By Clyde Lewis

For the first time in 400 years the Vatican has changed its mind about Exorcism. While the Catholic Heiarchy still considers Satan a living entity, they now encourage the belief that all things that appear strange are not evil and and that the Devil isn't quite theEvil one he once was. They are now saying that the Devil does not make people commit hideous acts. There are some that still claim the Devil makes them do it. In times of the fingerpointing of Musicians, Video Games and Movies, By the religious right, it is time to turn the tables on who is influencing people into acts of violence. I guarantee it will make you uncomfortable.

The Devil always steals the headlines. Satan's name is uttered by more Christians than the very Sacred Name of Jesus Christ. When shootings happen at schools we hear that the children were beguiled by Satanic influences and that Satan was responsible for the deaths at Columbine or Conyers or Paducah.

Using Satan as a scapegoat is surely a sign of instability. For all of you irate Christians who think that all I bitch about is the ludicrous activities of a small group of wayward Christians, I can prove to you that your very leaders preach hatred, bigotry and murder.

I received an E-mail from an angry listener saying that he Believed that I was not consciously working for the Devil, but what I say Is Anti-God and Anti Christ. I say that I am anti-stupidity. I am anti hypocrisy. I am a Christian myself who believes that you can't act like passive aggressive terrorist and not be held accountable for your words of hatred. I also believe that you can't absolve the murder of human beings because they have beliefs contrary to yours.

I have always had the opinion that the Devil is only powerful if you empower him. The Devil doesn't affect me because I don't buy into the mythological horned deceiver that everyone else creates in his or her minds.

I do feel however that you need to have an informed attitude about all religions from Christianity, To Buddhist, To Judaism. When I say Informed, I also refer to the so-called "enemies" of Christianity because it seems as though everyone thinks they know what witches believe and what Satanists believe when unfortunately their minds are clouded.

Clouded because there is this overwhelming fallacious idea that Satan has more power than God. There is also the misconception that Witches or Wiccans worship the Devil.

Marcy Palmer is a High Priestess in the Wiccan religion and holds Wiccan religious ceremonies Fort Hood and the U.S. Army approves it. Those that attend her Ceremonies are active duty soldiers.

Apparently freedom of religion only applies to colossal Christian fascists who claim that in order to turn a nation back to God we must ban other religions that practice "Satanic" Ceremonies. Some Christian groups and Rep. Bob Barr, an obvious Christo-Nazi from Georgia, say the Army's decision to permit Wiccan services at Fort Hood and four other posts is wrong. Barr tried unsuccessfully to attach a witchcraft banning amendment to a Defense department authorization bill in May of 1999.

"I think it brings disrepute to the military and ought not to be allowed as something on par with the Judeo-Christian beliefs on which our country was founded," Barr told The Associated Press. "If in fact people want to practice this in their personal lives, that's one thing. But to allow it as a sanctified practice on military bases ... is nonsense.'"

An estimated 50,000 Americans practice Wicca ,a religion which teaches good principles like, The divinity of all things, and that we are all of one life force, among other beautiful beliefs of self worth and duty to human beings and nature.

No Satan Worship and no animal sacrifice, just something more abhorrent.

It seems that a group of Christian sponges believe all of Satan's press. They take pride in having the attributes of Satan, fear and bigotry and no tolerance for their fellow men. While preaching that they are the ministers of God. If they are the true ministers we are sureley lost.

The Rev. Jack Harvey, pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Killeen, which is just outside Fort Hood, advocates the murder of these Wiccans.

It was apparent when he sited a scripture from the Old Testament. Harvey made statement by quoting Exodus 22:18 which reads "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." Isn't that the equivalent of saying, "I want to kill my classmates? People ask why our children kill. I give you exhibit "A".

Thirteen conservative religious groups, including the Christian Coalition with 2.1 million members, called on Christians to boycott joining or re-enlisting in the Army until witchcraft is banned on posts.

