By Clyde Lewis

The Earth stands to benefit from a cleansing cycle. 2004 will be the time of great escalation and some people will pay attention to what appears to be fulfillment of prophecies. While it is tempting to allow the controllers to manipulate you and convince you that all is crumbling beneath you it is also important to pay strict attention to objective reality both right and left. Stand strong in the extended middle, it is there where you will also see the future.

In the year of our lord 4,500,000,000 a very significant event will take place. It is estimated that at this time the sun will swell into a red giant star, swallowing Mercury, Venus, Earth, and perhaps Mars. This is what scientists call doomsday.

Looking at the time line from 2004 until then we can all take heart in believing that we have plenty of time to get it right and to start living better. However it is apparent that there are many people in high and mighty places that believe that the world is beginning to crumble.

These great and powerful agents will have you believe that it is their responsibility to save the people of planet earth from a nebulous threat and that this threat must be dissolved before the return of a great and powerful prejudiced God.

It is sad to think that there are a majority of Americans out there that are limiting their vision out of fear. I have been getting a mounting sense that people act today as if they have no future. The reason for this is because there are many people who have been told that the looming gloom is ahead of them and Nostradamus and the Apostle John have written it out in black and white for all to see and believe.

Many prophecies and many scriptures have been interpreted to ensure a rocky road ahead and to question these speculative interpretations from so called prophets has become a latter day heresy. These scriptures and passages have been the all encompassing excuse for the powerful to engender hate and to twist what was written into a blueprint for apocalyptic war and apocalyptic thought forms.

It has become the norm in the early 21st century to allow thoughts of hate and fear dominate the Western society and with it we are making our calling and election sure.

The clouds of uncertainty have formed and the great storm has shown that it is powerful. The angel in the whirlwind has manifested itself and it has been called upon by our great leaders as a mystical tool of perpetual war. This angel opened the gate for a great and terrible quaking and rumbling. It has opened the soul for troubling thoughts and the feeling of helplessness.

From the year 2001 to 2003 we have seen the advent of terror and the cold feelings of dread holding us in an icy, clutching grip. Many people have rejected logic for rush to judgement. They are now leaning on our leaders and giving them the charge of personal savior in the hope that they will eliminate the invisible threat.

This was the first phase of the abomination of desolation. The second phase begins in 2004.

The year 2004 will be a time where the middle of the story begins. The middle of the story will include ritual, apocalyptic unraveling, and the crumbling of the foundations that hold up all that is sacred. If the world is a temple and it is held up by a great stone, the stone will begin to show that it is weathering and it will begin to crumble underneath the weight of war, plagues, and the dark forces setting up shop in the holy of holies.

I say this based on what I have seen transpire at the beginning of the new Millennium and how it was the launch point for the New World Order.

The year 2001 gave us a new leadership and the conflagration of terrorism. Our journey had no sooner begun and we were facing the murderous philosophies of fanatical leaders who made sure that the apocalypse got its push.

We have reached a solid Apocalypse culture and in it the idea of an "anything goes" philosophy has taken hold and many people live their lives as if they are not going to get what they have always wanted.

In the process they have cheated and lied their way into the spotlight. They have not worked hard enough to earn their positions and so they have set themselves up for a psychological failure. In the meantime they will reap whatever they can consume. Money, power, immortality all of the illusory party favors that the shallow and non-spiritual beings value.

There are some who have allowed themselves to fall into a cerebral anarchy, while others have allowed a short attention span to keep them in ignorance and denial about how we are truly spinning in a vortex of destructive behaviors.

In order to get attention anymore you have to formulate a freak show with whistles and bells that stimulates the senses, yet doesnít deliver anything new or surprising.

The media has learned this and they have used it liberally as a method of manipulation. None of the hard questions are asked of our leaders, there is no accountability, or any kind of morality.

They seem to be cheerleaders for the mass murder. They glorify our leaders like they are Hollywood stars playing out a part. It is directed and lit with precision. It is also analyzed and with every opinion poll and bought interview the public can be swayed into making unwise decisions about just what kind of people we value in this country.

It is time to say with clear voice and determined soul that the people that are at the controls of this planet are not looking out for you and me. They are looking out for themselves. We give them carte blanche with our vote. We give them a blank check when we do not protest the system that ignores the wishes of the people.

The ignorant continue to give their support of leaders that are no different than the mob. They carry out contract murders, and they make deals with an array of unsavory characters.

