Diabolus ex Machina

by Clyde Lewis

"War means blind obedience, unthinking stupidity, brutish callousness, wanton destruction, and irresponsible murder." --Alexander Berkman

Who would have believed that 2006 kicked off the way it did? It was almost as if 2005 refused to go away and in the first month we were already wishing it were 2007. It even seems as though I have to write about the year that "was" and we haven't even finished off the first month.

Scandals and war continue to plague us, and who would have thought that in the United States we would be talking about possible criminal activity in the White House? Who would have even fancied the idea that the United States is a country that illegally spies on its own citizens and eliminates those who speak out against the fascist activities of the elite?

Who knew?

If this has surprised you, then you are really asleep.

It is time to look through the lenses of those individuals that have already had their eyes opened and understand that politics are dead. There are no Democrats or Republicans, no red state against blue state, just a leviathan state that is against you.

What was once conspiracy theory is becoming our reality. What once got me dirty looks and jeers are now getting me questions on what needs to be done in order to fight back.

I am afraid that we may be too late. All we have to do now is watch as the New World order feeds on those who are too stupid to acknowledge that the great downfall has begun.

The mainstream media is showing us the new scorched earth policy. The media now is an infomercial for the encroaching police state and is being used as a device to uphold the destructive attitudes of fascism.

No longer do we have a media that challenges an empire. It merely stands idly by as the empire grows at an astonishing rate.

While in history a scorched earth policy entailed destroying all land and buildings so that nothing was left for the enemy. The media has liquidated the nation's ability to heal from terrorism. The networks continue to report the so-called dangers of living on this planet and the television dramas are set in courtrooms, police precincts, and morgues.

If we continue on our path of electronic destructive group dynamic there will be many that will feel the need to surrender to whatever invisible enemy that is manufactured by an already crazed and out of control government.

The surrender will be gradual and will be accomplished quietly and willingly.

Those who are in control and those who can see beyond the manipulations will survive.

The Revolution is being numbed into submission. Our passive nation is too preoccupied with paying the bills and watching the Super bowl. While watching your television you will be told to buy more, to be an army of one, to drink more and eat more because you never know when you are going to die.

If you were to believe the hype and propaganda given to us by the White House you would believe that the New Year started off well. We were told by our leaders that the United States is on the fast track to a full economic and emotional recovery from all of the broken promises and lies that we have had to endure throughout this never ending war for the preservation of terror.

If we are to believe the hype and the propaganda we are doing a great job in the Middle East. The repetition of the words "job well done" seemed to be as hollow as a family that applauds on the game show "Family Feud" when the slow member of the family blurts out the most insipid answer.

"In my line of work you have got to keep repeating things over and over an over again, for the truth to sink in to kind of catapult the propaganda"—George W. Bush

The trumpeting of the great economy, and reassurance of Iraq's progress, did nothing to take away the pain of knowing that nearly 3,000 soldiers have died fighting a war on a flimsy premise.

So the propaganda had to come with an expected and a not at all too stunning Diabolus ex Machina.

With all of our so-called progress we still have to fear the bogeyman of terror.

We still have to take some time out of our lives to participate the all too familiar Orwellian ritual of gazing upon the face of our own Emmanuel Goldstein, Osama bin Laden.

Goldstein of course was a state manufactured arch-villain in George Orwell's classic book "1984." He would always appear on television screens in the Two Minute Hate ritual and people would yell and scream to be protected by 'Big Brother'."

In 2006 the Orwell estate should sue the Bush administration for copyright infringement.

Osama bin Laden came from out of nowhere speaking of renewed interest in conducting widespread terror attacks on the United States while offering a truce at the same time.

It seemed convenient that bin Laden appeared. His appearances can be timed up to the very minute that the Bush administration sees trouble on the horizon.

It is never brought up in the mainstream media that when Osama bin Laden's threat tapes are released coincidentally at the time when George W. Bush is desperate in trying to drum up support for his outlaw regime.

The Patriot Act is about to lapse and of course the timing of bin Laden's threatening words couldn't be more perfect. It would even be more predictable that before the Patriot Act is reviewed again that we hear of a terror threat or even a terror event just prior to the hearings.

That of course can be called a conspiracy theory or some half-baked speculation but the record speaks for itself. Days before the November 2004 election a bin Laden tape surfaced and many people believe that it created some last minute mind changing with some of the voters.

