By Clyde Lewis

So far there are only two explanations as to how life began here on earth. These explanations have become the societal norm and have been the subject of debate for hundreds of years. The sad part is that there is no shade of grey in the matter. Ironically grey matter seems to be non existent when the discussion ever comes up. What if Creationism and Evolution are both covers for the ultimate truth.

I'm never one to play the stock market. However I am beginning to see that perhaps it would be wise to invest in candles. Better still, perhaps I should invest in paraffin wax because I am getting a strong vibe that a new Dark Age is on the horizon.

I am going to warn you now that what I am about to write is not at all pleasant. It has no gloss, or tact. There are a number of reasons why this article is so brutal. One that I can grab from thin air is that what we are witnessing in the world is the beginning of the end.

It is obvious. I see no one objecting to escalating warfare. I see no one speaking out against the brutality that is happening in the world. The future will be strike and counterstrike ad infinitum unless we pay attention to our downward spiral.

President Bush has told us that "knowledge is power" and yet we fall prey to bigger lies than the smallest ones. It seems to me that we have reduced ourselves to tribalism. It seems that in the 21st century we have not evolved and that by some sheer coincidence a rip in the space time continuum has shifted us into a time where we think and act like monkeys.

If you are dreaming of a better life, one scientist has actually come up with a theory that basically says, "Give up" I guess this is as good as it gets. Professor Steven Jones of the University College London believes that evolution is over and we are on the way down in the West.

He claims that if you think that a Utopia is on the horizon you are looking for some lofty pipe dream, this is as good as it gets.

Looking around you is it any wonder that Jones was prompted to be brutally honest? It is the equivalent of saying without a smirk that "We are Devo?"

Other scientists are still holding tightly to their arguments that mankind is still being influenced by so called evolutionary forces that somehow took primordial soup and with an electric charge created the varieties of species that have been on this Earth over the past three billion years. Scientists have noticed that humans are becoming more neurotic. Others argue that we are healthier and that we are becoming more intelligent. However without delving into meticulous statistical data it seems that we are seeing healthy people dropping dead all the time. Adolescent suicide and homicide rates have risen some 20 per cent in 2002.

We are hearing about the medicating of the human race, and diseases that creep up out of nowhere and kill several people. We are constantly living with the fear of bio-terrorism and we are seeing that bacterial infections are not responding to antibiotic treatments. Overall we are living longer but the quality of life is changing. Incidents of disease are on the rise, and we are speedily finding drugs to prolong life. With the threats of savagery looming over us and with the draconian methods in which we treat our fellow man is it any wonder that we may be seeing the slow erosion of the human body and spirit?

We have always asked are ourselves Who are we? Why are we here? And where are going?

Well here are some questions "What are we? When did we arrive here? What are we doing here? And what is our eventual outcome?"

It is time to examine the new paradigm. It's time to come to grips with our new direction provided by those who are in power and know what is best for all of us.

We are the products of other beings, many beings. We were made to be servants to those beings. It seems that we have protocols in place where we follow blindly and move about in a zombified state. It is becoming evident every day and while I perish the thought of mankind not progressing it seems like what was discussed by Professor Peter Jones regarding the evolutionary process grinding to a halt it is time to entertain another idea.

Now wherever you sit on the fence, whether you are a "shill of Darwin," or a "gullible creationist" there is third option that is scarcely talked about.

Devolution. The deterioration of the universe and the new mutated, or destroyed human. Both in body and spirit.

To faithful Christians and Jews the early history has been set down in the first five books of the Bible. Moses of course wrote these books. He wrote with the understanding of a man who lived back then. He was simple with the wording saying that many beings came down and created man. He only assumed that the same beings created the firmament and the earth. In a spiritual sense the Bible is accurate. The earth was created or the earth existed. Man was created or Man existed elsewhere and was brought here.

There are a couple of scripture passages that leave you wondering about the origins of man and a possible pre existing man that arrived on this planet. In the book if Jeremiah there is a passage where God tells Jeremiah that he had a pre existence where he knew him.

"Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."

In the Psalms we read this:

"It is you who did form my kidneys, who did weave me together in my mother's womb. My bones were not hidden from you when I was being made in secret, intricately wrought in the depths of the earth. Your eyes have seen my embryo. In your books were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there were none of them."

Taking away the spiritual and magic notions that are held to the heart by most Christians we can also look and understand that there was an engineering that took place and our origins were elsewhere and that we arrived here, or were a product of jumpstarting from beings that programmed the planet to believe that they are perfect and Godlike. We have already determined that for some odd reason religions will overlook the plurality of the scriptures that deal in creation and origins of man.

Let us make man in our image, in our likeness is plural form meaning many Gods or beings with the ability to create man. Perhaps plucking our hominid mothers and creating a hybrid.

Congratulations it's a human! Let us now play with the human. Let us toy with him and show him that he can die. This will create a sense of awareness and a fear of the unknown. This will be a controlling mechanism and it can be used for entrapment.

Life is given, Life is taken away.

So what are we doing here? Well obviously we age, we die and then we decay.

I can only speculate and since there is no scientific evidence for the evolution nonsense, and since creationism is too simplistic, devolution may be the ultimate truth. It all started at the hands of extra terrestrials and the end result is decay.

This could be as good as it gets.

The ozone layer is depleting, star systems die, and our magnetic field is decaying, and all things age and become blighted. All things are deteriorating. This can clearly mean that a perfect God did not create the earth. This seems to demonstrate that advanced engineers started this experiment and neglected it, hoping that it would just disappear.

It's a sad, and depressing thought, but look around you. Many act as if life is not sacred. We live in a world ravaged by war, and people in power neglect the affairs of the planet. They rape the land, destroy the ecosystem, and allow for the wiping out of living species.