They act on the base instincts and with the aid of remote control can send a missile into a small middle eastern village, and have a meeting with other dignitaries and secret societal social butterflies over coffee while women and children burn to a cinder.

You wonít see the death and the destruction. You will only hear the victory. You will hear great religious authorities demand accountability. Their word will be twisted and manipulated so that many people will allow their hateful thought forms to take over and their resentment for misdeeds and mayhem will be dug up once again. The blame will be levied against a new scapegoat and that scapegoat will rebel and there will be more intensive strikes and tits for tats.

This seems to be the repeating cycle we have not yet broken and it will continue to facilitate itself in 2004.

It gets to the point where I understand that the nebulous future is not so nebulous and there is a trick to seeing patterns within the chaos.

It is based on nothing scientific and I know that many a skeptic will say that what I am trying to do is be a psychic, and that I expect all of my predictions to come true.

This is not the case.

I do know that there are constants in science and that there are a few of the readers of my forums who feel that I am talking out of another end of my body rather than using mathematics or some other proven method of finding probabilities.

There is no math or scientific method that can take the place of nagging intuition or good inspiration. I urge people to listen to their heart as I do. I ask people to search their soul and tune into the still small voice within them and learn to trust their inner most harmony.

If your inner harmony is troubled then you must listen to what your heart is telling you.

In the year 2004 it will be important for you to peel away the layers of the outward appearances in order to reveal peopleís hidden thoughts, their hidden agendas.

At this time it is crucial. Especially as we are preparing to go to the polls and elect a new president. No matter what you see, no matter what you hear, it is going to be difficult to make the right decision. In fact I can safely say that there is no right decision any more.

You are being told that there is an opposite, when in reality there is no opposite.

Most of those who are seeking your confidence are all well schooled in the techniques of herd tendering. They know what buttons to push and what things to say in order to get you to say "how high" when they say jump.

Our world leaders have adopted Hegelian techniques to insure compliance. It is evident that they make their decisions based on agreements made by elite, secret societies. Their actions and decisions canít be explained completely to people who have not been exposed to Hegelian dialectic.

In Hegelian philosophy the conflict of the conservative right or liberal left, good or evil, thesis and antithesis is important to these secret elitists in order to give you that harsh push forward. They know that you have been groomed well, and that a cessation of your thought prison would be a psychological disruption.

Itís hard to stand up and tell the audience that the magicianís tricks are obvious. It is up to you to do this. It is up to you to declare that you will not participate in deadly parlor tricks.

This takes courage.

Sometimes it is hard to declare that you will not fear when everything around you seems to crumbling and your inner spiritual core is on the verge of turning cold. There are many people in power that know how to grab you and crush your will.

They have a great deal of guilt that they can hang on you and this thwarts your inner harmony. They count on their true followers to police the herd, and label those who do not wish to participate.

You have heard the language. You are either with us or against us, patriot, or terrorist, good guy, or evil doer. They know that if they can convince you of a crisis or a conflict between thesis and antithesis you will unwittingly participate in a new synthesis or new historical situation that can pave the way for their control over your daily actions.

The World situation, the war, the apparent apocalypse has been created. It was allowed to happen. It is a classic orchestration. The frightening part is that the leaders of the World have taken the Hegelian process further by allowing Government to emphasize that they are acting on behalf of God. The warring groups all over the planet have now embraced God as their weapon of mass destruction.

In this mad world the "State" is God. Terrorists have their duty to the state, which ipso facto is their God.

This applies to all terrorists.

Donít fall into the trap of pointing fingers at groups that we have stereotyped as terrorists.

Governing officials in parts of the Middle East are encouraging the actions of fanatical Muslims. The acts of Jewish militants are being dictated from their Governments, and our Government has established that Christianity is the driving force behind our acts of terrorism.

It is all terrorism.

They will tell you that it is defense against those who hate our liberty. However it must be noted that the same philosophy is being told by all of these fanatical wasters of life and limb. The best solution is to take all of these crazy leaders and lock them away somewhere where they can plot to kill each other instead of putting you in the cross hairs for their selfish gain.

I canít understand how this type of behavior fails to rile anyone.

I canít see how this type of attitude does not immediately warrant a special force to go in and take out every single fanatical tyrant who wishes to take advantage of the poor souls who have been taught to follow till their last breath a leader who does not wish to represent the whole.

Our leaders tell you that your service to the State is also a service to the God that they have chosen to worship. The State gives you "absolute truth" and that true freedom comes form obedience to the Stateís wishes.

