Diluvium Ignis

by Clyde Lewis

Where all is good, the Sun all beneficial and the Moon is abundant, its ruin approaches: From the sky it advances to change your fortune. In the same state as the seventh rock—Nostradamus

There seems to be a permitted madness that has the world in its grip at the moment. An alien thought process that is hidden in plain sight. Those who wish to expose such things in the mainstream are met with censorship and omission. With omission, a cold and damp area is left where the much–maligned conspiracy theory begins to grow. In the speculative realm the world seems out of control, and it most probably is. We are only visitors on this rock and it is larger than any of us can fathom.

The universe itself is unfathomable.

Yet there are those among us who think that reality is only what they can see beyond their own two feet. It is time to admit that our world is made up of many worlds and that the worlds that we can’t see are affected by the actions of what we do in this world. As uncomfortable as it may sound, the worlds we can’t see do things that affect us as well, and as we go about our conquests and as we build our empires, those worlds that we cannot see are now in the process of plotting against us.

They have given us warnings, they have given us signs and yet we are so cocksure of what is in our own world that we ignore what is beyond our world.

Many do not know that the beyond is real because they don’t take the time to go back and remember all of the things and the stories that point to another world beyond ours. People go to their bibles and they that all of the answers are there and to look elsewhere for truth is anathema.

However as Lewis Carroll one said in Alice in Wonderland, you must begin at the beginning, go on until you have come to the end and then stop.

So I am going to do that.

I am going to start at the beginning, but I will go down the path that has been overlooked. It just might be the yellow brick road that will lead us to the place where we can pull the curtain back and reveal that what is in store for us is what we all fear.

During the past week I have been amazed at the information that has been brought to the mainstream regarding UFO’s and alien abductions. Peter Jennings who just happens to be a well known ABC news anchor put together his own brand of UFO disclosure with his documentary "UFOs –– Seeing is Believing."

The so–called UFO fraternity gave him much derision. This is unfortunate because all along the UFO community has begged for disclosure and for an ally, and when one comes along they immediately criticize him for not giving the general public an advanced placement course in ufology.

How else do you teach the neophyte or persuade the gentile if you don’t go in and give them a basic outline? How else do you prepare the babies for meat unless you give them milk first?

No gospel or UFO dogma can be known by everyone. The UFO believers that have turned the phenomena into a religious cult should be ashamed of themselves and learn that they have to be patient and allow others who are not yet educated on the UFO reality to come around.

Not everyone knows the basic story of how UFO’s and extraterrestrial fit into the human experience. Not everyone knows that the whole story of relationships with beings from outer space goes back to the dawn of Eden. It needs to be said that our government has done a great job at taking away the importance of the ET question from us. It has been watered down and made fun of constantly.

Jennings had made it quite clear in his broadcast that Project Blue Book was a program that was out to debunk all UFO sightings. How many times has that been said by a well–respected news anchorman on national television on a non cable network?

While it is true that the basic UFO story has been told and retold on non–network UFO specials, on UFO related TV shows and on self–serving late night talk shows, has there ever been a time when an entire network set aside prime time with one of their head anchormen to do a two–hour news program on UFO’s and the alien question?

In 2002 a poll was released asking Americans if they were psychologically prepared for the announcement of life out in space. 74 percent said yes.

However, that 74 percent have to deal with newspaper and mainstream reports that sound like this:

"Part Urban Legend, part conspiracy theory, true believers think that after a UFO crashed in Roswell President Truman headed a cabal of scientists, military men, and politicians to address the question of what to do with the wreckage. Over time this same council, that came to be called MJ–12, has dealt with other issues related to alien contact on Earth. This agency along with the Air Force has been accused of spreading disinformation, fake documents, and using harassment to stop the public from having knowledge related to UFO’s." –Taken from a mainstream report about the UFO phenomenon.

The UFO and extraterrestrial question can’t be answered in some compartmentalized paragraph. The whole affair can’t be explained in two hours on a mainstream news program either. It would be more beneficial if the networks made a concerted effort to tell stories and used their best pitchmen to talk about these things as if they were a part of the human experience.

It would also be refreshing if they would quit dragging out the same old cronies who have had a hold on ufology and are doing their best to keep it in a "cold war" perspective. These are the very people who are griping about their television appearances and claiming that they were either misquoted or not given enough airtime.