Why would we want to change horsemen in the middle of an apocalypse? Especially when that madman in a turban has said those frightening words on tape.

Bin Laden appearing again on Al Jazeera in January is no coincidence. It has been planned in order to take the focus off of the Jack Abramoff bribery scandals, George W. Bush's blatant disregard for the constitution in regards to illegal spying on the American people, and Al Gore coming from out of nowhere to take a swat at the president about the wiretap scandal.

Amazing how Al Gore showed up to fight for Democracy some six years too late.

"What we do know about this pervasive wiretapping virtually compels the conclusion that the president of the United States has been breaking the law repeatedly and persistently." -Al Gore

Who would have thought that Al Gore had it in him? Now if we could only get him to admit that there have been other Presidents that have been involved with criminal activity. Perhaps Gore could give us a bit of information on the super secret eavesdropping program called Echelon? Why won't Al Gore speak about how Echelon was allowed to randomly troll U.S. telecommunications systems looking for anyone who may have wanted to plot against the government?

Why doesn't Gore point this out?

It would then be obvious that the NSA was spying on the American people before September 11th, 2001. This would also mean that both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush broke the law and that this surveillance and police state society that we are told we have to get used to is not foolproof.

The Bush Administration has lied again by telling us that the President had the power to wiretap because of executive orders during wartime. Bush claimed that he did not break the law because he was acting with the NSA after the September 11th attacks.

He was spying on us before. So was Bill Clinton.

Bush claims that he did not abuse his executive power and that he is justified in times of war to spy on the American people to prevent further terrorist attacks on the United States.

"If someone from Al Qaeda is calling you, we'd like to know why. In the meantime this program is conscious of people's civil liberties, as am I." – George W. Bush

The NSA advised Bush in early 2001 that it had been eavesdropping on Americans during the course of its work, monitoring American citizens looking for possible terrorists and foreigners that were believed to be a threat to the United States.

This was all done prior to the 911 attacks.

This means that in early 2001 Bush was not using terror threats as the chief reason for spying on Americans. It also means that the intensive spying that went on before 911 did absolutely nothing to prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon from happening.

Are we beginning to see that the lies are no longer working?

How is it that with all of our illegal surveillance of the American people we were not able to stop the planes from hitting their appointed targets on September 11th, 2001?

Anyone want to conclude that it was an inside job?

Or are we still living in a fantasy world where manufactured terror threats are impossible and out of the question?

They seem to be getting away with manufacturing a spook in bin Laden, so how is it so hard to even think that they manufacture terrorism?

They all have their hands dirty.

If Al Gore wants to be a real American hero then maybe he should pull the curtain back far enough to show that even when he worked with President Clinton, there was illegal activity going on far beyond staining dresses in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Does Gore have the balls to be non-partisan and point out that Bill Clinton used the super secret Echelon system to steal trade secrets from companies and sell them to his business friends for political contributions and favors?

Perhaps he could even kick Janet Reno around for supporting the Carnivore Internet system that monitored private e-mails.

But he won't.

The first casualty of war is the truth and our politicians love to keep it from us. And while our media is supposed to keep a close watch on government and keep it honest, it fails to do so.

Sometimes what you hear and see in the mainstream media is not necessarily the truth, and it is a lot easier now to manipulate the masses when they are far too busy to stop down and actually think about what they are being asked to believe outright.

We live in an attention deficit democracy. There are many things that go down the memory hole and are forgotten. Our leaders forget history and attempt to rewrite it in order to change your views on the truth. The independent press attempts to get the word out, and even then we see that it is even dangerous to editorialize or be the "underground messenger."

On December 24th, 2005, veteran news reporter and editor for the New York Times, David E. Rosenbaum, reported that Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito had authorized a 1984 memo arguing that then-President Ronald Reagan had the right to order wire taps without warrants.

The article entitled "DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE: THE NOMINATION Alito Memo in '84 Favored Immunity for Top Officials" served as a warning about Alito and how he supports the encroaching surveillance society.

This, obviously, is the hidden agenda behind the choice of Samuel Alito by George W. Bush.

The Friday before Alito's confirmation hearings, David E. Rosenbaum was beaten and robbed in front of his home in Washington D.C. He later died of his injuries at the hospital.

