By Clyde Lewis

Princess Diana's Death and the Unanswered Questions
Questions No One Wants To Answer

  • If you were a person such as Dodi, would YOU let a "drunk" person drive you and your girlfriend?

  • If the driver was so drunk, why didn't the bodyguard warn Dodi of the driver's condition?

  • People who knew the car's driver, Henri Paul, (including the surviving occupant) are now coming forward to say that he wasn't the sort of person to drink much, and that that he often refused to drive if he had even a small amount to drink!

  • A close friend of Dodi told a British Arabic newspaper that the couple did indeed intend to marry is year.

  • Was Princess Diana three months pregnant?

  • Was there another car behind the Mercedes which Diana and the others were in that hit it in some way?

  • Was a chemical slick put on the roadway within the tunnel?

  • Was there disinformation planted throughout the world (and does it continue)?

  • Do you honestly believe that a group of paparazzi were responsible for the death of the Princess?

It is a simple crash. Accidents happen. The driver was drunk. It was a great tragedy. No other explanation. Why is something so simple so uncomfortable?

It was on an airplane trip home and the buzz was hotter than a high tension wire sputtering on a wet sidewalk. Princess Diana had been killed in a car accident. A sick feeling had hit me in the gut, and I realized that a hot dog and a cup of strong coffee wasn't sitting well with the news. I moved slowly to the back bathroom and felt gravity leave my stomach. A bead of sweat crossed my brow, and I realized that a woman who lived many thousands of miles away had affected me. I splashed water on my face, walked back to my seat, and asked the attendant for a pillow. An older gentleman sitting behind me was downing a diet Coke and chomping on some honey roasted peanuts.

"They killed her, ya' know."

His wife nudged him to let him know that maybe his comments were unwelcome. I smiled and assured her that it was okay. I told her I was a writer, reporter and talk show host and that I was very interested in his opinions. I looked back at him, his face barely readable in the overhead light. "Who killed her?" I asked, feeling as though I was getting raw feelings and trying to take in the cold mood of the early morning trip. "The Royals, who else?" he snapped back, as if I were the stupidest man on the planet. I wanted to be as objective as possible, but he made it difficult. He pointed out to me that Diana had spoken out against the Royals and the Conservatives. That she had been dating a Moslem playboy and that she was planning on leaving England. I asked him how he knew so much. He told me that he was a building contractor for a major company and that he has had business in London. He was currently working on building plans for the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. He knew all about the political climate in England and talked to me for at least an hour. I told him that I needed to catch a nap on the way home because this was going to be something that would keep me busy. He obliged. I put my head to the wall and slept. If that man hadn't said anything, I probably would not have had this obsession. For two weeks now I have been doing all kinds of research on Princess Diana's death. My stories are stranger than the mainstream. The mainstream will tell you that it was a simple car crash... That accidents happen... The driver was drunk... It was a tragedy... There is no other explanation. Why is that so uncomfortable? I will tell you why it doesn't sit right with me and I will understand if you think I am crazy, or paranoid.

God Is Truth In The Eyes Of The Faithful

I have been challenged countless times by religious people who tell me what I say is interesting, but if it were true, then why can't I find any of this in the Bible? Maybe it's because they don't read it. Maybe it is because the priests, preachers and bishops never think to apply the strangeness of the appocalypse to passages written over two millenia ago.

I am no authority on religion. This is not a religious topic, but I was raised in a religiou family and while I do not practice any religious faith at this time, I still go to the Bible as a reference. The Book of Revelation can mean so much is you apply it today. It always makes you wonder if God is going to kick us off this planet yelling and screaming in just a matter of years.