It is deplorable worship of the State for a reward. It is the March of God through history, the crusade and the fulfillment of divine revelation where governments twist possible futures for their own gain.

For thousands of years it has been taught from the pulpit that God is the God of peace. The new God that the Hegelian wizards are employing is the God of Wrath.

"Deus Irae."

"The march of God in history is the cause of the existence of states, their foundation is the power of Reason realizing itself as will. Every state, whatever it be, participates in the Divine essence. The State is not the work of human art, only Reason could produce it."-- Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

The Hegelian Octopus of intelligence has its tentacles in the very cogs that operate the American Machine. Each tentacle is entangled in various cabals, secret societies, alphabet agencies, religions, and businesses.

With zealous devotion to their secret agenda the chain will never be broken because of the naive trust that we have given to the "order." They have abused God and power to bring about their will and your will is not important to them.

Victorian Prime Minister Benjamin Disreali said that there are dark actors behind the scenes holding the keys of true power.

"The World is governed by different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."óBenjamin Disreali

Today we hear the Queen of England, and the late scientist David Kelly mention the dark actors behind the curtain doing their nefarious deeds to bring about a refining process that eliminates those who continue to thwart the agendas of the secret orders in power.

Hillary Clinton and Madeline Albright have both hinted at some sort of conspiracy that is orchestrating public approval and public disdain.

"The great story here for anybody willing to find it, write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy" --Hillary Clinton

It isnít limited to just one side. Both sides are playing the middle demanding that you choose a side.

The players know how to play with the bewildered herd because they have the power and the money to earn your trust. They create the bogeymen, the dragons and the monsters that they eventually slay for the photogenic moment and the naive will respond with praise because it will appear that the happy hero who secretly held the cards the whole time has once again saved the world.

"I wonder when George Bush will drag Osama bin Laden out of hiding? Just before the election?"óMadeline Albright speaking to a Fox News reporter, His response was "You canít be serious!"

Comments like these are evident that some people are beginning to play the conspiracy card because it seems that the wielders of power donít even care if you suspect that they are manipulating you.

News reports have now revealed that our administration was well aware the September 11th, attacks. These stories donít get the repetition that they deserve and many people in the media have put a moratorium on the mere suggestion of such a crime against the United States from within.

I was listening to an Art Bell program where Art solicited predictions from his listeners. One listener predicted that there would be evidence to suggest that George W. Bush allowed the September 11th, attacks to happen.

Art sounded uncomfortable. He then did his best to sequester and dismiss the mere suggestion. George Noory has done the same thing on many of his shows claiming that it is speculation and there is no proof of any of those allegations.

The reason why there is no proof to their satisfaction is because of denial. There needs to be accountability for failure. I personally believe that both Noory and Bell want their checks to cash and of course their parent company is in bed with the Bush administration.

They might as well get out the kneepads and learn their "pleasing" techniques because they are coming off as sounding like Johnson sucking shills and sellouts.

But that doesnít matter they still have their power and money to keep them capable of lying and apologizing for the New World order. Their shows now are not even shows anymore. They are just filler for an insomniac audience that only thinks they are awake. Many other talk show hosts and media spokespeople arenít in the business of investigation anymore. The reason is because there are many powerful people that will put a price on the head of anyone who upsets the apple cart. Here in America we have been confused over what is important in this war and we have been confused about what really happened to America in 2001.

We all surely want to bring the Middle Eastern perpetrators to trial and yet we seem to want to ignore those who were negligent. We avoid chastising those who pull a plausible deniability card.

These are the actions of leaders who forfeit responsibility and accountability.

"Nixon was not a crook. George H.W. Bush was out of the loop with regard to the Iran Contra scandals of the 1980ís. Bill Clinton didnít inhale and he didnít have sex with Monica Lewinsky. George W. Bush carried out a war that was retaliatory for the actions of September 11th, and because there was unimpeachable evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq."óLies, Lies and More Lies

These are not my statements. These are the statements of our past leaders and there are many people who believe their lies because they donít want to admit that the President selected from their party is a liar.

They tell us that we need to get over it and that no one is perfect.

I agree that no one is perfect. That is why the invented repentance and apology. That is why God gave us the ability to forgive.

In 2004 will you have the courage to forgive?

In 2004 will you be able to see the patterns of deceit?

Do you have the courage to admit that these men who seek the highest office in the country are all liars who will say what you want to hear? Do you have the courage to tell your friends and neighbors that their party affiliation does not matter?

