By Clyde Lewis

It has always been said by the ardent skeptic that victims of the so called Alien abduction cases are people with lonely lives that are looking for attention and financial gain. The truth is that there are probably a few of the attention starved making up stories. However the statistics on these cases demonstrate that the majority of those abducted seek psychiatric help. Many lead unhappy lives and some even commit suicide. There are many who want to postulate that the victims of abduction are having nightmares. I wonder why so many people have the same nightmare about the same monster?

It is a time where we are constantly hearing about possible attacks on our military installations and terrorists that wish to destroy areas of open infrastructure in the United States. The news media has single handedly brought the fear level in this country to a fever pitch.

The reality of terror now gets top story status as bombs explode in shopping malls in Tel Aviv and silent gunman hide in the shadows ready to shoot an innocent shopper or a child in a school yard.

The reality is that this human existence is a terror ride and enemies from all areas of the globe can pounce like a cat without warning.

One hopes that eventually we will learn of the fragility of life. One hopes that we will awaken from our violent mind set and understand that we have an even bigger responsibility in the future and that an even greater revelation is about to unfold before our eyes.

There has been a cumulative clamor for the truth with regards to the enigmatic cosmic question.

Are we alone in our infinite universe? This question is pondered by many individually and is answered by the collective majority. The human collective answers silently in their hearts that we are most definitely not alone.

The overwhelming enthusiasm for books, movies and television shows about the subject matter speaks volumes. Everyone seeks a plausible explanation for all things paranormal around us. There are others who will not be satisfied with their answer until the government acknowledges that little gray men are a reality.

It seems to be a long hard exercise in futility. The demand for disclosure with regards to the UFO alien question may turn up file after file of mundane information pointing to secret government testing of exotic aircraft. It may turn up all kinds of misinformation that was used at any opportune moment to throw people off the trail of a classified experiment. It will give us all kinds of data that could be open for all kinds of interpretation and in some circles it may not be satisfactory and will remain suspect.

The self-empowered alien experts with agendas will find themselves alienated and the result will be the cause feeding upon itself until the entire movement will dissolve.

Or there can be cool heads and open minds that prepare for open dialogue on the subject matter. It will take years to sift out the New Age pseudo religious crowd that looks upon our Extra Terrestrial counterparts as Gods.

It will also take many years of gradual deprogramming of the religious masses who postulate that the Extra Terrestrials are products of a demon out to thwart the mission of their Jesus Christ.

The task is not as simple as the disclosure advocates would have you believe.

The mainstream psychological and scientific community needs to recognize and further study this phenomenon if we are seeking a healthy, and open-minded approach to definitive answers on these matters.

I am not saying that we should be lied to or mislead. I am stating that if just saying that Extra terrestrial Biological entities exist is all that we are going to do then the case has already been made and we do not have to ask our government to validate any of it.

There are many people who have been in the presence of such entities and these cases of abduction have been documented thoroughly.

Abductees have demonstrated many psychological and physical anomalies that are difficult to refute and many scientists are giving a second look at the phenomenon.

There have been countless armchair skeptics that have never spoken with an abductee nor have they seen the traumatic aftermath of the encounters.

The skeptic will cite all kinds of causes for the phenomenon and many will rely on the idea that the phenomenon is quite new and that it is influenced by the bombardment of science fiction stories and movies that seem to saturate our media.

If this is the case then why do we see stories in biblical texts and ancient writings describing the ascension of human forms into pillars of light? What do we make of other texts and scrolls that talk about beings that taught ancient man about how to fish, hunt, and make fire. What about the demands that these beings made with regard to mating, and human life? How can you ignore the legends and the myths that surround other creatures and beings?

What were the Mayans referring to when they wrote about their gods coming from the sky to teach them complex mathematical equations and the positions of stars and planets?

How do we explain hybrid breeding and abduction stories taken directly from Genesis Chapter 6 in the Bible?

