By Clyde Lewis

Do you really believe in the Bible? Do you believe itís a key into what the future holds? Do you honestly want to hear that perhaps time is almost up? Would you be at peace knowing the armies of darkness are preparing their final assault on the religious and that they are about to unleash their biggest weapon on the flock? It wonít be a bomb, nor will it be a gun, or a gaggle of stinging scorpions with seven heads. The weapon they are using is confusion.

There is no 23rd chapter in the book of Revelation. It has been warned that anyone adding to the bible or taking away from its prophecies will not be found in the book of life when the messiah returns. Its pages contain some of the most amazing things. The most outrageous things that it predicts are horrifying and the events that will transpire sound like mythological epics.

Yet no one is to add to any of it. What is written is set in stone. No one should take any scripture and omit it from this great work. If it is done, then those who do it are meant to suffer the wrath of God when the final sun sets and the stars fall from heaven.

If this is the charge given by John the beloved then perhaps we have overlooked the coup that the emissaries of evil have accomplished. They have managed to aggressively tear the walls of the religion down and mock the very tenants of the faith.

They use weapons of discouragement, war, and confusion to corrupt the core and then the domino effect takes place as one by one those who are easily shaken become mortar for the walls of the new apostasy.

It is time to ask if the bible is still the important book that everyone claims it is. If it were removed from the earth would it destroy your faith in a powerful superior God? Is there a possibility that a cancer has developed within the ranks of the most revered religions? If the cancer exists then are we seeing the fulfillment of prophecies that we read about in the bible?

Whatever religion you choose to follow is your own decision. The peculiar synchronicity is that it looks as if all religions are being affected by a silent apostasy. The chapels are emptying and the churches are dissolving. Is this a sign that the Satan many Christians believe in is now waging war against them?

There are other religions that are beginning to reveal secrets that have been kept hidden until it was deemed wise to reveal them. The seals are being loosened and the mysteries are slowly being revealed to a flock whose spiritual hunger and the desire for signs needs to be realized.

The new Millennium brought with it the cloud of uncertainty and the promise of a possible return of the messiah that Christians have followed for 2000 years. Not that anyone would admit that they hoped for it but many were thinking that the Y2K "disaster" could have ushered in an Armageddon foretold in the bible.

When the messiah did not return some people dwindled in faith. Others have been shaken and many had questions that needed to be answered. It seems that many people now are not as willing to believe without facts. Faith is guarded and less blind.

There have been the signs seen by many. Sign seekers say that the abnormalities in the seasons, the turbulent storms on the sun, appearances of Comets, and the moonís eclipse that appeared blood red in the sky all mean that the end of the world is near.

Star watchers warn of planet alignments and killer asteroids with earth in the crosshairs waiting to destroy the wicked leaving the faithful to be taken up into heaven with God.

So the question is what to believe? Well it is simply put by every God fearing Christian that when the last trump is blown, the seventh seal will be opened and then 144,000 will be taken away.

The bible has made it clear according to the Christians, yet there are so many interpretations and revelations that many religions argue over. There seems to be no major religion save the Charismatics like Jack Van Impe that play connect the dots with modern news stories and the prophecy that is cryptically written in the bible until now.

Catholics are seeing their religion going through changes and the Pope has been very vocal about prophecy and the fate of the church in what the faithful are calling the end times.

One of the prophecies concerns the alleged visit of the Virgin Mary in Portugal nearly 80 years ago. It has been said that the Virgin appeared to shepherd children in Fatima and told them many secrets and gave prophetic insights into the future. There are many however who feel that these secrets are not to be taken literally and have spoken out against them. Ironically Pope John Paul the second has spoken of them as being "According to the divine plan."

In an interview published in May of 2000 an Italian Newspaper called "La Republica" Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger declared that Catholics are free not to accept the appearance of the Virgin at Fatima as authentic. This statement is a direct contradiction to what Pope John Paul II said on May 13th 2000. The Pope declared that Fatima is the fulfillment of biblical prophecies and the Divine Plan.

Another significant event is that in the middle of all this controversy Italy has granted clemency to Mehmet Ali Agca The Turkish Gunman who was jailed for the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II.

