A Ground Zero exclusive report by Clyde Lewis

"Vicki" is 43 years old. She is lucky to be alive. She kept a secret hidden from everyone. She had known a demon and had been his host for many life times. She was released from her torment on October 6th, 2001. At least this is what she believes. She feels it with every fiber of her being.

The story of "Vicki" is a story of possession and a demon that has followed her throughout her life. This Demon has had an attachment through several lives. "Vicki" believes that her essence has been around since the man first emerged. The Demon Asmodean first appeared in a past life around what she can determine to be AD 1150.

She claims that the woman that she was in that time during that past life, called upon a demon and he materialized. His name was "Asmodean." Since she persisted in calling it "Asmodeus", she had no power over it and it tore her to pieces. Strangely, her soul was not cast into the depths as you might expect, but simply remained in the dark for about 50 to 100 years. While she cannot remember all of her past lives she is certain that the demon attached himself to her essence and refused to let go, causing no end of trouble in all of her subsequent lives.

The demons Asmodean and Asmodeus are related and according to the Old Testament book of Tobit, Asmodean existed. After research on the various demons spoken of in holy writings that account of Sarah in the book of Tobit speaks of these demons.

An account in Old Testament scripture tells the story of how Asmodeus was bound by Raphael.

In the book of Tobit, Sara had been married seven times, but Asmodeus had slain all of her husbands before they could consummate their marriage.

"For she had been married to seven husbands, but the wicked demon Asmodeus killed them off before they could have intercourse with her, as it is prescribed for wives. So the maid said to her: "You are the one who strangles your husbands! Look at you! You have already been married seven times, but you have had no joy with any one of your husbands." - The book of Tobit Chapter 3:8

Sara eventually married Tobias, the son of Tobit, who was able to banish Asmodeus by burning the heart and liver of a special fish given to him by the angel Raphael in their bedchamber. Asmodeus fled to Egypt, where Raphael caught up with him and bound him up.

Now if you can't find the account of this demon do not be surprised. In some circles the book of Tobit is apocryphal. It is not included in most Protestant Bibles and in Jewish Old Testament writings.

The name Asmodean and Asmodeus are names that have been hidden away from most of the protestant faiths. Their modus operandi isn't known by many.

However "Vicki's" life experiences can demonstrate that the demons showed the same personality traits as the demon that allegedly pulverized the woman in 1150 AD and Sara's bad luck with husbands.

"Vicki" recalls some horrible activity that plagued her while the demon had attached itself to her.

"I suspect that he (Asmodean) and I were responsible for a great deal of misery and suffering in that time, but as I said, I'm not really sure.

I do know that for absolute certain sure I have had an "evil" presence in my life as long as I can remember! I learned early on that I cannot get angry without bad things happening. The first time I was truly enraged, a young friend of mine was responsible for an accident that injured my sister. When I discovered this, I became so incredibly angry, I was unable to breathe correctly and my parents thought I was having some kind of "fit". I quickly recovered, but for some reason, my friend became deathly ill with rheumatic fever, sustaining severe heart damage while eventually surviving the disease. I quickly made the connection between the two events and wisely did not say anything to anyone at the time."

Over the course of growing up the next decade, "Vicki" claims that many spirits visited her. But he did not interact with them. They just remained around her and she assumed that they were there awaiting communication with the demon.

As with most people who have had experiences that they do not understand she studied and read about occult experiences and astral projection.

"My mother is a devout Christian, and did not approve of my even mentioning anything remotely metaphysical, so I was unable to pursue my research very far without detection. I did learn how to "travel" and spent many nights going wherever I wished. I truly enjoy what I call traveling, and was disappointed when it became less available to me as I matured as a young woman."

She began to realize that negative thought forms had power and when she became angry, horrible things would happen to people she knew.

Growing up in the 1970's and the drug scene was also detrimental and turned up the disaster a notch.

She also experimented with Witchcraft.

I feel I should also mention that as a result of several incidences of my being angry and VERY bad things happening as a result, I was kind of afraid to attempt any real spell work that was recommended in the books I was reading. I felt that I was not even attracted to what you would have to call "the Dark side" of the occult--it scared me!!!

I have always felt drawn to the supposedly "bad things" that life has to offer. Since I gained my maturity in the 70's, there were a lot of substances available, and there was always "free love" !! Although I did a lot of experimenting, I could feel the pull of the evil they had to offer and managed to stay mostly out of trouble. I will say that I've never been truly addicted to any substances.

She recalls when the anger within became so powerful it threatened the lives of those she loved.

"I got truly angry once more when I was around 20, when my Father repossessed a car I was buying. About a week later, he was driving it in Tacoma, when he was hit by a drunk driver and barely managed to avoid serious injury. The car was totaled"

She was always plagued with bad dreams and would scream, cry and fight with beings in her sleep.

At a gathering of friends she began to notice that she could see Auras. She began to see light energy flow from a friend of hers. Later she could see purplish blue light coming from an acquaintance.

Since that time, she realized that if she looked at a person correctly, She could see their energy and colors coming from them. Incredibly "Vicki" has poor eyesight. She has been forced into wearing incredibly thick eyeglasses in order for her to see.

In a very strange coincidence the apocryphal book of Tobit in the Old Testament tells not only of Sara but of Tobit and his blindness and eventual cure.

Tobit was plagued with cataracts.

"Vicki" was living a life of misery.

A friend named William offered to do a past life regression on her to find out just what was at the core of her misery.

