By Clyde Lewis

There is more to the story behind "The Darkside of the Rainbow".
This is the story behind the synchronicity where happiness waits at the end of the rainbow...

It was last week when I had heard some very sad news about the film "The Wizard Of Oz." It looks like CBS has stopped its tradition of showing the movie on television every year. It is sad in my opinion because for my family it was a time where we could all sit around the television and watch a film that captured what it meant to be pure in heart. The film released the inner child in a way that no other film could. It was one of the very films that sparked my imagination. It frightened me with witches, and flying monkeys. It overwhelmed me with fairies and little folk. The tornado scene fascinated me to the point that by the time I was in the Fourth Grade I decided I wanted to become a Weatherman. I read all Kinds of books about the weather. One of my favorite books was Hurricanes and Twisters by Ivan ray Tanhill. I obsessed about the weather all through junior high and high school. I became My High school's weatherman, and won several science fairs doing weather experiments. The Wizard of Oz was one of those movies that made me dream. It also taught me a great lesson that families are what matter the most. I know that may sound excessively sensitive in times like these, but I guess that is the point isn't it? We have outgrown Dorothy, the rainbow, and the Wizard. We have got carnal desires to watch, we have blood that needs to be spilled, we have the six o'clock news, with Barbie and Ken to tell us that even though the world is going to blow up, we should all sleep well.

The truth is, I feel that a lot of younger people will not get a chance to see this film. It just won't measure up to the marvels of special effects that exist today. However there may be some sort of synchronicity that will save this film forever. The Urban Legend is stronger than any story and it will last longer. The fortunate thing about the Wizard of Oz is that it's magic is just not on the screen, but in it's uncanny way of showing up again. This time with a Rock and Roll accompaniment.

I have spoken often of the synchronicities of Pink Floyd's Rock and Roll epic "Dark Side of the Moon" and the relationship it has with the "Wizard of Oz." I have talked about it incessantly and have even shared with you how I may have unintentionally uncovered the origins. In order for me to say this bold statement I must supply proof. While I cannot click my heels together three times and go back to 1979 and do this all over again I can give you the timetable in which my discovery happened. We will need to go back to Kearns High School and a group that I formed called the "Rock On" Club.

We were a bunch of Rock and Roll lovers who were burned out on Disco albums and wanted to form an anti Disco Club in High school. We were an anti-jock, anti-cowboy, pro-drug, pro-punk, pro-new wave club that would get in fights when we played our Led Zeppelin, KISS, Pink Floyd, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, and Black Sabbath albums at school functions. We also introduced the school to DEVO and the B-52's. Nobody liked them then. So we would cut our hair short, wear strange glasses and thin ties, and alienate the student body. One of the members of the Club that I admired was a Navajo Indian guy by the name of Marvin. He was an artist, who loved Tom petty, The Ramones, and Pink Floyd. I was a KISS Fanatic, and he told me that I could be cured of that. We would go out and get stoned during lunch breaks, and listen to his music, which to me was very new. Because of him I was turned on to Cheap Trick, The Who, and Pink Floyd. It was about this time that The Wall had been playing constantly on the radio. So I went out and purchased "The Wall" and wore it out completely on my turntable. I told Marvin that I thought The Wall was a kick ass album. Marvin said that he felt that "The Wall" wasn't true Floyd and lent me his "Dark Side of The Moon" Album. This was not a Compact Disc. It is hard to believe that it was not long ago that I played my records on an old KLH turntable with walnut speakers. Kids back then were still listening to KISS 8-track tapes. I borrowed his album and he also told me I needed accessories. So he gave me a small amount of bud that I was supposed to smoke before listening. I decided to go to church on Sunday and then later hide out in the back yard and smoke a little weed. After I smoked it , I went into my room, drew the curtains and turned on my color organ that I bought at Radio shack, and cranked on the Floyd. I listened very carefully to the music, the sounds were spectacular. The Clocks chimed in the beginnings of the intro to "Time" and I realized that the music was familiar to me. In my hometown there was a television show on Channel 4. It was a Science Fiction show that showed B- horror films. The music from "Time" was used as its theme. I kept hearing in my head "This is Science Fiction Theatre with a thrilling chilling Sci-fi feature today 's presentation, Lon Chaney Junior stars in Man Made Monster." I loved Sci-fi horror films, and back then the visual intro was just Frazetta paintings flashing on the screen. That and the Floyd music.