I only point out scripture for religious skeptics who need scripture to make theory valid. I have used scriptures to back up crack pot theories of my own on alien visitation, the Roswell incident and many other things. I have used it to further the religious right's theory of the great beast being the home computer and other outrageous theories that are pure speculation. People however think that I believe thhis as canon. Maybe I wuld like to think that I am inspired but it is all the smoke and mirrors needed to get the phone ringing on my talk show. Or is it? That is the struggle I have to live with, It's the yoke I have to bear considering the type of talk show I do. The theory I am about to propose in the next few paragraphs is sure to offend anyone who is a fan of the monarchy. I must stress, hoever, that this is just a theory. My feelings about Diana are of the purest. I was affected by here death. That is probably why I am taking the time to post this. I hope that you may read all this with an open mind. That you will not make knee-jerk judgements about the contents of this report.

The Woman of Great Babylon

In Chapter 12 of The Book of Revelations we read (and I am paraphrasing here):
A great and wonderful sight appeared in the heavens. A woman, clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head, is with child. An enormous red dragon appears with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. This dragon stood in front of the woman so that he might devour or control this child after it is born. She gives birth to the child. The child is a boy. The child is to rule the nations with an iron sceptor. The woman flees from the dragon until she returns to the place that God has prepared for her.
The scripture continues to describe other beasts and great wars that will be fought after this king takes power. When I read passages from The Book of Revelations, I often reflect about the time I first saw the movie "The Omen" starring Gregory Peck. The idea of a young boy born into a political family, that rises to power through the aid of convenient accidents that happen to people that are in his way.

What I am about to do is theory, but it is a chilling concept. This scripture is highly coincidental with the life of Diana and the struggle she faced after giving birth to a young boy who will rise to power to become a future King.

The woman clothed with the sun is Diana. The sun is symbolic of the element of fire. In the times of John the Revelator symbols and most ancient Zodiac are often used to describe what is being seen. I have pointed this out many times during my theories about Ezekiel and what he saw regarding the great wheel in the sky. The fire symbol is also represeted by a Lion. When Diana's body was placed in the coffin, it was draped in a yellow flag. The symbol of the lion was on it. The lion is the symbol of England. It is an eerie coincidence.

Diana, in mythology, is the Goddess of the Moon. There the symbolic words of sun and moon at her feet could very wll mean the British Princess. She wears the crown of stars on her head. Twelve stars represent the Disciples of Christ. Many also believe that the stars repesent the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

She was a Princess in the Anglican Church. She wore the crown and represented the followers of Jesus. Diana in mythology was the Goddess of Childbirth. The whole purpose of Diana was to become surrogate, in a sense, to Prince Charles. Charles was in love with another woman. He could not marry her and adhere to the laws of the Monarchy. So, a childbirthing female had to be there. Diana served that purpose.

The Red Dragon is a symbol that can be seen on the flag of Wales. The Prince is its representative. The Dragon (Wales) stands in front of the woman, Diana. The Dragon waits for the child to be born. After the child is born, the Dragon waits to control that child. The woman flees from the dragon. Diana left her country, then goes to a place prepared for her by God. Which could mean that she dies and goes to heaven.

The Child will then rule the kingdom with an iron scepter. Could this mean that after Charles raises William he will become the wicked King? Could we also theorize, maybe go out on a limb and speculate, that William will be the handsome leader that will mesmerize the multitudes and lead them like a Pied Piper to a dispicable end? That all the hard work Diana put into William to make him as generous and open as she will be wasted? This could come to pass if William realizes that the very Monarchy that he was being groomed for was the very Monarchy that killed his mother. William could eventually, or accidentally, be the very Antichrist that ushers in Armegeddon.

This is so clear, so easily explained, it's almost too good to be true. Keep in mind that theories tend to plant seeds. This is simply a thought. This could all be untrue. I pray it is.

Fun with Letters and Numbers

So I have now created a monster by thinking that the Monarchy could end up being corrupt now that Charles is raising William... That there is more to this accident than just a crash in a French tunnel... You may ask yourself, "What about the Mark of the Beast? How can I be sure that this theory has any validity?" Truth is, you really can't be sure. However, I have tried to put together the numbers of Chaos and Discordia, the Mark of the Beast, and the Holy Number 12" to show that chaos is surrounding the Monarchy at this time.