One has to question why this has been done and perhaps the answer lies within the secrets of the Fatima Vision. The Vatican has said that the third part of the secret involved martyrdom and suffering, including a man "clothed in white" who "falls to the ground apparently dead, after he receives a gunshot wound.

Would the gunmanís release have happened if the Fatima prophecies werenít a part of some divine plan? Is evil forgivable if it is done to bring about a divine plan already foreordained by God?

Perhaps yes, if you read the Bible.

In biblical tradition it was Eve who sinned against God. She ate the forbidden fruit and then asked Adam to do the same. This sin brought about the ability for mankind to multiply. "Evil" once again creates an opportunity for good.

When Jesus was crucified it allegedly was all according to plan. Judas betrayed Jesus. If Jesus hadnít been betrayed there never would have been an atoning sacrifice. The salvation brought about by the shedding of Christís blood never would have happened without an act of evil. Christianity would never have existed.

Many will argue that God would have found a way. Maybe so but the Pope has shown us that divine plans have their methods. His release has arguably given more credence to the idea that the Fatima Visons should be taken literally. The Popeís endorsement alone should be a key factor for the Catholics.

Father Joseph de Saint Marie who taught theology in Rome for 10 years said 1982 that once the Pope has judged and recognized that a given prophecy is indeed from God, then a member of the faith must obey, not as obeying a prophet, but as obeying God.

Yet as most serious Catholics know, it has long been considered "politically incorrect" in high Church circles to take the Message of Fatima literally.

How can this be? If the Pope is the Vicar of God?

Father Nicholas Gruner may be the most controversial priest in the Roman Catholic Church because he has said that the Fatima vision should be taken as gospel. Since his ordination in 1976, Father Gruner has spent his time tirelessly promoting devotion to and interest in the message that the Virgin Mary delivered at Fatima in 1917. He has consistently maintained the paramount importance of heeding the solemn requests that the virgin made at Fatima. He has faced ungodly ridicule and harassment for his beliefs and his support of the messages given.

Why are the Pope and the Fatima message being challenged?

There are several reasons why this may be the case. The first may be fear. Fear that the secret of Fatima reveals more than just a fallen Pope. It could also be the sign that the Second Coming of Christ may be on the horizon. Perhaps a great Apostasy is in the works and that a falling away of the faithful may signify the reign of an anti-pope or anti-Christ.

There are many Catholics, which already believe that the Pope today is not a representative of God on the earth. Some other religions have even gone as far as to claim that the Pope is truly an anti-Christ placed in the midst of the faithful to deceive them and confuse them. There are also those who believe that Satanic forces are at work to bring down religion by confusing the members en masse.

Another reason that the Fatima secret may be under scrutiny is because nearly everyone had expected the message to be something more apocalyptic. The third secret had been kept quiet for so long and many believed that the third secret of Fatima revealed a bloody Armageddon where nuclear and biological weapons would be used.

There were others who speculated that the secret would reveal a doctrinal crisis of the Christian Church before Jesus returns to the earth. The secret of Fatima was allegedly so hideous and horrifying that one of the Popes fell to the ground in tears saying that it was just too horrible to reveal.

Why was it held back? What good is a prophecy if it is revealed after it happens?

The so called revelations have been around for 80 years and Pope after Pope were not even interested in stirring up the doom that was in the ďsecretsĒ revealed by the Virginís visit. Two of its so-called "secrets" (The end of World War I and beginning of World War II, and the rise and fall of Soviet communism) were made public.

However the Third Secret remained a mystery for a very long time . The only people who knew the secret were the popes and perhaps a few assistants and scribes who were sworn to the utmost secrecy.

Holding the whole thing back and then revealing only part of it may have done more harm than good. There were millions who were certain it contained catastrophic revelations of end-times doom.

The church has already heard tales of other revelations and visions a part from Fatima that state that the church is well on itís way to disaster. The church has seen its share of contention since the convening of the second Vatican council.

This could very well fulfill biblical prophecy where the Apostle Paul spoke of a falling away from Christ before his Second Coming. If the bible is a true work for Christians then this needs to be considered.

The falling away from Christ would then usher in a time where man would worship all things material and this would open the door for the reign of the anti-Christ or anti-life entity incarnate that embraces the reptilian or natural state of man instead of the spiritual.

