By Clyde Lewis

"Men fear death as children fear to go in the dark; and as that natural fear in children is increased with tales, so is the other." Francis Bacon

We are now approaching the third year of our possible future that was foretold by seers, biblical prophets, and Science fiction writers. In order to face another year into this millennial journey it is important that we realize that we need to put on a spiritual armor that provides us the nutritive protection against conflict and uncertainty.

You may notice that many people around you will be acting like a baby with the terrible twos or a pubescent adjusting to new attitudes and feelings about their well being and their liberties and freedoms.

It wonít be a passive adjustment, not by any means.

You will read the paper, and hear on the news about those who become 15-minute heroes. They will rise and fall just as fast. Hope will rise and fall and disappear like smoke on the horizon. It will be a roller coaster ride of short climbs and long perilous plunges.

The great will fall. Those who are believed to be saviors will be betrayed.

They all fall down you know.

They fall from high places. They all fall from high and mighty positions. Many will scramble as they hang on to what little mortality they have. They will fall from the skies, and they will fall spiritually. They will fall mentally because they will not find happiness in their choices.

If you say that you are happy, you will be far more than happy. You will be lucky. You will be an oddity. Tell someone you have held a marriage together for 10 or 15 years and you will be a rarity. Your spiritual experiences a part from the manufactured religious pap and politics will be treasured far more than you know.

It will be all that you have because the God of the past is showing more signs of being deceased.

Nietszche spoke for the intellectual establishment when he wrote about the madman that was seeking God but couldnít find him.

"Have you heard of that madman who lit a lantern in the bright morning hours, ran to the market place, and cried incessantly, "I seek God! I seek God!" As many of those who do not believe in God were standing around just then, he provoked much laughter. Whither is God," he cried. "I shall tell you. We have killed him - you and I. All of us are murderers. God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. óNietszche

Now keep in mind that Nietszche never said, "God is Dead" he was writing about the shared cultural belief in God.

To me it seems that Nietszche spoke of the year to come.

God will be dead.

"The Christian conception of God... is one of the most corrupt conceptions of God arrived at on earth..." And, when he was already close to insanity, he called himself "the Anti-Christ."óNietszche: The Antichrist

The God that we knew has already let out the death rattle. A great many have rejected their spiritual wisdom for the more accessible AC/DC God.

Politics have replaced God and a cloud of religious paranoia has infected the roots and branches of American Government and has landed us in a place teetering towards the Armageddon that has been foretold for Millennia.

Religious zealots who claim to speak for God manage to generate a great deal of negative media publicity, and men who wear the collar of God are caught red handed robbing the virtue of the innocent. These men are obviously preachers and workers for the Luciferian agenda and yet we canít allow ourselves to bring down their horrible perversions.

The public appears to sympathize with these so called religious factions and they are beginning to confuse our government leaders with prophets.

Some have already sold their souls to the new Gods of Destruction as if speaking of peace and tolerance is anathema to the cause of death and peril in order to establish a New Kingdom or new order.

There are many that can look to Rome as a model for what is about to take place.

Constantine, who first appeared to be the Christian's best friend, eventually became their worst enemy. Within 13 years, Constantine the first "Christian" Emperor of Rome, managed to undermine almost every precept that had been established by Christ himself. The progression continued until many people rejected the precepts of Christianity and many turned it off. Beware of those who claim to be pious because they are using religion or divine guidance as a means to control you.

"I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan--Book of the Apocalypse 2:9.

Lately it seems that so many political leaders are friends of the Christians. Others are hypocritical friends of the Jews. Some use their Christianity as a political tool. They use it as a writ of credibility. They use it as an excuse as to why they are being persecuted.

" A lot of people in Washington have been trying to nail me for a long time. When you're from Mississippi, when you're conservative and when you're a Christian, there are a lot of people that don't like that."óTrent Lott after resigning as Senate majority leader.

We canít fathom that perhaps the reason why leaders fall is because they are corrupt. We canít just have faith that perhaps those individuals who are corrupt have their calling and election made sure. Their calling is to destroy faith, and create confusion and corruption.

Perhaps God Cleans house?

But he canít because in the minds of the political in Washington the cultural belief in God is dead. They think they are Gods, they want the servitude, and they are playing the role. They are orchestrating the end times.