It was reported by the Washington Times that Rosenbaum lived in one of the safest neighborhoods in the D.C area. At first police thought that Rosenbaum had a stroke or a seizure. They didn't realize that he was a crime victim until he was evaluated at the hospital. The confusion cost police time that could have been spent combing the neighborhood for robbery suspects.

Rosenbaum's wallet was taken and it seemed a bit odd that he still was wearing his wedding band and a gold watch around his wrist. With his wedding band and watch on there was no reason for police to think it was a robbery

Other problems slowed the response to the crime scene to help Rosenbaum. It took little time for police and a fire truck to arrive, but it took 22 minutes for an ambulance to reach the scene. Fire department officials said that they had launched an investigation to determine why it took so long; they said they strive to get an ambulance to such scenes within 10 minutes.

Police had no leads and no suspects.

Miraculously on January 12th it was reported that 23-year-old Michael Hamlin walked into a police station and asked why his face was on television.

Hamlin was allegedly using Rosenbaum's credit card and his image from a surveillance camera was broadcast on the nightly news. Police said the credit card had been used seven times since Rosenbaum's death, to buy a total of $1,300 worth of merchandise.

Hamlin later confessed to the attack on Rosenbaum.

When the press asked the police why Hamlin turned himself a police spokesman replied "Stranger things have happened."

Yes, very strange indeed.

Here we have some irony as a reporter writes is last story about the illegal surveillance society and then out of the blue his alleged murderer is caught using his credit card on a surveillance camera.

Hamlin was either the stupidest guy on the planet or he was unaware that he was doing anything wrong. According to his neighbors Hamlin was a responsible man, he had a job, and lived with his mother. He had no reason to rob Rosenbaum.

Isn't it obvious that this story needs to be heard and investigated? Doesn't the circumstantial evidence suggest that something certainly is rotten in Washington D.C.?

It appears that perhaps Rosenbaum was the sacrificial lamb, whose blood was the warning for the New York Times to back off on their reports that the President illegally spied on the American people.

Before his murder Rosenbaum had teamed up with writers like Adam Liptak, whose reporting of late has covered the legalities of domestic surveillance, and Eric Lichtblau and James Risen, who broke the story in the New York Times of the Bush Administrations' illegal eavesdropping on Americans.

Of course this story and its connections to the Alito confirmation was not even mentioned on the front page, nor was it even a top story on the evening news. It was buried away with George W. Bush giggling nervously about how his actions were legal and that talking about the program of eavesdropping on the American people is literally helping the enemy.

After his pooh-poohing of the issue of legality he once again took in a deep breath and with all of his patriotic zeal and folksy smirk reminded the American people that the war on terror was real.

He reminded us that we should not indulge in the thought crime of thinking that we are giving up, pulling out, or even pretending to be at war. The repetition again seemed like a programmed oration, or a bad joke that an uncle tells us over and over again still expecting a courtesy laugh.

"The terrorists do not merely object to American actions in Iraq and elsewhere they object to our deepest values and our way of life" –George W. Bush

The President will never tell us what the terrorists truly do not like about America. He can't say that they are fanatical and want to see the destruction of the liberal west. If he did it would then reveal the agenda of the right wing. Their agenda of course is to crush the "liberal rebellion" against the New World Order.

Both Al Qaeda and the conservative right wing hate anything that smacks of liberal secularism.

They seem to be on the same side.

Their words seem to somehow betray them. But complicity seems to be the attitude of most Americans. We seem to be comatose, a sign that the United States is well on the way to its grave.

The Axis of Evil and our conservative supermen seem to have played into each other's hands. They have created a stealth agreement that in order to maintain a controlled populace they must permit occasional shocks to the system in the form of terrorist acts.

Acts that are permitted in order to craft a police state and secure the policies of a leviathan government and executive power run amok.

The ideologies of our religious and political leaders are the most primitive ideologies that when exploited trigger the memes necessary to cause our reptilian brains to activate and become territorial and protective of our material surroundings. In our primitive fear we reject our spirituality and become more bestial.

Line upon line and step by step we desensitize ourselves to others and their pain. We marginalize those who are not of our tribe and demand our isolation in order to feel a sense of security. Our world becomes mediocre and bland, and we are told that anything that goes out of the lines, or thinking outside the box is anathema.