I listened to the whole album side and then turned the record over. I plugged in my headphones and listened to it louder as "Money" played. That was the last thing that I recall. I fell asleep while listening to the second side. A lot of the younger crowd probably does not understand how an old turntable worked. There was a capstan on a turntable that would hold a number of records. When a record was finished playing it would drop another record and played it. This was made possible by a capstan arm that triggered the stylus or needle to lift off the album re configure and then play. If there were no records on the capstan, the needle would go to the end of the record, lift off the record, reconfigure and then drop back down on the same record. This function is known as automatic return. So much for primitive technology. While I was sleeping the album played over and over. My brother came into my room to see what I was doing. He turned the TV on in the room and told me the Wizard of Oz was on, that I slept through the first part. Looking at the screen I saw ray Bolger Dancing as the scarecrow on the yellow brick road. In the headphones I could hear "The Lunatic is on the grass" I saw some grass or hay fall out of The scarecrow's body, and noticed him dancing like a crazed fool. I laughed. I called Marvin to tell him about what had happened. I asked him if he has ever sat in front of the TV and noticed how music from the stereo can act as a sound track to what's on. He said no. I told him about the Wizard of Oz thing, and about how The scarecrow was dancing to that Lunatic tune from Dark Side of the Moon. He thought it was ironic that the song was called Brain Damage, because the scarecrow wanted a brain. This was forgotten, and life went on.

I graduated from high school in 1982. I then was exposed to Radio broadcasting by a friend who had a rock band. He worked at KCGL. It was an FM talk station in Bountiful Utah. Here, I learned how to cut tape and create all kinds of interesting mixes and effects. I started writing Comedy and I made special mixes of songs, cutting and pasting, taking out lyrics, adding a repeated riff, taking speeches out of Context. It was fun. I decided that I wanted to forget about my ideas of becoming a Meteorologist and become a broadcast announcer and Producer. But that had to wait. My parents who were devout Mormons felt that I should at least consider going away for a while to teach about Mormonism. I decided to go to South America. I ended up in Argentina. The first night I was there I remember sitting in an apartment with three other guys. It was about ten o'clock. There were sirens blaring and the sounds of popping. I thought it was fireworks, The other guys told me it was gunfire. We listened to Simon and Garfunkle's Sounds of Silence, it was a CD that one of the guys had. When I heard the gun fire, and then listened to sounds of Silence I immediately realized how far away from the United States I was. I started to tear up. It was going to be a long stay in Argentina.

While I was in Buenos Aires I met up with two very dear people Kike Rodrigues, and his wife Kristina. They were very kind and always fed us. He was an artist, who would paint pictures while listening to Pink Floyd. The album he listened to I had never heard of it was called The Final Cut. I sat back and drank Mate, which was an herbal tea, that was customary to sit back and drink with guests, and listened to this new Pink Floyd album.

I remember hearing a man in the album yell 'get your filthy hand s of my desert, and then hearing a plane swoop down and bomb the area. The faint sounds of Violins and the words

"Breshnev took Afghanistan
And Begin took Beirut
Galtiere took the Union jack
And Maggie, over lunch one day
Took a cruiser with all the hands, apparently
To make him give it back. "

Those lyrics hit me like a load of bricks. The whole song, as short as it was described how the world was. I was in the world. Outside the United States. Galtiere was General in Argentina during the Falkland island war. The Argentines fought Britain for the possession of what they called Las Malvinas. Las Malvinas were their Argentine name. In Argentina they were not the Falklands. They still are in spirit. But Margaret Thatcher, or Maggie, took a Battle cruiser to the islands and took them back. It was a war that the U.S. decided to get involved in. The Argentines Lost that war . I was the enemy in South America.

Between the slammed doors and the long days, I was always listening to "The Final Cut" hearing lyrics that I could relate to ;

Jesus Jesus what's it all about?
Trying to clout these little ingrates into shape.