"Whatever one’s personal attitude toward the UFO abduction phenomenon, science insists that an extraordinary phenomenon demands an extraordinary investigation. What ABC served up on Thursday night was, instead, an extraordinary whitewash of the abduction phenomenon, and a brutal suppression of the evidence for what may well be the most portentous event in human history.

Peter Jennings and his staff should be ashamed.-Bud Hopkins, Abduction researcher, after appearing on "UFOs —Seeing is Believing"

We know that there is a critical mass that have matured well enough to accept that there is more to this phenomenon than sitting at desk waiting for the next phone call to come from some farmer in Minnesota who says that he is having pancakes with gray men from Metaluna.

Many people haven’t. I believe that these are the people that Jennings and crew were trying to reach, and no matter what skeptics say on any of these reports, the people who question are not going to be swayed by naysayers whose credibility is never explored. They simply are not qualified to speak about such things because they have not experienced them. Let Michael Shermer have a paranormal experience and then have him try to explain it away. This would be far more interesting than some tight brained spokesman telling me how it is all false when they have never seen it. Let us have reporters who have investigated the documented cases and have gotten their feet wet in this area tell us their opinions and their criticisms.

I think that qualifies them to speak. Not some paper that says they knew how to kiss ass in college.

On criticism I do have is that Jennings said on his program that everything surrounding Roswell is a myth. This was a half–truth, some disinformation that I felt was not appropriate when you consider that, to true believers, Roswell is more than a cash carnival. Dr. Bruce Goldberg was quoted in the television show and his statement, I am sure, was supposed to be used as a broad brush to say that all of what happened at Roswell was a myth. In reality, the yarns that have spun from that event have made Roswell a mythological moment in some respects.

We have to admit eventually that there are many versions of the Roswell story, just like there are so many versions of the birth of the Christ Child in most religions.

"The people who are promoting Roswell realize that there is a gold rush to Roswell. There is money to be made. But your book is only gonna sell if your charges are more grandiose, more exaggerated, more powerful" –Dr. Bruce Goldberg UFO’s Seeing is believing.

Peter Jennings backed up Goldberg’s statement with more loaded language to steer any investigator away from the Roswell story. He pointed out that there was no evidence to back up the story given by Roswell witness Jesse Marcel, Senior, who was one of the men photographed kneeling in front of the Roswell wreckage.

"Jesse Marcel’s unproven story was now primetime mythology. This remote New Mexico town had hit the jackpot. It didn’t matter that there wasn’t a shred of credible evidence to support the claim that a flying saucer crashed here. It didn’t matter that there were no credible witnesses to alien bodies." –Peter Jennings

I had spoken with the mayor of Roswell in 1997 and he told me that the tourism of Roswell as a UFO Mecca had boomed in the late 1990’s. The international UFO museum was constructed in 1991 and it wasn’t until the 50th anniversary that no one really bothered to come to Roswell as a tourist attraction. The interest and the "myth" are only a recent phenomenon. It is irresponsible to cloud the reality of Roswell by pointing out that there are eager entrepreneurs out there who want to make a buck off tourism and books about supposed theories.

While Jennings is steering people away from Roswell, I believe this is where everyone should look.

Roswell was the beginning. It was the cosmic attack. It was the warning that is going unheeded.

Roswell is being discredited for a very good reason.

It is because, I am beginning to realize, the incident at Roswell back in 1947 was the equivalent to our attacks on New York and the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001.

After the Roswell incident, the intelligence operations of the United States were restructured, and the Central Intelligence Agency was created in September ––coincidentally in the same year as the Roswell crash. President Truman had to wonder if any of the supposed UFO sightings or the Roswell incident were a threat to national security.

Another coincidence is that the Army and the Air Force were separated into two separate entities in September of 1947 after the Roswell incident.

What was the purpose of restructuring agencies for national security in post World War II America?

It was Truman who stated himself after the bombing of Hiroshima that we had more power now than ever before, and that with this bomb we could now show that we had won the race of discovery against the Germans. We had the most awesome power in our hands and we used it. Nothing could bring us down. We had secured our position in the world.

We were safe. What could possibly be more powerful than an atomic bomb?

Was something that came down at Roswell far more powerful than the bomb? Was there something that made us nervous in the New Mexico desert? Was Roswell a cosmic 9/11 comparable to the terrorist threats of today?