The so-called war on terror is no longer a war against an organized terrorist threat. It is a war against liberal creative thinking, a war against cognitive liberty. It is a war against the truth.

We begin to see the destructive group dynamic being implemented little by little until it consumes the consensus reality.

Radical Islam and the conservative right wing are fighting the same fight.

They both despise western liberalism. They also seem to despise individual liberty because it goes against the "group think" that tells you that big government is doing everything in its power to ensure your safety and lead you to a world of peace and true freedom.

They want you to believe it is self-evident as we witness torture and police brutality on the security cameras that we are told are there to protect us from the criminals.

They want you to watch as gunmen hold news reporters hostage and threaten to kill them if their plans are not met. Reporters over there are murdered, and over here they are murdered as well.

Is anyone seeing the pattern?

Both Radical Islam and the Conservative right wing believe that all of the fighting they do is for a great cause. The cause of eliminating the imperfect for the perfect and creating a New World order that will be lead by the so called anointed of God.

Whatever God that is.

If this is what God wants, then God is most certainly dead and his corpse will generate enough maggots to bring upon us a plague so great that we will want to offer ourselves up to the grave for our own safety.

That is the most frightening part of what is happening now.

We are seeing the great Downfall.

2006 began with as much optimism as it could possibly muster. The positive attitude only lasted as long as it took to crack a smile. Then after the noise of the horns died down and the streamers and paper hats were swept up and thrown in the Dumpster the reminder of tragedy could not be escaped.

The clouds of paranoia still boiled and the storms still continued, leaving many people paralyzed with anguish over current events and how they seemed to be an indication that if there was a God, he hated all of those involved in the mass slaughter of war.

All of the horrible events of 2005 were spilling into 2006 with the news of mining accidents and increasing numbers of the dead in Iraq. Israel has now been pushed to the precipice as Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is counting the days to his death with a massive stroke.

The prophecies found in the scriptures that fuel the battles today are being connected and published to an already fearful audience. The Gathering of what is called Gog and Magog puts Russia and Iran on the same team and Iran has now claimed that they eagerly await their messiah's return.

The United States questions the motives of Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and can not fathom why the leader is so "odd," so "reckless."

The answer is simple.

He has a messianic complex just like all of the other leaders of the world who want to begin their own imperial cults and lead them into a promised utopia.

In November, we were all startled by a video that was released showing Mr. Ahmadinejad telling a cleric that he had felt the hand of God entrancing world leaders as he delivered a speech to the UN General Assembly last September.

When a plane crashed in Teheran, killing 108 people, Ahmadinejad thanked the dead, by saying that what was most important is that the dead have shown the way to martyrdom. He then declared that martyrdom is the action that he urges all Iranians to follow. His attitude rings similar with many fanatical Christians and the neo-con right wing. If we destroy the earth HE will come, be it the Christ or the Imam.

If you die for the cause you are a hero.

It comes down to which mad cult leader do you choose to follow?

It seems that in order to keep up with the world you have to stay by the computer and monitor every little thing. That is why it is important to realize that just because you haven't heard of an important event in the mainstream press doesn't mean that it is not really happening.

It is becoming difficult to report on many things in the world that seem to be so unreal. If you happen upon a story that grows into several other connecting stories you can begin to understand how to unravel the news that seems to broadside the average person.

A colleague of mine told me that 2005 was my year because he began to notice that all of the crazy stuff that I had talked about in the past was coming true. I told him that talking about these stories comes with a price and many who refuse to look outside the box would dismiss my credibility and continue to label me as a conspiracy theorist.

Like brushing one's teeth, you have to stand in front of the mirror and mug at your reflection reminding yourself that in this chaotic world you are not crazy.

You can acknowledge, however, that most of the world has somehow lost the ability to differentiate between order and chaos. In fact, the new creed is to create chaos and then restore a New World Order.

The lines become blurred and as you learn by example you understand that if you support the diseased government that continues to grow out of control, you are supporting the same ideology that bred the likes of Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.

I know that my colleague believes that when I say the word fascist or fascism I am overreacting, but I can assure him that the fanatical conservative right and the fanatical liberal left share something in common with all fanatics, including those who are terrorists.

They all believe in a scorched earth policy where they seek out to destroy those who do not agree with them or propose that if the entire world can't live by their creed then all things must be destroyed in order to preserve what precious ideologies they have left.