It may all be one big play or program to the get you to act. To get you to act like the madman looking for the light to put in his lantern.

I want to share with you a story that I have shred previously. The story is a very scary one about desperation and death.

Godfather Death is an old German story about an old man who denies God and the devil and makes a deal with death.

The old man had twelve children. Later a 13th son was about to come into the world and he couldn't afford him. He looked in the woods to find a guardian for the boy.

Standing in the woods was the Lord Jesus Christ and Jesus said that he would be the Godfather of the boy and that he would give him a rightful baptism and take care of him.

The Old man said to Jesus that he would decline the offer because he claimed that Christians give to the rich and let the poor suffer in disease and hunger.

Then the old man took the boy to Satan.

Satan said I will give the boy all of the riches and gold he needs and he will never starve. The old man declined again because Satan was a liar and a deceiver of men. Then standing in the woods was the pale and bony Death.

Draped and hooded he approached the old man and the boy.

In a cold and raspy voice Death said "Choose me as godfather."

Death said to the old man that he treats all men equally.

The Old man agreed that Death took all men rich and poor and that he was no respecter of persons. Death treated all men without distinction.

Death swore to the old man that he would make the child rich and famous.

The Old man left the boy with Death and Death showed the boy an herb that when used could prolong life. He showed the boy that if the herb was ground up and placed in an elixir it would be the miracle cure all for all men. He then made a deal with the boy that when he reached maturity he would become a doctor. The deal had a caveat however.

Death told the now mature boy,

"You must only pay attention when you are called to a sick person and see if I am standing at his head. If so, without further ado let him smell from this flask, then anoint his feet with its contents, and he soon will regain his health. But if I am standing at his feet, then he is finished, for I will soon take him. Do not attempt to begin a cure."

Death handed him the flask, and his godchild later became a renowned doctor. He only needed to see a patient, and he could immediately predict whether he would regain his health or die.

News had come that the King, was suffering from a serious illness. The Doctor was summoned to cure him. When the doctor approached him, he saw Death standing at the king's feet, and his flask would be of no use. This was unfortunate because the Doctor felt that he could save the King he would then be in his favor and have his endorsement.

It then occurred to him that he might deceive Death. He felt that since he was Death's Godchild he wouldn't harm him.

He took hold of the king and turned him around, so that Death was now standing at his head. It succeeded, and the king regained his health.

After the doctor returned home, Death came to him, made angry and grim faces at him, and said, "If you ever again attempt to deceive me, I shall lay my cold hands on your neck."

Soon afterward the king's beautiful daughter took ill. No one on earth could help her. The king wept day and night, until finally he proclaimed that whoever could cure her could have her as a reward. The doctor came and saw Death standing at her feet. Astonished at her beauty, he forgot the warning, turned her around, let her smell from the healing flask, and anointed the soles of her feet with it contents.

He had scarcely returned home when Death with his terrifying face appeared before him, seized him, and carried him to a cave where many candles were burning. Some were very tall candles others were medium sized and others were small stubs ready to be extinguished. Every light represented the souls of the living. The life lights of all of mankind.

The doctor asked death to show him his candle. There was a stub sitting on a special table. The Doctor begged death to get a larger candle and make it his own so that his life be spared. Death told him that in order for a candle to be replaced, one has to go out. Death was running out of candles.

The Doctor grabbed a candle that was bigger and extinguished the light and said, "Here this will be my candle, quickly godfather place mine on top of this one so that the light will continue to burn. I wish to be king! I want to marry the beautiful princess. Oh please Godfather I must live!"

Death purposefully fumbled and dropped the stub of a candle that was the doctor's.

The Doctor fell to the ground and died.

This story teaches us that even those in power will do anything to stay alive. They will extinguish any candle they wish in order to sought their material gain.

But Death always wins in the end.

Especially when leaders in the political arena look at themselves as prophets and infallible leaders.

"If the President says so, then it must be the truth"--Ari Fliescher's response to the question of what evidence exists on Hussein's possession of "weapons of mass destruction"

It is as if the president went from political leader to pontiff.

I have pointed out that the religious manipulation is running rampant in our new government and while some are oblivious to it, some may want to pay attention because history once again is about to repeat itself until it completes the cycle.