Satan if he exists at all, would raise armies to rage war against the faithful and these armies would move silently infiltrating the flock using tools of confusion and deception.

Are Christians willing to accept that perhaps that evil already has infiltrated their congregations? Even religious hiearchies?

It is possible that this is transpiring. We are already seeing that God will allow evil to creep in under the radar to fulfill divine plans. The great apostasy is a divine plan. Like it or not you have to at least figure that if the Second Coming is near then prophecies are in the process of being fulfilled or have already been fulfilled.

This includes the unleashing of evil and confusion in the very realms that are occupied by God. It is possible. The Bible says so. Jesus and Satan were able to occupy the same space. When in the desert Satan did not flee from the Lord. Why should he avoid entering the Cathedral? That is where the friable spirits are.

What would keep him or one of his agents from occupying a place of power in order to go out and deceive the nations of the world such is spoken of in the book of Revelations?

We have speculated before that perhaps certain revelations have already been fulfilled. Fatima may or may not be a part of this scenario. However thinking outside of the box and absorbing all that is apocalyptic one needs to evaluate if they truly believe the bible and believe that it is a key to unlocking prophecy.

The timing of the Fatima revelation is uncanny when you realize that there are many of us who believe that we now live in the apocalypse, a word that means "all will be revealed or uncovered."

Perhaps now more than ever we need to declare that we believe in our individual leaders who claim to speak on behalf of God on earth. Or perhaps we should expose them for who they might be; agents of Lucifer.

Who will have the courage to step forward and call a revered man of God an agent of the serpent who hides behind his gold and ornate temples? It is a difficult task. It is a scenario that only Satan could develop. No one wants to spoil the party. Religion has had it good for 2000 years. How could they reveal that there are wolves amongst the flock? Itís bad public relations.

Apologists say that you canít fault Christianity for the confusion. So who do you fault? God? You are damned if you question those in power over you.

It is a scenario where you are spiritually trapped. It also is a perfect psychological prison because you believe that the Messiah is due to return yet you are unable to decipher the cryptic signposts and keys that have been left as revelation. If prophecy is kept from you and then revealed later, you havenít got a prayer. If Jesus is returning, why does the world act as if there is no God? Everyone should be thinking about this. Not to the point of obsession but there should be some preparation both physically and spiritually. That is why I ask if people truly believe in the end times scenario?

Popes or Prophets, priests or politicians allegedly have to answer to the creator. Basically because they allegedly follow a belief system based in some religion. Christian, Protestant, and Jew, Muslim Mormon or Hindu the religious leaders of the world all secretly have in the back of their minds a belief in the fullness of times where the Gods return to redeem or save their individual peoples.

This would have to mean that somewhere there would have to be a secret or classified protocol for welcoming a benevolent Extra terrestrial "deity" into the world. Otherwise the bright light and chariot of fire that delivers this "messiah" could be misinterpreted as hostile and could be fired on with the weapons of mass destruction that man has developed.

If no protocol exists then perhaps there is no literal Second Coming. If there is a protocol then we have been lied to about the possibility of Gods or demigods coming to this planet.

Think of it, a being coming down from heaven in a cloud of light, how would we interpret such a remarkable event? Sure every religion will see their own God or deliverer, but will others see a mother ship or perhaps an alien landing?

How do we apply biblical revelation to our own times, which have been deemed ad nauseum as the "last days" the "fullness of times" the "latter days" the "apocalypse?"

There have been countless clergymen who have said that these are those times and that the Lordís coming is drawing near.

We have pointed out in the past some ďfringeĒ theories that may prove that prophecy has been fulfilled and yet no one else seems to see the correlation because they have not been passed down by a pontiff or a prophet. Here are some examples of Ground Zero interpretations of apocalyptic prophecy fulfilled:
  • Princess Dianaís death was the fulfillment of the Scarlet Woman of Babylon prophecy. This Prophecy is related in Revelations 12. If you would like to read more you can go to The Diana Prophecies for more.

  • Many speculate that perhaps Prince Charles or one of his heirs maybe the Anti-Christ. If you wish to read more you can read The Dark Prince of Great BabyLondon

  • We are living in the times that are talked about in Mark Chapter 13. If you want to read the theories about this you can read "Postcards from the Apocalypse"

  • The world is preparing itself to be ruled by a global government that may demand you to receive a biometric chip so that you can be tracked and monitored. Many believe that the chip is what has been talked about in Revelations 13:16.