Were the terrorists in this case visitors from another planet, with a message that our armies will be no match for the psychological warfare, and the ability to silently take over and destroy the foundations of the planet from within? I have written before that the Third Reich was tampering with powers that were far darker than anyone could ever dream of in any philosophy. If you were to read the forbidden histories of the Nazis, you would read about things that would make you shake your head, and then you would stop and say to yourself that perhaps this all makes sense. It is important to realize that while you may not believe in any of this account, you have to understand that there are many who do believe this, and there are files that you can find that confirm that Roswell was not first contact.

It was actually the calling card for the return of the Nemesis.

At the turn of the century, especially after the First World War, many secret societies developed.

There was the Bavarian Illuminati, The Teutonic Knights, "The Watchers" and the Prussian Masonic lodges. There was also a very dark magic lodge where the Vril would meet.

In 1917 four members of the Vril Society met in a cafe in Vienna. There was one woman and three men. The woman acted as a ’spiritual medium’. She was able to channel entities that she claimed were ancient Aryan Gods that lived inside the earth. These entities were called the Vril.

Their meetings were always veiled in mystery. They would come from the meetings with revelations about future events and predicted that a new age was coming and that it was important to find the powerful ancient oracles in order to make better contact with peoples from distant worlds.

The Vril would empower those who had the Spear of Destiny and the magical violet black stone in their possession.

The Spear of Destiny was allegedly the spear that pierced the side of Christ on the cross.

For more than 1,000 years, the spear had been a symbol of power to the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Century after century, the legend of the Spear had been fulfilled for good or evil.

Constantine the Great claimed the spear guided him through providence.

The Frankish General Karl Martel used the spear in battle. Emperor Charlemagne lived and slept within reach of the spear, and attributed 47 battle victories to its powers.

In all, 45 emperors over 1,000 years claimed the Spear of Destiny as a possession.

Another source of power was the Black Sun, which they claimed was an infinite beam of light which though invisible to the human eye existed in anti–matter.

The Black Sun symbol had several other meanings as well. It represented the Dark star or the fallen star or the dark moon. It also was representation of the eclipsed sun meaning that at the time it was believed that the earth was about to end its cycle and with that cyclical end would come the deluge of fire.

It was later that we realize that Hitler became fascinated with the occult and that the Nazis were no longer just an army, but and Army of psychologically programmed killing machines that or may not have been influenced by powerful forces.

Powerful alien forces.

Not only did Hitler eventually seize the Sword of Destiny, but he also learned the secrets of the Vril and joined the Thule society in 1919.

In the Thule Society, the sun played a prominent role as a sacred symbol of the Aryans. The inner core within the Thule Society were all worshippers of Mammon–Ra.

Mammon–Ra was an alien god of the forces. The demon is also spoken of as the lord of the love of money and riches. This was handed down from the times of Christ, and there have been many others, like John Milton who wrote in Paradise lost that Mammon was the demon that never looked up to God. The demon Mammon was the demon who found a precious metal in hell that was used to build the great city of Pandemonium. From there Mammon could build an order from the bedlam. Technically speaking, Mammon is a representation of Order out of Chaos.

There were other secret societies that Hitler allegedly associated with. The Nazis were not only associated with Thules and the Vril. They also teamed up with a group called the Initiated Brothers of Asia. These groups would gather together and they would attempt to open a portal to the other side attempting to contact a powerful entity.

This entity had allegedly lived beneath earth. The entity was a reptilian human hybrid and sylphlike. Many readers of material on the occult are aware of the "Secret Chiefs" or the Homunculi.

The alchemist Paracelsus once proposed that he had engineered a small human being that he called the Homunculus. The creature was tiny, frail and childlike.

Paracelsus claimed that the little man did the work usually associated with a golem, an animated being crafted from inanimate material. The recipe for this being consisted of bag of bones, male ejaculate or sperm, skin fragments and hair from any animal you wanted it to be a hybrid of. You then placed the pieces in the ground surrounded by horse manure for forty days, at which point the embryo would form.

The Homunculus was known to regenerate and eventually turn on its creator. This one looked similar to Crowley’s "secret chief" called Lam or "the way." Lam was a balding gray entity with large eyes.

The Vril, Thules, and other groups allegedly found that they could generate from inanimate material "true" Aryan beings and these beings were able to teach Nazi engineers how to make a saucer shaped inter–dimensional time travel machine.

By 1932 Hitler had gained enough control of German society to force scientists to work in laboratories on saucer aircraft designs. Aided by the implosion vortex technology of Victor Schauberger, and the technical expertise of scientists like Schriever, Habermohl, Ballenzo and Miethe, the Germans were making extraordinary progress. The Germans, allegedly under the direction of the secret chiefs, were creating the first flying saucers.