It was downright ironic that lyrics like that existed and how they could relate to what I was thinking. One night as we were preparing our travel routes to stay away from where the Pope was Passing through I was listening to the radio when I heard the song Not Now John. I could only assume that John was about Pope John Paul. Where John Paul calls for peace and everyone is saying, "Not now John, we have a war to wage." I remember hearing the words

Not now John we've got to get on with the film show
Hollywood waits at the end of the rainbow
Who cares what it's all about?
As long as the kids go
Not Now John we got to get on with the show…

It was then a memory was triggered. A flashback to a day when I awoke watching the scarecrow, dancing like a lunatic that was in my head. Now I know that the lyric probably had nothing to do with The Wizard of Oz but back then I was about to prove that maybe there was some kind of connection.

I was transferred out of La Boca to a place called Lujan, which was known as the Catholic Capital of Argentina. It was a beautiful, country area and we lived down from the huge cathedral. It was good in some respects to be isolated, and bad, depending on your point of view. It was good because it felt like a vacation. It was bad because I was supposed to be doing God's work and with all the beauty and plush surroundings, it was hard to keep your mind on important things. One of the ironic things that happened there was that I trained one of my companions, and then he was transferred. I received another companion who played the piano and wrote songs. We once broke into an old building and sang original songs that were more or less sad love songs because we were both having girl troubles. He fell in love with a girl in Argentina, and mine was getting married in the States. I started realizing that this was a time for me to listen to all kinds of music, and to also explore more of Pink Floyd. I found myself at Music stores in town making friends with the owners. They would tape a number of Songs for me, and I would take them back and listen to them. Next to our apartment there was this very attractive woman who kept looking at me. I was very interested in what messages she was sending so I struck up a conversation. Her name was Gladys but there was a problem..she had a boyfriend. Damn. But I was not supposed to be in Argentina to go after the women. I met her boyfriend Guierrmo. He played rock and roll guitar. He was a very dark looking guy, and he had this wild-eyed look that reminded me of Ted Nugent. He was a big fan of Richie Blackmore. He also loved The Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd and KISS. One Day I was visiting, and he played me a piece of Music that I was unfamiliar with. It was an instrumental from the Alan Parsons Project called Mammagamma. He then whipped out his guitar and started playing what sounded to me like a Pink Floyd piece. It sounded familiar and I couldn't figure it out. There was something strange about Gladys and Guierrmo I couldn't put my finger on it.. Then I found out. Guierrmo practiced witchcraft and Gladys was a Tarot Card reader. This was probably the first time I had ever been exposed to the occult and I was a little frightened but I got over it quickly. They were good people. I figured I am on God's team, and I am fine. Until I came home. My companion was being transferred and my new working companion was a guy named Turner. He was considered the group's ugly duckling. I was supposed to help him. I was so
Discouraged, This was my punishment.

Dave turner was a piano player too. He had a love for Music, and he liked King crimson and Alan Parsons Project. He also had this passion for Electric music, Tomita, and Jean Michael Jarre. He got me into the Album "Tales of Mystery and imagination." It was the story of Edgar Allan Poe. Orson Welles narrated the Story. I loved "The Raven" and realized that there was a familiarity to the music and I didn't know why. One day as we were walking on the outskirts of town, we walked passed a swimming pool. Lying there was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She had a beautiful smile, and she spoke English. Her name was Sandra Koskiemies. She was from Finland, and was living in a large home with her mother and father, her sister in law and Milton her brother. Milton was a Ham radio operator. We really got to know the family really well. We would visit every day. I found myself falling in love with Sandra. She was into a lot of poetry and everything she said to me was like art. We would take times to watch Argentine Sunsets, and view dark rain clouds and Take pictures of lightning bolts, more or less re living my days when I thought the weather was interesting.

One day there was a knock at our door. It was Sandra and her sister. They were wondering if we wanted to go to a movie. I said sure. It was our day off. So we walked down the street to the small theatre, and it was a double bill. Mad Max and Pink Floyd's "The Wall." During the Wall I noticed very little Dialogue and I just enjoyed the music and the movie. I loved the Wall, and it was interesting to see the visuals surrounding the music. During the Judgement at the end of the film I once again heard a strange reference.