The idea is similar to that of the "suicide pill" taken by most cults when they feel that a better life awaits them in the hereafter. Most cults take years to groom their followers.

With the aid of television and a few whistles and bells the "devil from the machine" appears to remind the masses that their fears of doom are very real and that we must rally around the "father" or the "Shepherd."

He may not be the most reliable Shepherd but he protects the sheep from the "devil from the machine."

We have reached a stalemate between belief and action in the United States.

The majority have allowed themselves to be fearful, self-absorbed cattle that move only when told to by those who claim to be the "cult of personality" that is there to preserve certain belief systems while at the same time employing destructive group dynamics.

The thoughts of these groups and their actions towards most problems have not matured beyond the medieval days of the early monarchies. We move throughout the world using our methods of torture and death to bring about a so-called lasting peace.

Some are beginning to ask, why?

Our Government's answer continues to be war and bloodshed and the evidence is mounting that in the silence and the complicity of a majority we have supported the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, perhaps 100,000 in some estimates.

Our leaders and the media continue to program us with the idea that in a war on terror there are no civilian deaths. All of the Iraqis are insurgents and soon we at home will all feel the same way. We will no longer be civilians; we will be martyrs for cause that not everyone can agree on.

There is no united fight. We have been limited in our views and somehow conclude that there are two absolute positions thus eliminating those shades of gray that put us all in the place of mind where we can freely question and express our doubts.

American behavior is no longer welcomed. It is no longer tolerated in the world and we are investing our ignorance into the idea that no one is keeping a list of all the things that our government has done in the name of preserving so called freedoms here at home.

Our self delusion demonstrates that without any guilt or mainstream criticism we can sleep at night knowing that we have supported with our complicity and silence a government that has killed more Iraqi's than Saddam Hussein ever did when he ruled there in the year prior to our country's invasion.

We suffer from the inability to use restraint.

Can President Bush give a numerical figure on how many slaughtered Iraqis it will take to bring peace?

We hear the secular arguments as to why our wars continue, whether it is for oil or land but it seems to be painfully obvious that the world is overwhelmed in religious conflict. The religious fantasy of a final battle in the Middle East and a long line of scapegoat terrorist antichrists continue the cycle of bloodletting that puts the world in a vulnerable position.

The conflict, which has risen from the mixing of religion and politics, has created a great beast. It is akin to imagining the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, carrying a nuclear warhead loaded for bear and used for the fires of purification.

The beast is literally the body of God infected by a darker force encouraged and absorbed through a process of programming the masses with an underlying agenda brought forth from secret theistically Satanic organizations.

Their main goal is to secure the civic religion, create a universal enemy of that religion, and by a unanimous decree of the flock place a heretic on the throne to lead the new Imperial cult.

The agents of the new imperialism have taken advantage of the dogmas of every faith and have used them to create a stealth civic religion bound by the doctrines of vicarious atonement.

The blood letting, if you will.

The United States has been hijacked by ignorant politicians and self-appointed religious figures that believe that they are without fault for its torture and murderous wars. The civic religion that is espoused by the religious right wing indicates that no matter how enormous our crimes are against mankind, the self-sacrifice of Christ washes away all stains of crime and all sins are forgiven.

Are those sins truly forgiven?

The Reverend Pat Robertson, a known Evangelist and "Zionist Christian", came under fire for his comments about the sudden stroke of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Robertson claimed on his "700 Club" that the massive stroke that felled the leader was punishment from God for his dividing of the house of Israel.

"He was dividing God's land. And I would say, Woe unto any Prime Minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the E.U., the United Nations, or the United States of America. God says, This land belongs to me. You better leave it alone."—Pat Robertson

Last year Robertson had been expressing some of his deepest bile by saying that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez needed to be assassinated and that Hurricane Katrina destroyed the United States because of our abortion rate.

Now while he came under fire for sounding insensitive about Sharon, I want to point out that Robertson is now speaking like any Islamic fanatic that does not answer to any government that he deems "secular." He claims that anyone who goes against his interpretation of the word of God to appease any government should expect the wrath of God to take them out.

He also speaks as if the United States, the country that gives him his right to speak should equally be destroyed if it can be shown that it is immoral and an unworthy land in the eyes of God.

It is the only way that it can be saved. It is the new scorched earth policy brought to us by the Christian right wing.