By coincidence, or perhaps not, the broadcast of the "War of the Worlds" was heard on Halloween Night in 1938. While Orson Welles was delivering a bit of fiction on the air, the American people were white knuckling their way through the show and wondering if the world was being invaded by Martians in flying discs.

Ten months later, there was an announcement on German radio of another invasion. This invasion was not Martians in flying saucers but Poles invading the borders. It was propaganda minister Josef Goebbels who spoke of the invasion, and after the Reichstag Fire the Germans were willing to accept the claim that their Germany was being threatened by terrorists.

What really happened was that the Nazis dressed up some prisoners in Polish uniforms, broadcast a threat from a radio not far from the Polish border, shot the place up and left the bodies lying around as proof that the Poles were dangerous terrorists.

This was known as Operation Canned Meat.

The Germans demanded that the armies retaliate, which gave the scientists more reason to keep working on their new weapon. The Vril Saucers and variants of these aircraft were developed at several underground research facilities at Reinickendorf, Kummersdorf and Thuringia in 1939. It was rumored that the Saucer was back engineered from a Saucer that was revealed to the secret orders by the gray "chiefs" in 1936.

"Haunebu 1 was allegedly the first large flying saucer developed in Germany. According to plans allegedly obtained from classified German SS files, the Haunebu 1 was approximately seventy–five feet in diameter and probably lifted off for the first time in August 1939, a few weeks before the outbreak of World War II." –Henry Stevens, German Aviation historian

The United States became interested in the progress of German scientists and sent their own scientists to "give technical assistance" on their project and to keep an eye on German technology in general.

Antigravity saucers remained in the research and development stage for some time. The war was a fast–moving monster and the scientists had a hard time keeping up with it. However, they did have pilotless prototype saucers that kept the Allies busy.

The reports of mysterious lights in the night skies over Germany became frequent. In the area between Hagenau in Alsace–Lorraine and Neustadt an der Weinstrasse in the Rhine Valley, there were reports of large orbs that flew rapidly through the sky, harassing Allied planes. American pilots claimed that the Germans had created a secret weapon.

In 1942 a little–known invasion of a large flying saucer and several smaller ones was reported over Los Angeles. In what is known as the Battle of Los Angeles, 1,430 rounds were fired at the flying disc. And as many as 25 smaller aircraft accompanied it.

There were many people on the ground that were killed or wounded by unexploded anti–aircraft shells. There actually was picture of the saucer that wound up in the Los Angeles Times. It showed the aircraft being fired upon and searchlights were zeroing in on the intruders.

This event predated Roswell by five years, yet it is rarely spoken of in any UFO circles. This was one in a series of appearances that led to the Roswell incident.

The war was winding down.

Hitler had made a pact with the secret chiefs and they had turned on him. It is in the nature of the homunculus to turn on its creator. He lost possession of the Spear of Destiny and all of the other oracles that gave him power over these alien gods.

On April 30, 1945, the same day Hitler committed suicide, the American army invaded Nuremberg and took possession of the Spear of Destiny.

In the months that followed, America unleashed the most destructive force ever known to man: the atomic bomb.

While in possession of the Spear of Destiny, America became the undisputed ruler of the world.

We can only speculate that it was then that the demonic horde of "secret chiefs" changed their course and abandoned Hitler for greater possibilities in the United States. They eventually wound up in New Mexico where the first atom bombs were tested. It was as if the super chiefs were animated by the radiation release and were drawn to it.

The strands of weirdness go even deeper as we dig further into the darker aspects of the Roswell incident. In order to understand the grave nature of such an incident you must dig way below the surface. The Roswell incident struck an ominous chord of paranoia in our leaders for a very good reason.

A saucer–shaped craft crashes in the area where the atomic bomb is made. There are small gray beings in the ship. If American intelligence was aware of the German contact with these creatures and the awesome power of their machines, then perhaps they had received, from the Vril or the "Secret Chiefs", a declaration of war on America.

It could have signaled that an alien philosophy that was once thought to be vanquished still existed, its power extended beyond that of earth.

Perhaps the philosophy of the Nazis wasn’t an accident but an attempt at aliens taking over with self–loathing humans helping along the way in order to secure their positions in the alien chain of command.

World War II put us on the precipice of world apocalypse. It looked as if the powers that had the world on its knees were far more alien than the people were led to believe.