Over the rainbow, I am crazy.
Bars in the window.
There must have been a door there in the wall.
For when I came in.
Over the rainbow, he is crazy.

I was convinced that this was another reference to the Wizard of Oz. I guess I was going crazy. There was nothing I could do about it. I mean, I thought it was the lamest thing I ever had to deal with. I also thought of Helter Skelter and Charles Manson hearing strange things on the Beatles White Album. This was something that I had to keep quiet. So I abandoned the alleged connection, and focused on my work. I ended up writing a musical for the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints with Terry Commons and Danilo Santinelli. I stayed in South America a lot longer than I was supposed to. I ended up coming home, and after a tremendous burn out on Jesus and Mormons. I left the church. I figured I was a practicing Mormon when I was young, got real good at it when I got older and then I retired.

I got a job as a construction worker for a few seasons, and then went to broadcasting school. I met up with a number of people who would eventually influence my radio production skills. I met a guy named Scott who was the best damn club D.J. I had ever seen. He was able to match beats, synchronize music, and keep the records spinning, without taking a breath.. I used to work with him and Ed Nunn at a club called Seventh heaven, which was a quick fix dance club at the fairgrounds. Scott and I would always top each other, with our mixes. He was always better than me, but I learned eventually that certain notes would match, certain beats you could mix into and out of, how changing speeds was effective, and how you could cause flange by playing two records at the same time. It was so cool. I left the club scene and got a Job at K-Lite 93 FM. While I was working there I got pretty good at blending and synchronizing music. One day I heard the song "If you don't Know me by Now" and the song reminded me of another song I had heard. It sounded like the Eagles song, "Take it to the limit". I was mixing in and out of it on the air and synchronizing it so you were hearing both songs interchanging. It was bizarre. I also heard Alan Parson's songs like "Time" and "Eye in the Sky." I went out and bought a twelve inch single of Mammagama and listened to it and realized that "Another brick in the Wall II" sounded a lot like it. So I timed the Parsons song with the Wall and realized, I have a hit. Who was I kidding? I lived in fucking Utah, and no one would listen to a green x-club DJ who is obsessed with synchronizing music to music? Especially Pink Floyd?

I eventually got married to Tamera Orr and remained with her for six years. I almost ended it after the first three, because Scott, The club DJ I admired so much slept with my wife. After that, I turned to religious music for some time trying to recapture the feeling of being a Mormon again. But it wasn't there. By this time K-Lite was changing to Q-93 which was a pseudo oldie station, and then it changed to Z-93. By this time my marriage was suffering, because my wife was still looking for other lovers, and so was I by this time. Z-93 was going to be classic rock, and I was the interim program director. Before the real program director arrived I suggested that the station play album sides and that I get first pick at the albums. I chose what else? Pink Floyd's the Wall. While I was listening I looked back at what I was doing up until this point. I was happy in my career but my marriage was suffering. Once again The Wall haunted me with songs like "Empty Spaces" "Young Lust" and "Mother." I was once again hitting the weed with a dear friend, Christina, we would watch the wall on TV all stoned, listen to Dark side of the moon, and Ummagumma, 'especially careful with that Axe Eugene. Brett Connor and I were the Morning show, but that didn't last. Jon Carter and Dan Bammes. Who was the hottest Morning team in Utah came in. Brett was moved to evenings, I was moved to graveyard. Jon and Dan were very funny guys. They liked my work, and asked if I would remain with them after my shift every day. I did, and it was a lot of fun, I was finding, that I had a lot of Character voices in me. For the first time I was laughing again. One of my friends however felt that I was depressed. Truth is I was. I would stay up all day and all night swilling coffee and working. I was angry that my wife was cheating on me. My life sucked. One night while I was playing my songs on the air, I accidentally programmed this song, luckily the program director didn't hear it.

I don't need no walls around me.
And I don't need no drugs to calm me.
I have seen the writing on the wall.
Don't think I need any thing at all.
No. Don't think I need anything at all.
All in all it was all just the bricks in the wall.
All in all it was all just the bricks in the wall.