They have abused their power and they have deceived you.

You can write them off as little lies. You can say that they really donít matter. If they can lie about these little things, they can do other things far more horrible and devious.

To say otherwise is to be in denial.

To be silent, is an unwitting agreement.

They are all guilty of abuse. They are all guilty of terror. They are all accomplices of crimes against humanity. There is no defender among them. They are all instigators from Hussein, to Sharon, to Bush.

They are all Liars, murderers, and are culpable.

They have used ritual and blood sacrifice to push history in a direction that they can be comfortable with. It is a process of correction, and an alignment. It is a cleansing moment where they will escalate tensions and conflicts to bring about a refining of the populace. They have ordered the suicide bombers, the bulldozers to kill peacekeepers, and the armies to kill innocent children. They are cleansing the earth of those whom they feel are inferior.

A new cleansing moment is at hand in 2004.

Many things in 2004 will be wiped away. They will be discontinued, or reformed in order to further the agenda of the elite. There will be the usual triggers to get you to act and certain actions will receive a programmed response.

Take a look at the past and see what triggers through time have caused the time loops to realign and move the bewildered herd in a new direction.

Think of the lies that have been told in the past by those whom we have trusted to lead us. Yet we still play the game like stupid lap dogs hoping for a different outcome.

Einstein defined this as Insanity.

I am feeling the urge to try and jump ahead to 2004 like I do every year. What I do is I dole out the probabilities based on the past and what I see as possible stories that will crop up during the year. My accuracy has been pretty close. Usually I drop names that make the news. I tell people that what I get are flashes of possible futures. I will now highlight these predictions to indicate that I am now channeling the information.

I am here in 2004 a New Year and for me new opportunities. I feel more confident in 2004. I feel as though all of my work has paid off and there are many people that have been supportive of me that have planned ahead and have become more aware. Being aware has kept me comforted and prepared. I have to stress that everything is not perfect. There are still obstacles that are tenuous. I think that perhaps we are getting used to our new horrific world and that whatever comes our way we can either dodge it or understand why it happened. It still seems a bit contrived.

January is not good. It seems like February is also loaded with fear mongering and spiritual turmoil. I turn 40 this year and many people seem to be losing their passion for life.

I still see an assassination of a very important figure in the war. Bush still is acting cavalier. His safety is priority. I see a hearse traveling through Washington. It is very creepy and it moves slowly through the street up Pennsylvania Avenue. George W. Bushís future is uncertain. If he escapes the dangers of this year he will win the election but not by a landslide. The future is going to be turbulent for Bush. He is not out of the woods there are many who want to see him fall. Bush will also learn, like Hitler the lesson of overstepping his boundaries and he will learn a lesson at the expense of our soldiers and American lives.

I saw a large snowball in the sky. It hit a mountain and triggered an avalanche. I think that this is a representation of some very interesting things in space that effect the earth. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that reshape land masses. In the same dream I was covered in mud and had to hide underground to avoid some of the debris that falls from the sky. Is the snowball a comet? Is it a fireball? I canít make it out clearly. I just know of the aftermath.

They have finally decided to tell the truth about possible life on other planets. It may not be all that clear but it is a start. There is also a report of an asteroid that parked over earth. It is just there; no one knows where it came from. It orbits the earth. Many people think it is intelligently controlled.

I canít believe that they are claiming that they have found the Ark of the Covenant.

Does Israel truly have it?

Last year I remember saying something about the meat supply being tainted, and the vegetable supply being tainted as well. It is getting worse and new restrictions are being placed on store bought produce. There are lobbyists claiming that genetically modified food are the answer to all of our problems and that the cloning of cattle will insure that there will be no Mad cow disease.

Meanwhile the Red Heifer will be in the news. It will be a red-haired cow of prophecy bred by wealthy Christians for use in a sacred ritual.

There will be a study that will reveal what we have feared. Many of us have already been exposed to the TSE prion. There will be more revelations about other animals that carry the prion and it will be revealed that chemical contamination from insecticides and carcinogenic chemicals from planes and automobiles have contaminated the vegetation and that cows, pigs, and sheep have other hidden diseases incubating inside them.

Last year I predicted stories about Princess Diana and Michael Jackson. I predicted Jacksonís suicide. He didnít kill himself, but his career has been killed. He may still do something terrible rather than face prison and perhaps what I saw was Michael after his prison sentence. Diana of course as in the news again as they are about to do an inquest.