Soon the saucers were being seen everywhere by everyone. Truman needed to act fast in order to understand the invasion. Why was it happening and what could be done to slow down the hysteria that had gripped the United States? Project Blue Book was established to debunk the UFO hysteria. But that did not stop what was going on behind the scenes.

Americans and Soviets had already gained access to elements of German disk technology, and to scientists whom the German Nazi elite had neglected to eliminate before their hasty departure at the close of the war. The Canadians also had access to some of the data on the disc technology that the United States had acquired, as well as some data directly from the German labs.

Wernher Von Braun and other V–2 rocket scientists arrived in the United States and were transported to White Sands, New Mexico to work in the U.S. missile program.

Leftover Nazis had already been brought in to work with the newly formed CIA, and coincidentally, the former Nazi scientists were being called to in to work on a space program.

Is it a coincidence that the modern UFO era happened after the first nuclear detonations? The UFO’s were coming to earth, piloted by strange homunculi that experimented on humans and abduct them from their beds at night.

Would this explain why Barney Hill, who with his wife Betty was allegedly abducted, describes one of his alien captors as wearing a shiny black Nazi uniform?

Under hypnosis Barney Hill had described an alien on board the saucer that took both he and his wife in 1961.

I see another figure.. he has an evil face... HE LOOKS LIKE A GERMAN NAZI. HE’S A NAZI... HIS EYES! HIS EYES. I’VE NEVER SEEN EYES LIKE THAT BEFORE!"–Barney Hill

Remember this was roughly 15 years after the Nazis were driven out of Europe and the Roswell incident took place. Hill had talked about how the Grays working with "German Nazis" were preparing to abduct, implant and program people from all nations in preparation for a joint Reptilian–Nazi attack on planet Earth.

The first part of the plot was to place programmed alien hybrids in positions of power in order to gradually destroy these governments and create a chaotic world that would eventually lead to an all out war.

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. This was seventeen years after Roswell, and two years after Betty and Barney Hill were told of the invasion of planet earth.

Roswell wasn’t first contact; it was the drop of the cosmic gauntlet. The nemesis was returning. Their objective is to infiltrate religious institutions and government positions. Then they are to destroy the earth in a deluge of fire.

Remember it is all predicated on the idea that there was truly a cosmic 9/11 type of event that happened in Roswell back in 1947. The strangeness of the Nazi alien American collusion seems so contrived that it would be a great science fiction novel.

That is, if it is all just fiction.

The conspiracy theories and yarns of Nazi alien collusion are also wrapped in the Octopus writings of Danny Casolaro.

Danny Casolaro worked as a freelance journalist before he was found dead in a Martinsburg, W.Va. motel room. While the authorities called his death a suicide, what he was uncovering would make anyone want to wipe him out.

Up until the time of his death, he was writing his magnum opus "Octopus." The Octopus was a term he gave to a vast, interlocking network of criminal conspiracy that reaches into every branch and agency of the U.S. government, many other national governments, and every sector of our societies.

Casolaro’s investigation began with his inquiry into the case of Inslaw, from whom the U.S. Justice Department stole a software package called PROMIS and sold it to governments and financial institutions around the world, after modifying it to provide a back door by which they would track the movement of money and other assets everywhere.

However as far as he dared to tread he realized that there were tentacles that reached far into other criminal activities that were going on in government.

Casolaro’s body was found in the bathtub of his room at the Sheraton Inn in Martinsburg. His wrists were slashed. There with him was a suicide note; it concluded with, "God will let me in." The whole time he had been reporting and following up leads, Casolaro wound up talking with many strange and interesting people.

Every conspiracy that he uncovered, every criminal element, every coup, every alleged suicide led him back to the Bush Family.

Most of Casolaro’s notes had disappeared after his death.

But on one of the pages found were the words "CIA," "alien," "shadow government" and "Zapata."

Had Casolaro lost his mind? What did these names have in common? Well, we can only speculate from here.

The Zapata Offshore Oil Company owned by George W. Bush served as a front for the CIA’s 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion. That the Bay of Pigs fiasco, "Operation Zapata," was organized by members of Skull and Bones, the powerful cult of death organized at Yale University, whose membership also includes Prescott, George Herbert Walker and George W. Bush.

Of course, we know that this secret society is one of many, and it has ties to the Bavarian Illuminati, as do The Teutonic Knights, "The Watchers", the Prussian Masonic lodges, the Vril Society, and the Thule Society.