Creationists will tell you that humans are far superior to animals but we are equal in what happens to us. Our fate is death and decay. We possess considerable intelligence, and we have potential to excel and perhaps take a leap forward in our progression. Our intelligence can also be used to create the elements necessary for our extinction.

So maybe it doesn't get any better than this. We have to look into this possibility. If someone really cares then we would practice what we preach and demand accountability for the pathways we are taking leading to the ultimate holocausts.

Creationists neglect to explain why we have flaws installed in us that if not controlled can engender a thought process that leads to suicide, homicide, and genocide.

It seems to be a trigger device that makes us as vulnerable as Lemmings. We march willingly to enslavement, and eventually to our own deaths. The earth is destined to become a host planet for carrion.

So much for your creationism and evolution arguments.

Richard Wangham and Dale Peterson have detailed a few tidbits in their recently published "Demonic Males." Their findings basically demonstrate the contrasts between humans and apes. The comical thing is that while creationists fight to remove the lie of evolutionism the fact are demonstrating that man is becoming more like an ape. Pierre Boulle, the author of "Monkey Planet" which inspired "Planet of the Apes" would be rolling over in his grave if he could see this study.

Here are their research findings:
  • Humans (Homo sapiens) and chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) are closely related, as indicated by the sharing of over 98% of their DNA structures.

  • Out of 4,000 mammals only two species -- humans and chimpanzees -- live in patrilineal, male-bonded communities, engaging in territorial aggression, including lethal raiding into neighboring communities in search of vulnerable enemies to attack and kill. This inter-group aggression of these two species has a common genetic origin.

  • Humans and chimpanzees share a body structure suitable for fighting and killing with fists and with weapons.

  • The human species has inherited a genetic, emotional ingroup-outgroup bias. Taken to an extreme, ingroup-outgroup bias effectively dehumanizes "them" (other human groups), which means moral law does not apply to "them," and that therefore even ordinary and very normal people can do the most appalling things with a clear conscience.
We have the potential to be conditioned into becoming vengeful and predatory beasts. Logic keeps most of us from falling into the abyss of becoming bloodthirsty mongrels. The human brain has the capacity for good. It creates communal value systems, laws, justice, and ethics in order to put checks and balances on potential violent behaviors. The human mind used logic to put these components in place. Unfortunately human logic is overridden when humans succumb to emotional triggers.

Emotional appeals are great tools for manipulation. Those who are in power can use emotional triggers for unscrupulous manipulations. Authoritarian abuses and enticements make people do things that they wouldn't normally do. They develop attitudes that are destructive.

I learn from history and the only real dangerous manipulator that I can cite is Hitler. Hitler was of course was a man who made a blood covenant with his people and was a champion of the holocaust and virtual destruction of a race of people. He had a philosophy that the masses were soft, that emotional triggers influenced them.

He learned in World War I that people respond to terror and by the magnification of terror through the use of propaganda. Hitler used electronic media as a way to reach the masses. He used film and radio to push buttons and activate emotional triggers so that people would accept his bloody reign without question.

With the invention of television, the mixture of sound and visual stimulus is available in every home. It can be used to trigger an emotional response.

It is actually a more effective tool to push a dangerous thought or ideology, especially where centralized authorities are able to control both the medium and the message. The authoritarian regime give us trigger words that make us psychologically distant from certain human beings.

They use terms that dehumanize an "enemy" or a "target" creating an animosity to that group or individual. We then feel no guilt when our country launches weapons to wipe out a group of people that we have been brainwashed into believing are our enemies.

Death is death.

We eventually become the predators. We do not feel guilty about our hired hands going in and turning our enemies into a fine red mist. If we subordinate ourselves to an institutional structure that uses destructive dynamics, we actually threaten the progression of our species.

We have been taught the virtues of loyalty; self sacrifice, and discipline. These are cherished values, and by some evil design and by some strange irony they are the very values that bind us to malevolent, neo-fascist manipulations.

When we render ourselves extinct it will be because we were only following orders. We are allowing terrorism, or the threat of death by small groups who have not evolved to actually reverse our human progression.

We are allowing authoritarian manipulation to create the reality of human devolution.

The truth about devolution can be traced directly to the military industrial complex, and the uncontrolled institution of war being managed and controlled by an unchecked authoritarian government.

I have gone to great pains not to mention which governments. If the guilt is overwhelming then look at your government and ask if they are doing anything to preserve life.

There is a blaring warning sign that devolution is beginning and that is the dehumanization of people of different races, ethnic, groups, and countries of origin. This includes being labeled a serf, a slave, a statistic, or a target. Other great dehumanizing words whether you like it or not are "evil doer" "axis of evil" or "collateral damage."

You must remember that devolution begins when mankind forgets that there is virtually no limit to the human potential for evil. Evil can turn up anywhere and at anytime. It can be hidden in Religious fanaticism, Ultra-nationalism, class hatred, racism, politics, and the military.

Beware of anyone who uses his position of power to condone the victimization of innocent people, and the lessening of a group of individuals. This leads to genocidal philosophies.

In our global war on terrorism we forget that this will actually weaken our civilization. It will weaken our character, and our ability to live in freedom. We will always live with the threat of terrorism over our heads.

The damage is done and the backlash will trickle down as suicide rates increase, murders increase, and megadeath will be the top story on the nightly news.

Creationism and Evolution are always used to try and explain man's origins and as you can see Devolution can be used to explain which way we are going. History tells us that it is very possible. We could be on the verge of extinction.

Truth be told, species disappear all the time and new ones appear out of nowhere. Where do they come from?

From out there?


Maybe the aliens that are supposed to be visiting aren't here to save us.

Maybe they are here to replace us.

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