How does the ardent skeptic dismiss the ancient accounts? Were they given because the prophets and scribes were exposed to a Star Trek marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel?

Is the dismissal that the cause of such stories is based in literature and in the media an over simplification?

It doesn't matter what the cause is, the fact is that a growing number of people are seeking therapy for abduction experiences.

Even if you are a non believer in the subject matter, Even if you reject it as a fairy tale told by the fantasy prone it most certainly does not change the fact that these people are frightened confused and withdrawn after their encounter. The abductees also are showing signs of physical trauma and a lot are seeking help. They have been traumatized by what they consider to be very real and frightening experiences that are beyond their control.

They also have interesting stories to share, some have also managed to present evidence of an intruder and yet the information always seems to be dismissed by those not only in the skeptical groups, but in the UFO support groups as well.

Statistically there is a small group of people who have claimed their abduction experience and probably and even greater amount that have had them and are too scared to come forward with their stories.

It would be easy to say that all are schizophrenic however it becomes increasingly obvious that something other than mass hysteria, mental illness is involved.

The abduction phenomenon has a number of other experiences that are tied into one encounter. Anything from physical abuse, to telepathic communication, out of body experiences, fetus removal, astral projections, examination, dissection, sexual violation, and communication.

Many skeptics claim that these encounters are the result of nightmares, sleep paralysis or seizures. If that is the case why is it that abductees always dream of the same intruder?

The other thing that is most interesting is the various attitudes of the abductees. Many say that they hated their experience, while others felt that it was routine as if they have had it done to them many times before. Some don't feel violated at all and others live in a constant state of Posttraumatic Stress disorder.

There have been a few abductees who also have Stockholm syndrome where they sympathize with the beings.

The modus operandi is always the same and people fill in the blanks with their beliefs. Some see the beings as angels, others see demons and those who may be exposed to Science Fiction see them as beings that are from another world entirely. There are even those who would speculate that they are being haunted buy an incubus or succubus.

However it needs to be said that whatever the definition there seems to be a program that is being carried out by these beings. It is a pre-planned program and this may just be the beginning of their plan. Perhaps the waters are being tested and they are desperately seeking those who will convey their message because it seems that many of these beings have given messages to contactees.

I can also conclude that the messages delivered by these beings prior to the turn of the 21st century seemed to have eerily come true.

The aliens would constantly talk about world disasters, and then a change, and then a renewal of the earth.

We have seen our share of world disasters and many believe that we are headed for the evolutionary change on this planet.

There are many people who believe that this message of warning is a benevolent one and that the aliens themselves are here to help us. Now I can respect each and every abductees opinion about their experience however I must interject something that may not be popular with the crowd clamoring for disclosure.

These beings have been abducting individuals in secret and on their terms. The event has never been consensual as far as I can tell. The accounts that I have read in the past have left many of those involved upset and frustrated. Many are fearful of what this means to them and their families.

These aliens have a fascination with human reproduction. They have been known to violate their victims sexually. They have inserted objects in vaginal cavities and removed sperm from the testes and use them for some odd reason. If they live in a collective, and they report to the same omnipresent being, then they should have plenty of semen and eggs for whatever program they are interested in pursuing.

Then there are the stories of the eyes.

The big Dark eyes that stare into the abductee. The Eyes have no feeling but they have been able to induce fear, and love, sexual arousal and project thoughts into the head of the abductee. By staring into the subjects eyes, the alien intruders cause the abductee to see prearranged scenarios and movies in their minds.

Rearcher Karla Turner reported in 1993 that some abductees were telling stories about American military personnel on board UFO's and working in collusion with the aliens.

If this is the case then perhaps we are seeing an even more nefarious agenda.

Where a paramilitary organization could be involved with a highly classified mind control program where the subjects are being led to believe that they have been abducted by aliens when in reality there is a place in the brain that when stimulated creates the UFO alien abduction experience.

This would be an ideal cover for illegal activity and intrusive experimentation.

After all Aliens can't stand trial for crimes against humanity.


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