Doesn't Robertson sound like a fanatical cult leader on the edge? When should we expect the "suicide pill" to be offered?

Will they force those who are unwilling to swallow the pill to swallow it? They have the power to do it because they have their talons in our government.

Robertson is well known as part of the bulwark of the Christian right wing. He, along with Jerry Falwell, urged his followers to vote for George W. Bush. Robertson has had guests on his "700 Club" show ranging from Bill Frist to Tom DeLay.

In 2005 it was Tom DeLay that declared that the Judiciary had declared a war on "faith" after decisions were made to remove the feeding tube from Terri Schiavo. Tom DeLay fought along side John Ashcroft and others claiming that the battle was to save a judiciary run amok and to preserve our Christian heritage as a nation.

Now we all know about DeLay's indictments and criminal charges, and there are others like Jack Abramoff who are confessing to wrongdoing as well.

Can we not see that this is an indication that there is a downfall in the works? There are criminal elements in our government and DeLay and Abramoff are only the tip of the iceberg that can bring down an entire ship?

Take a look at the connections that right wing conservative Tom DeLay has to Jack Abramoff.

Tom DeLay, once called Abramoff one of his "closest and dearest friends," when he attended a party for Willie Tan of Tan Holdings Corporation one of Abramoff's clients. The party was held in the Northern Mariana Island of Saipan. Abramoff helped DeLay craft policy that extended exemptions from federal immigration and labor laws to Sapian's garment industries.

Meanwhile it was revealed on ABC news that Sapian's garment industries have forced their workers to get abortions in order to keep their jobs.

Tom DeLay, while beating the drum for Christianity and the virtue of a civic religion, is really not acting upon his faith. He along with Robertson have one set of standards that they live by and propose impossible standards to a nation of fearful people who are afraid to rebel because they don't want to anger God.

If you still believe that these criminals can lead us to victory or to a Promised Land you have already accepted the new scorched earth policy.

It is a policy where we as a people have rejected an authentic spirituality for the abomination of desolation.

How can anyone believe that any of these leaders have strong Christian values when they have abandoned compassion and non-violent behavior? Does the idea of manifest destiny give us as a collective people the right to dominate and kill others in the name of God?

If your answer is no, then why is it that religious leaders and political official who say they act on behalf of God have so many followers who are self-righteous, arrogant, powerful, murderous hypocrites?

It is their Jesus who said that you were to love your enemy, not eliminate him with weapons that pulverize them into a pink mist.

How much more mean and vicious do we have to be before we destroy ourselves?

Is silence evidence of complicity?

How can anyone side with these Republican and Democratic liars, bless the attacks on countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, support executions, and cheer on America's global domination without feeling the least bit sick to their stomachs?

How can anyone say that they support our troops when they have been set up to fail and be murdered in a foreign country because of "failed intelligence?"

Meanwhile we are told that they are fighting for some American Dream that generations before us knew about, but for some reason had a nebulous explanation as to why it doesn't feel or look the same way.

Somewhere in our minds eye we see America looking pristine and safe, but now our country is like a decayed tooth that is still usable but is ready to abscess and then be pulled out.

If you feel that what I am saying is unpatriotic, I don't care. I don't care that you are in denial. I see what is coming. I know what is going on.

The spirituality of America has been rejected for the subtle spirituality of empire. It is this empire that abuses power in the name of their so-called God.

It is this God that I fight against.

We should all unite against this God.

Illegal actions committed in criminal regimes often lead to a chaotic downfall. Those who are involved know of what they are doing and believe that there is no turning back and so they have no other alternative but to follow their Shepherd to the cliff and fall as lemmings on the jagged rocks below.

We still have a choice. There is still liberty.

Colonist John Winthrop once called America the Shining City on the hill.

"For we must consider that we shall be as a City upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us. So that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken, and so cause him to withdraw his present help from us, we shall be made a story and a byword throughout the world."

Violence will not save us, might does not make right and the use of nuclear weapons will not bring Jesus to earth any sooner.

We have been living off the comforts of the empire for too long and it has made us self-righteous, intolerant, and ignorant.

If the first days of 2006 seemed dismal and dark to you, then perhaps it is time to shine a new light on the dark corners of reality.

For it is in those dark corners where we find the fattest of rats.