  • An Ouija board encounter speaks of future events that may or may not happen however the scripture references and the words used are creepy. The Spirit speaks of the arrival of Elijah. You can read "Ephrainís Warning" and ask yourself if it is all "automatic writing."

  • The Books of Daniel and Revelation are clear that the Anti-Christ has several traits that are being displayed today with some of our religious and political leaders. To see the theories in context you can read "Building a Better Antichrist".

Keep in mind that I do not consider myself a prophet. So I do know the consequences of looking like a fool when it comes to interpretations and speculative "heated discussion" but it all is very interesting. Finding texts of "proof" is good sport and I make no excuses. I am merely doing what others before me have done.

I donít have to be a Priest or a cardinal to see some very peculiar coincidences with regards to biblical prophecy. We can see that even a Pope has trouble with those who allegedly support him. If Fatima can be one Popeís divine plan, it can also be a cardinalís divine pap.

What are people looking for to fulfill prophecy? What satisfies someone who seeks a fulfillment of prophecy? What does it take to convince someone that a prophecy is fulfilled? Is prophecy still prophecy if it is quoted or interpreted after the fact?

The truth is prophecy is being fulfilled. Only because the faithful will tell you that "God moves in mysterious ways". I can say that maybe it is self-fulfilling. No one has truly hit a prophecy dead on. It has always been quoted as "fulfilled" after the fact and after much debate.

The prophecy is only fulfilled if you believe it has been. It is obviously so.

Take for example the possibility that the recent death of Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad has played a synchronistic role in the prophecies spoken of in the book of Luke. There are other things spoken of as well such as war, deliverence, wonders in the heavens such as Sunstorms, lights on the moon, lunar eclipse, comets. His death is a major coincidence since it comes at a time when the world is fearing a global conflict. His death is also synchronistic for other reasons.

In Luke Chapter 21:22-28 it says:

For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled. But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days! for there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people. And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Assadís death was June 10th, 2000. He died at the early age of 69. He was considered an enemy of Isreal. How coincidental that his death fell on the day that was the anniversary of the six-day war. He is also the last leader of the three that were warring during the six-day war in 1967. Egypt, Jordan and Syria fought in that war and on June 10th, Syria surrendered to Israel and lost the Golan Heights. Some other coincidental findings are that Assad died exactly 33 years after the surrender. Oddly enough 33 years is how long Jesus lived. Assad died during Pentecost. Assad died in the Jubilee year which is exactly the 50th anniversary of Israel declaring Jersalem its capital in 1950. Scholars calculate that Assad died in the 6,000th or 6,001st year since Adam, and the 2,000th year since Jesus' birth.

His Death and a number of other strange coincidences spoken of in the scriptures all seem to be playing out in some self fulfilled religious parody.

Sun Storms have been at their highest and 3 days after Assadís death it was reported that Audouin Dollfus of the Observatoire de Paris had recorded seeing dancing lunar lights in on the floor of the large crater Langrenus. Coincidences surely, but eerie none the less. Eerie when you consider that all things according to ďdivine planĒ seem to be happening and that the last scripture in passage says that the messiah shall return after mankindís distress:

And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Governments appear to be preparing for war. There are rumors that attacks are eminent. There are many that will agree that all of the secrets being revealed are precursors to Armageddon and eventually the all out war between good and evil.

The thing commonly overlooked is that all of these "glimpses" into the darkest futures do nothing to build upon faith. They merely bring up more questions and in some case disillusionment. What exactly does the knowledge that there will be "wailing and gnashing of teeth " do to benefit your life?

The men of God have argued that these prophecies and "visions" are meant to increase your faith in God. A few clergymen will agree that visions that forecast doom are here to urge you to repent.

However they could very well deflect the beauty and purpose of what religion is supposed to espouse and that is love and the idea of a loving and tolerant God who doesnít keep secrets.

The doom and gloom of "secrets" and peeks into the abyss are nothing more than distractions. If Jesus were to return tomorrow, he not only would have to deliver us from evil, but deliver us from all of the confusion that has been perpetrated by religions that act in his name.


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