There is news that Diana was pregnant with the child of Dodi Al Fayed when she was killed.

The Lord of the Rings Movies have spawned all kinds of crappy movies about other mythologies. The stories that continue to dominate the movies include Arthurian metaphors. Lord of the Rings will be a favorite of the Oscars and a special award may be given for CGI artistry. It may even spawn a new category at the Oscars.

In 2004 there is going to be a cleansing event that will trigger yet another Transformation. It will cause our leaders to demand the surrender of more civil liberties. The Bush administration will again suggest the overturning of Posse comitatus. There will also be some sort of suggestion that The U.S. Government offices move from Washington D.C. to another location. There will also be a suggestion that the British Government move their offices to Brussels.

There will be several people that will abide by the new and draconian measures there will be a great number of people that will use their creativity to illustrate how this type of blind obedience is destructive.

There will be an effort to silence musicians, writers, journalists, and Internet writers. Many of them will just disappear or some of them will conveniently die.

Colin Powell will not continue his work with the Bush administration. I also believe Donald Rumsfeld will resign. This I believe is a symbolic archetype for trouble in the Bush administration. There will be shake up.

There are attacks on religious centers all over the United States and Britain. The attack on the Dome of the Rock has people fearing that the Second Coming is coming real soon.

Tony Blair stepped down as Prime Minister of the U.K. for health reasons.

The Popeís replacement has been met with all kinds of controversy because of some of his attitudes about war, and the idea of changes that he will propose about priests.

There is a confirmed cure for AIDS.

A new health care system has been proposed for the poor, Insurance companies are bemoaning the prospect.

American suicides are on the increase and many people are taking their families out with them.

The fear of a Nuclear attack from Syria has everyone on edge. Iraq is still turbulent.

NASA will be facing an overhaul and possibly more financial cuts. I know that we were thinking about going to the moon but that will be put on hold as we tray and understand why the Mars missions fail. There may be a new proposal where NASA or another entity similar to NASA focuses on Missile defense. North Korea may announce that they want to go to the Moon. This will create a friction where NASA will criticize the administration on their quick pulling of funds.

Never a dull moment in 2004. There is an economic upturn after the election.

Many people will find love in 2004. They will decide that it is time to have someone whom they can trust as a companion.

Iím Back. It wasnít all that clear this year. I couldnít make out too many things. Maybe it is because a lot of what is to happen is changing and the world may be going through a shift towards a better life. If that is the case the time loop may be changing and we may see some changes for the better.

I am learning that the future is what we make for ourselves.

It is important that we control it and not let it get out of our grasp by allowing others to decide our fates for us.

Donít allow peer pressure to dilute your true feelings. Stand against continued crisis. Stand against Hegelian philosophies that are placed in front of you to cripple your well being.

The year of 2004 brings with it the rumors of deceit. Voter Fraud will be rampant. Electronic voting will leave you empty and the vote will be decided by the counters not the voters.

Keep in mind that whatever happens, it has already been planed and that the elite have already planned out the middle of the story. From 2004 to 2006 we will see some very significant changes and that many people will be fearful of what awaits them.

In parting I will leave you with a French phrase that will apply to 2004.

AprŤs nous, le Dťluge

The phrase translated directly is "After us, cometh the flood." It also has a hidden meaning that loosely interpreted means "Ruin all if you wish, after you are dead it wonít matter."

Many people have told me that they try to tell people what they see as the failure of the system only to be met with derision and hateful speech. They walk away only to feel that they have made a silly argument and that they are not armed enough to fight against the people who have been brainwashed into becoming a serf for a system that continues to abuse their position.

Here is a comforting thought for your New Year.

All those who bring Chaos on the world will not escape the judgement of the universe. After they are dead or defeated it wonít matter. Though the flood may come after us, we have prepared and we have been reminded not to wrangle in silly arguments. We can graciously bow out knowing our truth and taking comfort in the fact that we have made peace with our own hearts.

Remember your most persuasive argument is not what you say, but how you live. If you really believe what you say, it will permeate your life.

May God bless all of us in 2004. I truly love all of you and I hope to continue doing what I do. All of my knowledge is a reflection of you. All of my intuition is sent to me from all of you. I feel it every waking hour that I have.

All of the e-mails and letters, all of the advice and the conversations I have had have given me comfort that there is a critical mass out there that knows exactly what is happening.

May all of your desires and your wishes come true in 2004. If you are living by your word, if you are loving with your heart and giving light and life to all you come in contact with, you can expect the miracle.


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