Promises and underhanded deals unfulfilled will be placed in line for collection. Someone shall seek payback; some will demand a sacrificial lamb.

We have plenty of scapegoats; we now need that red heifer, the sacrificial animal to place on the altar for the ultimate blasphemy.

Is there a feeling of Dťjŗ vu echoing through the annals of history when political orders bend the rules to become pseudo religious orders? A friend of the religions is in the Whitehouse now. He may even think that he is our savior, perhaps even the chosen one to take his people to heaven.

Canít we see how this tableau is about to play out?

I have written before of another Roman tragedy. The image of Caesar lying dead in the senate is an image that comes to mind. I fear political upheaval. I see political death. I hear names of men in politics, powerful men falling dead.

I see religious fanaticism keeping a clutching and covetous grip on the minds of men in the future and the ability to hold the sheep mesmerized will guarantee abuses of power and war.

And no one will question those who claim to be of God spewing forth the vile hate speech that sharpens the sword of prejudice.

In the year of 2002 I had written several articles that were preparatory for the New Year. I am beginning to understand that most of what I write is automatic and somehow fits together accidentally link by link, precept on precept.

It all started for me when I heard George W. Bush Mention the Angel that rides in the Whirlwind.

In his Inaugural address in 2001 he faced the obelisk known as the Washington Monument and made a cryptic statement that signaled that the forces of the winds would be unleashed. The death or conquering winds. The winds of Moriah.

I thought that Moriah was a familiar word and I realized that it was the name of the fourth Horseman. It also had another significance that I now have to guard because the very thought of this connection may be a reach. But the thought still haunts me none the less.

As I stated in 2002 I noticed that we were bombarded with movies and stories dealing with magical Icons and mythical synchronicity mostly dealing with the writings of Philip K. Dick and ""The Great Satanic Blasphemy."

Dick had a grand and glorious posthumous career between 2001 and 2002. His influence was also felt in other stories and movies that captured our imagination.

He was the man who claimed that this life was a construct, a Matrix or Black Iron prison. He wrote that this life was all clever fakery created by the "great magician" the "lord of the dark realm" or "dark father" who poses as the creator. This unreality has no sense or logic to it. Thus those who believe that it is the only world become atheists or embrace religion that accepts the "dark lord" or "dark father" as the creator.

The Dark Father has been summoned. Godfather death his making his appointed rounds.

It is no accident that we are seeing the Wraiths prancing about on the small screen and the large screen with the movie "Lord of the Rings."

The minions of Black are enforcing the controls that bind the kingdom.

Itís no coincidence that we are watching the slow falling down of a once great Anakin Skywalker into a mechanical Dark father to the giver of light. One must be sacrificed in order for the new leader to rise.

Darkness or light is our choice.

However the mythologies and the synchronicities continue to run through the gelatinous Grey spot that never rests in my skull.

Make no mistake we are living in the age of the Dark father. Where King and Prince can and will rule the world. The same can end the world. We live in the age where Father and son seize the reigns of power.

However there will be a great lesson to be learned with another simulacrum that can only be told in parable. It can only be given from scriptural passage and it is meant for those who have eyes that can see and ears that can hear.

The dark Father story is a continuous parable of sacrifice and redemption.

From God to Adam, from the sons of God to Noah and from the Old Testament writings we come upon the story of Abraham and Isaac.

"Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of."

Look at that piece of scripture and expand the mind to reach deep to pluck the meme that is buried deep. Look at the words and the similarities that run over and over like a program in a computer.

The word Moriah is a trigger word. Think long and hard about itís meaning.

Moriah is the name of the whirlwind. The whirlwind of death, the 4th horse of the apocalypse. Moriah was a wind of death and pestilence that accompanied war. It was the conquering wind spoken of in the book of Jeremiah.

"Evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth."

It is the whirlwind spoken of my George W. Bush. The son of the mythological Dark Father, George H. W. Bush.

Moriah may come to George Bush. Bush after all is just going about his fathers business trying to save his father. He is like Captain Ahab going after the whale.

"To the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hates sake I spit my last breath at thee." Ė Captain Ahab

By coincidence these lines were used in Star Trekís Wrath of Khan. This movie was loaded with Dark father and son themes. Khan loses his son and swears vengeance against Captain Kirk.