All because Satan seems to be on everyone's minds these days. Next we will hear of the Pyres being built and the public burnings, or even the ducking stools that were used in the puritan era. Now will anyone tell me that this attitude of intolerance should be legalized?

I hope that you are paying attention to this weird obsession with Satan. Because it can go from threatening, to ludicrous to Evil. Im Not talking about giggling kids playing Bloody Mary at Slumber Parties. I am not even speaking of crazed teenagers playing the Ouija Board or watching the Basketball diaries.

I'm talking about people who quote scriptures that justify the murder of people who are even suspected of being possessed or worshipping the Devil. I'm talking about people who quote the scriptures and then carry out their evil agendas. I am pointing out that if there are evil influences in this world that need to be banned one doesn't have to look any further than the Bible itself.

People, including the clergy are obsessed with Demon possessions. They unwittingly pass that obsession on to their followers and teach them to hate. Sometimes they unwittingly justify Murder. I say unwittingly because I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. Only because I try to have faith about people and their intentions.

I remember that Jesus knew when he had to be angry. He wasn't a super Misfit when he came in contact with Satan. He used logic. Satan was powerless to Jesus. So why then is he not powerless to fundamentalist Chritians? Is it because they don't have faith? Obviously.

If the have Jesus on their side they have nothing to worry about. I contend that if Marilyn Manson influences children to kill, the Bible is doing the same to unstable Christians. Now lets see if the bible is up for banning. If it causes any more trouble it might be. People who have glazed their minds to the Bible do weird things. Want Proof?

On March 31st 1996 the Pawtucket Rhode island times reported a horrific story of a Christian man who believed that his mother-in-law was demon possessed. He decided to perform an exorcism. The exorcism was a blood bath. Mario Garcia used two eight inch solid steel crucifixes to puncture the throat of his 47 year old mother -in -law. When Police arrived Garcia was screaming "The Devil is in her" as his mother-in-law was bleeding and gasping for breath. The crucifixes punctured her esophagus and wind pipe.

So tell me, was it a Video game that influenced him? A Movie? A musician? How about the Bible? People will argue that it can't be the Bible or organized religion because they preach love for our fellow man.

If that is the case then why is it that Planned Parenthood and abortion Clinics are terrorized? Because Christians think that Abortion is perhaps Satanic? Those who murder abortion doctors are revered as heroes. Some of the ones who do the killings are the leaders in Christian Churches.

Reverend Paul Hill, a well-known abortion protester and director of the anti-choice group Defensive Action, was convicted in the fall of 1994 for the murders of Dr. John B. Britton and 74-year-old clinic escort James H. Barrett outside a reproductive health clinic in Pensacola, Florida. The two victims were shot with a 12-gauge shotgun on July 29, 1994. A second escort was wounded. Before the shootings, Reverend Hill had been previously arrested for his anti-choice activity and had repeatedly advocated the use of force.

So now, I assume that it is Christian practice to select the commandments instead of practicing all of them. I often wondered if a woman was pregnant with the antichrist and requested an abortion, would the Christian Coalition fight to protect the unborn fetus from being born? In the meantime it appears that the Antichrist has already manifested itself in the minds of good Christians who are Satan Obsessed.

Dr. Barnett Slepian, an obstetrician-gynecologist who endured protests and harassment for years, was shot and killed by a single bullet fired through his kitchen window on October 23, 1998 in Amherst, New York. James Kopp, a known anti-choice activist and Christian, was the suspect in the crime and was sought by police for questioning.

After enduring years of harassment, threats and clinic blockades, Dr. David Gunn, a physician who provided abortion services, was murdered on March 10, 1993 during an anti-abortion protest at a Pensacola clinic. During the summer of 1992, "Wanted" posters featuring Dr. Gunn's photograph, home telephone number, and schedule were distributed at an Operation Rescue rally in Montgomery Alabama.