I let the damn thing roll through to Goodbye cruel world. I gotta call from a woman who told me she could tell I was angry. We were both talking about how life was bad. I ended up going over and seeing her she became an inspiration to me. I called her Cat Savage. I gave her the name because she was sexy, and quite cat like. I told her that I wanted to do more with the overnights. So between her and me we decided that perhaps, playing three songs of Pink Floyd would be cool. I called it "In the Pink." Three songs went to four, four went to five, and then I was buying albums and playing songs myself. Barry Moll who worked at Z-93 told me that he was listening late one night to the show, and loved it. He said that it needed something, and I didn't know what. Soon I was adding sound effects, and elements to enhance the show. It turned into a full hour of nonstop Pink Floyd. Mixed, and synchronized.

It was sounding good.

While I was working with Jon and Dan I had stumbled upon an album called "Escape From Noise" by Negativland. Jon would use a song called "Quiet Please" for a music bed. It was the most interesting piece of work I ever heard. It was chaotic, and crazy and it sounded futuristic. I took the record home and listened to it. Then I heard my opening to "In the Pink" it was called "Somewhere over the Hiccups". It was a recording of a little girl singing "Somewhere over the rainbow" while having a bout with the hiccups. The strangest thing of all is that during the song she sings

Some… where over the *hic* Bow …on the moon.

Then I decided that I had to listen to everything Negativland had. I used selected pieces to play during in the pink. Time Zones, one of the tracks, was a mixture of a questions about Power, and time zones in Russia and it fit perfectly over the beginning of "Time" by Pink Floyd. The show was getting so surreal, it was hard not to listen to it. One night I told my audience about my experience with the Dark Side of the Moon and the Wizard of Oz. I played a song called "I am Oz in the flesh," and it fit perfectly. Barry Moll came in and told me that I should continue the mixes and that he would help me. He was definitely someone to look up to. He was one of Salt lake's veteran Rock jocks and he was the first guy I performed my "Alan Parson's Pink project" for and he said it was great.

I was seeing Cat a lot more. She would always surprise me with a new Pink Floyd album, and each time it inspired me even more. I even was kicking out old Floyd, "See Emily Play" "Arnold Layne" and some Syd Barret stuff that was interesting and almost too eclectic for the core audience. Cat and I were heavily into Ouija boards and we were feeling each other's power One night the Ouija Board said that another woman would come into my life. About that time I met who was to be my second wife. I was on a roll, "In the Pink" was hot, well hot for the timeslot. It was so outrageous that people were writing the program Director Mike Beck asking him about it. Beck and I went on a trip to Nevada and he told me about what he used to do in Tennessee and Kansas City. He said that many Jocks have been inspired to do crazy stuff with Pink Floyd. I to this day think that Beck was the most ingenious Programmers of Classic Rock ever. He and I were in a studio and we were talking about all the synchronicity that I was doing on the show. I would show him how I would blend the songs. I played for him the Alan parsons song, and he told me that I should try and Mix "Whole Lotta Love " By Led Zeppelin and "On the run" from "Dark side of the moon" It worked. I started synching it up and I got tons of calls from people who were curious if they were hearing things. The show was on late at night and I felt only a handful of people were hearing the show. I mean people were vocal about how good it was, but who really gave a shit about Pink Floyd synchronization and references to the wizard of Oz? I was really getting into a haze of unhappiness, and having feelings of low self worth. I compared myself to dandelions on the moon , meaning no one will ever know that I have a lot to offer. I am like a major discovery that will never be found. I even wrote e a story about it and called it "Dandelions on the Dark side of the Moon."

Cat and I were seeing less of each other, My marriage with Tamera was coming to a close, and I was starting to see Rebecca. I went to Disney World with my wife Tamera, and it was there believe it or not , where I told her I wanted a divorce. She couldn't believe it and neither could I.