These images are a running theme.

The reason why I say this is because another synchronicity in history puts a famous father watching his son rise to power only to see that power taken from him at the hand of an assassin. Joseph Kennedy was able to see his son John be sworn in as president. Joseph was the head of a powerful political dynasty.

It may be the only way to martyr and seal with blood the resolve of the secret coven that speaks in whispers among the elected. We are in need of a hero even a hero who was not the wisest but perhaps the one that appeared to be the most brave. One who had the favor of the majority.

The future for the first time is darker now than before.

There is no light that will fall on images form the future. It is difficult to write about it now. I used to have a handle on it and now I am not so sure anymore of what I write because the images are blurred.

"Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future"óYoda Star Wars

I am going to attempt again to somehow transport myself into the future. I did it once before and it had some very interesting affects.

So let me light a candle and close my eyes and hopefully I can see the blurred images that are in motion in future.

When I did this two years ago I was not entirely aware of what I was seeing and I realize again that all of the images I see I can only interpret because I have no idea what perceptions are in the future only images and Ideas appear. So you can use this as a guide or you can reject it out of hand either way I am experimenting with automatic accidental prophecy.

Here I am in the future.

Now I hope I can convey the things I am seeing, and feeling.

I feel cold. Very cold. It is an inner cold not an outer one. I am aching and I feel like I am suffocating. It isnít comfortable. I can guess that perhaps there is some kind of plague or sickness that is afflicting a lot of people. It is resistant to treatments and there are a few people speculating that we have been attacked with a biological agent.

I can only say that the best wisdom is that you will always receive from life what you expect to receive.

I am seeing that we are experiencing increased tensions dealing with negativity and many people are choosing treatments for mental illness. Mostly anxiety and depression. Many are fearing death and others are telling people to embrace it and live it up until you die.

The Earth will show that it is very much alive and will unleash its fury in various forms with stronger storms, Earthquakes in diverse places and more Volcanoes erupting. I know that Psychics say this all the time. But this time it will be a concern of many, and it will be a point that doom mongers will use as proof of the end times.

The Topic will be popular in movies and on news documentaries.

The power elite is embracing the ghost of McCarthy. The lists of subversives will grow and many will be targets of imprisonment.

There seems to be more of an attempt by groups to teach cultural awareness in order to help us understand why it is that we (Americans) are unwelcome in some parts of the world.

I also saw an article in the news about how being a virgin late in life is more appealing than giving it up at an early age. Keeping a family healthy and less dysfunctional is on the minds of many Americans. There are a few people allowing for time at home with family members and more business transactions being done on the Internet.

The economy has taken its toll on savings and money and so more and more people are bartering and sharing. I am seeing this more and more for Cigarettes and some food items. Drugs for health and homeopathic remedies are also being traded on the Internet and the government will once again demand that taxes be applied online.

Be looking for an agreed upon threat in the realms of Internet security. Microsoft will probably see an attack again. There will be a new Operating system that will phase out the need for Microsoft.

Downloadable games are more popular than movies for cheap escapist entertainment in 2003. Taking a big bite out of television watching, video rental and movie going. DVD has virtually replaced videotape as the medium of choice for home viewers and Hollywood considers simultaneously releasing movies online and in theatres.

Why do I see Princess Diana being talked about again? Or is it just fair skinned blondes in car crashes? The image blurs and I can only draw upon what is past.

Two fair skinned blondes die. I wanna say Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, or Pamela Anderson. Someone like Madonna, or Christina Aguilera. Some sex symbol dies.

When Joe Strummer died I realized how old I was getting. When Joey Ramone died I was really saddened and shocked. When John Entwhistle was found dead and George Harrison died I wondered how it was that the Rolling Stones have escaped tragedy. Maybe Mick or Keith wonít be so lucky in the coming year.

Pope Rhymes with Hope. Hope and the Pope sounds like a major headline.

Or obituary.

It seems that a lot of Hollywoodís rocket to fame types will find themselves in the grave and I wouldnít be too surprised if there will be a surprising suicide from someone that feels that he was never understood by the mainstream. I see that Michael Jackson is on the road to destruction maybe it will be him.

Saddam Hussein made the headlines-- he dies, but I get the feeling that we donít kill him, stress does. He somehow has a number of close calls and then collapses.