On my show we have talked about the enigmatic number 23 and other numbers that have significance.

When we look at the name "Diana Spencer", we can take the initials "D" and "S" and figure out their numerical order in the alphabet. "D" is the 4th letter in the alphabet. "S" is the 19th letter in the alphabet. 4 + 19 = 23. The number 23 when applied to the Law of Fives is 2 + 3 = 5. The number 5 in numerology is the number of Chaos. 2 divided by 3 is .666.

Diana died August 31. The letter "A" from August is 1 in numberical order. 1 + 3 + 1 = 5 which is 2 + 3. When applying August as the 8th month, 8 is 2 to the 3rd power. Another 23. When adding 8 + 3 + 1 you get 12, a holy number. A 12 surrounded by chaotic 23s. A symbol of holiness surrounded by numbers of chaos. The Monarchy, the old symbol of holiness in the Anglican Church, is seeing its share of chaos.

The very name of Windsor begins with "W", the 23rd letter of the alphabet. The only letter of the alphabet with 2 points down and 3 points up. Diana was the Princess of Wales. Another "W." Another 23. A chilling coincidence for those familiar with Discordia.

Remember, this is only theory; it is not fact. It is up to you to decide its validity.

Coincidental vs. Accidental Death

Now, I must get back to the point made about accidents happening and strange coincidences taking place in order to show that this accident involving the Princess is shrouded in dark mystery; that sinister forces and chaotic mischief are at play in this whole affair. We must stress that adultery and corruption are going on in the Monarchy. That those who wish to deceive will continue to do so to cover up misdeeds and sins. The lie can progress to another lie... to thievery... to adultery... to murder. Remember, Diana tried to distance herself from all the darkness. When she attempted, she was killed in a tragic accident.

It is very interesting that Princess Diana's accident came when it did. It was after another accident with Royalty took place. Camilla Parker Bowles, who was Prince Charles' lover, was in a head-on collision while she was on her way to see the Prince. It happened on June 11, 1997. She was slightly injured. There were no charges filed in the crash.

After the incident, Camilla turned 50. The Prince threw a huge party for her. It was speculated that this would put an end to all the rumors about her and Charles. The Britons were hoping that Charles and Camilla would marry. They favored her for Charles, but they did not like the idea of her becoming Queen. She was divorced and would never be able to have the moniker of Her Royal Highness. Prince Charles, at the time, would not be able to ascend to the throne because of his divorce from Diana. Diana dies in a car crash. Charles technically becomes a widower and can now become King. If he marries Camilla, however, he will not become King. Here is the coimcidence: both Camilla and Diana were in car crashes. One was fatal. Were both crashes meant to be fatal so that Charles could attain the crown without any stumbling blocks?

The next coincidence involves Diana and her statements printed on August 26, 1997 from a July interview. These statements were conveniently printed days before the crash. They lashed out at the press, the Royal family, and the United Kingdom. The interview was conducted in July. It was printed days before her death in the London Press. Was this done because someone knew that she was about to be killed? Why not print a story that would lessen the blow? That would create resentment of the Princess. This is only coincidence; there is no proof that this is why it was printed. It is an oddity.

On August 31st the news of Diana's fatal accident was splashed on the front page. Diana Frances Spencer dies at the age of 36. Her middle name is coincidental. How odd that Diana died in France.

In a news story out of New Zealand, a little girl wrote Diana a letter sharing with her the tragic story of how her father was killed by a drunk driver. Diana's response arrived the day after her death. Diana gave words of hope to the little girl, and condolences. Diana mentioned that there needs to be something done to get people to drive responsibily, to not drink and drive. It was reported that the driver of Princess Diana's Mercedes was drunk at the time of the fatal crash.