"To all of our surprise, in the middle of a hallway full of doors into other lives, there was a doorway covered with a transparent substance--behind which was an incredibly evil creature--essentially a black hole of darkness. a void, shaped roughly like a caricature of a demon--horns, teeth, etc... We were absolutely terrified and could not figure out how or why it was there. We backed out of that in a hurry and tried to regroup. Over the course of the next few weeks, information would kind of float to the surface of my conscious mind that made more sense. It became much more clear who and what this being was. I found more and more connections between my feelings of not being in control of my own choices, and this entity that seemed to be a part of me. It became more and more prevalent in my thinking and I decided that it might make sense to try an exorcism.

The full account of the exorcism is a terrifying story of how bad home made exorcisms can be. The news has been full of stories of people who have killed people trying to exorcise demons in the name of god. When dealing with demons many people think they are capable of rebukes and renunciations but put them face to face with the real thing and they can be possessed themselves.

On March 31st 1996 the Pawtucket Rhode Island times reported a horrific story of a Christian man who believed that his mother-in-law was demon possessed. He decided to perform an exorcism. The exorcism was a blood bath. Mario Garcia used two eight-inch solid steel crucifixes to puncture the throat of his 47-year-old mother -in -law. When Police arrived Garcia was screaming "The Devil is in her" as his mother-in-law was bleeding and gasping for breath. The crucifixes punctured her esophagus and windpipe.

The New York Post and the Associated press reported that a 17 year old cheerleader from Long Island named Charity Miranda was suffocated with a plastic bag by her Mother and Sister. All because she had the flu. Miranda started throwing up and lost 10 pounds. Her mother interpreted the sickness as Demon possession. Her Sister convinced Charity that she was possessed and according to her sister Serena she agreed to an exorcism. They prayed over her body as she gasped for air.

Kira Canhoto a two year old just going through the terrible twos was literally drowned in a Baptism ritual. The baby was upset and her mother and Grandmother decided she was possessed and forced her to drink large quantities of water.

Janice Gibson was convinced her whole family was possessed. She made the statement at her Pentecostal church that her family will pray and look to the Bible for guidance on the road to repentance. After the service she went home. Janice convinced her Husband that she was God and that the Children needed to be cleansed. She beat her two year old to death by pounding her face in.

The ordeal lasted 10 minutes. She then decided that her son Dane was the Devil and that he made her do it. She decided to exorcise him. She took a cinder block and hit her son repeatedly on the head asking him if he believed in Jesus. He continued to Scream "I believe in Jesus, I believe in Jesus "until the boy died a horrible torturous death.

"Vicki's" exorcism almost ended in her death and she recalls that she was facing the possibility of having her throat cut during the ritual.

"The first time I asked my friend William to help me dispose of this creature, he was very hesitant--he had done something similar in the past and nearly lost his own life in the process. I agreed to wait until I felt I had enough people I trusted to be in the circle of power. Over the next year, I made several friends that I thought had the right colors and temperament to be able to help me in my endeavor. There is a core group of people that I refer to as my "family" (I guess we could be a "coven" if we wanted to be) In addition to these four people, I also had some friends who thought they could help.

I finally got up the nerve to confront this on October 6th of 2001. We agreed beforehand on several things---chiefly that although we would all have psychic weapons, there would be no live steel in the circle. William, who is a wiccan priest, agreed to cast the circle and hold me in his arms so I would feel safe. He even set up a code word so that after they engaged the demon, my essence could go to a calm peaceful place of safety. Unfortunately, things began to go wrong when the woman I had asked to help was unable to get any cooperation from the demon. There were several swords on display on the wall behind her, so she grabbed one and held the edge (blunted) against the side of my throat. This was ineffective, so she put the point (very sharp) against my trachea in order to get the demon to comply with his name. I will never forget as long as I live, the feeling of that sword, nicking my throat---she would have killed my in order to get the demon to appear!

It did cooperate enough to tell us his name---Asmodean--- Unfortunately, she, like the woman before her, mispronounced it numerous times. He was actually located deep in my chest making it difficult at times impossible to breathe. She and another friend who was there, were unable to do anything with it. After a very long time---I was starting to asphyxiate, so I really don't know how long... William said---Enough!!

He knocked her out of the way and put his hand on my chest. Actually, from my angle, his hand was INSIDE my chest. I could feel it in there, sifting, probing, gathering up what was the demon and leaving behind what was me. As his hand left my chest, I felt a terrible ripping, tearing sensation through the bone and flesh. I should mention that my other good friend was there with me. He had grabbed my hand when I started having trouble breathing and kept me there and stable with his incredible power. I truly believe that if my friend had not been holding my hand, and if it had been anyone but William to remove the demon, I would not be alive today. After the demon ripped free, (no blood, just in my own mind) I passed out. But I was told that between William and my other three real friends, the demon was disincorporated into its requisite atoms, and scattered.

Sort of like scattering ashes into the ocean. It could reassemble, but it I believe it would take several thousand years. When I opened my eyes again, I seemed to be in a place with stone walls lit by torches. Someone was insisting I stand up and sing. As I attempted to sing the Goddess chant, things began to slowly become clearer, we were in a circle, still in the same room, but somehow things were superimposed with what I was seeing in my head---a dungeon? a cave? I don't know... I felt what seemed to be a hole in my chest---where he had put his hand. And my throat appeared unmarked---though it felt like it was still bleeding."

"Vicki" now feels free.

"Vicki" also says that after the exorcism she had no feeling between her breasts.

"When I put on a seatbelt in a car, I could not feel it between my breasts---there was nothing there... I have since started to fill that hole with love--of family and friends, as well as the feeling that I don't have to be afraid of losing control any longer. If I do something I know is wrong---it's ME doing it, not some force trying to get me to do it."

She still sees colors and energies and is living what she believes is a normal life.

"I am becoming more MYSELF every day. It has been a very long time since I have felt alone in my own body, and I think I like it!"

"Vicki" is doing well and lives in Washington State.

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