The air of civil war is in the United States. Cities are rebelling against new laws that seem to change overnight. The executive branch is running amok and the vulnerable government will find itís Achilles heel and will eliminate it through means of assassination.

In fact I see that the government has many new faces and it looks like there will be a bigger job ahead for Dick Cheney. Bob Dole is also in the news again.

I still say that the food supply will face the dangers of being tainted on a large scale. We have been hearing about the cruise ship stuff, it is a preparatory.

There are many people staying home and doing a lot more e-commerce. This with invention of e-commerce cards. The 4-day working week will also be reconsidered in the United States.

Since less people are getting out of the house and getting dirty there are breakthroughs in ways we clean ourselves.

Bacteria zappers will be installed in homes to kill dangerous Bacteria in homes, and special washing machines for laundry will eliminate odors, and bacteria in non-soiled clothing. There seems to be more of a focus on special room bacteria or biological alarms that beep like smoke alarms when any pathogenic substance is detected in a home.

There seems to be a few revelations about Drugs and homeopathic remedies that donít work, or are ineffective. There was a drug prescribed that had some horrible side effect that was irreversible and attempts were made to sue and they couldnít because of some silly new law that keeps drug companies from being sued for negligence.

It still is on the market!

A great many people have come forward claiming to have been in contact with either extra terrestrials or Angels. Many are getting psychic messages and some have even started religions in order to capture the imagination of those who have rejected their faiths due to scandal and sexual abuse.

The mainstream media sources are losing their power. They are being supplanted by Internet journalists and soon the netís reputation for being a poor source of information will change.

A pilotless commercial jet or space plane is in the works and may be ready to go by 2010.

I was standing in a coffee house bookstore that was printing books right there in the bookstore. They were sent by computer and then printed on paper, bound and given to the people who requested them. It cut the costs of publishers and authors. The books were also sold on disc so that people could take them home and read them on their computers.

There is also a new thing I see here in the future called the human black box. It is a monitoring device either injected or worn that records all conversations and experiences during the day so that you can review or that police can use in the event that you are murdered or killed. It runs on some new technology and records everything that you do.

Well, I am really tired now and I need to get back to 2002.

There I am back.

I wonder about speculation. I wonder if it is all imagination or that maybe I can allow myself to wander into the future of what might be. If the predictions donít come true in 2003 then maybe they will in 2004 or 2005. I noticed that when I made my predictions in 2000 about 2001 I was noticing that they were carried over to 2002. So these predictions could be happening well into 2005.

It is pretty tiring to look ahead.

You set yourself up for all kinds of criticism but take a look back at all of my articles and you will see that I get it right eventually.

I may trail off to flights of fancy but that is just my imagination getting the best of me. I must admit that this next year has been the cloudiest and darkest that I have seen in years.

It will be the equalizer or the balance of the turmoil because there will be frightening experiences where we will continue to ask ourselves "what the hell are we doing to each other?"

The illusion of fear will cloud right and healthy thinking. It has clouded my thinking somewhat and it affects others in different ways.

Words of violence, hate and prejudice will continue and we will also be thinking about how mortal we are when megadeath fears continue with war plagues and terror threats.

The Earth needs to release its tension.

It will release it naturally and many will die as the shift shakes the planet in diverse places.

The only advice to take is the advice that tells you to ride with whatever happens. Realize that your survival is a tribute to your ability to be aware of what might happen. Your ability to love is a tribute to a heart that hasnít turned cold because of past mistrust, divorce, or abandonment.

Satisfaction with what you have, not what you lose is what will make you a better person in 2003.

2003 will be a time to dream dreams and make goals. Your success will be sure if you make goals that insure domestic contentment, and family security. Realize that you need less organized religion in your life and more individual spirituality where selflessness and volunteerism are your ethic.

Realize that there is nothing wrong with intelligent disobedience. Seeing Eye dogs do this. Obey unless you have a better idea. I am sure that many of us do.

Better ideas than our neo-moronic leaders.

Share your truth. Focus on what is scarce in your life and try to replenish the supply of what you lack.

Donít give in to Instant History manipulations that make gods out of misfits, heroes out of failures, or prophets out of presidents. Or for that matter Talk show hosts.

Present Company included.

Happy New Year.


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