Two years before the crash, a movie script was submitted in Hollyood. The script was called "Princess Die." The authors appeared on the television program "Hard Copy" to talk about it. The script was the tale of a British Princess that is the target of assassins. The assassins, who posed as paparazzi, run her car off the road. She allegedly dies in the crash. The crash happens in France.

Sarah Ferguson, Diana's one-time sister-in-law, had to pull her commercials for Weight Watchers. The slogan that was supposed to be used in the advertisements was "Losing weight is harder than outrunning the paparazzi." It is alleged that Diana's car crashed while trying to outrun the paparazzi.

The name of the fashion show that Diana's dresses were featured in was called "Dresses to Die For." The name was immediately dropped for obvious reasons.

Elton John co-rewrote the song "Candle in the Wind" for Diana. He sang it at her funeral. The song was originally written for Marilyn Monroe. Diana and Marilyn shared a lot of coincidences in their lives. They were both 36 when they died. They both died in August and both were married to men 12 years their senior. Their deaths were each wrapped in political scandal. Both deaths were very mysterious. Both will probably never find closure.

These coincidences are given to show that perhaps Diana had a magical quality that made her a magnet for synchonicity. We can all agree that her magic has touched us. We marvel after Princess Diana. She was beautiful, thoughtful and generous. She gave a fatalistic world new hope. Now, after her passing the world bowed its head once again in sorrow and more darkness looms over the world with the passing of Mother Teresa. The signs in the heavens were ignored. The Year of the Comet signified a turning point in our lives. The sign in the heavens warning of horrific change before the second millenium. Cults, crackpots and psychics will continue to spin their webs of millenial hysteria. People will fall to their knees in disbelief and talk show hosts like me will post apocalyptic hypothesis on the net. I am just an observer.

The Queen of Hearts & The Queen of Diamonds
A Comparison

Born on the 1st of the month (July) Born on the 1st of the month (June)
Born to parents with marital problems Born to parents with marital problems
Favorite composer was Mozart Favorite composer was Mozart
Marriage to Charles on 29th day of the month (July) Marriage to Arthur Miller on 29th of the month (June)
Lived in London as a Princess Lived in London while filming "The Prince and The Showgirl
Prince Charles was 12 years her senior 3rd husband Joe DiMaggio was 12 years her senior
The Royal Marriage caught headlines worldwide Marriage to Joe DiMaggio caught headlines
Marriage showed signs of trouble during a Korean
Marilyn arrived in Korea to entertain troops; meanwhile Joe did not go. Marriage showed signs of trouble.
Diana was growing tired and often cried; also contemplated suicide On the set of "There's No Business Like Show Business" she became groggy, lethargic and cried on the set
Admitted to extramarital affairs which caused political scandal Affairs with JFK and RFK caused political scandel
Phone calls were monitored and taped by tabloid press Phone calls taped, room bugged by FBI
Hounded by the paparazzi Hounded by the paparazzi
The most photographed woman of her era The most photographed woman of her era
Died in August 1997 at the age of 36 Died in August 1962 at the age of 36
Drugs and alcohol played a part in the death of Diana; Henri Paul crashed the Mercedes she was in while under the influence of drugs and alcohol Drugs and alcohol played a part in the death of Marilyn Monroe; her death was ruled a suicide due to a lethal dose
It is speculated that Diana was going to marry Dodi Al Fayed. He died in the crash. It was also believed
that he was going to give her an engagement or promise ring set worth $250,000.
Marilyn wanted to remarry Joe DiMaggio. 20th Century Fox rehired her to complete the film "Something's Got To Give" with a salary of $250,000.
The brother of Princess Diana told the paparazzi that they were not invited to the funeral Joe DiMaggio made Marilyn Monroe's funeral arrangements, inviting no one from the press

Queen of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds:

The comparison of Diana Spencer and Marilyn Monroe was originally compiled by Clyde Lewis -- Copyright September 13, 1997 Ground Zero Productions U.S.A.


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