I started seeing a Psychiatrist to see if I was losing my mind and I was mildly depressed. I started pulling out of my haze of Pink Floyd, and overnight working, and decided it was time for a change. I felt the idea for the show was getting stale, and I was Floyded out. After a problem with the Jon and Dan Show, I chose to leave Z93. I Left and walked across the street literally and worked for Hot 94.9. It was a Contemporary Hit station. After 3 months I quit. I moved on to adult contemporary Magic 107.5. I got married to Rebecca and after two months I was fired from Magic, because my demeanor was to rock jock. So I moved to KJQN, a modern Rock outfit and did a stint with Kerry Jackson who was also a very talented guy. It was too bad we were at a station that was doomed. The owner Garret Haston was a crook. He cheated the previous staff out of their wages and lied to me when he gave me a contract for an outrageous sum of money.

Haston made it look good too. He hired Jocks from all over the Country including X- KROQ production guy Robert "Tattoo" Rugeri. I enjoyed working with Tattoo because he was another Production genius who used pieces of old commercials as samples, much like the guys in Negativland. It was while I was at KJQ I wanted to propose a show called KULT radio. This show would be a pseudo industrial talk and rock show, where the host would pretend he was insane. He would hear messages in his ears and claim they were from Aliens. He would play them on the air, and synchronize them with the music. Tattoo kind of liked the idea, but I was the Morning guy, and I was supposed to be a laugh a minute fool. I put together KULT radio Montages, or Mind Mosaics, that were a lot more light hearted. They were all right, and the biggest advantage is that KJQ was a virtual library of cool stuff. Jingle packages from the 50's and old civil defense records, it was gold mine of eclectic sound gold. We started implementing them on KJQ's morning show, which we called Mourning Breath Theatre. We were the second most listened to morning show for the first quarter we were together. This convinced me that KULT radio would work. It was great, except that Rebecca my wife got pregnant, and the commute to KJQ was 40 miles away and in heavy traffic it was hard getting home at reasonable hour. It got on her nerves, but she hung in there.

One day Kerry and I did a great show and then after it was through two fans stopped by and made us breakfast. It was really nice. Garret Haston walked in and said "Kerry and Clyde, I need to speak to you both." Needless to say we were both fired. Haston was going to change the station to Christian broadcasting. Which in my opinion is scoundrel radio, First he was Jewish, and decided that selling Jesus was good business. In my opinion Garret Haston is the most evil man in the world. He treats you like a father, and that's his modus operandi. Then he takes you for all your money. I came home and told my wife, That I was fired, and instead of understanding, she became violent. This would mean that all of the money, and we had a lot at the time, would be gone and we had a baby on the way. Well, she threw me out.

We divorced after a very ugly court battle and seven months together. I lost most of my money. I managed to get a home and lived there for several months till my money ran out. I was flat broke. I would hang out at a coffeehouse, coming up with strange theories, about Aliens, and conspiracies. I ended up moving in with a British babe named Casey. It was there that I wanted to publish a fanzine. I figured it would be a cool thing to read in coffeehouses. One night I was at a bar and I ran into a guy named Brad Nelson. I had told him what I wanted to do and he told me that he always wanted to do it to. That he was a fan of B- horror films, and I thought this was too cool. It was just a chance meeting. In the meantime, my friend Kevin was getting ready to make a horror film, so this was going to be a story that we could follow. We created B-Lame magazine. I was still broke and getting unemployment checks. I would give blood plasma and get paid from that as well. In fact I gave blood, to get enough money to go see Bram Stoker's Dracula when it came out. B-Lame was successful, and gave us a little cash for beer at Burts Tiki Lounge where we threw Magazine folding parties. While things were happening, Casey got a gig in Flint Michigan and had to move. That meant I had to move too. My dear friend Christina was going to France, and asked her mother if I could move into her house. Her mother agreed and that helped me out a great deal. Her Uncle was not too happy with me living there however and it was time for me to move out. I moved in with my parents for a little while, and I felt like I was no where. I sat in the coffeehouse one night and a very sharp looking man came and sat down at my table. He said he knew ho I was and that he thought I was famous. I told him I was semi -famous in semi -circles.

