and your privacy.

The Intelligence groups, the ones you elect to protect us from ourselves, use fiction to Justify their heavy handed attempts at suspending constitutional rights of free speech and in one particular case, suspension of 5th amendment rights and due process of right to trial, and right to prepare a defense.

Kevin Mitnick is a man that is neither innocent or guilty of a crime, yet he has spent 4 years in prison without a trial. Accused of hacking computer sites, this young man has been denied due process of law. He has been denied bail; he has been denied accesses to the law library to build a defense. Kevin has been held without a bail hearing since 1995! Has anyone ever been denied a bail hearing in The History of the United States? Various courts including the U.S. Supreme court have refused to review the failure to hold a bail hearing since Kevin's arrest. Mitnick has had to waive his right to a speedy trial repeatedly because he needs additional time for his lawyer to prepare a defense against plaintiffs who have had four years to compile all kinds of alleged damages and evidence against Kevin. This is Obstruction of discovery.

If Kevin were to review his case he would have to read over 5000 pages per day to review all of the accusations and evidence against him. He has to start because it is rumored that Kevin may get a Trial in April of 1999. Which may end up being set back yet again. He is being treated worse than most murderers. He allegedly hacked a website. This is far from Murder, yet his sentence is prison time without trial or bail. Hate crime, murder, organized crime, If you are involved you get a bail hearing, a trial by your peers, and a sentence. Mitnick ahs has been sentenced without any due process. This is against the very laws and constitutional rights that we the people fought for.

The question is; are we going to stand Idly by, and allow the top of the pyramid dictate what they do not know? Are we going to allow them to negate and obstruct the constitution of the United States? Is an accused hacker worse than a murderer? Letting Kevin rot in a Jail cell without a trial or a bail hearing crushes the very principles that this country embraces. The Jackboots Marching to your door to remove you or make you disappear is more of a reality now that the Cyberculture has empowered itself against worldwide tyranny.

It isn't an exaggeration when you hear of Kevin Mitnick's case and several other prisoners that we have not heard about that are alone and frightened for their future. While OJ Simpson is still looking for the real Killers, and Jon Benet Ramsey's killer is still at large it seems hopeless unless someone gets angry.

Those who feel the case should be examined before they make a Judgement have missed the point. There is a man being held in prison without a trial or bail. He has been kept there for four years. Imagine being kept from your home, friends and family for four years not knowing what the future holds. Isn't this cruel and unusual punishment? Ground Zero believes that ignoring this story is cruel and unusual and challenges everyone in the media to finally get the story right. Unless of course you believe that all lies are printed on the Internet.


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