Christians sometimes look the other way when atrocities happen in the faith, Some condone evil because they feel it is justified, Others don't want to admit that a Satan obsessed Clergy have developed an instability and try to cover up the evil by ruining those who expose it.

Morrie Crocker, a priest who had trained champion boxers, hung himself in the church hall after suffering ostracism by the Church for exposing pedophiles in the priesthood. The Church treated him like a leper, preferring to sing the praises of the accused and the jailed rather than applaud the courage of a priest who cut the pedophile clergy off at the knees.

Pat Robertson, the founder and president of the Christian Coalition stated on a 700 Club appearance that Conservative Christians were intended by God to be the leaders and rulers over people. Is it because they have the Keys to clean the world of Satan and his influences over the Earth? If they do, how do they deal with it? Well through death, and the justifiable acts of purging the earth of evil.

The New York Post and the Associated press reported that a 17 year old cheerleader from Long Island named Charity Miranda was suffocated with a plastic bag by her Mother and Sister. All because she had the flu. Miranda started throwing up and lost 10 pounds. Her mother interpreted the sickness as Demon possession. Her Sister convinced Charity that she was possessed and according to her sister Serena she agreed to an exorcism. They prayed over her body as she gasped for air.

Kira Canhoto a two year old just going through the terrible twos was literally drowned in a Baptism ritual. The baby was upset and her mother and Grandmother decided she was possessed and forced her to drink large quantities of water.

Janice Gibson was convinced her whole family was possessed. She made the statement at her Pentecostal church that her family will pray and look to the Bible for guidance on the road to repentance. After the service she went home. Janice convinced her Husband that she was God and that the Children needed to be cleansed. She beat her two year old to death by pounding her face in.

The ordeal lasted 10 minutes. She then decided that her son Dane was the Devil and that he made her do it. She decided to exorcise him. She took a cinder block and hit her son repeatedly on the head asking him if he believed in Jesus. He continued to Scream I believe in Jesus, I believe in Jesus until the boy died a horrible torturous death.

These are not isolated incidents. They happen all the time and we don't hear about them because people don't want to report that things are going wrong in religion , they prefer to sing the praises of the accused and the jailed rather than applaud the courage of those who speak out. People forget that the truth is Ugly. They would rather keep a firm Grip on a big lie rather than removing those that give Christianity a bad name.

Scream out about the corruption in Religion and you are called a Bigot. Rep. Joe Scarborough a Florida republican made the statement that there is an epidemic of anti-Christian bigotry in the world. I ask is there any wonder?

With Jerry Falwell making inane statements about the Teletubbies and the Lilith Fair and Pat Robetson commenting that believers in alien beings should be publicly stoned, and who can forget their silly diatribe and boycott of Disney? You stop and wonder just how inspired are they? Where are they getting their silly little causes?

If they don't want persecution then let people live as they choose. They should also stop pointing out that things that are different are the work of the Devil. They need to call off the witch hunts and live in the new Millennium.

There has never been such a surge in Satan worries since the 17th century Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts. How have the Christians allowed themselves to encourage horrible acts to Human beings? How have they allowed themselves to degenerate to primitive superstitions? It can be attributed to constant indoctrination by the clergy. The paranoid delusion that the Kingdom of God is a lost cause. Or it could be that Christians want to begin Armegeddon.

Some of those trying to find their Christian Identity unfortunately have actually established a secret institution of prejudice, claiming that if we allow people to worship however they wish they are opening the door to a counterfeit Christ. Tell this to a Christian and you become an agent of Satan.

I can recall an experience I had with a Pentecostal group who organized a Spook alley for Halloween. It wasn't just any Spook alley. It was an event called "Hell House." the House depicted the Horrors of Homosexuality and abortion. It also spoke of premarital sex and an appearance of the man of the hour Satan. I had an overwhelming interest in this so called spook alley and attempted to attend with Talk Show Colleague Rick Emerson and two other friends.