He said don't kid yourself Clyde. People know who you are. I read B-lame, I have heard you on the radio, you should go out and tell people what you know. I asked him who he was and he took a drag off of a cigarette and said "I am not famous now, but I will be in the morning." I didn't understand. Until the next day. He was on the news. There was a manhunt for him because he was one of the "preppy bandits" who killed Merrit Riordin, a cook at the Green Parrot Café. This is the beginnings of how I realized how synchronicity comes into play. Merrit was good friends with Christina one of my dear friends, I had coffee, with his killer. The story was on America's most wanted. While the show was on they ran another story about a man who was wanted by the FBI. The patrons of the green Parrot recognized the man. He was Merrit Riordins replacement. A Killer kills the friend of my friend, who is replaced at his job by a wanted Killer. That convinced me that I was in a weird situation. I had to get out. So I was going to write Kult Radio as a screenplay. I put a couple of Ideas down, and started the script. I wanted to include the story of how the Insane DJ hears messages in Pink Floyd Albums. So I got into my old collection and listened again. I listened to The wall, I had never noticed the back masking in the song "Empty Spaces " before. So I borrowed a vinyl copy from the library and played it on my parents old turntable and it said,

You have just found the secret message
Send your reply to old Pink
In care of the funny farm

So I took that as a sign that I was on the right track. I called Barry Moll at KRSP and asked him if there was any chance I could get back into radio, and work with him again. He said he would put in a good word for me. I told him about KULT radio and how I would like to make it into a radio show. He told me that they probably wouldn't go for the KULT title and that a new name would have be to be made. So I said fine. Two weeks passed and I got a call from Kerry Jackson. He told me that Barry Moll had died. I had no way of getting to his funeral. I did not have a car and I was still out of work. After a few months, I had heard that Mike Beck had left Z-93. It was then I got a call from Jon Carter. They wanted me back on their Morning show. I was about to teach at the broadcasting school, but I figured I could do both. I accepted the job at Z-93 again. It looked like my life had gone full circle. That made me think again. All about synchronicity and how it always liked to toy with me. I was with Jon and Dan in their final years together in Rock and Roll. I met my third wife while teaching in Broadcasting school. Her name is Marci. Z-93 switched to Country Music. Jon and Dan Left and I produced the incoming morning show for about a week. I quit. It just didn't work. Citadel communications was experimenting with hot new talk radio Format and so they said, that if I could be a talk show host that I could do any kind of show I wanted.

I decided to do KULT radio. Management hated the name and told me to change it. I wanted to call it CONTINUUM but the name was taken. So I decided to call it Ground Zero. I figured if the show was going to bomb, it would already be at Ground zero. But then I figured there was more of philosophical tone to it. That if you keep your mind at Ground Zero you will be able to understand it a lot more. My first show was about playing records backward to find secret messages in them, I played the secret message that was in The Wall for my own personal reasons. I started the show with a Negativland song called "Christianity is stupid" I was knighted as the evil one. The lyrics to "Christianity is Stupid" were like an air raid siren-calling people together like Zombies,

The LoudSpeaker spoke up and said

The LoudSpeaker Spoke up and said

Christianity is stupid
Christianity is stupid
Communism is good
Christianity is stupid!

I treated Ground Zero as if it were a propaganda tool for latter day disinformation. That everything that I was told was a lie. Everything about religion, marriage, UFO's, ghosts and the future. Ground Zero was my opportunity to report the stuff that people considered taboo. Needless to say in a Mormon city like Salt Lake I was told that the song Christianity is stupid would not fly as theme music. But Negativland was a sedimental favorite of mine. There was also a vicious rumor that I was a Devil worshipper. I decided to play that to the hilt, by wearing Gothic Jewelry and kept my wardrobe to black. I even dressed up like a Druid and asked a stripper friend of mine Sabrina to pose in pictures as my sacrificial virgin. But I had to be a little responsible. So I replaced Christianity is stupid with me saying "ground zero." I was censored right out of the gate. So, I now hated to be lied to, I hated Censorship, and was rebelling against everything I was taught. I was becoming a radio heretic and I loved every minute of it.