During the Bay of Pigs fiasco, in which we tried to overthrow Castro, two of the ships that carried the Cuban counterrevolutionaries were named the "Barbara" and the "Houston". George H.W. Bush coincidentally lived in Houston at the time and Barbara, of course, was the name of his wife.

Many believe that this invasion was part of the reason JFK was assassinated by a supposed MK Ultra mind controlled kook named Lee Harvey Oswald. There is also evidence that George H.W. Bush was working for the CIA during this period.

MK Ultra was a program left over from the Nazis, who learned how to abduct, implant and program people into becoming assassins and torturers. These secrets were brought over to America during Project Paper Clip. Paper Clip was the program where the CIA pipelined Nazi scientists to the United States.

These were the scientists who worked on saucer technologies provided by the Vril Society, Thules, and others who were involved with the communication with so–called alien beings or Homunculi.

Saucer technologies and other Luftwaffe experiments were funded by none other than Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s grandfather.

Declassified US government documents reveal that Prescott Bush’s involvement in financing and arming the Nazis was more extensive than previously known. Besides the money he provided for Hitler, he was also involved with an energy company that supplied the Luftwaffe with high–ethyl fuel and steel. The steel company employed Jewish slave labor from Auschwitz.

In 1947, after ex–Nazis had taken charge of our space program, a harbor patrolman named Harold Dahl claimed that a flying disc was seen, and that it spewed hot slag on to a boat in the Puget Sound area of Washington State.

This was later known as the Maury Island affair. Dahl’s supervisor James Lee Crisman turned over the slag to two Army G–men who were sent to keep a lid on the experiments of Paper Clip.

The two intelligence agents and their slag were blown to bits when the B–25 they were on crashed en route to Wright–Patterson Air Force base. Since classified material had been on the plane, Army officials hinted at sabotage. Crisman and Dahl then claimed that the entire Maury Island UFO event was a hoax and that none of them worked for the harbor patrol.

So if Crisman didn’t work for the harbor patrol, who did he work for?

Crisman worked for the OSS the agency that was replaced with the CIA in 1947. Crisman knew Clay Shaw who of course had a role in the JFK assassination and worked with the OSS during Operation Paper Clip.

It all goes in circles and the tentacles lead to NAZI/Alien CIA collusion. All to bring about a shadow government.

Three days after the Maury Island affair, Idaho pilot Kenneth Arnold saw nine flying wedges winking in the sunlight over the Cascade Range.

Thirteen days later a flying disc crashed at Roswell, New Mexico on July 4th, 1947.

On the 3rd of August 1947 Kenneth Arnold’s airplane was sabotaged, and he narrowly escaped being killed in a plane crash.

Paul Lance, the Tacoma Times reporter who investigated Maury Island, died suddenly and the cause of his death was suspicious.

A short time later, Ted Morello, The United Press stringer at Tacoma, also died.

In September of 1947, the CIA was created. It was a restructuring of intelligence for the United States.

After the September 11th, 2001 attacks, President George W. Bush, son of George Herbert Walker Bush and grandson to Prescott Bush, restructured our intelligence operations as well.

Is this the first time a restructuring of this magnitude has happened since 1947?

If so, another cycle has passed.

Now we wonder if the aliens have taken over like cosmic terrorists, and if they are truly among us. Their purpose is the same as what has been speculated and written about by many reporters: the alleged abduction, implantation and programming of people from all nations in preparation for a joint Reptilian–Nazi attack on planet Earth.

I suppose that this is why the mainstream media wants so badly to say that Roswell is a myth. This is probably why the Air Force has told so many different stories about the Roswell event.

I suppose that this is why people in the UFO fraternity fight amongst themselves and decide that if ever their stories were to be debunked they would lose that opportunity to speak and make money at the traveling conspiracy convention or UFO exposition.

Roswell seems to be a very dark place. It was allegedly the day that we learned that the war was not over. We supposedly learned that our enemies had made mad pacts with extraterrestrial marauders. Homunculi that became powerful and then eventually turned on our enemies in order to offer our government something that they could not resist.

Power at the expense of human life; torture, abduction, and murder for the use of their technology. With the technology that was granted to us, money was made off of the new alien machines of war.

If we are to believe the tales spun of Paper Clip, Odessa, MK Ultra, and Monarch the offering that was given to our government by the aliens was the offering of Mammon Ra.

This is the offering of riches, increase, hegemony, and gluttony masked as freedom, all for the promise of the flood of fire. A fire that warms those who feel its power and burns those who fight its progress.

Diluvium Ignis.