Rick has long hair and so did I at the time. That Night I was wearing a Misfits t-shirt and he was wearing a KISS t-shirt. I walked on to the property with Confidence because an old friend of mine encouraged me to attend Pentecostal worship and since I admired his knowledge of the Bible I wanted to see what I was missing. I stopped attending. But I thought that I had made friends with some of the people there. I didn't know that Congregations followed preachers. The Pastors I knew had left. A new pastor was there.

Immediately two men were at the gate and asked us what we wanted. I told the men that I was Clyde Lewis and that my colleague and I were talk show hosts and that we wanted to attend Hell House. I also asked that since we were the media we would promote the Hell House exhibit on the air if we could attend for free. One of the men growled "The media day was yesterday and no one attended." I said that we weren't invited. It looked like we weren't going to make it. So in desperation I dropped a few names.

"Well is there any way you can talk to Pastor Lucero or Pastor Greene? I once interviewed him about the Youth Programs that the church was offering."

The men then asked us for a card proving we were radio hosts. I said sure and handed him my business card. They said they would check with the New Pastor.

I walked over and bought a cup of coffee. It was only 50 cents but since I had a fondness for the people I knew at the church I paid two dollars more for a cup of coffee that had the taste of Battery acid.

They kept us waiting for 45 minutes. In the darkness of the parking lot I could see the Two men we dealt with before but this time there were a group of other men coming with them.

I walked up to the men and said "So did that Pastor know me?"

"Yes we do," replied a man with a cowboy hat.

Another guy that was even bigger said "We know what you talk about on your shows. Demons, ghosts, and aliens. Corrupting our youth."

I was getting scared.

I hesitated in asking but thought what the hell.

"So what did the Pastor say?"

The Big man said, "We were told to say that we love ya and then escort you off the property."

The guy grabbed me like I needed assistance to leave, I pushed him away and told him not to touch me.

They followed us at a distance to make sure that we left. The whole time they were cursing at us, It was the weirdest expierience I ever had.

It's as if the whole world revolves around the Devil. From my perspective, personal responsibility is being irraddicated buy those who are willing to reject psychological problems for their actions, and replace them with the "Demonic Possession Defense."

One religious faith surprisingly enough has decided to come out and admonish its followers to recognize that Satan is not totally responsible for humans acting strangely. The Catholic Faith has changed its views on how Satan interacts with human beings.

Ground Zero earlier reported from a Strange magazine article that The Roman Catholic Church announced the need for an educated and a contemplative understanding of of evil that is less antiquated and up to 21st century standards.

This announcement was made about the same time when the Pope decreed that God the father was no longer supposed to be thought of as an old man with a white beard.

The bottom line is that the Vatican is now recognizing that mental illness is the culprit in a lot of so-called demon possession cases. However the church has not given up Exorcism. Even the Catholics can't give up the power Satan has.

Church officials are quick to pint out that they are not suggesting that church members should not believe in Satan.

A Papal decree states that Satan is an enabler for people to accept lies and deceit. That there is widespread violence and and sex. Satan's strategy according to the Pope is to convince people that he doesn't exist.

So does this mean that God's Plan is to empower Satan? Obviously they couldn't give up Old Scratch. If you didn't have the Devil then you couldn't have God. I say Satan gets more credit than he deserves.

It is my opinion that evil powers exist. Creating an image of a mythological horned being and naming it Satan and having people fear the image wreaks of 17th Century superstition. If the Catholic Church says that a lot of demonic fears are actually psychological disturbances it may be to our benefit to have a healthy respect of the Devil. That way you can discern if your feelings of disappointment, depression, sickness, hate, or panic are Possession, Obsession, or Vexation.

In times of Pointing fingers at the societal ills we need to realize that no "Christian" can put the Satanic seal of approval on everything they watch, or listen too. Why are they not content with the Idea that too much of anything isn't healthy? I don't know about you but hearing about the Devil every day in the news is making me sick and tired.


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