The show was becoming very successful, and was being heard on the World Wide Web. People were starting to compare me to Art Bell. To them who do I raise my finger in a Fuck you! I am not Art Bell, I do not copy Art Bell, and Art bell was never an inspiration to me. I am not in a pissing match with Bell or anyone else. I am merely a crazy guy who thinks with warped logic to get people off their asses to think.

When you listen to my show, it's like two hours of mind masturbation. One Psychologist who listened to me on the Internet in New York says that I am the king of synchronicity and the creator of on air mind control. A guy named Matt Vesley even made a Website depicting Ground zero as a place. Like Area 51, which I thought was cool. It wasn't really that, it was a radio show, but I kind of got off on the idea of my show coming out of some government installation, with Aliens and reverse technologies. He called it the Mind control test Facility. In a way every show was like War of the worlds, Halloween and April Fools day all rolled into one mind bending mess.

I was hoping to be the next Orson Welles. The show was gaining popularity without any promotion. Charlene Spencer and I even wrote a song about the Chupacabra that Art Bell played on his show and to this day has on his website with no credit given to Charlene or me. The show even offered $10 million dollars for evidence of a UFO. Things were getting out of hand, because a guy showed up with Alien Pictures of something he took in the west desert of Utah. It was after that I found out that a lot of what I was talking about was real. The men in Black existed, and the high weirdness threatened my well being. I even had a close call when someone bombed my car. I had run ins with all sorts of shady characters and wondered if it all was worth it. Marci decided it wasn't, She asked me to leave her and we still have not divorced, but I have been separated from her, without any contact for about 2 years.

Which brings us now full circle to the synchronization of Pink Floyd's dark side of the moon and the Wizard of Oz. After the show had gained all kinds of fame on the net and was highly successful, KCNR the station it played on was sold to the new Disney Format. Ground Zero was moved without further notice to KBER 101.1 a rock station. When I moved I did the backward message show as my first show on that station. It was if I was starting all over again. Ground Zero was still making the same type of commotion as it did on AM radio but with a younger audience. I really felt that this was the place to do Ground Zero's best work. Radio and Records magazine did a large article on my show, after I had a run in with a ghost during an on air séance. Many people saw that Article including Jeff Katz of WRKO. He called and wanted to interview me on his Talk station. I said okay, and told him a smaller version of the story you are reading now. It was a few months later that I received an e-mail saying that some DJs in Boston had talked about the Movie the Wizard of Oz being synchronized with Dark side of the moon. The Letter said "Clyde they have found IN THE PINK."

I called my buddy Kevin and told him that I needed to synchronize for myself the whole movie to the album. We did it and decided to invite everyone to see it. 0ver 2000 people showed up to the Tower theatre in Salt Lake to see it. I wrote what coincidences. I saw, and now I hear that Andrew Wendland is synchronizing other Pink Floyd Albums to other movies. I lecture about the phenomenon occasionally. Many people have said that I started it all back in 1989. Even I tend to think that yea I did start it all. But, I didn't synch the whole movie to it, to make an outrageous claim. Someone else did that. I merely placed the idea in people's heads. That is all it takes to start a vicious circle. The power of suggestion is a very potent thing. I have a video of it stashed away in a video vault somewhere. Now, it may become a Laser show at planetariums.

I hope someday that I find the guy who synchronized the movie to the music. Because I want to know if I ever knew him or if he ever heard my views on the matter. If there was no connection to me whatsoever, if it was just a fluke, or a coincidence, then once again I can say that I have become a victim of Synchronicity. The cosmic ghoul who loves to laugh in your face in your moments of darkest despair. It is what KULT radio is. Hearing messages and stories that make you question what is real. So you pray at night, and hope the Cosmic Ghoul doesn't get you when the lights go out. I am still doing Ground Zero and it is a learning experience for me too. As you can tell if you have made it this far in the story, The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd have inspired me to do Ground Zero. If you listen to Ground Zero you may hear Pink Floyd's influence in what I do. Now you can see why Ground Zero is the way it is. Why I do what I do. You can also decide who was responsible for the Dark side of the Rainbow Controversy. Before you hear any rumors, invite people to read my story. I guess Happiness really does wait at the end of the rainbow.


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